Murder, Madness, and Mayhem: Who Killed Susan Bonser?

Posted: May 22, 2010 by Marshall Parks in Cold Case, Crime, Murder
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By 16YrVictim and ThinkGoat

Rushville, Illinois Sixteen years ago 34-year-old Susan Bonser was celebrating a new chapter in her life starting with an anticipated move into a new apartment in Rushville, Illinois. Little did she realize, a cold-blooded killer would postpone those plans forever.

October 16, 1993, Susan Bonser finished working 2nd shift in Beardstown, Illinois, met some friends at a local bar and then moved the party to her apartment in Rushville, some 15 miles away. Around 3am, all but one male friend left the home and he was the last to see Susan alive.

October 18, when Susan failed to arrive at work, two of her friends went to the apartment to check on her. As the door was locked, they ventured to a living room window and saw her body lying on the floor. Breaking the window, they gained entry and discovered Susan was indeed dead.

It’s my understanding, the initial reaction of the authorities was to treat this as a suicide or overdose, I guess despite the fact she was beaten and stabbed to death. But you know, if you call something a murder or anything other than a self-imposed death – well – there’s a shit load of work that goes along with that. I mean, you have to gather evidence, take pictures, fingerprints, interviews, follow leads. Oh wait, I’m sorry. I’m talking about how these things happen everywhere else but Schuyler County, IL. (and Ashland, IL) Seriously, did these idiots drink through basic cop training?

At the very least, they did keep a pair of blood-splattered underwear. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one (barely) and presume they did so in hope of advancing technology. Not by them, of course. Departments such as these are much more apt to sit around of their fat asses, eat a few boxes of stale doughnuts, and ponder the complexities of how to look busy while doing nothing but sucking up paychecks. However, when Sheriff Schieferdecker took over, he “re-opened” the Bonser case and supposedly the blood was tested on the panties and the DNA obtained did not match Bonser’s. That would be promising news – having a DNA profile in a small community, right? Not in Schuyler county.

According to an article that appeared in the Peoria Journal Star, (dated April 5, 2002) Schieferdecker divulged he’d received 3 anonymous letters over a course of 18 months allegedly naming the killer. Also, in that same article, Shittenpecker also stated, “We’re very close (to solving this case). I’d just like to take the last step”. Well sir, that “last step” shouldn’t have taken you 8 fucking years and counting, you know? And to show the dedication (and original campaign promise) of this sheriff, the one who presides over the very county in which this murder occurred, there’s been no constant updates to the family of this young woman who was brutally murdered. As a matter of fact, Ms. Bonser’s sister has tirelessly researched, chased down rumors, and finally reconnected with Illinois State Police who’re now willing to take another and deeper look into a murder gone cold.

This is 16YrVictim’s story:

I just can’t help myself from adding to the recent examples of just how bad the stench  can be in Central Illinois, and I ain’t just talking hog shit. I have one pissed off angel on my shoulder and trust me, its not pleasant. She doesn’t talk but she doesn’t have to…I get the attitude. See, there must’ve been some kinda wild party in her pants that weekend in October, 1993, but ending up dead probably killed the afterglow for her. Since I can’t provide many answers or details other than what has been published or televised in the past, thought we’d try an old story in a new format and Thinkgoat was kind enough to let me vent here… As far as who did it and when, the local police are still fine tuning those minor details.

The last article I can find on Susan’s death was the (above referenced) Peoria Star Journal (dated 2002) and go figure, it was an election year. (Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it is just odd how things always seem to happen around certain even numbered years.) As far as her family knows, since I don’t believe any of us have spoken to local authorities since 2002, there hasn’t been much activity until just recently. With this renewed curiousity in her case, it was decided to drag it out of the shadows and make it a little more open to public scrutiny this time. We’re pretty tired of keeping the secrets that have been told to us in the past and we are finding out that not any one person was told all the pertinent details, but that different versions were told to different people. Suspects can demand their attorney and not have to listen to anymore details or answer any more questions, but the victims family and close friends…we’re kind of at their mercy.  We waited patiently for any little tidbit of information that would help them bring this person(s) to justice and we played the game by their rules, if there are any. Maybe if the local police had treated their suspects with the same sort of psychological tactics they did some of the family and close friends, maybe this case would be solved. Maybe they did. Thats just one other thing we would like to know. A lot of what we have been told doesn’t seem to add up, so let’s throw it out here and utilize some of these tools that weren’t available at the time of her crime but are now.

You see, in 2003, a family member told the rest of us something that gave us a pretty good idea how things might have gone down, the “who” but still not a definite “when”. They had met with the sheriff in late 2001 and had kept this info to themselves as requested, just waiting for something to come of it. It was solid enough to let us stop speculating on who did it, and with that discovery came the realization that this might be all there ever is, given who the “who” was. And we accepted that – there was always hope that more details would emerge that would answer the rest of our questions, but we trusted this information and disregarded any other suspicions that had lingered over the years.  What has bothered us the most is not knowing the when…what date? (I will not look at her tombstone again without that fucking date on it.)  Maybe it’s just me, but that’s disgraceful. I have no idea if they’ve resubmitted her case anywhere to try updated technology to get that date, but I would like to be able to and have requested the necessary information to do so. It still may be impossible to determine, but its worth a shot.

The death of Ryan Jones and the details (or lack thereof) surrounding it, hit very close to home  – it is extremely frustrating and painful to know what his family is experiencing. We lived it. That family deserves for someone to come forward.  It should be about the truth, not just what can be proven in court, but its not. That’s reality. And it sucks. I had never before doubted what we had been told, but reading the articles and the comments online that said the good sheriff had lied to Rick and the questions of who and how that still remain, made me ask myself some hard questions that needed some answers. So I started by asking the state police to look into it. That was in November. I contacted this agent again after the first of the year with some new questions to add to the old ones he still hadn’t gotten answers to. I was told there was new activity and to contact the local authorities… I chose not to. I later learned that the name on the anonymously sent notes had come back into play. The only info I can share on that is I have asked to be informed if what was supposed to be done was done to either confirm or exclude this person. Not quite sure how it all ties in to the pretty damning shit we heard about the other person, so that should be interesting. About a month ago, I learned of some questionable tactics used in an attempt to investigate a suspect in 2002 that just pissed me off and I knew I had to do something.  I tracked down one of the state officers that worked on her case in the past. He provided some answers, but of course, answers like these always lead to just more questions. It never ends.

But it may be time to get some answers…the Illinois State Police have scheduled a meeting to discuss her case on May 28th. Maybe, just maybe, something may come of all this. If I may ask all of you – I am putting this out here now because I know some of you reading this know more about this and all its dirty little secrets. I know it’s been a long time, but I ask you to try and remember anything that you know, might have heard, or even suspect…….lets shine a really bright light on all this bullshit and see what scurries out. Please – share your questions and thoughts and knowledge on here – just make up a name and type away…Any piece of info could be that piece that they’ve needed. And if you’ve told the police something but you don’t know if you were heard, please speak here.

I said years ago that life with Susan was the ride of a lifetime.  She’s about to take me for another one…wanna go??

  1. deadmyron says:

    The ‘lifeblood’ of any investigation is footwork. Get out there…ask questions…stir up the barrel and see what kind of shit floats to the top. This is a little town and in all this time they have nothing? Makes one wonder how hard they tried. There are no secrets in small towns. From a speculative standpoint: What if Susan Bonner came from money?


  2. thinkgoat says:

    It seems there are a lot of “rumors” but you’re right DM, until the “authorities” get off their ass and do something – this family will have to go through another ungodly amount of time with no answers.

    It’s ridiculous to think aggressive action was not taken immediately. Ridiculous to think they allowed 16 years to pass and family pushing for this to be examined again. What the fuck? It’s a murder, not petty theft of something.

    Had Susan Bonser been the president of the bank – sad but more than likely the case, solving this murder would have been top priority.


  3. IDFC says:

    There are many secrets in Schuyler County. We REALLY need to do something about the Police Department. Anyone have any numbers with any ideas. This could be anyones family, and I hope you do find some answer because they are long past due.


  4. 16yrvictim says:

    Yes, I hope you all do Ask your county board to maybe look into their policies and procedures…you know, do they follow them? The same ones that other counties in the state use? (Other than Cass and a few others..haha). And include the county coroners. Ask these board candidates as they are out asking for your vote – What can be done about how this department operates? Is there any accountability?? I’m sure this department does good things too, but why do the botched cases always involve people with some type of connections??


  5. 16yrvictim says:

    And no deadmyron – she was outranked in this instance.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    IDFC – if you’re not on Facebook and have not seen the information posted in the “notes” section, email me: I’ll send you some areas to contact – addresses, phone numbers.


  7. John Miller says:

    I remember Susan,and a friend of hers ,we used to give them rides to and from Excel,2nd shift,they are/were very prompt to pay for gas,and very friendly to talk to.,after being questioned,by a female state police officer,we my wife,and I,were very scared,and in disbelief,WHY?,was my 1st reaction,my 2nd reaction ,was WHO?,many years have passed,and I have heard so many rumors,it got to the point I didnt believe any of it,as to WHY,and WHO.I do “believe” at the time the sherrif was not the sherrif ,at this time when Susans’ murder occured,and Im sure he would like to get this case resolved just as bad as very close friends,and family members,I am not able to go to a meeting for Susan ,but police are welcome to come to my home,and ask me any questions they would like,I really think the investigators need to listen to any rumors that have ever occured over the past 16 years also.


  8. thinkgoat says:

    Okay, fuck this tip-toeing around the meat of the subject here… one of the names I’ve read as being a suspect is a Moreland and the other a guy who used to be a cop that recently shot himself. There are a few of these rumors floating around on old threads on the net. There: vet it out.


  9. ryan k says:

    3 words. drugs. sheriff bond. and moreland [and devitt]. thats what i heard in my days.


  10. 16yrvictim says:

    John – Thank You. And you are correct, Bond was Sheriff when Susan died. Donnie was a deputy and on vacation. The ISP were called in pretty quickly…I met them on Wed, the 20th.


  11. skylergirl says:

    I heard Mrs Moreland said they got away with it at a ballgame afterwards


  12. crtial_rn says:

    Ok, if we are throwing it out to see what sticks, I had heard that (Sheriff)Bond knew who did it but couldn’t prove it, but prior to hearing that, I had heard that there was a question that he was involved. The two things that I heard consistently were the Moreland’s both Gary & Mary and drugs.

    Good luck in solving this horrible and unnecessary death. I didn’t go to school with Susan but I knew her mom quite well and had alot of respect for her. I want the family to have that peace of finally knowing who but also of being able to finally get justice for Susan.


  13. 16yrvictim says:

    We heard much of the same. Again, the state police were involved very quickly. Unfortunately, the person they focused on at first was dismissed as a suspect, leaving them to have to go back and start over. And that put them at a disadvantage. I do not know whose decision it was to focus on that person or why.

    Mrs. Moreland was “under the influence” and “distraught” when she made that comment, I was told. I guess she chose not explain her statement further, or wasn’t asked.


  14. thinkgoat says:

    Here are some questions:

    Have they speculated about a motive?

    Were the letters sent to Schieferdecker dusted for fingerprints?

    What name appeared on the three letters?

    Who were the friends at Susan’s apartment that early morning and how exactly were they excluded? Was it due to an alibi or was it simply, ‘they wouldn’t do something like that’?

    Did they find the murder weapon?

    Why would they implicate an ex-cop and did they do so only after they had the convenience of him dying? (seems like a convenient way to tidy shit up to me – blame the dead guy who won’t be able to answer allegations and who’s family will be affected for the rest of their lives as well…)

    In the article dated 2002, Shieferdecker stated his officers had uncovered “much new information” – any idea what exactly? What ever it was obviously let him to believe they just had that “last step” to take. That “last step” must be a dandy since it’s been 8 fucking years since he pulled that out of his ass.


  15. 16yrvictim says:

    The motive changed with each suspect, I think. Jealously, keep her quiet about something, just rage. She usually wasn’t a confrontational person and there were no signs of forced entry. Fingerprints – I would assume so?? But do not know for sure. No, they did not find a murder weapon. The friends, in the order that I was told they left that morning, were Mary Moreland, Kim Morrow, John Bartlow, and Jeff Kennedy. I think they all said she was alive when they left. It was just another party, nothing unusual. I do not know if any them were offered/administered a lie detector test.

    The name on the notes, the ex-cop and the person that killed himself is the same person. That is the dna I am waiting on to be submitted. And yes, I am curious to know if he even knew that he was a suspect – I do not know if the author of those notes came forward, but I would like them to now.


  16. Jean says:

    Years ago, probably 2002 or 2003, I heard the Moreland’s, Bond, and a Bartlow were involved.


  17. thinkgoat says:

    Have any of friends of these people mentioned, actually asked them about their suspected involvement? Or is this part of the problem – no one wants to hurt anyones feelings by confronting the rumors? Why the hell is it – in Schuyler County – the unexplained deaths of their young go relatively unchallenged?

    I’m not attempting to be flippant. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the shit going on in your area. Those who “know something” are incapable of being friends to anyone. Those who “know something” are condoning a murder (or murders) by protecting the sanctity of friendship.

    Murder is a pretty big deal to me.


  18. 16yrvictim says:

    One of the unofficial theories from way back when was that this first suspect, David Smith, was an undercover cop or snitch, and Susan hanging with him made someone nervous. This theory was that she had been killed to keep her from telling something to the wrong person and that Bond directed the investigation in his direction to see if he could get him to admit to being snitch/agent or not and to cover his own ass. I met with the ISP agent in Pittsfield to voice my concern over some of the rumors I was hearing, I was told I shouldn’t listen to rumors since they are rampant in a case like this. After Mr Smiths’ alibi checked out, his name wasn’t mentioned anymore.

    And TG, I have no idea. I know I did in the beginning and all I got was vague answers and told about how much it upset them and was affecting their lives. And I guess, if you have dirt on your friends, you can control them.


  19. crtial_rn says:

    My understanding is that CD Bond aka Sheriff DeWayne Bond is alive and well driving truck for DOT Foods.


  20. Anon says:

    I wasn’t very old when this happend but I grew up around these parts and also heard it was the Morelands and it all went down because of drugs.

    Why did the case go cold? I mean, considering Shittenpecker said they were so close and then it just died out.


  21. thinkgoat says:

    Since they have the underwear with DNA on it – I can’t see why the Morelands won’t come forward and submit a DNA sample from themselves. Well, that is…unless they’re guilty.

    I know if I were a suspect (either with law enforcement or through the public’s eye) I’d be pounding down some fucking doors with a Q-tip swab of my mouth, asshole, whatever they needed to clear my name.


  22. Anon says:

    Yah if this were my name being drug through the mud, I’d be walking in that police station with my mouth open and ready for testing!


  23. Wanda says:

    if u think it was the ex cop that is no longer living and these letters were sent to shittenpecker a long time ago then why wasnt anything done when he was alive? was he even questioned? Are you just looking for anyone to blame? what about the cops family? what do u think you are doing to them right now? i understand you wanting to get to the bottom of this but come on why wait til hes dead? I know, its because he’s not here to tell you any different. however i know who you are talking about, and he wouldnt have done something like this. so back off him and his family


  24. thinkgoat says:

    Chill out Wanda – the same questions you asked have already been put out here. Try actually reading what’s been posted. And what the fuck do you think this has done to Bonser’s family…for 16 years?

    The ex-cop was mentioned. So have been a couple of others. Why wasn’t anything done when he was alive? LMFAOOOOO It’s Schuyler County. Seems like not 1 fucking thing ever gets done.

    As far as saying “he wouldn’t have done something like this”…99% of families and friends of perpetrators say the exact same god damn thing. No one thinks their buddy/mommy/daddy/brother/sister/orgasm promoter can do anything like what they do.

    Look, people are going to get all butt-hurt when their friends or family names are mentioned. I don’t really give a rat’s ass. This murder has been cold for 16 years due to everyone covering it up.


  25. Anon says:

    Actually if you read 16’s post, she was trying to get all this started back up back in Novemeber and his death didnt occur til December.


  26. 16yrvictim says:

    Wanda – since I consider his family to also be part of my extended family, yes, I do know what this is doing them. It broke my heart to have to ask them to go through this, but it has to be done. We all want those same answers. And yes, anonymous notes can be sent from anyone – an ex-girlfriend, someone he had arrested in the past, an inmate where he worked, or someone that he looked at wrong. I would really be interested to hear what this person has to say and what they know.

    The only person(s) I want to blame is the person(s) responsible. I am not the one causing them this possibly needless pain…….the person that killed my sister is and by not coming forward or refusing to cooperate, they are causing a lot of needless pain for a lot of innocent people. Please direct your anger towards them.


  27. punisher 2 says:

    16 yearvictim–You got my opinion last fall,but hopefully they don’t try to protect a few outstanding rville citizens and pin it on one they could care less about and who can’t defend hisself. I heard Jeff Albers knows who done it and I’m sure Fat ass Donnie does to. Not for sure but I’m guessing that’s why one certain one quit,was let go or fired and is not here now. So I’m ready for another journey. Let’s rattle some cages.


  28. thinkgoat says:

    “i understand you wanting to get to the bottom of this”

    Sorry Wanda – I thought I was finished playing with you but after re-reading your shit…I’m not even close to it.

    That sentence epitomizes what’s wrong with your fucking area. Get to the bottom of it? 16YrVictim isn’t looking for who shit in her yard. She’s wanting her sister’s murder solved. Something a bunch of incompetent numb-nuts can’t seems to figure out along with an entire community willing to keep quiet about it. Better yet, send representatives such as yourself on here to show the world how completely detached you are from horrible things that happen to others. As long as it’s not in your backyard, right?

    You’ve got this 16-year-old unsolved murder – you’ve got a punk-assed motherfucker who runs kids down on sidewalks only to later graduate to actually killing someone due to his reckless actions. Get over it right? Don’t talk bad about someone, right? Fuck all that. I think you all need your heads examined.

    How fucking dare you come into this thread and insinuate the “chatter” should cease because someone’s feelings might get hurt. I don’t give a flying fuck – I don’t have feelings therefore I don’t pretend to care about anyone who may be involved in this mess. I will attempt to show as much emotion as I possess in protecting Susan’s family as well as Ryan Joneses family. You know, the real victims. Those who’ve lost a loved one by the hand of someone else…surely not some selfish lowlifes who’ve not paid for the crimes they committed.

    If it sounds like I’m picking on you Wanda, I not. I’m just “getting to the bottom of it.” I cannot believe you’d come on here using the phrase, it just cheapens the life of the young lady murdered.


  29. JMHO says:

    I was still out “sowing my wild oats” about the same period of time as when Susan was killed. I always thought Susan just pissed Mary off somehow and she left, then went back to her apartment after everyone else had gone. Gary wouldn’t have missed her. Im sure he was used to her hours.


  30. thinkgoat says:

    Was Mary the type that got jealous of the attention other women received? I don’t know “Mary” but I’ve gotten a couple emails describing her “hobbies”. (Men, drugs, men, more men) Maybe she thought Susan was making headway on someone she wanted to fuck? I know I’ve covered a shit-load of female types like that. Crazy. Just certifiably crazy.

    And 16, you stated above that Moreland sort of confessed during a game – and that “confession” was just written off? Because she was drunk and upset? LMFAOOO Stupid drunk ramblings. Anywhere else, that shit would be taken seriously.

    And really? This woman is pseudo-respected in that community? Pffft. Any respectable person would do what they could to clear their name and assist in solving this murder. Not fuck everything that walks, gets drunk, and hides.


  31. JMHO says:

    All I’ll say is Gary is the one everyone feels sorry for. She should do whatever it took to clear her name for him and the kids.


  32. crtial_rn says:

    Mary’s dad is Doc Zimmerman from Beardstown. During her younger days she was quite the wild child. As she has gotten older, things haven’t changed much. It was “rumored” that she can swing both ways. When I lived in Rville, it was known that she liked to party, and yes she had kids at that time; the boys not the girl. It is my understanding that shortly after Susan’s death, that she had something similiar to a “breakdown” and left town for an extended period of time. I had heard that she was living with some guy, possibly in Meredosia. Regardless she wan’t with Gary and the kids. It was known that her father was a homosexual and there had been a question pertaining to Mary’s sexual preference. From what I understand, she definately prefers the men, but that she does like to play with the girls. As for respected in the community, I’m not sure about her, but the Moreland & Devitt name has been around for many, many moons. Her husband Gary is VERY well liked in town as one of the pharmacists at M&D’s. He has always gone out of his way to be helpful to the young & old and that is both in and out of the drug store.

    TG, you are quite correct. People need to stop hiding behind whatever they have found and come forward and tell what they know. While yes, it will hurt the murderer’s innocent family but the Emerick family has hurt far longer and that pain will carry thru many generations. They should have had answers 16 yrs ago, so their grieveing has truly not been allowed to happen yet. They have been going thru the five stages of death without being able to complete the process and move on. They need to remember their family member but they need to be able to laugh and smile again. they need to remember Susan in happy memories.


  33. 16yrvictim says:

    crtial_rn – do you know when Mary had this “breakdown”? I spoke to her quite often for a while after Susan died, as I thought she was one of Susans’ closest friends at the time of her death. People had told me of some of her behaviour back then, but I just assumed it was for the drama effect and attention. She hardly ever showed any emotion when we spoke, and I always thought that odd after her friend was murdered. I have not spoken to her since she told me that Susan was just her “party girl”. Maybe I took it wrong, but I took it as she was disposable, replaceable. Just someone to run with when homelife was dull. How my mom continued to work at M&D’s for a couple more years still amazes me. I never paid attention to how truly strong she was until then. She deserves the truth, no matter how painful. I am sure she will deal with it like she has the rest of this……..with grace.


  34. server61 says:

    T.G. they speculted about the cop theory maybe 3 or four years after Susan murder.. Their reasoning was the place was to clean, therefore it must be a cop…. There were other names that came into play.Rhoda Jones,Ramond Armstrong.And i was told by a relative of Rhoda that she refused to talk to the cops.. Now she is a so called friend of Susans,I say BULLSHIT, thats not a friend. I never heard much on Ray, just that he didnt show up for the voluntary lie detector test…In fact no one did,but me..


  35. server61 says:

    The case went cold because of the way the local police obtained some dna to test, not once but twice..


  36. 16yrvictim says:

    Thats interesting about Rhoda, as I know she has used Susans’ death to make a comment on Topix about the Watkins’ investigation. And wasn’t Raymond just the local crazy guy? Why the fuck wouldn’t anyone just take the damn test and clear their name?? That is hard to comprehend. And thank you. You are a true friend.


  37. server61 says:

    Thank you 16yr….We are family,even before we were family…Nothing will change that!!!


  38. crtial_rn says:

    No, I don’t remember when she had this “breakdown”.I’m not sure if it was in fact a mental breakdown, if she just ran off with another man or both. Bare in mind, at this time, I was not living in Rville but I was there quite a bit on the weekends and sometimes thru the week, so I still heard alot from a variety of different people and places, and I was actually still seeing Dr. Dohner and using M&D for meds. From the time your sister’s death occured to even now, it seems like it has always been a hot topic but one that is discussed behind closed doors b/c of the players involved. I was always disturbed by your sisters death. I didn’t know her, but I knew your mom quite well and I had so much respect for her. I have no idea how your mom worked there for so long without taking something and clubbing either airhead Mary or corner Gary in the basement and threaten him within an inch of his life. I have to agree with you on your moms strength. I think it amazed everyone. Your moms strength amazed many.


  39. server61 says:

    yes ray was just crazy.. I was told that he and Rhoda picked Susan up and they went to btown, to the rod..Thats where the video comes into play. The bartender said yes she saw her,but couldnt say who she was with. Jerry the owner told me that he looked the tape over he never saw Susan on it. I believe him,he really liked Susan,used to call her smiley,even if she wasnt…


  40. thinkgoat says:

    Server – When I heard the “officer” theory, I thought it was bullshit…and convenient. I don’t know why he wasn’t on the force any longer but I’d like to think he was the lucky one to not be associated with a huge group of morons.


  41. server61 says:

    why he wasnt there,is another story in itself..but he hadnt been on the force since 1986 or 87…As for the huge group of morons,your being wayyyyy to nice!!! Ive just alittle more info to gather,then the roasting will begin…


  42. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Oct 20, 1993: The Rushville Times:

    “Police Investigate Apparent Murder” Local law enforcement authorities are investigating the apparent murder of a Rushville woman.

    Susan (Emerick) Bonser, 34, was found dead at about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday on the living room floor of her apartment located at 101 Dona’s Drive where she lived by herself.

    Schuyler County Sheriff DeWayne Bond reporte that the victim was found by a co-worker from Excel Meat processing in Beardstown who became concerned after Ms. Bonser failed to come to work.
    Bond said that another co-worker had stopped at the apartment at approximately 2 p.m. Monday afternoon to pick up Ms. Bonser to take her. That person received no answer and went on to work herself, according to Bond.

    After the work shift end, another friend went to the apartment and after knocking on the door looked in a window, saw the body on the floor of the first story apartment and contacted the Sheriff’s department.

    The Schuyler County Sheriff said that preliminary evidence indicated that the victim had been dead for between 10 and 36 hours before the body was found.

    Bond said that the death is being treated as a homicide, but refused to comment on the type of weapon used until after an autopsy which was being performed Tuesday at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

    Bond said that no weapon was found at the scene.

    The sheriff said that authorities are questioning co-workers and acquaintances of the victim in connection with death.

    Officials said that questioning of residents in the area of the apartment revealed no information.

    Officers from the Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Criminal Investigation, Rushville City Police and Schuyler County Sheriff’s Department are taking part in the investigation.

    The death is the second homicide in three months in Schuyler County.

    On Aug 2 of this year, Cindy A Pippenger was killed at her rural Rushville home.

    David E Derry has been charged with that murder and is awaiting trial.

    Bond said prior to this year, the last homicide in in Schuyler County was in 1979.”

    I checked out Derry on the Illinois Department of Corrections website; Custody date 7/20/93, eligible for parole 7/30/2013, MURDER/INTENT TO KILL/INJURE, 40 year sentence.

    On the same front page of the same newspaper, same date,

    “Moreland Elected President by State Pharmacists” Pharmacist Garry Moreland was elected speaker of the House of Delegates of the Illinois Pharmacists Association at its 1993 Annual Convention held at Clock Tower Inn at Rockford, Ill.

    Pharmacist Moreland, a past vice-president of the association, will be serving his third term as Speaker of the House of Delegates. He was accompanied by his wife, Mary, and sons, David and Jack……..”

    Isn’t it ironic that both ‘articles’ (press releases) are just inches apart. Also, this was before urine tests, so I guess any one who was a pharmacist could do any drugs and still be appointed as an elected Speaker (we’re talking 1993).

    Also, keep in my that The Rushville Times does not have an investigative reporter and as to not make waves or anger people it is standard policy to print press releases and never follow-up on stories. When a young man hit a pole on the way to work one morning, the editor did take a picture of the scene (after the young man was taken away in an ambulance) and half of the town was outraged! “how could you put that picture in the paper?” Etc.

    A few months ago, a young man who is of Indian descent was attacked by some members of the HS football team; they rubbed the boys jock-cup all over his face and did some other things. It was never addressed because the kids involved were/are sons of some important people of Rushville. I know the young man and his parents and they are very nice, kind people. I was heartsick for them. Trust me, I know what it is like to not fit in, to not have money and own land here. I am just trying to shed a little light on what I researched and know.


  43. thinkgoat says:

    /ThinkGoat tips her hat to Moved to Rville on purpose

    Thank you very much for providing the text of those articles. I’m editing in block quote formatting –


  44. Rushville Native says:

    First time I’ve written, but I’ve been following this site because of the Ryan Jones accident. I hope 16 year victim gets some finality to her sad story. I’ve heard all of the rumors and I know who I’ve always suspected. I have a bit of coincidence to add – were you aware that the driver in the accident where the truck hit the telephone pole was the brother of one of the football players involved in the jock-cup incident. And as a side note, the boy of Indian descent was a great kid. Ask anyone who knew him. That was terrible of these boys to do that to him.


  45. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    This is a small town, like many others. There is no place that I have lived that really welcomes you, truly. “Who’s your daddy?” was the first thing I was asked when I moved here.

    The parents of the young Indian boy work constantly and speak 4 or 5 languages but yet this ‘good ole boy town’ still cannot welcome them.

    It is hard to stand up because most assuredly, you and your immediate family are ‘watched’. I still pray for change but cannot see it in the future. No one wants to demand justice simply because we are in fear of retribution. No one can run against Schieferdecker. The last person to try, Larry Phillips who is now the Superintendent of the Illinois Detention and Treatment facilty for sex offenders, located on the west side of Rushville. He ran against Schieferdecker and suddenly all of his political signs mysteriously kept disappearing. We need Buford Pusser to Walk Tall here. I am forever hopeful. There are many ‘kids’ that have been put away in the last few years – kids without cop parents or landowner/farmer parents are serving time, many that I saw growing up. Not great kids, frustrated, etc, needing help, all in prison and Ryan Boyd is still not even arraigned.


  46. Anon says:

    “There are many ‘kids’ that have been put away in the last few years – kids without cop parents or landowner/farmer parents are serving time, many that I saw growing up. Not great kids, frustrated, etc, needing help, all in prison and Ryan Boyd is still not even arraigned.”

    This is what should be posted on the ‘Welcome to Schuyler County’ sign!!!


  47. Anon says:

    Btw, I woulda voted for Larry. I thought he was a nice guy and actually wasn’t worried about who had money and who could pay their way out of a ticket. He just wanted justice for all and was going to live up to the oath he took when he originally put that badge on!


  48. Anon says:

    16yr, I was curious. Have you talked to the Sheriff lately about any of the new rumors or information??


  49. server61 says:

    as with any crime,everyone involed gets their lives picked apart all public like.IN my book:turnabouts fair play,so lets start with Dwayne Bond… WAS he qualified to process a murder scene? I was there,standing outside the window that i broke out.The people that were walking in and out of Susans apt.,were nothing short of circus performers…For over an hour that is all they did…Then i heard one of the officers say that the isp had been called.. And im thinking, wish id done that to begin with.Any evidence there might have been,im sure was destroyed by the herd of jackasses running in and out like sight seers..My friend was murdered,and 17yrs later,we still dont know WHO or WHY..Maybe it was Bond.HES pretty good with a maglite to the head..Isnt that right Dwayne? Oh but wait,thats right you didnt get away with that one!!!


  50. thinkgoat says:

    Since we have this thread – I took down the “anonymous tips”.


  51. 16yrvictim says:

    Donnie always said it was that odd that Bond didn’t call him back from vacation for Susie’s case, since he was “trained” in evidence collection and how to process a crime scene. I guess nobody else got to go to the class.

    And it does make you wonder how much money was paid to people over the years to compensate for the beatdowns they took from that fucker. Oh, thats right……..they deserved it.

    And no, anon, I have not spoken to the sheriff, but I have spoken to the ISP.


  52. Anon says:

    Well if you don’t get much farther with your meeting tomorrow, I would just put on your big girl pants and head over to the RPD. I can imagine how difficult it might be for you to look at the man who just sat this case aside like it was nothing but you have to do it for your sister. I didn’t know her but I am sure she isn’t resting in piece knowing that whoever killed her is still running around free as a bird and I know you and your families hearts still ache considerably. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t challenge the system to work harder to finally put a date on the headstone.


  53. crtial_rn says:

    I just want to make a side-bar here if I may. It doesn’t pertain to Susan’s murder but it is mentioned in this thread and others might be a bit confused.

    The David Derry & Cindy Pippenger was another terrible situation that led to Cindy’s death. David had gone to Cindy’s place, just North of Rushville and bashed her in the head with a brick. He hurriedly left and while driving erratically and was involved in a head-on collision, killing a wonderful upstanding young man, Sam Taylor.

    As mentioned in the article posted by Moved to Rville on Purpose, he will be eligible for parole in two years. I feel that he shouldn’t be eligible at all. From what I remember, he wasn’t charged for Sam’s death and that is to me unacceptable, just my opinion.

    Anyway, as I mentioned, it has nothing to do with Susan and her murder but since it was mentioned, I felt compelled to remind people what happened in that murder/death as I am sure some have forgotten. Rushville is not a murdering, high crime rate type of town. It is your basic small town. As John Mellencamp sang in his song ‘Small Town’, he could have been describing Rushville The only thing he forgot to add to it was,
    “gotta watch my ass in a small town
    people murder people in a small town
    cops turn their heads in a small town
    the bad ones hide behind their daddy’s knees”

    Ok, sorry, back to the regularly scheduled program

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  54. server61 says:

    crial love the new twist on an old song.. and it sure fits here… The more im getting back into this, the more it smells of alot NOT RIGHT…Right down to the ex cop killing hisself..


  55. Anon says:

    Question: Why is Paul’s suicide relavant?? I know he used to be a suspect, or so they say. But why does it matter if he killed himself? I think the PD is just trying to blame someone who is unable to defend himself.


  56. server61 says:

    ok Anon: as far as we know he was still a suspect. Like 16yr said we dont know if he was questioned,I was told by albers that the dna was taken at the time of his death.Just to find out months later, that its not at a lab…Now this leads me to believe that THE NOTES, with his name on it were made up.And his name was on the note because i saw one of them …Now in light of info coming from his kids,who happen to be my kids also,has me thinking something is not right here… and if that is the case them it goes way back, with more than a few people involed…and has taken alot of planning


  57. Anon says:

    Ohhk. Well I had also heard his DNA was extracted but wasn’t quite sure if that was true. Before he commited suicide, was he aware that the case was going to be looked into again??


  58. 16yrvictim says:

    Anon – Thank you for your advice, but I think I’ll wait to buy my pull ups until after just a few of the many questions I have submitted are answered. And yes, the ex-cops status as a suspect in her case is one of them. As of this evening, the meeting is still on. It will take a little time for the newcomers to wrap their minds around it but I am obligated to give them the opportunity to do so. Not long, mind you, but a bit. Again, the more information they have, the better.

    And I am challenging the system.

    And thank you, rn for the clafification and lyrics. I can’t help but wonder if this man would even be in prison if he hadn’t killed Sam on his way back, even though he wasn’t charged with it, which is just sad.


  59. crtial_rn says:

    I have a couple of questions here and I am going to pose them to server 61 since she would possibly know the answers as I’m a little confused.
    1) How were you able to look in a window at midnight and see a body on the floor?
    2) How is it that you were able to stand there and watch the police go about processing a crime scene and know that they were screwing up the evidence?
    3) Would you not be distraught having just found your best friend murdered?
    4) How do you know the scene was so clean?

    Just curious

    16yr, he should have most definately been charged for killing Sam. At least he is doing time for murdering Cindy Pippenger.


  60. Anon says:

    Well 16, didn’t mean to offend you. I was just saying. Have you received any new helpful information?


  61. 16yrvictim says:

    No offense taken Anon – just my attempt at humor. 😉

    And yes, I have been let in on a few tidbits. I am just waiting on some verification…….


  62. Anon says:

    Well good luck at your meeting today.


  63. 16yrvictim says:

    Thanks for the luck, but it is not my meeting. It is between law enforcement and the states attorney. I just tried to make sure that it happened (finally) and submitted some questions we would like to have answered. And I am sure they appreciate your gift of luck in thier efforts to figure this out as well……..they will need it!


  64. anon5 says:

    I moved here years ago and find this place to be one of the most gossip seeking, back biting towns. If you cannot trace your family back 10 generations, you are no one. If you move here you are treated like an outsider. The murder of Susan HAS to be reopened with new interviews done of EVERYONE. If the people named were involved, then no matter how respected they are they need to be arrested and tried. The Sheriff wants a town were everyone is friendly and does nothing wrong. Well that’s not so. Recently Ryan Jones was murdered and while it was a police officer’s son that was involved, what about all the others? What about the picture messages sent back and forth? Why can’t our police department have competent police and/or sheriff’s deputies? Another question I have for this town is why do you have a sheriff’s deputy that is a known pedophile? Is it because he’s a well known business owner? Or is it because his family has been in this town forever? Again, we HAVE to reopen Susan’s case for her family and her family only. If those that are connected and their families get hurt, then why did they commit the crime?


  65. Anon2 says:

    What picture messages are you referrin to? Post on either of the Ryan Jones related discussions so we dont get off topic for this article.


  66. System Error says:

    “1) How were you able to look in a window at midnight and see a body on the floor?
    2) How is it that you were able to stand there and watch the police go about processing a crime scene and know that they were screwing up the evidence?
    3) Would you not be distraught having just found your best friend murdered?
    4) How do you know the scene was so clean?

    Just curious” = crtial_rn

    I am very curious too. It sounds like someone knows a little too much about the crime scene. They always say the guilty often return to the scene.


  67. 16yrvictim says:

    Just an FYI – Server61 was the concerned friend that went and checked on her after Susan didn’t show up for work……she was the one that caled the police and witnessed what went on there.


  68. System Error says:

    “Just an FYI – Server61 was the concerned friend that went and checked on her after Susan didn’t show up for work……she was the one that caled the police and witnessed what went on there.” = 16yrvictim

    I get it but I’m not swayed. I am a crime aficionado reading stories similar to this all the time. This is a situation where red flags go up loving friend shows up after midnight and is able to see in a dark apartment and tell there is a body on the ground. Or were the lights on? did the killer do this with lights with open blinds b/c they’d have to be open in order to see the body right? A normal friend would be freaking out at the sight of a bloody dead friend and the entire situation would be surrealistic. Unless the friend was familiar with murder and knew exactly what behaviors to look for in the police. Still the shock value of seeing your friend dead would send a normal person in to a defense mode that shuts out too many other things. I think you would understand what I am stating if you read through witness accounts on the stand. There is never a crystal clear version of what went on it is more like bits and pieces. BUT it is an entirely different story when the guilty come back to the scene and very convenient if they are the one who reports the crime b/c there is time to clean up a bit more and it gives the killer a perspective none others have when they are on the out side looking in so to speak. It is easier to pick on what the police did not do when you have had a while to think about what the scene looks like and what was cleaned up and what was staged and what the cops may have missed.


  69. 16yrvictim says:

    I had to read your post a couple of times before it dawned on me……………that is brilliant. The “I didn’t call 911 b/c I knew I’d be a suspect” defense is PERFECT for Ryan Boyd!!!

    Seriously?? You don’t think they checked into that?? It’s sad that doing the right thing can bring along so much shit. I know she has cooperated with the cops, doing everything they’ve asked, including a lie detector test. I can’t say that for the other “friends”…………..

    And whatever floats your boat – flag away. Me? I could have gone many lifetimes without learning and hearing about all the dirty little details that make up the term homicide.


  70. Anon2 says:

    System Error, as for your question about being able to look in the window. There are lights outside the building and Im pretty sure that every window of those apt buildings faces the front so if she went there at midnight she could’ve seen in the window with the help of the lights outside.


  71. server61 says:

    This is for all you COURIOSITY SEEKERS out there………………..1)IT wasnt like Susan not to show up for work. AND she didnt call anyone or her work place, saying that she wouldnt be there..(MY FLAG)2)Yes it was midnite. We worked second shift. No i didnt see her bloody body, as you so crudely put it. I saw her feet. And yes there was a small lite on as i remember,plus all the lites in front of the apt. blds. I didnt know she was gone at that time.3)Albers came out and walked over to me, AND TOLD ME THAT SHE TOOK A BEATING..4)I could stand there because I still had hope that everything would be ok.She was my friend there was no way i was leaveing.. When they told me she was gone i didnt have time for hysterics i was bombarded with questions,mostly by the isp, but the locals as well.. Dont presume to know how i feel or should feel..5)I jumped through their hoops.Iwas questioned,finger printed,did their lie detector test..Now if they want my dna, so be it ,ill be the first in line..6)The place was to clean, That is what i was told by local police when they pitched their cop or excop theory..7)I was married to the excop whose name is on the notes who commited suicide leaveing our childern to wonder why for the rest of their lives..Ive only had 17yrs of the WHY its past time for answers..8)Last but not least:As for the person returning to the scene..a little advice quit watching so much t.v…Not to sayit doesnt happen..This is a small community.. Whats odd is the other friends disassociated themselves because it was an inconvenience to their comfort or family….


  72. thinkgoat says:

    I hope the “curiosity seeker” comment wasn’t a slam – that’s exactly what our site is…you only see 1/100th+ of the traffic through comments – many stop in to read and never come out of lurk-mode. Further: if you’re attempting to “clear the air”, please assume 99% of these people are total strangers and don’t know who you’re talking about. Myself included. When you mention someone’s name (other than the victim and generally speaking, the suspect), explain who they are – especially if you’re addressing someone you don’t know. There may be a core group of people from your town reading/commenting but there are a greater number you’ll never know.

    It’s a documented fact murderers and various other perpetrators return to the scene of the crime. Just as it’s documented serial killers enjoy taking a “memento” of their victims. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small town or a huge community – sociopaths, killers, just plain fuckers all display some of the core traits and fetishes. It’s not something that is purely “made-for-TV”.

    If “bloody body” seems crude – this may not be the site to be viewing. I don’t find that nearly as offensive as insinuating she’d had a big “fuck fest” prior to her death.

    Don’t give the trolls anything to feed on…don’t let one statement pass because someone is “on your side” and then pick on something petty from a poster who rubbed you the wrong way. There are some people who smell bloody water 10 miles away. This site has the tendency to get very rough and if you play into the hands of those who spot defenses going up, it’s not going to be a very productive thread and will serve as entertainment for those who sit and wait for this shit to happen.


  73. server61 says:

    no slam intended..I just wanted to address them all at once..


  74. 16yrvictim says:

    Thanks, TG, for the reminder that your audience is vast, diverse, and skeptical as they should be. The collection of crimes and criminal behavior that your site spotlights speaks volumes of the evil and selfishness that exist in our society. And not just from the perpetrators, but from their families, friends and communities who refuse to hold them accountable. Our society has become de-sensitized to the hypocrisy of how our legal system protects the rights of the living “alleged” suspects while sometimes ignoring the rights of the victims, dead or alive.

    Thank you, Server61, for addressing the questions put to you on here and from the authorities. The extent of your cooperation in this investigation should remove you from the list of suspects, or at the very least, move your name down to the bottom. If Susan’s other “friends” had been as cooperative and forthcoming with their information, they too could have been culled from the list and the police could have focused on those names that remained. I realize that probably no one at her apartment that morning expected to be investigated for murder after just attending “the usual” party, but that’s how it goes. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, so yes, their names and activities and history of their relationship with the victim have to be investigated, but instead of being upfront and honest, they all choose to hide behind attorneys and smokescreens and pleas from their families to leave them alone, as they too were victims of this crime and their lives are/were being inconvenienced and disrupted.

    I call Bull Shit.

    You want your lives undisturbed, your kids not to learn of your sordid pasts, your loved ones to be left alone……it’s pretty simple. Tell the truth. Do whatever you have to do to remove your name from the list of suspects. Take control of your own destiny and reputations and cooperate. If you have nothing to hide, give the needed information to clear yourselves. I just can’t comprehend why that is so difficult.

    I had the mother of a suspect, not necessarily of this case, tell me that her son/daughter wanted to come forward and tell the family what happened, but that their attorney had advised against it. They chose to say “fuck you” to the victim’s family and let them continue to wonder about the circumstances surrounding their loved ones death. I guess I was supposed to feel sorry for her, but instead I realized that the truth doesn’t matter………just what can be proven in court and what their attorney could argue in the suspect’s behalf. Again, it’s a much different view from this side. It seems everyone is out to just cover their own ass and our criminal justice system can’t keep up. Heaven forbid if a suspects rights are violated and never mind what the victim or their family have to endure. The number of true victims, of all types of crime, is exploding in our society. That is why there are websites like this and shows like AMW and the First 48……….People are demanding accountability by any means possible and finding new tools to get it. Thanks again TG, for all that you do to bring awareness to these crimes, especially against children. Yes, some details are disturbing, offensive and enraging, but we as society need to know of and address them and indicate to future perpetrators that their actions DO have consequences and they will be held accountable, if by no one else than the members of their own communities and in the court of public opinion.

    /Rant off


  75. Rushville Native says:

    Last week Anon asked if the ex-cop knew that the case was going to be looked into again. Was this ever answered?

    I am asking because rumors are starting to fly around town as to what was in the suicide note that he left. Does seem convenient.


  76. blacksheep says:

    Rushville Native – I’m kinda curious myself. What did the suicide note say?


  77. Anon2 says:

    Unless the note contained anything about Susan then I don’t think that the note is anyones business but the family’s. Just out of respect.


  78. server61 says:

    Thank you Anon2…And your right, its no ones biz.. And just to be fair, no Susan wasnt in the note…


  79. Rushville Native says:

    I agree that it is no ones business unless something was said about
    Susan’s death. Rumors are going around that there was something in
    the note left.

    What I’m saying is that would seem to be a convenient scape goat for others to get off the hook. Server 61, you even said that now you wondered if the notes were made up.

    And where is the supposed DNA?


  80. server61 says:

    let me set your mind at ease.. there was nothing in my ex husbands last words, about Susan…And yes I did say that Im wondering about the notes, the very notes the police got in the mail, that contained his name…Where is that DNA???? I was told the police sent it in for testing..Pretty sure they lied,that was over six months ago, of course I dont know how long the testing will take, I dont work in a lab….The hardest thing Ive ever had to do was tell my kids about their dads possible involement in Susans murder..I think their plates are full…This town was built on rumors,and thats not something I( relie )on!!!


  81. blacksheep says:

    Rushville Native – You may not have caught on earlier when I commented to you but I was kind of being a smartass. You must be one of “those people” who have nothing better to do than sit around with your friends while drinking coffee and gossiping. Now considering I saw the note… I can tell you that the note that the ex cop left said NOTHING about Susan’s death. So maybe you can tell your “friends” that. You shouldn’t believe rumors anyway…they are just that RUMORS!! Maybe from now on if you want to know something you should ask the family!! I’m not trying to be rude or anything I’m just saying…AND don’t you think if there was actually something in the suicide note about Susan’s death you would’ve heard about it back in December rather than hearing about it 6 months down the road?


  82. Rushville Native says:

    Wow, you guys better knock the chip off of your shoulders.

    First of all, when did I say that the people who were spreading these rumors were “friends” as you put it.

    I guess I thought you were sharp enough to figure out what I was getting at when I said that “this seemed convenient”. I was actually supporting you, Server 61.

    You probably should quit being so defensive and try to realize when somone is trying to point out the mixed stories!!!!


  83. thinkgoat says:

    Rushville Native, I didn’t take your posts as being offensive – nor prying. I think you were pretty straight up as to why you asked.You’re all good – and you’re right. It does make it awfully convenient to blame the dead guy.


  84. blacksheep says:

    I wasn’t meaning to piss you off. I was just simply saying in a roundabout way there were no names mentioned in the note. =)


  85. Rushville Native says:

    Blacksheep, you made an opinion of me sitting around drinking coffee and gossiping and saying I was one of “those people.” Then you say you didn’t mean to piss me off.

    When Server 61 made reference to THE NOTES back on May 27, I thought she meant the notes he left. (Since she had just made reference to the DNA they supposedly collected.) I apologize for that.


  86. mama1968 says:

    Is this just a rville thing to blame the dead guy? Who was driving the truck? Ryan Jones of course, he’s gone and can’t defend himself. And now all of a sudden, 17 yrs later, who killed Susan? Probably the ex-cop who just committed sucide, of course he’s not here to defend himself. Don’t get me wrong, or make something else into what i’m saying, I just want to know why the dead guy always gets shit on? It’s just so easy I guess. Now having said that, 16 yr victim knows that I would love to see justice for her and her family, they deserve it!! If the ISP uncovers evidence the ex-cop did it then so be it, but if it’s just Barney & Goober claiming he did it then well then ya know it’s probably a big pile of BS. Whatever happened to the Bartlett or Bartlow (sorry can’t remember which it was) kid that was at Susan’s that night? He left state not long after the murder and never came back. (I’m sure he visits). I had heard of Mary’s breakdown, then heard she found religion and had another child (of course everyone had their theory on this). I just hope that the unanswered questions get answered in both Susan’s and Jones’s cases, yeah their will be some people who get their feelings hurt, but just remember the hurt feeling of Susuan’s mom,sister & entire family. And Jone’s family, especially his son, who just yesterday told me “Daddy can do it, where is my Daddy, mama?? Someone please give these families their answers, my prayers are always with Susan’s & the Jone’s families………


  87. Anon2 says:

    Rville Native: The notes she was referring to were the ones that Scheifferdecker claimed to have received way back when. It was mentioned in the Journal Star article from 2002.


  88. Lynn says:

    I about bet that Jack doesn’t know half the shit his parents have done, so how would he know if they were involved or not?? HE DONT!

    Oh and they would have more “facts” if your parents would give their DNA and take a polygram! I guess if they are so innocent that is way to hard to do! Right?!?


  89. thinkgoat says:

    Jackson Moreland to me
    show details 11:00 PM (45 minutes ago)
    I’m sorry but you keep saying “all the rumors” and “if there was DNA”. I’m
    sorry for trying to be professional about everything and just stating facts. I
    could start a rumor tomorrow and I guarantee it would be all over your joke of a
    website. I know that was not a nice thing to say but after the e-mail I just
    received I see no need to be respectful. All that I am asking is that you state
    facts and not jump on small town rumor mills

    Crime Crawlers Administrator to Jackson
    show details 11:25 PM (21 minutes ago)
    Laugh my fucking ass off. Investigators follow up on rumors all the time – well, except in that particular neck of the woods. There’s very little evidence in this murder – if there was an abundance, don’t you think this case would have been solved …say…16 fucking years ago? I thought, by your email address, being somehow affiliated with SIU, you’d be able to discern that much. But hey, SIU was always just a party school anyway –

    Why hasn’t Mary said a word? (I’ll assume she’s your mother since you’ve not exactly identified your ties to the same last name.)

    Don’t apologize for your attempt at being professional. I won’t hold that against you.


  90. punisher 2 says:

    Ill add this because I told 16yearvictim I would help her. Ryan played a ballgame at schuy-rush. I think it was a minor league game and Tracey korsmeyer coached it. Don’t know who we played but Mary was there telling everyone if we can get away with murder we can get away with anything in this town. She was asked what she was talking about and she said susan and repeated it again. Trying to get a list of who was out there if anyone knows post it. It wasn’t long after susans death.


  91. Lynn says:

    I was always put on her team my fam may have been around they always went to my games!


  92. Lamplighter says:

    Awww. Poor widdle Jackson. Did someone hurt your feelings? Darn.

    Get over it, loser! What’s the SIUE letterhead supposed to do? Make you look important? Didn’t work.


  93. Anon2 says:

    I don’t see why he is blaming anyone but his parents. They are the ones that put themselves in the party scene and they are responsible for their own actions. Had they not acted the way they did years ago they wouldn’t be being scrutinized. Had they just simply done everything possible to erase their names from the suspect list then they probably wouldn’t be in the midst of all the rumors.


  94. 16yrvictim says:

    Let me start by saying the LAST thing Susan would have wanted is for ANY of the kids of ANY of these people to be negatively affected. But then again, she didn’t ask to die this way and wouldn’t have wanted the details of her life and circumstances surrounding her death to become such a subject of prolonged discussion – she was a private person. She detested gossip, as she had been the subject of it before, and knew how hurtful it could be. With that being said, we’re not discussing a trivial matter here. We are trying to get information on her murder. I know, we were supposed to just go away and let everyone go on with their perfect lives, but the events of last fall made that pretty damn near impossible, and honestly, we’re tired of being victims. We want answers – If nothing more then to know what date to mourn her death rather than a 3-day “window of opportunity”. That is a fact.

    Where do you think that most of the leads that the police investigate come from?? They are all hearsay, rumors, and bits and pieces of facts, things that people have heard or seen. That is why they investigate them. That is why we are asking for verification of some of the information we have received in the past. Most of it just doesn’t add up. And when people refuse to cooperate, that just makes their silence that much more suspicious.

    FACT: Mary made that “confession” in front of a group of witnesses. I believe it was dismissed without consideration or much investigation by the local authorities. Susans’ mother worked for your families business for many years, even after her daughter was murdered. She didn’t want to further implicate your family members or be seen to believe the stories without proof by quitting her job. How hard to you think that was for her to go to work after hearing about that little “confession”?? Does anyone in your family take into consideration what that lady has endured???

    FACT: The name of the ex-cop on the notes is nothing but a “rumor” typed on a piece of paper until whoever sent them comes forward with whatever other information they may know, if any. Was he still being investigated or questioned? We are still waiting on verification of that. But yes, the convenience and coincidence of being able to blame “the dead guy” didn’t go unnoticed by us. Do you not realize that another family was affected by this murder? After all this time?? That they are not suffering??

    Who exactly do you expect us to get our FACTS from but from those that were the last ones we know of to see her alive?? Those that were her “friends” that might know what happened that morning? Or what, if any, other plans she might have had for that week-end?? Unfortunately for you, the process of sorting through all the information collected over the years will probably include requesting more cooperation from your family members. So be it. I refuse to apologize for what they are putting themselves and you through when they could remove their names from suspicion by cooperating any way possible. That was, and still is, their choice.


  95. Redrobin10 says:

    As a person who has been closely tied to the Jones case and also a friend of the new family being harrassed. I have to ask myself, do you people have anything better to do with your lives then feed off the past and try and cause problems in other people lives? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Also, dont you think if there was “evidence” clearly stating who the murderer was then proffesionals would do something about it? Exactly, none of you are proffesionals and none of you have the authority to accuse anyone of such cruel crimes. Everyone bashes Rushville for being a town full of rumors? Well congrats, it is people like you that start these rumors. Are your lives really that boring that you have to feed off the past and can not move forward. Seriously, find a hobby. Also just incase half of you dont even know the family you are downgrated, which im sure you dont. They are great, LOYAL, people who would do anything for anyone. Maybe you should all just take a step back, and stop trying to play detective? Whoever was stating whether the SIUE letterhead made Jackson look important? apperently your not to bright yourself..see when you attend a university and send and e-mail from their account..the letterhead follows…


  96. thinkgoat says:

    Redrobin, you’re exactly the kind of community member that should be escorted out of town and delivered to a remote island full of mother fuckers who you like to excuse. Fill that island full of murderers, child beaters, rapists, etc and you can serve as the lead cheerleader since their crimes were all in the past. Nice apologist’s attitude you’ve got going on.

    The “family” you’re defending isn’t all that righteous – if so, they’d come forward years ago and assisted in solving the murder of their “dear friend”. I can do without “loyal” and “great” people like that in my life, thankyouverymuch.

    There’s been a lack of evidence stating clearly who the murderer is…or couldn’t you gather that much. Reading is difficult for you SIU people, isn’t it? And seriously, you’re more than likely a student there and you’ve not managed to learn to spell worth a shit nor bright enough to use spell check? Holy fucking shit – I hope you flunk out like your buddy did the first time. Or are you one in the same? For further reference, in case you choose to respond again, allow me to assist so you don’t look like a total moron…it’s “you’re” when stating “you are not too bright yourself” oh…and I corrected the “too” in that sentence as well. There are various other mistakes that you made, but being the scholar that you are , I trust you’ll be able to find them on your own. 😉


  97. Redrobin10 says:

    Actually I was not trying to look like a scholar. I was simply stating my opinion which I did very quickly. Forgive me for my grammar errors.


  98. 16yrvictim says:

    Let me try to say this as civilly as I possibly can:

    I don’t know of any “new” family other than the kids of the ex-cop – the others are just the same ones from the time of her murder. No surprises there. Maybe, if they had cooperated and been the type of loyal people “that would do anything for anyone” at the time and done whatever it took to clear their names from the suspects list, this wouldn’t be necessary NOW. I hate the fact that this can come back to smack any of us, suspects included, at ANY time for the REST of our LIVES until it is solved. But that has become our life. See, there is no statute of limitation on Murder, you idiot.

    Leave it to what “proffesionels”? The local law?? A lot of good that has done the family in the past and we don’t need no sticking badges to have “authority” to do SHIT!! I think my sisters’ murder being unsolved for almost 17 years gives us all the authority we need!

    And trust me, there are A LOT of things I would rather do than just spend my time “sitting around thinking about the past” or cause problems for these “GOOD” people………..SERIOUSLY!?!?! I would love to have my sister and best friend back!! I would love my younger sons to know her!!! I would love to know which fucking day to grieve!!!! And I should be ashamed??

    Just curious – what other hobby would you suggest for me to “move forward”? Basket weaving?? Too bad…I seem to like writing. It helps me do whatever I need to do to honor her memory by putting her story out there for EVER on the internet, so she’s not forgotten, as you so desperately want.

    RE-read the story……we have left this alone for YEARS waiting for them to do something with what they had. It was ONLY when I read about Sheriff Donnie lying to Ricks’ face, whether intentionally or just out of sheer ignorance of the situation, that I EVER doubted what we had been told in the past. AND WE HAVE KEPT THAT SECRET!!!!!!!!!!! I could have started all sorts of “rumors” with what we’ve been told over the years, dating back to shit that happened in the ‘70s………Did I?? Did any of us??

    Feel free to keep on stating your opinions………I love to rant.


  99. thinkgoat says:

    /TG stands up and applauds 16YrVictim’s post

    Chew on that shit for a while, heartless scum…


  100. Rushville Native says:

    16yrvictim: I always admired your mom and dad for the way they handled the whole situation. I think most people in town truly respected them and would agree that they are great people. I do think it was best when they moved away. You are a great friend to your sister to keep after this the way you have after all of these years.


  101. server61 says:

    omg i cant believe that moron..16yr you did miss your calling.. Hobby..SHIT!!!!


  102. Lamplighter says:

    Well, look at YOU, Red Robin. My! Aren’t you clever?

    First, when I earned my degrees from a couple of different universities, e-mail hadn’t even been invented. So no, I don’t have any experience using such a system. You say all e-mails from a university computer system are all sent on letterhead. Why is it, then, that NONE of the e-mails I’ve ever received from students at various such institutions EVER showed up that way? I have had several relatives and friends who used those e-mail systems, so I’ve seen more than one or two such communications in my life. There’s never been a letterhead in the whole bunch. Not one. Ergo – I don’t believe it’s any default setting and goes with every one. I think the little dear who wrote that one had to go to the trouble to set it up like that.

    Young Jackson was trying to pose as someone with intelligence – both through his choice of what are obviously (for him) “big” words AND through the use of “letterhead.”

    It didn’t work for him, and it certainly didn’t for you. For starters, Thinkgoat never has to correct MY grammar and spelling. I can do that all by myself. Now tell me again about who you were telling (in your own words) “apperently your not to bright”?? Nice. Goat gave you a free English lesson, but she missed one of your problems. The first word in a sentence is always capitalized, you see. And it becomes quite obvious that you’re lacking something else when you can’t spell “apparently.” Hell – you only got ONE word out of five spelled properly. That’s a score of 20%. They don’t even go that low on any grading scale I’ve ever seen.



  103. 16yrvictim says:

    LOL server61…….to be honest, Hubby is quite pleased that I have found a new outlet for my sarcasm and ranting! 😉 After all this time, he does deserve a break from it!! And thank you, Rushville Native, for the kind words. I will pass them on. The use of her case for political purposes, over and over again, was just too much for them after a while. That was one of the reasons we never put much faith in the anonymous notes……..the timing of the story in the paper was just too typical.

    And mama1968-how the hell are ya?? And I guess, less paperwork if they can say the dead guy did it. Wouldn’t want them to go to any extra trouble or anything.


  104. punisher 2 says:

    Redrobin10 :closely tied to the Jones case? Jones case has nothing to do with this although they do have one thing in common THEY HAVE BEEN COVERED UP BECAUSE OF WHOSE INVOLVED. The kids may not like what they here but who does.I can guarantee you that I can come up with names of people who witnessed what was said and 2 county officers believe they are involved.


  105. mama1968 says:

    Hey 16yr i’m baaack!!! Sorry for the phone mess up (I really was on vacation LOL) FB message me & let me know if any of the info was of any use. Wonder what happens when they run outta dead guys to blame??? Hopefully they don’t start killing for back ups!! Please don’t anyone think that I consider any of this shit funny, not that I give two shits about anyone’s opinion…..but it’s not funny, this is serious and I just don’t understand if your innocent come forward, don’t put your family thru this, clear yourself and the family name, this applys to no one person in particular either. And 16yr your mother is a saint, always thought she was one of the nicest ladies at the drugstore.


  106. punisher 2 says:

    Redrobin10. We was at the ballpark from 89 to 2004 non stop. We heard a lot that went on. How old was you in 89? I was 27 oh! You were probably older and knew more.


  107. thinkgoat says:

    There’s no “letterhead” with SIUE’s name on it. RedRobin was talking out of the ass – I referred to the email address which WAS from Southern IL University Edwardsville. Keep trying RedRover (not a typo on my part) – just make up shit as you go. Maybe that tuition money will help fund a clue.

    Let the came continue: Red Rover Red Rover send the next idiot right over. 😆


  108. Anon2 says:

    Gosh TG! I love that last bit! It’s funny how Mr. Redrover has come here to basically say we are all liars. I am pretty certain that 16 asked for any information anyone might have, that includes rumors. And I fully believe that every rumor has some sort of truth behind it. Like I said before, if Garry & Mary had nothing to do with it, step up to the plate and face your past. The first red flag against them was that after Susan was murdered, they completely shut their ties with her off. Acted as if they had nothing to do with her ever. Now that right there says alot. I also highly doubt that her ‘confession’ wasn’t something that several people got together and made up. Come ‘on. I’m not sure what your ties are with the family, but you must be in some serious denial if you think for one second that The Moreland’s being suspect is bologna. If you are part of their family, then I understand but if someone in my close family was accused of murder I would be pushing them along to do everything possible to clear their name and not have that resting on their shoulders. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s kinda common sense!


  109. mama1968 says:

    My dear Redrobin10, how about you explain to these people how it is that you are so closely tied to the Jone’s family and to “the new family being harassed”. You seriously asked if the family of a murder victim had nothing better to do? Could you PLEASE explain what could be more important than trying to find out who killed your loved one?!? And before you go throwing stones about people being ashamed of themselves, maybe you should get out of the glass house your standing in.


  110. server61 says:

    In a book by Anne Rice,The Queen Of The Damned,Lastat said it best,Come out, come out,wherever you are…Now I say,come out Mary, you to Kim, Jeff and John come join in. NO need for invites,She called you all friends..Take that step back..say..17years in time,does that refresh any minds? The past still remains,so lets bring it up front.We will dig,and we will dig,til we hear play ball, batter up…Put your booze and pills aside,its past time to do whats RIGHT


  111. Anon2 says:

    Mama1968, It’s Jones'(not Jone’s) by the way, since everyone is blasting off about grammatical errors. Just thought I’d throw that out there!


  112. mama1968 says:

    Excuse my grammar, in the scheme of things I can see how important this error is. My apologies to the JONES’ family. Did I spell harASSed right? I think my spellcheck, grammar and give a damn buttons are broke.


  113. Anon2 says:

    Seems like someone can’t take a joke!


  114. 16yrvictim says:

    LOL server61 I prefer “War-ri-ors……….Come out and PlaaaAAaaayy!!!!! But I do love Lestat!! And yes, please, quit sending the kids to plead your case for it all to just go away.

    Or just call a cop, any cop, or I can give you a number to the ISP, to get your name OFF the list. It should be a no-brainer.


  115. mama1968 says:

    LMAO, LOL, HAHAHA. Better? 🙂


  116. 16yrvictim says:

    I think as long as we don’t speak “pink” we’re all good!
    Right TG ??


  117. Anon2 says:

    16, I think the one individual probably smoked/snorted/drank away all of her brain cells!


  118. server61 says:

    OMFG….I just got another friend request from Mary on FB…LMFAO..Mary you dont know what that word means!!! I had a friend,Her name is Susan,and she was murdered..You remember dont you, how you hide behind your,breakdown,or heres a good one..i cant do a lie detector test, I just took a hand full of pills…OH lets not forget this…That you and Susan werent really that good of just party together…Respected, not in my book,loyal,lol..hardly….Have a nice day Mary..


  119. Anon2 says:

    16, I think the one individual has already smoked/snorted/drank away all her brain cells!


  120. server61 says:

    Well now we cant forget Kim Morrow Hill, now can we..I found out last night that she declined the lie detector test,gee wonder why..I remember her saying,I wish you all would just leave me alone,I have a child….What about now now a good time for you???? Your child is grown now right? IS NOW A FUCKING GOOD TIME FOR YOU???


  121. thinkgoat says:

    My grammar nazi only comes out when someone comes on claiming their intelligence, superiority, or calls those of dissenting views “idiots” or something similar. I feel it’s my obligation to point out their own mishaps at that time. Other than that, you’ll never catch the steel-toe of the spelling boot coming close to anyone’s ass.

    I completely understand the many ways in which people post – from a phone (which I admire because I simply don’t have the patience for the length of time that would take) to typing one handed for reasons I don’t care to know. LOL

    I don’t want to dissuade anyone from posting because of any fears of spelling or grammatical errors. As stated, I generally don’t give a fuck – only when you’ve called attention to yourself. I have the option of editing all posts and have more than a couple hundred times found the need to go in and fix a spelling error of my own – sometimes I just fucking leave it. (unless some astute reader lovingly points it out to me 😉 )

    If some other poster would like to point shit out – something that bother’s them that’s repeated, go for it. This is all educational, right? (or some hogshit we can use for justification…)

    TG’s explanations and deviation from the subject at hand over and out.


  122. server61 says:

    O stinger…I cant help it 16…John Bartlow.well lets see,big dumb kid with a weight problem..Turns 21 and finds the bar scene to his liking….Cant sing worth shit..Hides behind daddy and mommys money….Another one that just doesnt have time to help a friend out..Come on John,be a man,step up give your DNA…Wonder why you just up and moved,not just you,but your whole money family too…Those Bartlow roots run deep in schuyler co. Me thinks it got alittle to hot……O Johnny, did your little slap and tickle get out of hand??? How much money did daddy and mommy pay Dwayne Bond to look away???Well Johnny were waiting!!


  123. server61 says:

    Jeff Kennedy,I know very little about. He was a customer of mine,at the local watering hole,from time to time…Very quite,polite,a Camdenite I believe.. It wasn’t until after the murder that he kinda creeped me out.He would come in I would catch him staring at me..Corse maybe i was looking at him,just didnt feel right…Jeff, dont you think its time to give your DNA,too? If for nothing else your own piece of mind…Creep.. and I came across your newspaper ad the other day..Im 99.9% sure I wont be a Kennedy customer….


  124. mama1968 says:

    LOL 16yr, if I start speaking pink feel free to slap the shit outta me!!


  125. thinkgoat says:

    Mama, if you start speaking Pink, I’LL slap the shit out of you


  126. mama1968 says:

    It was cheap entertaiment, as long as you had a bottle of tylenol handy!!


  127. System Error says:

    TG – I know you are keeping an eye on the borderline slanderous shit being thrown up here. 61 you are riding close to the edge so regroup and stop acting like an ass just let out of the bin. For real, this site kicks ass and I would hate that TG’s generosity and leniency was taken advantage of.


  128. 16yrvictim says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m thinking the only place 61 might have slipped is that last line……..and that is only because it could affect his paycheck. Everything else is what was told to her, seen by her or her personal opinion. She is asking these “friends” to do what she did….cooperate. Do whatever it takes to get their names off that list.

    Now, maybe you don’t like her tone, which I believe is YOUR problem, not hers.


  129. 16yrvictim says:

    When Susan died, Mary just had to give me a copy of “Benedictio” by Edward Abbey. Why?? I have no fucking idea. I guess it was supposed to make me feel better. It didn’t.

    With the help of the internet (and Susan would have LOVED the internet) I have found a couple more good quotes of his that apply.

    “Life is too short for grief. Or regret. Or bullshit.”


  130. 16yrvictim says:

    So true – Thats’ why it has to be a NO-BRAINER!!!


  131. ThinkGoat says:

    Actually it’s MY problem.

    System Error is attempting to have my back with great appreciation.

    While I fully understand the “honeymoon” stage of having this thread and never really having a public format in which to discuss Susan’s murder, let’s be cognizant of there actually being a line.

    It’s cool with me bringing potential suspect’s names into the mix – with that comes some adult responsibility. Some innocent names do get drug through the mud but generally only when they’ve made some attempt of contacting or acknowledging this website and/or story. (emails, comments of FB, etc). We’re not out to ruin someone’s day for the sake of having a grudge or simply being able to do so. Attempt to keep some wits so it doesn’t discourage others who may have some info from coming forward. Even IF their past, present, or future is less than savory.

    It’s the family and friends that have the most to lose by flaming unnecessarily. I have no vested interest in any if these stories other than time, space, and liking justice being served. I jump on idiots not really germane to the story because they’ve made themselves know to me by various avenues and it’s my house they’ve entered. And I have delt with these situations for quite a while.


  132. 16yrvictim says:

    System Error and TG – My bad. I said I might be wrong. 😉 Alas, it probably won’t be the last time either!!

    Duly noted, tho.


  133. thinkgoat says:

    You weren’t wrong, 16. I just don’t want any problems with people feeling free or comfortable coming forward.


  134. Miss Bella says:

    Stay classy..


  135. thinkgoat says:

    Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve let this thread chill for 24 hours. I’ve reopened it up for comments simply because the family should not be victimized any further than they have.

    Act like adults here. Stay on topic. Mention rumors pertaining to Susan’s murder. If you’re uncomfortable with some of it, email myself or 16YrVictim. ( or

    Every violation of these very simple rules will result in the poster being banned from this site. Once time and final warning.


  136. Wanda says:

    has anyone found out anything new on the case? what happened at the meeting between the isp and the states lap licker?


  137. 16yrvictim says:

    The family is still patiently waiting for info


  138. Wanda says:

    did they actually have the ex cops dna or was that just another story?


  139. blacksheep says:

    They took the ex cops DNA at the time of his death.


  140. 16yrvictim says:

    Strange days indeed……..

    Today is Susan’s birthday.
    I hope she gets her wish.


  141. somethingstinksgoat says:

    Here’s an interesting article. Rumor and I say it again “rumor” has it that investigators were at his place of business questioning him days prior to this. Any truth to this? Sending birtday wishes to heaven today…


  142. Karrie says:

    You can read more about that in the latest comments on the Off Topic article.


  143. somethingstinksgoat says:

    Thanks Karrie!


  144. Lynn says:

    Has anyone heard if what he did was over this?


  145. 16yrvictim says:

    Lynn – Don’t know for sure……..but it does make ya say “WTF” !?!


  146. Lynn says:

    Yes it does!


  147. punisher2 says:

    I heard he was suppose to be questioned on this and he took the vehicle and tried to get away. Don’t know if it’s true or not but it makes you wonder why he stole a truck!


  148. Karrie says:

    Two people in the last two weeks have told me they heard someone was arrested in connection with Susan’s murder. Was there someone arrested or are people just confused with Jeff’s arrest from stealing that truck?


  149. 16yrvictim says:

    As far as the family knows, no arrests have been made in her murder. I am unsure about arrests for any other crimes…….


  150. drumrdude says:


    I just read your blog about your sister, Susan, who was murdered in 1993. The State Police have contacted me about info concerning the murder. I reported some unusual actions of an employee of mine the day after the murder, to Sheriff Dwayne Bond, who blew it off, saying they already pretty much knew who was responsible.

    Some time later, after the new sheriff, Schifferdecker (sp) got in, they came around again asking some questions. I’m happy to see that something is getting done for you, and Susan.


  151. 16yrvictim says:

    Drumrdude –
    Thank you for posting…….and for telling the cops what you saw at the time. I am sorry your information was disregarded back then – it could have saved some people a lot of pain over the years, but I am relieved to hear that they are still looking into her case.
    If possible, can I ask you to post who your employee was? Or if you aren’t comfortable with that, could you send the info to

    And I will ask all of you again: If any of the readers here or their family members or friends provided information in the past, it is possible it was disregarded for some reason. Please contact the Schuyler Co States Attorney, the Illinois State Police, or myself at


  152. drumrdude says:

    The authorities have asked that I refrain from commenting at this time. The information I have, and the possible suspect is probably someone who was previously questioned, and you already know about, so I’m not going to mention in here. Nor do I want to email the info as I’m not sure exactly to whom the email would be going. My interest in helping though, is sincere, and I will do all I can.


  153. 16yrvictim says:

    LOL…….yes, Drumrdude, I know the “refrain” speech well. After 16+ years tho, my “refrain-o-meter” is about redlined if you know what I mean!!

    Again, thank you for the information you provided and I respect your response. I do not question your sincerity.

    Just an FYI, is my email account. I am the only one who has access to it and I only pass on information if the person providing it gives me the ok to do so.


  154. thinkgoat says:

    I know you’re checking for an update to Susan’s murder.

    The Grand Jury convened yesterday and today. As far as anything official, mum is the word right now. Things could change tomorrow as there would more than likely be time to process the information.

    Stay tuned and pray for Susan’s family.


  155. Peter says:

    I sincerely hope you find some resolution to this, and am happy to be a part of the team. I only wish I’d gotten to meet the others in the jury and gain some insight into what information there is , but, another time perhaps.


  156. […] If there is such a thing as justice after 17 years, it was served yesterday for the family of Susan Bonser. There was a “stay” on information being confirmed for 24 hours due to the children of […]


  157. It's Pete again says:


    When I discovered this blog, I had no idea there were already 150+ posts. All I saw were the “recent” posts. I’m new to blogs, how they work,quite challenged actually. You probably know this already since I, unknowingly, just used my own name. There goes anonymity.

    Anyway, just finished skimming through all the information here…wow. Lots of stuff, way more information than the one rumor that I’d heard back in the day.


  158. thinkgoat says:

    Pete, I deleted your last name! =)


  159. drumrdude says:

    Wow, he confessed! Great news.


  160. Godispeace says:

    As the sister of someone who was killed several years ago, my sympathy goes out to you. The man that was responsible for it received the minimum punishment. I was angry for years as I watched my parents wait for an apology. I remember my mother pointed him out to me in a store years later. After all this time I realize that the highest punishment would not bring her back. All of my hate filled words would not make me feel better. I have personally prayed for you and your family. The media and the police finally got what they wanted…a name. But at what expense? If we were harassed, we would confess too. There are still many unanswered questions. This website has made people blood hungry. If you ever get the chance to face Jeff Kennedy, remember that inner peace can only come from God and words are only words. The Kennedy family is one that would do anything for anyone. My prayers are with you and may God bring you the peace you search for.


  161. Nosey says:

    I don’t care about Kennedy’s family. I tend to lean more towards Susan’s family on this one.


  162. thinkgoat says:

    This website has made people blood hungry. godispeace

    Bravfucking-o. That’s exactly why this site (among a hundred others) were created. To shame the bloody shit out of those who do bad things: murder, rape, steal, brutalize.

    Preach your ‘god is peace’ in a place that’ll swallow that bag of crap.

    And the media and the police couldn’t have given two-shits about this case – that’s why it went cold. It wasn’t the case of them getting a fucking “name” – it was about the family getting what few answers they could…most specifically, a date of death to put on Susan’s tombstone.


  163. Elliott says:

    I had an interest in this case but it was a long time ago and I recently just decided to see if anything had happened and found this site. I am SO thrilled that someone was finally found responsible for this atrocity. But I can’t help wondering about the murder weapon. Does anyone know if he said what he did with it and if it was ever found?


  164. drumrdude says:

    It was his pocket knife, I have no further details.


  165. For what its worth – Kennedy told the family he grabbed a kitchen knife off of her kitchen counter to stab her with after trying to smother her with a pillow didn’t work……………..but the official press release put out by Teena said he tried to stomp on her face, not smother it, and no details were given as to the exact murder weapon used so believe want you want


  166. drumrdude says:

    Wow…I’d never heard any of that. The pocket knife rumor came about after he confessed to Teena. I don’t remember who I heard it from…so there you have it. Your info is probably correct.


  167. Wanda says:

    Shelly I only hope that this has givin you and your family some closure. I miss Susan terribly, she was a true friend and you are also. I still speak of her as if she were here.


  168. 16yrvictim says:

    I do too wanda and thank you…. I miss her and think about her every day and just hope she is at peace and isn’t too pissed off at me for how long it took or how I went about getting an answer. And I think closure just isn’t possible in these situations – just some sort of acceptance.



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