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Onslow County, NC — There is a scene in the movie 28 Days (the prequel to 28 Days Later), where Sandra Bullocks character, whose in rehab for alcoholism, is advised to buy a plant and if it’s still alive thee weeks later, she’s ready to start up a relationship.  Well, someone should have passed that info along to foster parents Johnathan Earle Savage (29) and Brandi Michelle Savage (also 29).  I’m not sure how in the world they even got past the screening process for foster parents, given the nature of the crimes they are charged with. (more…)


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Green Bay, WI — A coordinated effort to net child predators on-line was conduced this past weekend involving nineteen local, federal, and state law enforcement agenices in Northeast Wisconsin.  The net brought in a haul of twenty-four predators, which isn’t a bad catch.  Capt. Jeff Sandborn of the Brown County Sherrif’s office stated that this number being so high from their last operation is concerning to authorities.  In 2012, their last operation like this only brought in five people.  “That was substantial.  We thought we cut the head off the snake right there”, Sandborn said, unaware of how much he’s revealing about himself in that statement. The article notes that 84 arrests of this sort have gone down since the year “20-12”, which makes me think the author juxtaposed a year and a football score together, and the error managed to make it past the editing process. (more…)

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Waukesha, WI  Well, on South Park, kicking the baby is a funny joke.  In real life, not so much.  That’s why this story is particularly sickening.  Nicole Wagester was watching her boyfriends daughter on Monday morning after getting off of her third shift job.  The 2 year old child was having trouble being potty trained, frustrating Nicole, who was already under stress after getting off of work.  Ms. Wagester expressed her anger in a healthy way, just as anyone would, by kicking the baby so hard she slid across the bathroom floor. (more…)


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New Bern, NC  These kind of cases really get to me.  In 2012, Amanda Reed (formerly Amanda Stumpp) was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the drowning death of a child under her care.  While babysitting 19 month old Sadie Gates, Amanda thought it’d be a great idea to take pills and smoke pot.  Sadie managed to get out of the house while Amanda was high, and ended up drowning in a ditch.  That’s a horrible way to die, and Amanda should have been thrown in prison. (more…)

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New Bern, NC — Three NC natives evidently got really thirsty and didn’t really have enough braincells between the three to realize they could have just put money in a machine and gotten a soda without having to go to jail.  Instead, these two clowns went to their local grocery store, hooked a chain from their truck to the machine, and absconded with the machine.  I’m not quite sure what they were thinking they were going to do with said machine once they got to their home; perhaps it wasn’t a case of thirst but a “get rich quick” scheme where they’d sell sodas to their neighbors and live the high life.  Who knows? (more…)

If you are a horror movie fan, you owe it to yourself to see this movie.  The name itself refers to the generic trope it’s summoning, the one you’ve seen a few times before.  But Cabin in the Woods, as the poster implies has more up it’s sleeve. (more…)


S&Man (pronounced Sandman) is a psuedo-documentary following the exploits of writer-director J.T. Petty as he delves into the underground horror scene. Petty starts off the film narrating the story of a local urban legend of a video voyuer in his hometown who was unable to be prosecuted due the victims not wanting to press charges because the videos of them would have to be screened in court. Petty describes his admiration for the voyuer being able to get away with this and wanted to make a documentary about him. This admission, while most likely untrue, sets the tone for the film. Not only that, it indicates the viewer as an accessory for watching this. However, Petty put the cart before the horse and got the funding before his intended subject. The peeper turned down Petty’s attempts to film him, so Petty decides to switch gears and focus on another dark territory: fake snuff movies. (more…)