By ThinkGoat

Palmerton, Pennsylvania I’m beginning to think Pennsylvania is going to give Florida a run for the money when it comes to crimes that should be spotlighted. Although people flock to the Florida coastline and adopt a party mentality for a long weekend or more, the silly folks in Pennsylvania seem to be adopting that same balls-out lifestyle on a fairly consistent basis. And damn, the party games they think of these days are just astounding. I mean, when I was younger – these games were dull compared to the excitement and entertainment that’s derived now. No, we just mainly played quarters, “Bob”, or sat and laughed our asses off for absolutely no reason whatsoever for hours on end. Sure there was the occasional “watching a drunk buddy peel a paint-chip off the wall to make a tripping person snap out of having a bad journey” and the occasional “watching 3 pals fall down a narrow flight of stairs after you just killed the only light by throwing Christmas ornaments at the bulb so they too could witness the pretty glass pieces flutter to the ground” but those good times pale in comparison to the entertainment Kimberly and Jacob Taschler enjoy…smoking pot while their baby wastes away.

Kimberly took her 11-month-old daughter to the emergency room because something seemed to be wrong. I suppose there was no real emergency to it, not enough to call 911 or any of that silly shit because Kayla Marie was already in rigor mortise. For those of you who are not aware, rigor starts to set in around 3 hours after someone dies with full rigor at around 12 hours post mortem. No need to incur an ambulance bill if you know what I mean.

Allegedly Kimberly (28) and Jacob (33) Taschler had left their daughter in a car-seat which was placed in an upstairs room of their 2-story home for 16 hours while they enjoyed a little doobage downstairs. 16 hours with no diaper change. 16 hours with no food. 16 hours with no liquids. No food/drink, no shitty diapers to change. That’s pretty ingenious…except for the fact the child had sat in feces so long her tissue had begun to break down. And by the sounds of the child’s condition, this was more than likely an on-going form of entertainment. At the time of death, Kayla Marie weighed a mere 13 pounds. They fucking starved this baby to death and she died alone in that car seat while mommy and daddy sat down stairs allegedly stoned out of their gourds.

Look, I may be totally wrong – I’ve known potheads for most of my life. I don’t know a one of them that would ever do this shit. If anything, pot makes one paranoid as fuck. I would imagine the opposite – checking that child every 2 minutes to make sure things are A-okay. Who in the hell doesn’t check on their baby? I’d be more likely to believe these two parents of the year were fucking around with meth. The reason for this speculation: Jacob’s myspace page is filled with pictures of him with the other children – obviously taken a while ago. I know it does happen, that something makes a person snap and they do bad things…but I’ve never known this to happen to a regular pothead. And for both parents to resort to this level of neglect just doesn’t display the actions of a pot smoker. Meth is another story entirely.

In one source (that I cannot seem to relocate at this time), it’s stated the other children have been taken into custody by children services but did not disclose if they’d suffered extreme neglect and malnutrition as their baby sister. Also in that source, there are medical records indicating Kimberly took Kayla to the doctors months prior to her death. It was further indicated the doctor showed concerns for her significantly reduced weight and scheduled a follow-up for the child. An appointment the mother did not keep.

Kimberly and Jacob Taschler turned themselves in and bail has been set for $150,000 (Kimberly) and $100,ooo (Jacob) The two parents are facing a 20-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter, endangering the welfare of a child, and reckless endangerment. Only 20 years? I imagine it seemed like 1oo years for that child who was left alone starving to death while she sat in pain as her skin was rotting off her body slowly. Fuck that. What’s wrong with doling out the same god damn punishment. Bring back the “eye for an eye” philosophy. Better yet, let the people who have tried their entire lives to have children have about 5 minutes alone with this couple…or give me just 2.


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  1. thinkgoat says:

    This story really bothers me. Of course, there’s the obvious reason: the death of a baby. It wasn’t until I looked up the myspace pages (the mother has hers set to private) that I got an incredible hurt in my cold hard heart. The pictures of Jacob with the other children certainly does not display a person who’d neglect his children, nor do the pictures reflect any sadness in the children’s eyes. Believe me, children’s eyes don’t lie.

    Again, I do not buy the story of this couple only being under the influence of pot. I whole-heartedly believe they had to be doing something much worse…like meth. There just seems to be an incredible decline from when those pictures were posted on Jacob’s page to the actions of completely ignoring the fact they had a baby who was totally dependent on them.


  2. deadmyron says:

    Crimes against children, especially by their parents, enrage me. I would happily do time for wasting these monstrous fucks. The problem is, I would get life. Twenty years for torturing a baby to death? A baby!!! What the fuck has become of our judicial system? I would recommend locking them in jail cells and leaving them. No food. Just enough water to prolong their agony. They should die utterly alone, like they let their own flesh and blood die.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    I couldn’t possibly agree more, Deadmyron. I truly hate writing these stories but feel so strongly about the attention they deserve. It was honestly the glimpse of what their life was like “before” and that precious baby’s face that kept me from looking for another story.


  4. deadmyron says:

    I’m glad you did the story. This is becoming all too common in this Country. Why didn’t they just give the baby away? Are they so dumb that they think they can walk in a hospital with a baby in full rigor, and no one will ask a question. What do these stupid fucks think would happen?


  5. thinkgoat says:

    It will certainly be interesting to see what they come up with. So far, as far as I can tell, they’ve been pretty forthright with the events leading to Kayla’s death. (well – except for telling us what they were really taking/doing – still leaning to my “meth” story). God, I hate even typing this: most motherfuckers who do this kind of thing blame it on S.I.D.S., their dog laid on top of them and must have smothered the baby, you get the picture. I’ve not seen any attempt at pointing the finger to something else.

    I’ll have to hunt around some more to see what locals are saying about it…they tend to comment on their own newspaper sites, if allowed.

    In the source, there were two neighbors who were interviewed – they didn’t really say much other than one stated she never saw the baby and the parents had told her the child died of natural causes.

    What we don’t know is how and when it came to be that the parents turned themselves in. And again, hopefully they had a moment of clarity and realized what was lost. Hopefully.

    Regardless, this couple chose to display the deepest acts of selfishness by choosing a lifestyle that was not conducive with raising children. And they killed the most precious miracles there is. For that they must be held accountable and fuck their judicial system for only seeking a sentence of 20 years.


  6. Miss Bella says:

    I’ve heard a story very similar to this one. Pretty sure it was last year in Peoria, IL but I think the baby sat in a car seat in a crib for longer than a 16 hrs, I think it was a couple of days. I’m with ya on the punishment, these sick people are getting off to damn easy.


  7. lazlo45 says:

    Jesus TG – I hate these stories. And I agree on the Meth theory. I can’t think of another drug that could wreak this kind of havoc. Tragic, in the ancient, pure meaning. All is lost in a horrible, malignant, and empty deception – the deception being that this drug was a “break” from reality.


  8. Lynn says:

    This just breaks my heart and makes my stomach hurt! They deserve death penalty!


  9. marty says:

    i live in palmerton and i know both scumbag and i know that their bail was reduced to like 5000 each i hear throught the grapevine that he is narking on his pot buddies for a lesser sentence god bless carbon county where they would rather get potheads than murderers


  10. thinkgoat says:

    You’ve GOT to be shitting me…


  11. thelemurknows says:

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t shot their sorry asses by now, have they been in jail all this time??? Crimes against “the innocents” (children, animals, elderly, etc.), infuriate me more than anything on this Earth.


  12. ladyjustice84 says:

    This actually made me cry…can you imagine what that poor baby went through? I hope they get the purest form of cruel and unusual punishment that they can receive. It’s almost worth getting into that jail/prison to tell everyone what those asswipes did just to see them get what they truly deserve! They better hope they never see me in person!


  13. ladyjustice84 says:

    Also, what the fuck am I not getting here? How is what they did “involuntary manslaughter?” They heard that baby cry for AT LEAST those 16 hours and did NOTHING. I know because I’ve been around hungry babies and, trust me, they let everyone within a 3 mile radius know that they’re hungry! Nothing they did was unintentional…everyone knows that not feeding someone who’s not able to do it themselves results in starvation for that person!


  14. thelemurknows says:

    I nosed around on the internet after reading this and found nothing. Have they had a trial, been sentenced, anyone know???


  15. Fed Up says:

    This is sick!! How in the hell could they give that bullshit charge..?? And what the fuck is up with narking on potheads for a lesser sentence?? There should be no such thing.. I know alot of people including myself that would have loved to have that baby.. And to think this is our justice system.. An adult can torture a child resulting in death and basicly walk… I sure the hell hope “BUBBA” takes it out of their asses while they are there..


  16. Gr says:

    She got 3 and 1/2 years. Dispicable!


  17. Kim says:

    I know these ppl they r no good thank god they r in jail they dont deserve 2 have kids n its a shame 4 the kids



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