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  1. Nosey says:

    Dear thinkgoat, I made a comment on the Susan Bonser story that got me banned. I typed without thinking. i am sorry. I am very interested in reading Crime Crawlers, would you please unban me? I promise to be an adult and this will never happen again. I will respect your website.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Since you’re able to see your comments, you’re good to go. Apparently you’re using a different computer/location. If you’re borrowing someone else’s, try using the computer you were when you got banned. That way I’ll be able to undo that IP…there’s no way to track you otherwise because I trashed your comment and just logged the info with no name attached.

    As it stands, you’re a member is good standing with this IP. Welcome back, Nosey. You caught me in a good mood! 😀

    PS If you’re too adult, you’re going to be pretty lonely here 😉


  3. Tana Smith says:

    Does anyone know why Terry Paytons court appearance last Fri was cancelled?? I also heard there was to big a big story in the Chicago Tribune.



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