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Jesse James Kilgore / Benjamin Kelly Mullinax

By Thinkgoat

Dawsonville, Georgia “Why are you shooting at us?” pleads a female’s voice on a 911 call. “I’m going to kill both of you” answered one of the two male voices also recorded through this call. I guess there’s nothing like a straight forward answer, especially given the fact these two guys made good on their word. The bodies of Jennifer and Paul Budrawich were found in the Amicalola River about a day apart. The cause of death hasn’t been released yet. Just taking a wild guess, I’d say they were shot.

I don’t know what’s happened to the world of reporting these days. It’s not like the good ole’ days when a body found with brains, blood, holes blown through various parts was reported as being shot. Now we’ve got to wait for some over-paid professional to make that simple call for us. Authorities have a 911 recording where a woman is screaming, “Why are you shooting at us” and no one is willing to say these two were shot. Well, I guess they could have had a massive coronary from fright but I’m standing by my assumption.

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Jennifer and Paul Budrawich

Jennifer and Paul went missing Saturday while on their way to visit her children who resided with other relatives. Investigators located their vehicle abandoned at a local IGA grocery store and clues inside that vehicle led them to the two men allegedly responsible for their untimely deaths. I want to know what the hell they left in that vehicle. A business card? A wallet? A love note perhaps?

Why a love note? This is where this story turns a bit strange. A jilted lover perhaps. Jesse James. A name synonymous with badass. (Unless you’re talking about Jesse G. James who’s just plain hot) However; this Jesse James carried the last name of Kilgore and was affiliated with Jennifer in a few ways. First he married her aunt and became her uncle by marriage. Then he married her mother and became her step-daddy. Then he fucked her and became her baby’s father. It seems like the unnatural tendency to keep lovin in the family is feeling the gravitational pull and has slid from Kentucky through Tennessee and has landed in the fine Southern State of Georgia.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to locate the two bodies and track down the two asses responsible. Uncledaddybabydaddy (40) was arrested along with his ever-so-bright looking 27 year-old nephew Benjamin Kelly Mullinax. Not only do they look the part of inbred idiots, Jesse had to open his mouth and remove all doubt in his first court appearance. When the magistrate asked if he could speak, understand, read and write English, Jesse said, “Uh, read and write not too good, but I understand it.” Note to self: keep children out of Georgia schools.

Jesse James Kilgore has been arrested for the deaths of Jennifer and Paul and his nephew has been charged with tampering with evidence.

I think Benjamin was lucky…being arrested. After all, Jennifer started out having Jesse as an uncle. Ben may have been looking at being best man for his momma’s wedding,  only to have the disheartening realization that, unlike Jennifer, his new late night fuckings in the adjacent bedroom while mommy slept would produce no offspring.

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  1. Lazlo says:

    “No huntin’, no fishin’, no trespassin’. Yes Ms. Crump , I ken read”


  2. Frank James says:

    Wudyawannabet there was drugs and money involved? Or should I say lack of?


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Wudyawannabet there was drugs and money involved? Or should I say lack of?

    Really?! Are you from that area? I just thought these were a couple of evil fuckers that didn’t like sharing their love – never considered drugs and money. They just don’t look smart enough to keep either straight…well…that could be why there was a killing or two and a quick arrest.


  4. Frank James says:

    I know Jesse Ben and Jennie well. Believe me there were drugs involved.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    So what’s the real story? Can you share what’s going on?


  6. Stupid rednecks says:

    So what if there were drugs involved did these two people really deserve to die like that. Pervert at that, another embarrassment for Georgia. I am sure the idiots at the Dawson County police will do a great job whos the leader Kevin Tanner…what an ass.


  7. thinkgoat says:

    I read somewhere that spermbank Jesse fathered all Jennifer’s children. Any truth to that? Was she in a consensual relationship with this ugly fuck? Didn’t mom mind sharing?


  8. peeperann says:

    “Uncledaddybabydaddy” LMAO!! That just gave me a case of the ‘ewwwws’!!!

    Uh Frank, i’m sure it was drugs and money, and very possibly jealousy, but jealous of what i’m not sure. She was sure no prize and neither was anyone else involved.


  9. Debbie Harris says:

    for all the stupid people who cant read between the lines Jennifer was molested and raped by jessie kilgore……..did i use too big of words for you or can you understand it? know the facts before you go ruuning off at the mouth….there is proof….


  10. JULIE WOODS says:

    you stupid ass idiots !!!!! that was so not true what was said about jenifer budrawich . you people are so full of sht. jenifer was molested and raped. theres proof you dumbass. how dare you say things like that about her thats just plain out cruel. you stupid ass idiots need to go back and learn to read the complete story . there was no drugs involved and secondly you didnt know them so shut your fkg mouth up about paul and jenifer budrawich. they were good people and good parents to there children. they didnt deserve this and stop bashing them like this . if you people have nothing better to do than say awful stuff then fuck each and everyone of you who speaks this way of paul and jenifer you dont know shit about whats going on but i tell ya what though , you are going to feel like a complete ass when it all comes out …


  11. the devil wears black says:

    peeperann, you didnt know them i did . and secondly stop commenting on how they looked you aint all that either!! thats was so not cool what you said stop and think before you assume what happened .. she was raped and molested !!!! they were good people . all you people should read up on the story. dont do that to them they dont deserve this at all!!!


  12. thinkgoat says:

    How many children did this fuckhead father with Jennifer? And, as I was researching the story, I couldn’t find any information on their relationship but speculated on whether she was abused. I did wonder why she didn’t have her children and why she was going to visit them. But hell, most people we feature on here enjoy abusing and murdering their children…not often do we include a story where the parent is murdered while travelling to visit their children unless it’s a custody battle.

    Why the fuck didn’t anyone step in and help her? Why didn’t her mother recognize the signs of molestation? Why didn’t Jennifer get help? Why didn’t you, her best friends in the WHOLE WORLD do or say something to help her? It’s easy to come onto a crime site and defend her name now because she’s dead. Where the fuck were you when she actually needed you? Before she was killed?

    Liked by 1 person

  13. deb harris says:

    Read articles posted by and hear their story…..molestation charges are in the works, do have proof so anyone who has brain please us it before making any more dumb comments. Just because your life is like that doesnt mean anyone elses is that absurb…or is the word too big for anyone to understand its meaning. Charges were filed but dropped because of her mother,,,,,,,, watch and learn because things are about to get interesting …… Jennifers Mom is about to have her world torn apart. They have messed with the wrong family!!!!


  14. FIRST off all you people dissing my Cousin Jenn!Guess what there’s a special part of hell you’ll be joining these MONSTERS that did this to Jenn and Paul!I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL day and remember how retarded you are. For the friends and family that have commented on here of both Paul and Jenn we know the TRUTH, and after the court case so will everyone. Everyone LOVES to talk smack because they love the attention of us responding to them. They can kiss ALL of our BUTTS!

    And who ever said something about him fathering ALL her children. NO one when he was raping and molesting her behind her mothers back!IDIOTS I tell you IDIOTS!


  15. elizabeth bridges says:

    well i agree with chelsea, if you don’t know paul or jen then quit yuor damn spreading shit about both of them , paul is my nephew and we are all pissed bout wat happened and justice will be served, AND THINK GOAT THIS IS FOR U that bastard that killed paul and jen is the sperm donor of jen’s oldest boy and i use sperm donor because if u get a female pregnant by rape u r no father or daddy, she was molested for bout 4-6 years and her mama knew some of wat was going on and did nothing, so everyone that don’t know either family then stop your damn rumors, and read the papers and stories, when u f..k with paul and jen’s name then u f..k with the families and that is trouble i promise. just wait and see. we lost 2 special people due to 2 lowlife scam bags, and there is 3 special lil boys thtat don’t have a mama or daddy now because of that, like i said jesse is no father by no means, i don’t care who reads this i am tired of them running jen and paul’s name threw the mud, SO BACK OFF ASSHOLES


  16. elizabeth bridges says:

    oh i forgot this is for peeperann u need to watch wat the hell uwho the hell u r talking about, they were my nephew and his wife and there were no f..king drugs involved, and about her being no prize and niether was anyone one involved. well missy let me tell u one damn thing, they were a hell of alot better than u will ever be, she was a prize wat is the matter r u freaking jealoes of her, best advice to u is keep your mouth shut when it comes to them you got me


  17. Because her mother seems to not care. SHE turned her back on Jennifer when she found out that Jesse had not only been raping her daughter but fathered her son!!I think you guys are low life scum. You can go to HELL and whatever retard wrote this…WOW you must have some time, I bet th recession has been mean to you, you’re probably hacking signal, why getting your mommy to cook you breakfast while you live in the basement because you’re a LOSER!!!!!Get an education and REAL JOB!


  18. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Chelsea, why don’t you attempt to make some sense and post when you’re better medicated. 🙂

    Not once have I said Jennifer deserved this shit. I merely stumbled upon the article and found it a bit tragic. But now you’ve all come on flipping out as you have, I get the entire picture. You all failed your buddy Jennifer. Had you all been friends, you would have gotten her help. Sucks being you.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. You found it tragic…really, “Then he married her mother and became her step-daddy. Then he fucked her and became her baby’s father.”. I see your concern. YEAH I’m sorry I’m only starting law school next year I guess I have no sense HUH!And she knew how to help herself and that we were ALL behind her. Do you honestly think she went there WILLINGLY she was tricked SMART ASS!I wish you could read properly because your story is WAYY of what has ACTUALLY happened!And your manorisms are nauseating!GET A REAL JOB BUDDY!Or at least grow some balls and post your REAL NAME!I bet you’re to scared. Hiding behind some stupid as “thinkgoat”…really you couldn’t think of ANYTHING better!I have heard WAYY better alias than THAT!Grow up, act your age, and worry about your own damn life!


  20. ravenblackehart says:

    Chelsea, your last couple of comments are bordering on flame attempts. Be angry at the criminals, not the crime bloggers, please. Personal attacks are unwelcome, unproductive and will be removed. Thanks!


  21. WELL remove them since you’re OH SOO MIGHTY!But I believe what I have said and what/how the article displays the “facts” they BELIEVE are true YET are so ill education. PLUS the language in usage. I believe if something was removed. It’d be this entire BLOG!Crime bloggers, more like people that have nothing to do but trash murder victims and mock the case. You guys are probably all lawyer wanna bes that couldn’t even be police officers because you don’t have HS Diplomas. LOSERS!


  22. thinkgoat says:

    Chelsea, have you read the source? No facts were strayed upon, fuckwad.

    Really? Law school? Like from the back of Rolling Stone? Or have you graduated to an online scam that you send a $29.95 money order and you get a fancy piece of paper in the mailbox?

    Look, Jennifer fucked up too along the way. You still haven’t said why her children were taken away from her… you still haven’t said why her BFF’s and treasured cousin didn’t step in and try to help her before she ended up being food for the worms.

    Read the source Chelsea. Reading does the mind good. Come back if you need any help with the big words. I’d love to help.

    PS Do you know what ThinkGoat means? Tell me you’re not that stupid…


  23. thinkgoat says:

    One more thing Brainiac, let’s take a look at your sentences, shall we? Maybe you can explain what you meant…

    Idiot: “because your story is WAYY of what has ACTUALLY happened!”

    Way of what, exactly?

    Idiot: “Hiding behind some stupid as “thinkgoat”

    What is some stupid?

    Idiot: “I have heard WAYY better alias than THAT!”

    This is the 2nd time you’ve spelled way with two “y”s. There is only one. I’m positive about that. 😉 and alias should be used in its plural tense.

    Idiot: “YET are so ill education.”

    I have to say, this is my favorite. It actually made my jaws hurt when I read it. Damn, I hope your law school speaks and writes in your form of English. Otherwise, you’re well and truly fucked.

    Idiot: “PLUS the language in usage. I believe if something was removed. It’d be this entire BLOG!”

    Hey pot. I’d match my writing, spelling, and use of the English language against yours any day of the week. I’ve already won hands down. You might try using commas instead of periods. You have way too many fractured sentences. Really? Law school? They offer that in Kindergarten?

    Idiot: “You guys are probably all lawyer wanna bes that couldn’t even be police officers because you don’t have HS Diplomas.”

    Naw, I have too much self respect to be a lawyer. Do you know the difference between a lawyer and a bucket of shit? Do you? The bucket! Hahahahaaa 😆 Now come on, Chelsea, that’s funny – even if you’ve no sense of humor.

    One more thing, my age? I’m 17 and and a child prodigy. Graduated from the UCLA in December. I’m the winner!

    *I lied about the one more thing…this is the last “one more thing”…my balls are lovely. Fondled by others often. If you’re nice to me, maybe I’ll invite you 😛


  24. Nope I’d have to say I don’t know what THINKGOAT means, and many probably don’t as well. Her children NOT taken for neglect, abuse, or harmful things more financials YOU DUMBSS. And who even uses words like FUCKWAD….what are you 80!!No honey University of GA Law School. MAYBE You have heard of UGA right…..BULLDAWGS!Yah you are retarded and a COMPLETE waste of my time. There are soo many dumb, misrepresented stories about my cousin’s murder. I’m glad you have nothing more to do than talk about people you don’t know. SEE and I find it AMAZINGLY humerous you say you were so moved by the tragic event yet you say shit like, “before she ended up being food for the worms”. Too bad she was cremated DUMBFUCK I guess your SOURCES didn’t tell you that!


  25. Yeah thinkgoat are you 80!!!!


  26. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, for a chunky girl Chelsea, you sure get yourself fired up. You end up not making any sense.

    “Her children NOT taken…” I think you’re missing a word in there.

    “soo” is really “so” … one “o”. Really using more than one is overkill and makes you appear more illiterate. You’re giving the fine people from Alabama a bad name.

    “Humerous” is spelled humorous. Humor is the root. There is no such word as Humer.

    Ah, she had to be cremated. Okay, let me amend my statement…

    Where were you prior to her becoming confetti? Better?


  27. I’m sorry I didn’t know I was being graded on my spelling and sentences. You’re retarded. And I can spell WAYYY anyway I want to. Did you think maybe I was pissed my cousin was being trashed by some lowlife. NOOOO I shouldn’t be angry. It’s only 2am and I’m wasting my time talking to someone who is OBVIOUSLY a habitual liar. 17 YEAH RIGHT graduated….YOUR FULL OF SHIT!Keep on with your pathetic EXCUSE of a life while we grieve the loss of our family members. I hope one day ALL of your family dies and you are left to remain, and you think about the way you spoke about murder victims!WOW what kind of person you are!!!As I said, there is a SPECIAL place in hell for you my dear!!!Maybe you can interview Jesse yourself while you’re down there!


  28. WOW keep cracking darling!You make me more sad for the people that are in your life that have to put up with such NAUSEATING SHIT!Wow I’m glad you can use the web. But OHH so sad that I’m not dumb enough to list where I actually lived. And if you were sooo interested in investigating me maybe you’d look at the fact I said 2am…that’s EST not Central. Add those apples up FUCKER!


  29. thinkgoat says:—-e06

    Edited her myspace addy so no one else would throw up. You can thank me later 🙂


  30. thinkgoat says:

    No Chelsea, you were dumb enough to include your Myspace which shows your picture AND where you live! LOL Doh!


  31. At least I’m not scared to say who I am. You don’t have the balls. You can’t even post a blog with your own name. WOW Kudos to you for being a scare lil …..Never mind I won’t use that word. I’m sure that you get the point. I’m done going back and forth with you. FLAT OUT. You are RETARDED, PATHETIC, NAUSEATNG, AND A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A PERSON!I hope you have a WONDERFUL and make sure not to miss out on your “UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL” interview with Jesse IN HELL!!


  32. HONEY!Does ANYONE put where they live on their myspace and facebook??Last time I checked NO!And I’m not scared for people to know who I am. If I’m going to make comments I’m going to back it up on or off this blog. I’m not scared like you CHICKEN!!!!Still scared to say your name MR. GENIUS!LMAO, you’re pathetic!


  33. thinkgoat says:

    Ha! Yes, you’re dumb enough to list where you were from and post it here. Tell me, is that extra weight due to Moon Pies? I hear they are HUGE in the South. You’re picture is cute though. I just want to pinch your cheeks.

    Bye bye Chelsea. I’ll save a couple of double-wide seats for you next to us in hell.


  34. Yeah honey!You can crack and crack on me, my weight, my cousin’s murder, but we ALL know the real person with problems is you!NIGHT have fun with your hand tonight because I’m SURE there is NO ONE that puts up with your dumbass!


  35. thinkgoat says:

    I like your new picture, Chelsea! Thanks for changing it from the super chunky to the much earlier picture of yourself. PEOPLE: this picture is way better than what she has blossomed into. Funny you should change it tonight. Won’t your hubby get upset that he doesn’t appear with you any more?

    Nighty night. Don’t worry about my hand, sugar. My dick lost all interest after gazing on your myspace.


  36. ANON says:

    I try not to read the articles or blogs online about Jen and Paul’s case but this one was e-mailed to me. I haven’t commented on anything I have read online because I feel that Jen wouldn’t want anymore of her painful past laid out for others to read, judge and make fun of. I think the best way to defend her right now is to say very little until the truth comes out at the trial. It is sad when people act like she consented to the abuse forced on her by that monster. He turned her entire childhood into a horrendous nightmare then when she finally had a chance to get away from him and be happy he took that away from her too.
    I helped Jen every way I could. I helped her get away from Jesse once she told me what was happening to her, I took her to the police, I helped her with her boys and did everything I could and I still couldn’t protect her from him.
    I know things are printed to get more readers attention but it does anger and hurt the family who knew and loved them. That is why I choose not to read most of the things printed. Jen and Paul were good people who had fallen on hard times in life but they would never do anything that would have hurt their kids. They weren’t on drugs, they didn’t drink, they never abused their kids. They just needed some help with them while they got back on their feet. They NEVER missed a visit with their boys even though they had to drive 6 hours the night before, get a hotel room, visit for a few hours then drive 6 hours back home. I think Jen turned out pretty good when you consider the horror she had to grow up in.
    I don’t want to curse and argue about the kind of people Jen and Paul were, or have to debate whether or not she deserved to be abused or to be killed at the hands of those sick disgusting creatures. I think everyone agrees that NO ONE deserves to go through what Jen and Paul did. I think the people that make hurtful comments on things, such as their looks, just lack compassion for others. That could be due to something such as abuse in their own lives that make them so angry and bitter that they lash out at innocent people. It’s sad but I’m glad to know that Jen didn’t harbor that kind of bitterness toward people. She was kind hearted,the kind of person that would give a friend the last $20 she had if they needed it. She was not a mean or spiteful person and I, for one, am proud of her. I’m proud of the way she loved her kids, of all the work she did in her life and her home because she wanted to make it the best she could for the sake of her babies. I’m proud that she didn’t let the abuse she suffered make her a sorry, hateful person and I am proud that she was able to keep it together enough to call 911 so that we could bring her and Paul home, even if we were too late to help them, and so the illiterate, ignorant, bastards could be caught and hopefully punished to the fullest extent of the law.


  37. Peeperann says:

    Actually Chelsea, I do put where I live on my mypace and FB. And wow, really law school? You can’t even spell!! LMAO! And you sure can’t argue your point very well. (Remind me not to ever hire her, should she actually graduate).

    I understand wanting to protect family. But you’re doing such an awful job of it. And honestly, google Thinkgoat. You may then have the information you need to understand the user name.

    Learn to spell, learn proper grammer, and punctuation or you will fail college, not to mention law school.

    And really? You think by flaming our site we’ll take this down? Really LMAO!! Wow you really have not heard of Me, TG or Raven have you?


  38. ravenblackehart says:


  39. Pam says:

    Thank God! Finally a voice of reason. Thank you so much “Anon” for stating beautifully what needed to be said.
    This is a horrific tragedy. There are three young, innocent children whose lives have been horribly impacted. Seems like some of you have forgotten that along the way.
    Say whatever you want about Jesse Kilgore and Ben Mullinax, but stop speaking ill of the dead. Jennifer and Paul deserve better.


  40. thinkgoat says:

    If any of you have an update (sourced) you add it to the story. That’s how these things work. Quote the material and then provide the link.

    This story was written per material printed in the paper.

    And Chelsea, looks like others thought you were as loony as the rest of us. Had you not come on and started flying off the handle, Jennifer’s name wouldn’t have been brought up like it was. Nice going. Maybe you would have gained the respect Anon did. 😉


  41. Pam says:

    Thinkgoat, you may have used printed materials as your sources for your blog but your assumptions are erroneous. For example, the Georgia Department of Education did not fail Jesse Kilgore as you implied with your statement “Note to self: keep children out of Georgia schools”. Jesse Kilgore grew up in Florida in a family of migrant workers. He was moved from school to school as the work became available. I did not get this information from a printed source. I got it directly from Jesse Kilgore approximately four years ago.
    And Chelsea, I don’t think you’re loony. I think you are griefstricken and tired of having to defend two good people like Jennifer and Paul.


  42. the devil wears black says:

    tomorrow is court day for the sick monsters!! i ask you kindly to please
    show some compassion for paul & jenifer and not say awful things about the situation. i personally think they should fry the sick monsters for what they did to our jen and paul .to set the record straight thinkgoat we were there for paul and jen ok. we helped them and were always there when they needed us. the one person that was not there for jen was her unforgivable mother!!! she turned her back on jenifer and stayed with that sick man after finding out about the raping and molesting for so long . they need to charge her too.. our entire family all are devistated and are seeking the fullest extent of the law for what they did to them . the children are safe with someone thats caring and loving to them. i ask that you seriously read and research more and fully understand the complexity of this tragedy… please watch what you say and show some respect as i will also that was my brother and sister inlaw… i did love them with all my heart and saddened that the children will never know how great there parents were and loved each other till the very end!!!!


  43. carroll 1 says:

    i just wanted everyone to know that jesse and benjamin wavied their rights, at the prelimary hearing that was on jan.19th, as of right now the next step is the grand jury in march, and word is that benjamin’s wife is trying to get him out of jail she said he was innocent, give me a freaking break. he threw them in the water and was there when they was killed but he is innocent, that’s bull shit, i will keep u updated , i am paul’s aunt


  44. thinkgoat says:

    Thank you Carroll.

    It’s sad but very common that the family of the asses who do these things never accept their loved one’s guilt. You’re not alone in your disbelief at the audacity of it all.


  45. elizabeth bridges says:

    i just want to send this for all 2 read Case against slaying suspects proceeds

    UPDATED March 3, 2010 4 a.m.

    Two Dawson County men charged in the killing of a south Georgia couple late last year along the Amicalola River were indicted Monday.

    Jessie James Kilgore, 40, and Benjamin Kelly Mullinax, 27, each face two counts of murder and two counts of felony murder.

    Both are also charged with tampering with evidence, false statements to law enforcement and two counts of concealing the death of another.
    In addition, Kilgore was indicted on two counts of possessing firearms during the commission of a felony.

    No trial dates have been set.

    The charges stem from the Dec. 19 shooting deaths of Paul and Jennifer Budrawich, who was Kilgore’s stepdaughter.

    Authorities say Kilgore shot the couple several times with a .38 caliber handgun and pushed their bodies into the river.

    Mullinax was reportedly with him at the time.

    Officials have said the slayings appear to meet the state’s criteria for pursuing the death penalty, though prosecutors have not commented publicly on that possibility.

    Kilgore has named Rob McNeill from the Dawson County Public Defedender’s Office as his counsel.

    Lee Parks, an attorney from Hall County, which is also part of the two-county Northeastern Judicial Circuit, has been appointed to represent Mullinax.

    Authorities have not released a motive in the Budrawich slayings.

    However, family members have said the couple was about to reclaim custody of their two children, as well as a third son, who Kilgore fathered with Jennifer Budrawich.

    The couple had traveled from Effingham County to visit the boys the weekend they were killed.

    Authorities found their bodies a day apart after receiving a frantic 911 call from a woman saying she was going to be shot.

    The call was from Jennifer Budrawich.

    A woman’s voice could be heard asking, “Why are you shooting us? Why did you bring me down here to the river?”

    A man’s voice replied, “I’m going to kill both of you.”

    According to Dawson County Sheriff’s Maj. John Cagle, who heads the agency’s criminal investigation division, the handgun has not been found.

    Kilgore remains in custody at the Dawson County detention center, where he had been held as recently as May on a burglary charge.

    At the time of his arrest in the murder investigation, Kilgore was out on $35,000 property bond.

    According to the bail order, Kilgore posed “no threat or danger to any person, to the community or to any property in this community.”



  46. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for the update, Elizabeth. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they faced the death penalty?

    PS: I searched your article update and edited to include the link. Any other updates would be fantastic…just copy and past the link at the bottom of the text…that’d be perfect!


  47. Chelsea Madison says:

    Just thought you might want to know that Jesse&Ben were sentenced today. Jesse’s=2Counts Murder,2Counts Felony Murder,Tamperin W/Evidence,False Statements2Police,2Counts Concealin The Death Of Another&2Counts Possessin Firearms Durin A Commission Of A Felony.Ben’s=Same Except The Firearm Charge/Gun’s Still MIA). As for what you said about the death penalty. I HONESTLY wish we could line them up, beat the shit out of them one family member at a time taking their turn, and then execute them firing squad style!Just a recommendation!


  48. Chelsea Madison says:

    OHHH and they had a bond hearing….of course they were BOTH denied!


  49. thinkgoat says:

    Chelsea, you’re a lot nicer than I. My suggestion would be a slow and painful kind of torturing death. Something starting with the nut sack of the skeevy perv that molested his step-daughter. You can get those little manicure scissors, they are sharp but only cut an inch or less at a time…a blow torch to cauterize the wound…after he’s bled out a while. Merely a start. Firing squad is too humane for assholes like these.


  50. JULIE WOODS says:



  51. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Julie, I’ve not seen a thing but will look today. I know things are terribly hard for all who loved Jennifer and Paul. I sincerely hope justice is served for them however, I’m not sure what is sufficient shy of torturing the two assholes for the rest of their lives.

    I don’t know the ages of Jennifer’s children. Of all the articles I’ve read, it’s never said. If they’re old enough to “know”, I hope they’re doing okay and I’m sure they’re surrounded by good family who’ll support and love them.

    And Julie, you can come here anytime and misspell anything you wish. 😉


  52. julie woods says:

    thinkgoat, i wanted to come back and let you know that benjiman kelly mullinax recieved two life sentences he made a statment saying something to the effectof he was sorry if he had known jesse was going to kill them he would not have had in part of that .he went on to say that he hopes thee family can forgive him.i can never forgive that man for this!! and jesse james kilgore recieved life with out parole!! he showed no remorse or any emotion at all in court.he truly is the monster we thought he was . i am relieved but i feel like they should have gave them the death penalty !!! i feel no closure at all with this and nothing makes sense with the legal sytstem to me.. they got three hots and a cott..if this is closure i dont like the way it ended. the children are doing wonderful:) the ages of the children were 4,2,1. im not really sure how the oldest boy is doing:( but the other two are really growing up well and they are loved by us all..i made a promise to my brother justice would be served one way or another . genral population for both of the monsters thats not a long life span is it? do the math men dont like child molesters and rapest in prison do they! especially when they have children of there own. thinkgoat i once again thank you i will come back as long as i am welcome here.. julie woods…


  53. thinkgoat says:

    Julie, you are one of the treasures.

    I do not believe in “closure”. There’s not a single thing that can erase all the pain and agony involved in something that happens so tragically. For everyone, not all of the questions are answered…ever. There’s always just one more – therefore, no closure. But rest assured my friend, these two fuckers will not have a moment worth of peace in prison. And general population couldn’t have happened to a couple more deserving. I think a long torture by peers in prison is better than a quick death sometimes. Death row inmates are placed in segregation…these two will be looking over their shoulders at Bubba as he administers justice for your brother and Jennifer.

    I’m so glad to hear the children are doing well. You and your family have represented yourselves with a great deal of class and have shown that you’re capable of surrounding those children with what they need the most, love.

    I am glad this chapter of the nightmare has ended for you and your family, Julie. You’re more than welcome here any time you feel like popping in on us. I’d like nothing more. I’m really proud of you.



  54. julie woods says:

    think goat how have you been doing? jus thought i would pop in and say hi and let you know im doing ok:) hope all is good with you !


  55. thinkgoat says:

    Hey chick! I was thinking about you – I have seen some “views” on this story and wondered if there has been something new on the sentences. (appeals, etc)

    I’m glad you’re doing well and tickled you popped in to say “hey”. You know you’re welcome anytime. And if you’d like, you can email me @


  56. elizabeth bridges says:

    hi think goat how’s things going with you? we r hanging in there having good days and bad. there is no appeals with either ass hole that killed my nephew and his wife, we still had’nt heard anything bout her mama i doubt they charge her with anything, but the need to take the oldest boy form her, she does not need him, poor baby ask where his mama with the hair is. he lil mind is all messed up her either bit or hit a lady at jen’s memorial service.i am wishing and hoping that jesse and ben has gotten wat they have deserved.


  57. thinkgoat says:

    Hi Elizabeth. Nice to hear from you as well.

    I really hate that they’re not seeking charges against Jennifer’s mother and I cannot believe, after all they learned about what Jennifer endured the last many years of her life, they’d let her have possession of a cockroach, let alone a child.

    Have you seen Jen’s mother? Has the loss of her child shaken some common sense and decency into that woman? If so, hopefully she’ll attempt to make up for all her wrongs and give Jennifer’s child all the love, help, and attention that will undoubtedly be needed. I’m highly skeptical of the ability to change like that…for real changes. If she’d possessed that from the beginning, I highly doubt she would have allowed Jennifer to continue to be sexually abused. She would have stopped at nothing to protect her daughter.

    I’m glad you’re hanging in there Elizabeth. And thank you for giving us an update.


  58. elizabeth bridges says:

    hi think goat i don’t think jen’s mama h changed any. she went to see jesse the stepdad in jal so. he stared at me at his sentencing hearing, he showed no remorse. if looks could kill i would be dead. he did’nt even say i am sorry, so wat does that tell you.


  59. thinkgoat says:

    I’m sorry, Elizabeth. I can’t imagine how hard it’d be having to sit in the courtroom facing someone who murdered a loved one. You’re very strong and so much more than those assholes could ever dream of being.

    Don’t worry, karma has a way of making itself known to those who have earned it. Jennifer’s mom will get hers…just you wait and see. In the meantime, keep making progress…soon your good days will far outnumber the bad and the healing with continue with the momentum. I’ll be thinking of all of you who continue to suffer at the hands of these two. Keep up the good work. ❤


  60. elizabeth bridges says:

    thinkgoat just wanted to pop in and say hi, and to let everyone know that jesse kilgore has been moved to valdosta state prison, i am trully hoping for word of his death i will throw a party for sure, i caught myself listening to the 911 call jen made. i was hoping it was just a bad dream i guess. i wish paul n jen would pull up in my yard. and just say they were taking a vacation, i know it sounds weird,i have saw paul in my bedroom one night. he told me to make sure their 3 boys are taken care of.


  61. thinkgoat says:

    I’m sorry, Elizabeth. It’s going to be a long road to travel – coming to grips with what happened to Paul and Jen. A long time realizing one’s worst nightmare has come true for your family.

    I don’t know why family would choose to listen to the final moments of one’s life via the plea for help but in all honesty, if faced with the ability, I’d more than likely not be able to fight that urge. I’m sure it was torture for you…but it’s over. You don’t have to take yourself through that pain any longer – the assholes have been sentenced and hopefully fate is heading straight up their ass. Now is the time your family goes forward mending yourselves by raising those children to be kind productive citizens who’ll carry on the spirit of fighting for justice.


  62. Paul carney says:

    Get these pair of Dumbass incestuous lowlife scum in jail and leave em there
    No use to society unless we can experiment on them
    Maybe improve our knowledge of how no hopers make it to be murdering morons
    Fry em



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