Jackie Douthart, Second Missing Woman in Small Iowa Town

Posted: June 12, 2011 by ladyjustice84 in Missing Persons
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By LadyJustice

In Mount Pleasant, Iowa 11 years ago a 22-year old woman by the name of Elizabeth Nicole Forshee-Syperda vanished into thin air and has never been found. Her roommate saw her when the roomie was leaving to go to work at 10:30 pm. When the roommate returned at 4:30 am she was gone. Elizabeth’s personal belongings were in her home, her door was locked from the outside, and her last check from her employer was never picked up. Flash forward to May 22, 2011. Jackie Douthart, 24, leaves her sister’s house in Mount Pleasant and hasn’t been seen since.

Friends and family say that it’s totally out of character for this mother of 1 to go more than 6 hours without letting someone know where she is. Jackie left her sister’s home with friends and one of them, identified as Ben Biggs, allegedly dropped off Douthart by Remington Seeds near the ball diamonds after midnight. Biggs allegedly has record as long as my arm according to people close to the case. However, now the police are protecting which Ben Biggs it is so his records can’t be researched. That’s the last positive sighting there has been in this case. The family says that they had a tip that she was seen after that, at around 1:57 am, at Z’s Quick Break trying to buy alcohol but that hasn’t been proven. As always, police are remaining silent.

When Jackie Leigh Douthart was last seen she was wearing a zebra stripped shirt, black vest, blue jeans, and flip-flops. She is 5 foot 4 inches tall and around 120 pounds. She has shoulder-length brown hair with purple highlights and green eyes. Jackie has a pierced belly button, a tattoo of “Zoey” on her left ankle, and a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder blade. She is also missing all of her bottom teeth.

This case is very odd, especially considering the previous disappearance which may, or may not, be related considering some people close to the first woman think that her estranged husband might have something to do with her disappearance. So if you see anything DO NOT attempt contact but collect all information and contact the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at (800)-346-5507 or call the Mount Pleasant Police Department at (319) 385-3511, (319) 385-3511, (319) 385-1450.

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  1. unknowwhoiam says:

    Congratulations! Let’s hope and pray they find her alive!!


  2. Not A Breed says:

    Great first post LadyJustice (and I love your moniker too).
    It’s always sad when people go missing, especially when they are promising young women with young babies.

    Unfortunately the biological father is often (statistically) involved.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Welcome to CC, Lady! Excellent first feature but sad in nature.

    Hopefully locals to that area find your story and start vetting the rumors, truths, all information available in hope this young lady is found.


  4. ladyjustice84 says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m praying that this girl is found alive because she has an 8 year old daughter at home that needs her. From the people that I know personally that are friends with her she’s a great person too. Very sad!


  5. Charles says:

    Our daughter Elizabeth is also missing, she left her parents home on May 20th to go to Des Monies IA with girl friends she meet while attending college at Indian Hills in Ottumwa. She told her mother she would be with friends from the Washington/Mt. Pleasant Iowa area. She called her mother later that next week saying the friends car had broken down, and she was staying there. When she hadn’t checked back in, her mother checked with the girl friend she was suppose to be with from the Washington Iowa area, and she said that she hadn’t been with her nor had she seen her for a while. She is an adult and not much we can do, she wasn’t living at home, and she doesn’t have to stay in contact with parents. I have posted her picture on FB and hoping we can find her and she will be ok. But we are worried.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    Charles, if you’d like to email a picture of your daughter to me, I’d be more than happy to post it on our facebook page and incorporate it into the thread here.

    You can email me: thinkgoat2@gmail.com

    I’m so sorry.


  7. Space Pope says:

    I hope these ladies are located and return home safe and sound.

    My one and only visit to Mt. Pleasant happened to be 9/11, I spent about 3 days with my uncle who was dying from cancer and hardly went anywhere but it did seem to be a nice town.

    Congrats LJ, nice handle you have there and the av is awesome, where did you get that ?


  8. ladyjustice84 says:

    Sorry for going MIA but I was in the hospital with acute onset pneumonia. Anyway, I found the picture on google images, lol. Thanks for the compliment on the handle. Charles, I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Please email the information to thinkgoat and we will get it up asap. I sincerely hope that your daughter is found soon, safe and sound!


  9. ladyjustice84 says:

    Oh my! Thanks Tina for showing me the article. Let’s pray that they are still able to find her even without her. I didn’t know the 2 were connected. Thanks so much!


  10. ladyjustice84 says:

    EVERYONE: For anyone who doesn’t want to read the link, the man that I mentioned in the article, Ben Biggs, was involved in a car theft. That lead him to shoot 2 police during a chase. He barricaded himself inside a house where he was then killed after a standoff yesterday near Liberty, Il. The sicko was killed either by his own hand or by cops, they aren’t sure which at this point. Cops aren’t sure what caused all of this to start. I’m glad that this sicko isn’t in jail costing me money or out hurting someone else, but let’s pray like hell that Jackie can still be found.


  11. lesley says:

    Agree with all post. Yes send me pic’s I will post. The families are in my prayers.


  12. just concerned says:



  13. ladyjustice84 says:

    I think it’s incredibly sad when something like this happens because everyone feels bad and tries to help someone like Jackie’s family in this situation but the tendency is to vilify the family of people like Ben. I think that’s wrong. In most cases the family of someone who shoots cops (the only thing we know for sure he did) has no idea that their family member could do something like that. They’re suffering the loss of a family member right now too and, as much as I’m glad he can’t hurt anyone anymore, I feel bad for all the family involved on both sides. We should all say a little prayer for them! But I don’t think people randomly decide to steal a car, shoot police, and then die for no reason. I personally think he had a guilty conscious.


  14. Deb says:

    I just read that Biggs killed himself. Coward. Now we will probably never know what happened to Jackie.


  15. ladyjustice84 says:

    Yeah, he killed himself after a high-speed chase and shooting 2 cops…


  16. […] thief that told people that he was the last one seen with Jackie Douthart. See the first article here. So when a link was posted by a reader of the article (thank you by-the-way) I had to see where it […]


  17. Lovelylady24 says:

    Wow, I’m disgusted by the comments about Ben. You guys didnt know him. You all have never even spoken to him in your lives. This was unfortunate but i knew him, i loved him. None of you guys have any right to call him names. Especially not now that he’s not even here to defend himself.


  18. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Lovelylady, where’s Jackie? And aren’t you smart enough to count your lucky stars you didn’t go missing as well?


  19. monica says:

    do you realize that jackie and elizabeth lived on the same block. elizabeths apartment is pretty much in jackies (boyfriends) house backyard.


  20. monica says:

    and elizabeths husband was in mt. pleasant the week before jackie came missing. just sayin.


  21. monica says:

    and road constuction going on during both dissapearances. so many possibilities here. i am reeling trying to figure out jackies disapearance.


  22. Leslie says:

    I found this because a friend posted a flyer regarding a 17 year old girl named Kayla from Mount Pleasant that has gone missing on 11/2/2011 – can you verify that this is accurate?


  23. thinkgoat says:

    @ Leslie – I’d say the best way to verify this information is to check with the local police department or papers.

    We cover stories world-wide and, unless someone brings a particular case to our attention, we don’t generally track the thousands of missing people or the validity.

    Maybe someone from that area will find your post and be able to shed some light, if you don’t find your answers through the two resources listed.


  24. shelly says:

    Lovelylady24…Are you serious? We have every right to call the fucker names, He shot not one BUT two cops, does that make him a good guy? NO it makes him a coward…a dead coward with a hole in the head to be exact! He is rotting in hell where he belongs! Next time you fall in love, may I suggest to pick a decent human being?


  25. ladyjustice84 says:

    Just so everyone knows the girl that went missing MOST recently was found early yesterday and her name is Shayla Knudsen. She appears to have ran away. It’s twits like this that run away that keep other people that are truly missing from getting the response and funds they need to be found. But that’s just my opinion!


  26. ladyjustice84 says:

    Oh, she’s also ran away in the past and is a pastor’s daughter….wow…


  27. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for that info, LJ. And I agree about the runaways. Leave a fucking note and quit fucking with people’s time.


  28. tina says:

    Remains have been found. They think they are jackie douharts. Very sad but hopefully the family can now have closure. Its in fridays hawkeye.


  29. jr01 says:

    keep talking shit. you didnt know ben, just like you probably didnt know jackie. regardless of what he has done he was and will always be known by those of us who actually KNEW him, as a good man. so think whatever the hell you want. but remember, everyone has family and loved ones who dont want to hear all this bullshit. what if it was your family? you would defend them irregardless of what they did right? family is family. you care for someone, you will always care for them. not turn your back on them like a coward just because of what other people think. i will always keep the good memories. fuck everyone and their negative ass opinions about him.


  30. ladyjustice84 says:

    Irregardless? Really? Learn to speak proper English and I might honor you with a reply.


  31. xlioilx says:

    Cody A Biggs, Ben’s cousin admitted to me that him and Ben killed her and dumped her in a ditch somewhere no one would find her. I have half of the conversation on tape and tried to get the police to review it but they don’t care because Cody A Biggs is also a drug snitch for the Mt Police department so they let a murderer walk free.


  32. Killy says:

    If that is true, you should contact the FBI, xlioilix. Or even the District Attorney’s office. Another way to get some results is to contact the local newspapers and tv news stations. Don’t let it go. Go over the local police’s head. No one wants murderers walking free and emboldened to repeat the action because they got away with it the first time.


  33. Cindy says:

    xlioilx …. You need to give this info to the family so that they can follow up on this. I am in contact with them on a daily basis, could we meet and get it to them. Justice needs to be served to whoever did this to Jackie.


  34. Cindy says:

    Or you can take your information and evidence to the Iowa Citizens’ Aide/Ombudsman’s office. They have the authority to review complaints about the administrative actions of most state and local government agencies in Iowa. They are an impartial, non-partisan, fact-finder. If the facts show your complaint has merit, they can then try to persuade the agency to resolve the problem. This is her email Kristie.Hirschman@legis.iowa.gov. PLEASE do what is right, JUSTICE For JACKIE!!!


  35. Zoey marie says:

    Hey thanks for everyone whom was not talking shit upon my mom. She was a very beautiful women on the inside and out. She was very lovely to be around. If we would have found her alive she would so freaking upset. I bet half of you talking shit about my mom don’t even know half of it. Love ya grandma tammy , Jeannie , and Aunt Josie I am always here if you need someone. :,(


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  37. […] May 22, 2001 the young single mother was reported missing when she did not return to her home in Mount Pleasant, Iowa after a night out with friends. The […]


  38. […] May 22, 2001 the young single mother was reported missing when she did not return to her home in Mount Pleasant, Iowa after a night out with friends. The […]



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