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Gravatars- Don’t leave home without one

Tired of the computer generated avatar? Want a cool one of your choosing? Well, I’m about to make your day. Click here.  All you have to do is sign up using the email address you use here, upload the picture you want to use, and BAM – it’s done. It’s easy, it’s free, and what’s cool is, where ever you go on the internet to comment, as long as you use the same email, your gravatar will follow you.

A couple of additions

You can sign up for emails when your favorite story has had any activity via new comments or sign up for emailed links to new stories that are hitting our front page about as often as I sleep now thanks to our awesome staff. You can now find those options below your comment box or still on Crime Crawlers’ home page. A word of caution: I wouldn’t subscribe to the comments if it’s a particularly hot article with lots of movement – your email will fill up quickly with CC mailings. But it’s a really good way to keep track of an older story so you’ll know of any updates, etc. The subscription for new articles is worth it though. That way you’re sure not to miss any incredible act of asshattery unless you’re one who automatically hits the “archive” option at the top of our page and scrolls through to see what’s new.

Staff Bios

In case you missed them, (tsk tsk) we’ve put together a little section that outlines who most of us are. (We’ve got one hold-out). You can find them here.

A Topic I’ve avoided

I’ve been approached with this question more than I’d like to count so here’s the one and only time I’ll venture here. Crime Crawlers was conceived and created by me. Name and all. But a little lonely troll who I used to write for got all uppity and pouty and decided it’d be a nice Christmas present to buy a domain stealing our name. Cute, no? It didn’t bother me and I’ve ignored his attempts to hand the domain over to me. Repeatedly. I simply don’t want it. We simply don’t need it. For some ungodly reason I think he was quite bummed I chose to continue going my own way. There are real idiots on the internet who cannot function without some form of drama. So that’s that.

Other useful shit

When you click to comment, you’ll now see a “reply” button.

What the hell does this do, you ask? If there’s a particular post that’s gained your attention, one you’d like to expand upon, one you disagree/agree with, one you’d like to rip apart, just click “reply”. This will “nest” your comment directly under the original. Comment can be nested 10 deep right now. (however, I can change that if need be)

What’s the usefulness, you ask? Well, starters – you no longer have to copy/paste the statement you wish to reference. Bonus in my book.

The down side: Your comment will not show up at the bottom as it does for “new comments”. In long threads, it’ll be useless to nest a comment pages back – your words will just be lost at that point in time. In other words, don’t go back to page one of four and reply to that comment. It’ll only be effective if nested on the current page. In the instance where you wish to reply to an earlier comment on another page, copy/paste it for now and include your quotation marks.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting rid of the comment “bubbles” or “clouds” soon. I hate them! I’d like to go back to the old block form which will make everything a bit neater and easier to follow. Also, I hope to code in some more options for comments – not only the nesting but direct quoting.

Which leads me to this: Starting Friday evening I’ll be doing an overhaul on the site. We’ll be keeping the format – or close to it – only painting the walls a little bit and adding some new furniture. There may be sporadic times when the site might be down for a bit but keep checking back. I hope to make changes and run some tests before taking the puppy live.

I’ll try to keep from fucking things up too badly.  

  1. Perspective says:

    Can you put a quote feature in the comment section? So it will show a part of another’s post and the name of the poster it came from? I think that would help with clarity in replies.


  2. Perspective says:

    And… I just re-read and realized you are working on it. LOL


  3. thinkgoat says:

    Because we know you LOVE to share our stuff, we’ve added a few buttons for your convenience and ours.

    The little bar of icons that appears at the end of the newest articles is for networking. Just click the Facebook button to share the story. Easy. The others don’t necessarily benefit you but they sure benefit us. So show us some love and take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule and sign up for a Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Yahoo Buzz account. (they don’t spam you) Once signed up, you can click the corresponding icons to help spread the Crime Crawlers word. Seriously, it helps us tremendously and it shows a little appreciation for all the hard work our staff puts into researching and writing these fucked-up articles.



  4. Deb says:

    Hi there! Love this site. Gotta question…I’m creating a similar site discussing missing and murdered child cases. With opinion-based site, are you ever worried about lawsuits? Do family members ever get pissed? Just something I have been thinking about regarding my site.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    No, as much as people threaten to sue (and kill), they’ve not a leg to stand on. We always source our material so it doesn’t stand on completely opinion-based. And Hahahahaaa. Pissed isn’t quite the word for the reactions of some family members/loved ones.

    Good luck with your site – let us know your URL


  6. Deb says:

    LOL Yeah, I can imagine. Thanks for all your help and will definitely let you know when I have it up!


  7. thinkgoat says:

    There’s a new “share” option at the bottom of each story. It should make it easier if you want to post a story on your facebook, assuming most people have gotten sucked into that mess! Also there’s an option to share a story on Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and an option to tweet it. I tweet but only because it’s automatically set up with what I post on our facebook page. Occasionally I open my twitter account and think, “what the fuck”? 😆



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