Off Topic

This is your front page fuck-off page. Since there seems to be an overwhelming need to stay off topic, bring the shit here and raise hell.

  1. thinkgoat says:

    I can’t wait for someone to get their first groan on here! Oh lawdy lawdy, talk about some butthurting going on!


  2. ravenblackehart says:

    I love that vid, it cracks me up every time.


  3. Lazlo says:

    “Fucked that boy completely up!”


  4. deadmyron says:

    Well, since I’m Presbyterian anyway…


  5. thinkgoat says:

    Hey DM – one of the coolest fuckers turned me onto that video… :mrgreen:


  6. crtial_rn says:

    ROFLMFAO………….Think I will show this to my kids. Maybe it will scare the hell outta them.


  7. Shelly says:

    LMFAO! I have never hear that song before, LOVE IT=)…And WTF is up with the crazy chicks eyes?


  8. thinkgoat says:

    That crazy chick is “Veronique” our little skank who tried to stir some shit with the Jones family. I think she’s possessed. Just wait, if she and her little buddy make one more “ghost” appearance on here, you’ll know all about her. 😉 They simply don’t understand what I can see but are going to learn a hard lesson if they don’t quit trolling this site.


  9. Krammmer says:

    You fucking killed my Monday morning boner. Sheep are good. Exorcist with a fucking wart on the nose is bad. I can deal with the white eyed shit it is almost a sick aphrodisiac thinking about looking down at her as she is giving me a blowjob but the risk of that shit jumping off her face totally ruins it for me.


  10. Shelly says:

    I know who she is, Shaw right?


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Call the office and leave your address, Shelly, you’ve won today’s prize! 😀


  12. Shelly says:

    LOL Damn Im good;)


  13. thinkgoat says:

    I would have to agree with you there!


  14. thinkgoat says:

    You haven’t heard her sing – but again, I guess it’s a moot point if her mouth’s full. (that’s assuming you can fill a normal sized mouth) 🙂


  15. Darling Violetta says:

    Oh your post gave me a certifiable giggle!!!! Just for the sake of curiosity, did you chose the handle from the Swedish word?


  16. Lynn says:

    It wont play for me, damn it! I need a laugh! 😦

    O ya, great idea for the off topic page!!


  17. thinkgoat says:

    Lynn, I just grabbed a screenshot as myspace videos are almost impossible to share via the software I use here. Just thank me – you really didn’t need to be subjected to something like that…I want you to keep coming back! 😉


  18. Lynn says:

    Haha, I feel quite dumb I kept trying to get it to play lmao! Looks like she’s been smoking something, great eye pose!


  19. thinkgoat says:

    LMFAO! You know, I put the shit up there and I clicked it one time! LOLOL I was like, “what the fuck happened?” 😆

    I think she’s really “feeling” the song, don’t you? And if you’d like, you can email me and I’ll send you the link. Since they’ve quit trolling the place, I won’t publish her myspace addy.


  20. Lynn says:



  21. Lynn says:

    TG, I heard your “best friend” Ica got arrested for beating up her step-daughter! What a nut job she is! haha


  22. thinkgoat says:

    Yeah, I heard. I was going to look for her arrest but didn’t know if I wanted to waste the effort.

    I take it this is her husband’s daughter and I have to wonder if he was a read Dad and stood up for his daughter and kicked Ica out or if he’s much of the same we read about in the news. It’s clear where she falls in the classification – pathetic.


  23. Krammmer says:

    I puked up my ankles night before last. :mrgreen:


  24. thinkgoat says:

    That’s quite a feat, Krammmer. 😀

    Hey, if you have a spare moment – email me. I’ve got a question for you.


  25. Krammmer says:

    Fuck now I am going to have performance anxiety. I never dreamed a goat like you would fall for a prick like me. Quick what is your email so you do not change your mind. Do we keep this shit quiet or can I rattle Lazlo’s balls and tell my neighbors?


  26. thinkgoat says:

    Keep your pants on, Krammmer. It’s a different kind of proposition. But hey, go run your hands through Laz’s balls anyway – he’s a guy – I imagine he’d love that anytime!


  27. Lazlo says:

    Last I knew they were dried up and hanging from bicycle handlebars. Sounds about right. They just covered up my asshole causing vapor-lock when I hiccuped anyway.


  28. Frankly Speaking says:

    Wowser I go away for a small time and come back to all kinds of new stuff. Nice job TG.


  29. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Ok, new nitpick/site question for you. 🙂 Is there a way you can have comments indicate if they are new each time a user visits the site? It gets a little confusing when there are multiple “conversations” going on in one thread through the Reply function. When I look at the “Recent Comments” and there are several new ones, it’s hard to find them all without reading through the whole thread for comments I haven’t seen.


  30. thinkgoat says:

    What’s up with you ETJ? I mean, you actually find the right area to post shit…I am not quite sure how to react to this!

    I’ve actually looked into incorporating a new comment software but it’s a great deal of cash to maintain. Something we might look at down the road. What I can do is take away the “reply” option and just go back to copy/pasting what you want. I’m all for that idea because I understand the confusion. I can view them all in proper line behind the scenes and rarely do I view the site as you all do. Just give me the word and I’ll see what I can do.


  31. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I have a rare condition known as literacy. 🙂 Shocking, I know, but once you get used to it, it’s nice.

    It’s your site, TG. Do what you like, I was just giving feedback. It’s hard for me personally to follow, but I might be in the minority. I think I may have been one of the ones who asked for the Reply option… but I’m fickle like that.

    OH, and btw, I know it costs money as well as time to run and maintain a site like this, but it’s easy to forget and take it for granted. So I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU for this site.


  32. thinkgoat says:

    Literate AND appreciative? Holyfuckingshit. I fainted! (actually I farted but both make the floor shake so no one’s the wiser) 😉

    It’s basically our site – you all help shape what it is – I just hold the keys to the magic rooms. Let’s take away the reply button for a while and see what that does. I know it’ll be easier to follow and until I shit out a few extra hundreds – let’s see what else I can pull out of my ass.


  33. Krammmer says:

    You cocksuckers. Who fucked with the page? It looks pretty fucking slick, TG. Now you have to include an audio of the stories so lazy fucks like me dont have to work at reading all those words. That would send this shit over the top. Listen to me. Record yourself reading this shit and me and my buddies will fucking tune in every night. Do Lazlos and the new dudes too. I aint listening to them. Nothing against their shit, just I had a bad experience few weeks ago. Suffice it to say, there aint another guy going to whisper in my ear and live. Not again.


  34. Evil Twin Jess says:

    “Literate AND appreciative? Holyfuckingshit. I fainted! (actually I farted but both make the floor shake so no one’s the wiser)”

    I read this last night and again today and it is still making me LOL.
    And thanks, it is easier to follow this way.

    Ok, so now while you’re pulling things out of your ass, if you find my head up there would you please return it?

    Krammmer, I just really looked at your avatar and it’s awesome. A friend of mine who’s a nurse has a picture of a urinal in a pediatric wing of a hospital that’s shaped like a clown’s face. You pee in it’s mouth. Creepy and disgusting all in one.


  35. thinkgoat says:

    Krammmer, we need more information. You simply cannot come on here, drop a “not again” and split for another month.

    I’ve got some more work to do here before I like it then I’ll get a wild hair up my ass and fuck with it all over again. But thanks. And no audio, pal. Although one place did a couple of podcasts with the full intent of doing it on a regular basis. That might be a fun idea and worth looking into a bit more. We’ll see.

    ETJ – I’m glad you said something – I was hating the reply function. We’re throwing around the idea of moving this joint and sinking some more cash into it. What’s a few more headaches, right?

    And I’m still feeling around for my head up there – but if I find an extra, I’ll just assume it’s yours.


  36. Lazlo says:

    Hope all have a safe and glorious 4th. Sometime during your drunken revelry and unspeakable debauchery take a moment to remember all those who gave it all so that we can enjoy the rights we take for granted.

    Happy Independence Day!


  37. Lynn says:

    I’m on my phone and can’t find the susan bonser story and have some questions! Maybe you can answer them TG for me! So, Jeff Kennedy was questioned on Thur by the state and hadn’t returned to work since then. Today his fb status said “good bye” and after that he had stolen a truck rolled it and that’s all I know! So is he a main suspect now?


  38. crtial_rn says:

    Not sure where you got your information Lynn but I looked at Jeff’s profile and there is nothing that says “goodbye”. I also looked at al newspapers/media and I found nothing abouut him stealing a truck and rolling it. I live in Qcy and that is something I would have heard on the ews or would have read. As for him being interviewed Thursday and then him not going to work, I have not a clue. I don’t keep tabs on him. Is it not a possibility that he took off for the holidays? Now calling you out on this one but just share where you got your info please.


  39. shelly says:

    Jeff did have Good bye as a status today…Thats all it said.


  40. crtial_rn says:

    Ok Lynn, I stand corrected. It just did come on WGEM’s news. When it came across as Jeff Kennedy 42 of Quincy, I will be honest I was hoping it was not “the” Jeff Kennedy. Then it said that the truck was reported stolen from Camden, IL, well that seals that up. Evidently he rolled it during a police chase. I guess the question would be was there a police chase b/c of the stolen truck or for other reasons. Evidently, something is not quite right. Whose truck did he steal and where did he roll it at. The sound of my mouth hitting the floor drowned out the rest of the report.


  41. shelly says:

    I have known Jeff almost my whole life, I find it hard to believe he would have anything to do with the case, but I suppose stranger things have happened. His facebook has been deleted to a date back in June…not sure why.


  42. Lynn says:

    I did notice it was deleted when. I heard it all over scanner that’s how I knew it was going on. They said his work had called in and heard what was going on and said he was interviewed by state and never came back to work. I heard several people say they could never imagine him doing such a thing either! I guess maybe the pressure of something has gotten to him. I don’t know him so I’m not going to say much about him until more is said what is going on.


  43. thinkgoat says:

    Sorry I couldn’t help you out with that, Lynn. We generally rely on readers to update any story – it’s relatively impossible for us as we scan new sites from all over the world.

    It’s hard to realize we don’t know anyone we feature on this site (with the exception of the Skinner/Watkins murder – I have a “past” with some of the players).

    You should be able to scroll through the archives on your phone – at least I could when I tried. We don’t take any stories from this site – everything written is archived and accessible to all.


  44. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the link, TG!


  45. mama1968 says:

    Just received info from a friend saying that when Adam’s Co. Deputies contacted Schuyler Co. sheriff to ask what charges Schuyler Co. was gonna bring against Kennedy, Sheriff replied “no charges, because he didn’t want Schuyler Co to be held responsible for Kennedy’s medical bills”. Response from Adams Co. “What???!!!”


  46. Lynn says:

    WTF? Our cops need a bat ran up there ass!


  47. Lynn says:

    That’s probably why people are getting there vehicles stolen weekly around here, because they know the cops won’t do shit!


  48. thinkgoat says:

    I was going to include this story on my humor blog – it’s 100% true and unbelievable. Mama, that mentality has been around for a long time.

    There was a man in my hometown of 1800 people who’d been diagnosed with a brain tumor. At first it was manageable and he got along pretty well running this hardware store with his wife. But she (naturally) worried about the stress levels put upon him and decided to hire some help for them both. Totally against his wishes. Being somewhat of an equal opportunist, his wife hired a chick who’d recently gotten out of prison and lived in another small town about 12 or so miles away. It was a perfect match for the wife…not for “Bob”.

    At one time “Bob” had decided to do some home renovation and the toilet he’d planned to install sat in the surplus room at the store. That is, until this ex-con started working for him…then that toilet disappeared. Who in their right mind would steal a toilet? “Bob” fucking knew who did it…but his wife claimed his tumor was starting to affect his memory and that he’d probably sold it at some point in time. The ex-con tried to convince him of the same thing, “You’re sick. Your brain tumor is just screwing with your memory.” And with that, “Bob” decided not to pursue it any further…with them. Instead, he left to run some “errands” in the little town about 12 or so miles away, knocked upon his employee’s door knowing full well that her ex-con boyfriend was home. When the door was opened, “Bob” pulled out a gun and pointed it straight of the dude’s head and demanded his goddamn toilet. Of course, the felon attempted to lie, but “Bob” used his gun to manipulate the footsteps of this guy into the bathroom and there she sat…installed…and used. His toilet. In her house. And he was red-hot mad. Using one hand to hold the gun at the idiot’s head and the other pulling out a ball-peen hammer, “Bob” told the guy to “break it”. At first there was a bit of protesting…but I think “Bob” repositioned the gun and used the words in a more effective manner…you know…kind of emphasizing them with movement of that gun being held to the guy’s head. So he complied. Without turning off the water, the big felon dude took that ball-peen hammer and started breaking that porcelain crapper into hundreds of pieces … as the bathroom and hallway started to flood. “Bob” was very satisfied. He’d neither lost his fucking mind memory and by god, those criminals would no longer be using HIS toilet. And he left.

    Now, even though this was back a great number of years, pulling a gun on someone in a small town wasn’t viewed upon as being an act of a reasonable human being. The cops were called as soon as he left and as he pulled into the back entrance of his store, every small town police force within a 15-mile range and the SWAT team had formed a semi-circle around the front of the store. And via loud speakers, they called for “Bob” to come out – to surrender with his hands up. Without incident, “Bob” complied. Almost happily. And as they placed him in handcuffs, he uttered these words, “I am guilty of the reasons you’re here today. I was wondering just how in the hell I was going to pay for the brain surgery I’m scheduled to receive on XXX date, and since I’m a ward of the State, I’m delighted to know that responsibility now lies within your hands.” OH HELL. The Sheriff called a huddle in the middle of the town square with all the town’s prominent figures forming a second circle around the original huddle, leaving “Bob” standing at the squad car, still handcuffed and smiling. Even back then money was tight…this was not an expenditure they’d expected and more than likely not one that would bode well with all the upgrades the city department needed and wanted. So they conferred with each other. I mean, he had provided such a great service to the town for so many years…and really, he’d never raised hell prior to this…and well, you know, they did steal that toilet from him and all…can you really blame him?!

    The huddle broke up, the handcuffs came off, “Bob” was asked kindly to not go to that extreme again (and call for assistance) and the police and SWAT went on about their normal everyday business and “Bob” went home. And for the next 2 weeks, he found it nearly impossible to get out of the door of his residence due to every book he’d lent out over the years, or tools he lent, had been anonymously returned in the dark of the night!


  49. 16yrvictim says:

    Just my 2 cents – they better be getting information from him in exchange for NOT pursuing this…….


  50. thinkgoat says:

    Let’s place further comments on the Bonser case with the thread. The link is here – that way people following don’t have to go a bunch of different places…

    I suppose what I’m saying is: quit staying on topic HERE! LMFAO.


  51. Karrie says:

    LMFAO!!! “Bob” is a genius!!


  52. mama1968 says:

    Thanks for the story TG. Oh so true, the mentality is always there!!


  53. thinkgoat says:

    Okay, early in the thread (or perhaps in the original story) there was “chatter” about what it’s like spending time in the Schuyler County Jail. One doofus, on his public profile, clearly defines that he’s in jail (and he states prior to my screen prints that he’s getting ready to be incarcerated for 15 days).

    I’m not sure who’s worse, the sheriff for “allegedly” allowing access to the internet while jailed (and it’s from a computer – not a mobile device) or the young punk for thinking he’s getting special privileges because, at such a young age, he’s so influential he got the sheriff elected.

    Here we have prints made from his profile where he’s gloating about his special treatment and how stupid the jailers are.

    Please note: these are screen prints – I blocked out the innocent’s picture and last name only…


  54. interesting says:

    Wow!!! Since things on the web are considered public domain, could this info be considered admissable for a corruption trial?

    Also, whoever Chris Franklin is, he should move to Chicago because it sounds like he has more pull than the whole Chicago Political Machine.


  55. thinkgoat says:

    These were “allegedly” posted by this kid’s mother. Can we gather a group cheer of “thanks mom”?! Seriously, what fuck goes through a parent’s head if they think this is clever?

    There’s some allegation that this particular little jailbird doesn’t know this is on his profile. To this I call “bullshit”. I would be willing to bet it was not only planned, but discussions (over shared mother/son 40 ounces) were held as to what would be said. Not word for word mind you, that would call for some serious braincell activity – remembering the particulars and all.

    @ Interesting: by “political pull”, you do mean trains, right?


  56. at33 says:

    Yeah, not smart on the mothers behalf.. I dont think I know this kid, but why would a mother even be proud that her son was IN jail to start with, if that says anything… I didnt see my mother gloating when I was in jail for fighting and what not. Then again my mother didnt allow me to drink either when i was a minor. I had strict rules, be home around 8. Sucks buuut I wasnt in jail at age 17 either. I really want to hear the outcome of how the police officers took it when reading it. Im sure they really thought it was amusing….. Sounds more like her son is sucking penis in jail.. But it was weird how one minute he gets EVERYTHING he wants, but then he’s asking for candy bars or money for a phone card. If your gonna play games, at least stick with ONE story.


  57. Georgetta Ash says:

    This is 2 all U people in Schuyler, that dont have a life,,,,,,,,think when U read shit on the Net,,,,,R we Watchin Days of Our Lives or What,,,,,Vivian will get out of the coffin U Dumb Fucks…. but back to why I am here,,,,do U Really believe Chris Franklin is livin it up in a 5 Star Hotel,,,,,called Schuyler County Jail…..I laugh at every one of U…. Especially U Ashley Taylor……wanna go in the ring,,,,,I think we did and U lost…..get a life…and get a better hair job,,,,the bleach blonde look sux…..have a great day….U and Everyone In Schuyler County were had,,,,Hook, Line, And Sinker


  58. thinkgoat says:

    You really are a dumbfuck, aren’t you? What mother would frame her son like that? I’ll ‘splain it to you…the most pathetic low-down-dirty-scumsucking idiot kind would. What the bloody fuck were you thinking? It was neither clever nor cute and, knowing law enforcement monitors anything Boyd related, they read it. I’d be really proud if I were you.

    Signing onto an incarcerated dumbasses account has been done countless times. It’s old…but never by a juvenile parental figure who’s attempting to be considered “cool” with her under-aged son’s friends. You’re a pathetic excuse for a parent and quite honestly, the type of person we LOVE to expose here on Crime Crawlers.

    If you achieved anything at all, it was solidifying what horrible parenting looks like.


  59. at33 says:

    Oh georgetta dear. shall i really stoop… Mmmm yes. My bleach blonde is fine, thank you. I have no one to impress, i have a family that considers it ok. They could care less if I was bald actually. Does it really look as trashy as your daughter or step daughters did back in high school?? Huh? … since we’re going there and all.

    As for getting in the ring, sweetheart, you and I have NEVER been in the ring… and as for losing, yeah I have… I have also Won and had a draw… If your gonna go the distance, please tell the whole story. Has Matt Hughes lost a fight, Yes… Has anyone whos ever been in the ring lost a fight, im sure most probably have. When you get the courage to get into a ring and fight, let me know. We will see how you do, if you can put your hitter down for a bit, that is.

    As for us people who dont have a life… we’re not the ones sitting in schuyler county right now, are we… We’re not the ones trying to defend our son, whom is.

    As for hook, line, and sinker… Is that all you got? …. really… lol… Go smoke another one toots.


  60. Georgetta Ash says:

    First of all, I fed my kids tonight, I didnt sit my ass on the internet all day like some people. As far as being a bad parent, U dont even know me. So unless you have a crystal ball U should go fuck yourself!I didnt post anything on Boyds page…U DID!!!! So really U are the one who fucked my son over! Everyone on his friends list knew it was a joke and u fuckin perverted idiots have to make a crime out of everything!Get ove your dumb ass website and quit stalkin peoples facebooks for trouble!!!! Ha Ha Fuckin Ha!!!!! Im still laughing!!!And, I dont give a fiddly-fuck what you or anyone else thinks!


  61. thinkgoat says:

    You didn’t feed all your “kids”, one was fed by the taxpayers of Schuyler County. And I know a bad parent when I see one – anyone who’d do to their child what you did to your son should be shanked.

    Laugh. It just shows how worthless you are and how you just don’t get it. Your own daughter found nothing remotely clever in your antics.


  62. at33 says:

    Here thinkgoat… here is a tissue. Anything related to the Schuyler County jail is pretty much a crime. That was the purpose of posting what they did… but what do I know, the hair-dye has probably killed my brain cells… but not as bad as that cheeba. =] I got my big girl pants on today booooys and girls…. P.s Its 6:14 .. My kids just got done eating =] Luckily I have a wireless Ipod that I carry throughout the day to check useless and not so useless posts from people like…. well… it’s pretty obvious.. EVERYONE. =] One question still lingers in my mind… what did you fix the kids? … how old are they again? … and was it POTato salad or HASHbrowns?


  63. Georgetta Ash says:

    I didnt bash your kids….and then u have to go and bash mine? What did my daughter ever do to you? Never been in jail or nothing..Why do you feel the need to bash her? Pathetic!! And facts hmmmm have I been in jail for ive been at my job for 18 years. and quit trying to hook up with my sons friends ur Engaged! Ur such a great role model for your kids!


  64. at33 says:

    Im sorry, I must apologize. I hate to make people feel bad, sometimes. I shouldnt be so truthful to how I feel. =[ Thats where people get me wrong… there is a difference between being MEAN and being honest? … or saying what you think.. I know I know, sometimes you gotta bite your tongue.. But my tongue is still sore from the last bite. =[ Sorry. =]


  65. Georgetta Ash says:

    I raised my kids by myself….worked my ass off, and didnt have any help from the state. My son is 20 years old and I refuse to treat him like a child! He made a decision and now he is paying for it. But I do know when he gets out he will come to me for help…NOT you..and I will be there for him no matter what, so thats the kind of mom I am. All my kids are grown, 2 have good jobs and my youngest is workin on bettering himself. They are good people and I refuse to sit here and watch you talk bad about them! They did nothing to any of you….and we all pay taxes so that more than covers his meals!


  66. at33 says:

    No, you didnt bash my kids, but you wanna pick a fight, you got one. My hair color is NO different then your kids, correct? So.. Its not nice to poke the stick at someone, when …. it turns around and can poke right back.

    And as for hitting on your sons friends. Hmmm no thanks. Im not sure who exactly your talking about, but I have better taste Im sure…. and if leaving comments or what not on someone’s page, is considered hitting on them… then im guilty, im a comment whore.

    As for my kids, thank you, I am a pretty good role model these days. I dont smoke. I dont drink anymore, unless it’s a occasional going out night and something exciting is happening… and when they are NOT with me. I dont use drugs, nor buy them beer. Luckily there not old enough to really know what that stuff is yet, but even then I shall not buy them beer. And hopefully they never see a jail cell. If so, Ive learned one lesson. I won’t be “a good role model” as you call it, and get on there facebooks and make myself look like a idiot. Why.. because Crimecrawlers WILL be the first to broadcast it.


  67. at33 says:

    Hey, I’d stick up for my family also. But like I said.. poke a stick it gets poked back. My hair or my cage fighting had nothing to do with this either, but you wanted to bring it so i brought it.


  68. Georgetta Ash says:

    This is a compleate waste of time! And frankly im done with it. Night you Nosey nosey people….Hope you all enjoyed the festivities! I sure did.


  69. at33 says:

    We will. Good night.


  70. thinkgoat says:

    Leave to take a shit, come back and she’s gone? Too bad. (she’ll be back)

    I loved George’s comment “we all pay taxes so that more than covers his meals!” That should win some “drugged-out rationale” award right there. Holy shit female-type, I hope you snap out of your euphoria and see that quote for what it is…another glaring example of your expert parenting.


  71. at33 says:

    She’s right though ThinkGoat… It pays for his room and board, and free cable, and water also. =]


  72. ravenblackehart says:

    Don’t forget the free medical and dental care too!


  73. thinkgoat says:

    Ooooh RaVen, I do LOVE the new picture.


  74. thinkgoat says:

    While we’re on the subject on hair coloring, which do you think I should go for: the blonde or the brunette?


  75. ravenblackehart says:

    Brunette…nobody takes blondes seriously.


  76. at33 says:

    Is that the goat that got screwed by that guy?? …. just curious for future references. Personally I like the shaved goat. =]


  77. thinkgoat says:

    Hahahahaaa. You dirty little crawler, you.

    And no, my poor cousin is in rehab now from a mental breakdown. She couldn’t believe she didn’t feel a thing – that guy must have been hung like a gnat.


  78. at33 says:

    Well the guy was thinking semi-straight. At least it was a FEMALE goat. That sick bastard. He couldnt just move to alabama and bang his sister…. had to go for the innocent furry ones.


  79. at33 says:

    Wait I forgot to add. I once knew a guy hung like a gnat. I wonder if there are any connections?


  80. Lazlo says:

    I categorically deny ever making your acquaintance At33. Um…nevermind


  81. thinkgoat says:

    I’m a little fucking freaked. Really, she should wear a little make-up if she plans on video taping herself. But damn it, she’s a victim..


  82. at33 says:

    bahaha, nice video.. i was a little disappointed.. thought there might be a little extra F words or something. =] Well done.


  83. at33 says:

    Lazlo, kitty kitty… what do you mean?


  84. Lazlo says:

    at33 – I bear no resemblance to the gnat-hung fellow you referred to in the above post. Nor did I momentarily confuse your comment as being directed towards myself. I am not, emphasize Not, insecure in my manly package by any degree. Nor do I begrudge large dogs and small Chinamen their grotesquely large endowments. Hope that clears things up.


  85. at33 says:

    So your hung like a horse?? sweeeet =]


  86. Veronique says:

    Hey thinkkgoat, I know I’m hated but I was curious if you had anything posted about the incident that happened in Timewell not all that long ago. I have heard so many story’s I was just wondering what was up with it.


  87. shelly says:

    WOW I have family in Timewell and didn’t know anything happened…What happened Veronique?


  88. Veronique says:

    I’m really not sure. Some are saying some lady was shot by her husband, I guess he is saying he handed her a gun when they were moving and he heard it go off, and the other is they were moving the gun cabinet and the gun fell out and shot her. I have no idea what actually happened I just thought maybe thinkgoat may have a story on it. I have not heard any more, and I didn’t see a posting on it unless I over looked it.


  89. thinkgoat says:

    I was sent the story a couple months back…it seemed very interesting. Allegedly the husband had a previous wife who died from a “freak” accident.

    If you have any further information, Veronique, email me @ I’ll look into it.

    And you’re alright, Veronique. The past is past – kick back and participate in the rest of the front page. We’d like to have you as a member in good standing.

    Edit to add: Do you have any names?


  90. Veronique says:

    I am not good at sticking all my details in at once tonight it seems as if everytime I put something in I think of something else. The family found out about the death of her on facebook, of all places. She was originally from New Zealand, and that is where the rest of her family lives. Why is it the husband did not contact them?


  91. shelly says:

    Oh, I forgot about that! It was Dave Dunn and Chrissi Dunn, I agree something sounds fishy with the whole mess, concidering the same thing happened to Dave years earlier when he “accidently” shot another lady, who happened to be related to Chrissi, I believe. I know the obituary listed George Hilburn as her “special nephew”, and it was his momma.


  92. eviltwinjess says:

    I know you all are having a serious convo over here… and I would love to see more info about this case if it becomes available, but really I’m just here so my name will show up. 😉 It is the fuck-off page after all! 😀


  93. thinkgoat says:

    Ah Jess, you’re hoping your new buddy will follow you!


  94. eviltwinjess says:

    I told you I was bored. 😉

    And that made me laugh, even if it was posted in the wrong place.


  95. evermore87 says:

    Has anyone heard anything new about the Troy Logsdon murder in Beardstown, IL? The last thing I heard was that they were going to make an arrest; his wife being the only suspect. They’re not disclosing much information about it.


  96. Shelly says:

    You know how small town gossip is, I was told they are looking at the wifes brother…I just hope they arrest someone!


  97. ***1234*** says:

    I can tell you that Sandy didnt do it.


  98. eviltwinjess says:

    Could you elaborate on that please?


  99. ***1234*** says:

    No I can’t.


  100. thinkgoat says:

    LOL Deja vu. I think this conversation has taken place before on a different thread!


  101. brody says:

    This pisses me off when people come on here and say a 100% that they now for a fact someone did or didn’t do something, but can’t back it up with proof. If you have an opinion fine, then voice it as such. Don’t try to tell it as a fact if you can’t prove it. It is very irritating when these people do this usually just to stir shit. Oh, and thinkgoat you are correct we did just go through this with nosey and her fellow conspiracy theorist on another thread.


  102. thinkgoat says:

    It didn’t fare too well for them, did it?

    I agree with you, Brody. Why post anything at all if you’re not willing to throw the rest out there? That doesn’t fly here – never has. I think this “poster” knows that.


  103. ***1234*** says:

    Because an immediate member of the victims family told me. And no it wasn’t Mrs. Logsdon herself.


  104. thinkgoat says:

    Share the information or don’t mention it at all. I think that’s what Jess and Brody are telling you. And I agree.

    I’m curious why you’d throw a “teaser” out there but be unwilling to elaborate on it.


  105. ***1234*** says:

    Well, I meant, I can’t elaborate on who it was because that I dont know. I took the question different than what she was asking apparently! lol


  106. eviltwinjess says:

    I wasn’t so much asking who did it as I was asking how you know she didn’t. Just because a family member told you she didn’t? Most people are going to say their family members are not murderers. Did she have any facts to back up this statement? Or did she just tell you “I know she didn’t do it” and leave it at that?

    I guess what I am asking is, how does your source know she didn’t kill him?


  107. thinkgoat says:

    I’ve had my own trolling “issues” with this person. It’s interesting that her own friends are getting their belly full of the shit she starts. It’s sad when your own friends turn on you like that.


  108. thinkgoat says:

    Can’t you all go fight somewhere else?


  109. thinkgoat says:

    Nosey, you’re late to the fight. Don’t stir up old shit, especially when I’ve said to take this elsewhere.


  110. Space Pope says:

    I’ve come for the woman…and your head. 🙂


  111. 18yrsurvivor says:

    Does anyone know what kind of cop Escapa was in Beardstown and during his stint under Sheriff Donnie in Schuyler? Is he just gonna rubber stamp everything Sheriff Donnie and Co. continues to do? In other words, is he going to be any different that what is in that position now? The reason I ask is that whoever holds the position of SA is my family’s point of contact for everything pertaining to Kennedy. Just curious as to what Escapa might have to offer.

    I don’t know where else to ask these questions where local residents of Schuyler and Cass counties can post their opinions without them feeling intimidated – remember, anonymity is key when posting………………



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