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By ThinkGoat

Southbury Connecticut

The campsite on the edge of the Pomperaug River where Michael Weaving took his last breath is a peaceful place. Tall stands of oak, maple and pine trees create a shady canopy for the leafy forest floor, which slopes toward the river, a pristine tributary of the mighty Housatonic where trout gather in deep pools and canoeists paddle through rapids in the spring, summer and fall. The house, a two-story Cape with a view of the river, was abandoned years ago, judging by its condition. The gray, shingled roof has holes in places, the windows have no glass and graffiti is painted on the walls and door. Inside, the concrete floor is covered in mud, and there is an overturned sink in a corner by a fireplace, which is strewn with black ashes. On the floor near a filthy mattress — the same mattress where Eisenbach told police he laid Weaving after he and Curley burned him — are dozens of faded pictures of babies and toddlers; on the mattress is a Polaroid of a young man holding an infant. Investigators say the pictures were in the house when they found Weaving’s body buried in a shallow grave about 20 feet from the fire pit and Indian Chair. (an imposing granite rock that looks and functions like a chair)  * excerpt from Source9  (more…)

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Jesse James Kilgore / Benjamin Kelly Mullinax

By Thinkgoat

Dawsonville, Georgia “Why are you shooting at us?” pleads a female’s voice on a 911 call. “I’m going to kill both of you” answered one of the two male voices also recorded through this call. I guess there’s nothing like a straight forward answer, especially given the fact these two guys made good on their word. The bodies of Jennifer and Paul Budrawich were found in the Amicalola River about a day apart. The cause of death hasn’t been released yet. Just taking a wild guess, I’d say they were shot. (more…)