By ThinkGoat

Southbury Connecticut

The campsite on the edge of the Pomperaug River where Michael Weaving took his last breath is a peaceful place. Tall stands of oak, maple and pine trees create a shady canopy for the leafy forest floor, which slopes toward the river, a pristine tributary of the mighty Housatonic where trout gather in deep pools and canoeists paddle through rapids in the spring, summer and fall. The house, a two-story Cape with a view of the river, was abandoned years ago, judging by its condition. The gray, shingled roof has holes in places, the windows have no glass and graffiti is painted on the walls and door. Inside, the concrete floor is covered in mud, and there is an overturned sink in a corner by a fireplace, which is strewn with black ashes. On the floor near a filthy mattress — the same mattress where Eisenbach told police he laid Weaving after he and Curley burned him — are dozens of faded pictures of babies and toddlers; on the mattress is a Polaroid of a young man holding an infant. Investigators say the pictures were in the house when they found Weaving’s body buried in a shallow grave about 20 feet from the fire pit and Indian Chair. (an imposing granite rock that looks and functions like a chair)  * excerpt from Source9 

I had to start out with that well-written glimpse into the scene where the murder of Michael Weaving took place. Add Dennis Hopper into the mix and it’s got shades of the 1986 movie, “River’s Edge” written all over this crime. The movie features a group of teenage kids who go to the river’s edge to gawk at their dead classmate who’s lying completely naked after being strangled by “John”. The confession of how he wrapped his hands around her neck rang out as the others stood and gazed upon the soft grey death gaze that settled into they eyes that remained wide open.

Michael Weaving’s father reported him missing on a Thursday and by nightfall, the authorities had found a dead naked body laying in a shallow grave covered with a little dirt and debris. He had been missing for exactly a week before his body had been discovered. For most of Friday, the entire area was blocked off while police scoured the area for clues/evidence that may give them an idea as to who was responsible for the untimely death of this 24-yr-old.

I was raised by a coroner, I know what is involved in processing a crime scene with a dead body from that profession’s standpoint. So either the newspaper reporting this story got the days all screwed up or this story just gets stranger. Reportedly, the body of Michael was not taken from the scene until Sunday. Um, they discovered the body on Thursday. He had already been dead for approximately a week which would render him already pretty funky if you know what I mean. Unless it had been subzero in Connecticut, which it wasn’t even close because spring has finally sprung, that body would have started getting pretty gushy and gooey and bloated and doing all sorts of wonky things that could not have been prevented out in the damp and warm elements…what’s a few more nights under close observation, right? Please insert Dennis Hopper into this scene as I think he would have been awesome as the one who is either appointed or better yet, enthusiastically volunteers to watch over the decaying body taking, of course, the midnight shift. But seriously, what the fuck?

Meanwhile, the information the police gathered led them to one of the two men allegedly involved, Thomas Curley (21), a longtime friend of Weavers. That must have been some interview – after police left, Curley committed suicide in his home. Perfect scenario for 23-year-old David Eisenbach, the other friend allegedly present during some or all of Michael’s murder. How is it perfect? Blame the dead guy, of course!

David admitted to partying with Thomas and Michael. He stated he and Thomas started picking on him when he fell asleep after drinking and taking some prescription drugs by setting Michael’s sleeping bag on fire while he was in it, before or after he and Thomas poked him with redhot sticks. David also admitted to taking Michael into that house and placing his burned body on that fucking nasty mattress. Damn, imagine the infections he would have had – you know, if those two hadn’t killed him.

David also stated he and Thomas walked into the woods a little bit, smoked some weed and David decided to head on back to his home and that his adventurous and somewhat fucked in the head buddy Curly wanted to stay behind and torture the fucked up dude some more. Kids today have no sense of proportion. The next day, Eisenbach returned to the campsite and found Michael’s naked body in the fire pit, face smashed in and deader than a doornail. He called Curly. Imagining that conversation, “Hey, where are you man? Looks like Michael had a rough night. He’s laying here all naked and shit smothering that killer fire we built last night.” Well, whatever he said to Curley, Eisenbach told police Thomas’ reaction lacked surprise at the discovery…or outcome. “It’s your problem. Bring your tools over and take care of it.” There wasn’t a “Jesus Christ dude, he’s dead! What the fuck happened? I’m calling the cops.” Nope. This brainiac who clearly thought no one would ever follow that rotting flesh smell and discover the poorly buried body at a popular partying spot thought they could actually dig a small hole and everything would be cool as a spring breeze once more. Although Curly brought his tools from home and indeed did a shitty job of burying Michael’s body, he claimed he didn’t kill him and told David to take this information “to the grave”. Haha. Looks like Curly beat David to it. Coward.

David Eisenbach has been arraigned on aiding and abetting murder, first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, sale of narcotics, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.  Charge his ass with copyright infringement too.

Thomas Curley Dead Idiot

Michael Weaving

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Special thanks to Republican American Online for use of their wonderful pictures and coverage.

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  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    TG your parent was a corner? That explains alot! I have not even heard of Rivers Edge and I am a big Hopper fan myself. I am now going to find it. I liked this story. I do not mean the murder but I liked the way it is written and it is alittle different then the others you write. Do you think the charges will stay or what is the chance they will be able to up the arrest to murder?


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Haha! Yeah, a coroner, medic, had a couple of funeral homes…an interesting childhood for sure.

    And as far as changing the charges to murder, who knows. If it took the authorities 3 days to process the body on scene…know what I’m saying?


  3. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    This is seriously disrespectful. This is one of the first things that comes up when people search michael’s name for information on the trial.

    I grew up with the Weavings. Michael’s sister is, to this day, my best friend.

    This, sir, is a disrespectful piece of “writing.”

    First of all, you call him “Weaver.” Not his fucking name.

    Second of all– some of your phrasing and diction i.e.”face smashed in” “deader than a doornail” “Funky” etc. is tasteless, cruel, and most importantly, not journalism.

    As a filmmaker, I feel totally within my rights to say that your comparisons of mike’s murder to little indie films made to appeal to people’s purient interest is equally disgusting.


    Please, for the sake of a grieving family, clean this up, and reconsider what you are doing.

    This was a tragedy, not entertainment.

    Show some respect.

    You, clearly, cannot possibly imagine the pain this put people through.


  4. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    Also: your facts on the case are just incorrect in some places. I am not really going to go into how here, as that would just fuel what you’ve already done.

    Also, no matter what those boys did to mike, you should remember– they have mothers with internet.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    Hey crackpot – throughout the story, his name is Weaving.

    All information used is heavily sourced. Any conflicting information could have come out after the original publishing of the story. And wOOt on search engine placement. It’s great to know we tag shit well.

    You’re a filmmaker? Like in youtube videos? 🙂


  6. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    “Meanwhile, the information the police gathered led them to one of the two men allegedly involved, Thomas Curley (21), a longtime friend of Weavers.”

    Weavers, huh?

    I’m not going to go into my credentials, but remember my name.

    I pity those people close to you in your life. You clearly don’t love them enough if you can’t understand why it’s inappropriate to write a piece of garbage like this.


  7. thinkgoat says:

    Wow, a typo! Congratulations. Go back and count how many times “Weavers” was used as opposed to “Weaving”. I’ll wait.

    You certainly seem to be obsessed.

    One more thing, I didn’t ask for your credentials, don’t want them. Really, I couldn’t care less about you or your cheesy youtube career. But good luck, I suppose. Those laughing buttcheeks videos are hard to beat.


  8. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    Youtube videos? My last film premiered at the fucking Rubin Museum of Art. Good job on the low blows asshole.

    Obsessed? I loved this kid, or as you call him “the fucked up guy” on the
    “fucking nasty mattress.”

    You’re pathetic.


  9. thinkgoat says:

    Wow. A museum? Was it a NYU bus trip? I suppose mommy and daddy gave you pocket money to pay off all your chain smoking buddies to see your edited iPhone video account. Nice.


  10. peeperann says:

    Patricia, step away from your keyboard. Seriously. You seem so worried about one typo. It’s easily fixable and like TG said, the story is heavily sourced.

    And we honestly could give a fuck about your credentials and why do they matter so much anyway? Are we supposed to be afraid of them?

    We understand the victim was a human being. (Albeit with a horrific taste in friends) But this is news and this is what is done here.

    Oh and was your movie about stalking? Seems appropriate, seeing your actions now. Quit using the search engine and go live your life.


  11. ravenblackehart says:

    Are Curley and Weaving related? They sure resemble each other. *studiously ignores the troll*


  12. thinkgoat says:

    She’s a FILMMAKER, damn it. Some museum accepted a donation and let her in which makes her very relevant. (of course they probably didn’t see the picture of her in some skanky black thing chain smoking with cans of cheap beer surrounding her, first)


  13. thinkgoat says:

    This if for Patricia and all her chain smoking buddies who’ve been attempting to fuck with the ThinkGoat accounts. IP’s have been recorded. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. I don’t give a shit but law enforcement certainly does.


  14. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    I left you my first and last name, as well as my email address.
    I am not concerned if you have my IP, all I did was ask you to respect the dead.

    You’re not supposed to be afraid of me. I am a 21 year old girl. You are, however, supposed to be reverent.

    PS, I come from a very working class family, and am at NYU on almost a full scholarship. I mentioned that I was a filmmaker because you draw some pretty perverse connections between a film and my friend’s violent death. This was not a movie. It was nothing like a movie. You shouldn’t belittle it like that.

    As far as your sourcing goes, yes, articles mentioned in a brief and respectful manner what happened to Mike, however they did not perversely imagine the cell phone conversations that must have gone on between his killers.

    You need help.


  15. thinkgoat says:

    With any luck, a 21-year-old, wet behind the ears who’s neither experienced life nor probably never will may be just the “help” I need.

    Why in the hell do you reveal so much about yourself when clearly nobody gives two shits? Are you so insecure you’re looking for validation? You’re not going to get it here.

    And you, sweetie, need help with your obsession here.


  16. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    You seem bored.

    I reveal info about myself because I know I am a good person, doing good things. You however, seem to hide behind a moniker.

    I AM “obsessed” or rather, committed, to preserving the memory of Mike for his family’s sake. I hope there is someone in your life who would do the same for you.

    Do you have children? Siblings? Have you ever had a wife or girlfriend? What if something terrible happened to them and some loser decided to make a graphic, disrespectful account of his or her death in order to excite his friends?

    I would hope you’d speak out about it.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any possible explanation for why this is important, interesting, relevant, or in any way


  17. thinkgoat says:

    Yes, I’m bored. Little trolls who think the world owes them something bore me to smithereens.

    We’re a shame site – we don’t give two shits when some spoiled rotten little brat comes in demanding the world conform to her. Get over yourself. Get over the fact your friend died a brutal death. And get over the fact some anonymous person cared enough to tell the rest of the world about Mike’s murder but not in the fashion that was pre-approved by you.

    And on a personal note: I know about you running to your buddies for reinforcement. Attacking and attempting to hijack someone’s online accounts is far worse than talking about Mike taking his last breaths on some skanky mattress.


  18. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Yay! I love it when people come on and “defend” the victim from all the terrible things CC says about them…. oh wait, TG, did you actually say anything bad about Michael? Let me go check…. NOPE! Don’t see anything. Graphically descriptive, yes. Negative about the victim, no.

    Patricia, I luuurrrrvvve Thinkgoat. 🙂 But ya know what, TG? If you got your face bashed in or your head chopped off or something like that, I would totally write about it. I hope you would do the same for me. Because that is kinda the point, isn’t it? When something like that happens and no one talks or writes about it, it fades into obscurity. No one remembers. I think that is far worse, to have people forget your friend ever existed or what happened to him, than to have a few people get upset by the graphic way in which his death was described. At least you know that if it upset you, you will remember it.


  19. thinkgoat says:

    Aw, thanks, Jess. It pleases me that you’d write about my grisly demise. Maybe we could get Patty to film it as well? At any rate, I know I didn’t “diss the dead dude”. Patty was throwing a little temper tantrum which I found rather amusing…kind of like a 2-year-old throwing themselves on the ground after they were told “no”.

    What’s more: this story has been published for quite a while, translated into different languages, but Patty loved Michael so much she’s just now finding her way here! Ah, attention whores. Sometimes they’re late to catch the train.


  20. athena says:

    um, TG, HAVE you ever had a girlfriend or wife? LMAO


  21. thinkgoat says:

    Did. They both were torn apart by a pack of wild pygmies.


  22. athena says:

    did you write about it?


  23. thinkgoat says:

    A couple of children’s books, is all.


  24. Patricia E. Gillespie says:

    You sound paranoid TG. If I was going to hack your website, would I leave you all of my information?

    I’ll be at David E.’s trial if you really think I wronged you and you’d like to discuss it in person.

    Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy of The Elements of Style.


  25. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, slutty Patty, do yourself a favor, learn to read, then go fuck yourself. =)


  26. Diana says:


    I’m laughing my ass off because I KNOW you don’t have a clue who you’re fucking with here. Give yourself a break, hon. You are WAY, WAY, WAY out of your element.


  27. LB says:

    Hey Patty,
    I just wanted to say thank you for trying to stick up for Mike, his family, and friends. I was friends with Mike and I too found this difficult to read. In all fairness to TG, I could appreciate his creative use of the written word & had I not been close to the victim, as well as the perpetrators, I’m sure I too would have enjoyed his article just as much as his other fans. Please know I’m not trying to step on any toes here. I just wanted to let Patty know that as a friend of Mike’s, I appreciated what she had to say and for trying to look out for Mike’s name as well as those close to him who might find this article to read. Anyone who knew Mike knew he could without a doubt be a smart ass kid and could instigate his fair share of mischief, but honestly mike was a good kid with an amazing spirit and is missed everyday. Even with the anniversary of his death being less than 2 weeks away, I still find it hard to believe he’s gone. Rest In Peace Mike.


  28. thinkgoat says:

    LB – I appreciate your level-head. This article was not written to hurt the memory of Mike in any manner. We were sickened that any human being could/would do this to another. It’s only when someone comes here with Patty’s attitude and starts flailing around that we poke at them. Even though I understood Patty’s mourning, she made it difficult.

    I’m terribly sorry for the loss of Mike from your life, LB. And I can’t imagine actually knowing the guys who murdered him. Please keep us updated. And again, thank you for approaching us as an adult.


  29. h says:

    whoever wrote this is a real peice of trash, talking about the kids body like that. pathetic


  30. l says:

    o yeah, whoever wrote this is a fucking scumbag who rapes his own mother and likes little boys. your mothers a whore and so is your ancestry. ur a real good writer there dude, good luck with that career. maybe u should stick to bein a faggot


  31. shelly says:

    I, Your ignorance is shining quite brightly, you may want to tone it down a bit. The article was brilliantly written, if you don’t care for the writers style, perhaps it would be wise of you to troll another site where your big words will impress them, obviously, they are doing nothing here but showing ignorance. See I made my point, and not once did I say…Fucking, whore, asshole, cunt or shit=) Have a great day!


  32. l says:

    shelly, your corny as fuck.
    P.S i hate you.


  33. thinkgoat says:

    Rage typing makes you come off as a complete slobbering cocksucker. Keep it up, “I”, you’re exciting me.


  34. kill says:

    hey thinkgoat, u suck dick


  35. jim says:

    thinkgoat, i think u should kill yourself. your mother is a whore


  36. dan says:

    i believe that thinkgoat is a homo that sucks cock for a living. his writing reflexs his homosexuality. And shelly, you are a whore who eats cock for a living. a street prostitute


  37. bill says:

    who wrote this? this is disgusting. obviously the person who wrote it is a peice of trash who rapes little old ladies and babies. faggot


  38. joey says:

    you guys are being too harsh. thinkgoat likes to get fucked in the ass gently. cause hes a raging faggot


  39. petey says:

    this is gross. thinkgoat, why dont u just crawl back into your sisters womb where you came from. queer fuck


  40. would you all just stop it?! i hate all this negativity. thinkgoat is not gross he is a generous lover and lifemate. we are so happy together, so stop being silly


  41. jeffrey says:

    i think that the piece was artfully and tastefully written. even if thinkgoat is a prancing lil sissy fairy boy


  42. stephen says:

    thinkgoat, why dont you do the world a favor and kill yourself u fucking


  43. thinkgoat says:

    Wow, multiple personality disorder. I love you.

    PS Kill, Jim, Dan, Bill, Joey, Petey, Thinkgoats male lover…do you not realize all your information shows up, including your location and your IP?



  44. shelly says:

    Dan, Yes I am fond of cock, but there is plenty left for you love=)


  45. thinkgoat says:

    Our buddy is back –

    Hey, you might want to head over to the Pride Cultural Center in your neighborhood – they may teach you some tolerance there in Waterbury.


  46. shelly says:

    The love being spread around makes me feel like Carolina in the city! Ps. no spider, landing strip only=)


  47. shelly says:

    snommit …

    A phenomenon that ocurrs when a person is too sick to consume anything but his or her own snot and then vomits said mucous.


  48. thinkgoat says:

    I think snommit probably sums up our schizoid friend’s looks.


  49. lBcC says:

    Honestly think goat your a fuckin ignorant douche bag!!! You make a fucking joke out of a horrible tradgedy to a young human. I have nothing to do with this case but was just disgusted by you. I shall not spar of respond to your ignorance (s) but instead hope for your arrival back to planet earth mentally… peace and love brother


  50. thinkgoat says:

    IBcC, does that mean a blow job is out of the question?


  51. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, our troll came back and was posting from Target outside of Waterbury, CT. Target. Hahaha. That’s close to the Dollar Store, right?


  52. shelly says:

    LMFAO, What, no Walmart in Waterbury?


  53. shelly says:

    THOMAS JOSEPH CURLEY, 23, died Wednesday, March 24th at his home in Naugatuck. Tom was born March 28, 1986, in Greenwich, son of Brian J. Curley of Bridgeport and Pamela (Lally) Curley of Naugatuck. He graduated from Pomperaug High School in 2004 and enjoyed his work as a landscaper. He was a skilled mechanic and our go-to guy for electronic problems. He loved fishing, hiking, playing golf and drawing. Besides his parents, he leaves his sister, Meghan Curley of Oxford, his brother, Patrick Curley of Naugatuck; his paternal grandmother, Mary Curley of Greenwich; his maternal grandmother, Margaret Lally of Greenwich; and several aunts, uncles and cousins. He was prede-ceased by his paternal grandfather, Joseph Curley and maternal grandfather, Thomas Lally. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Wednesday, March 31st at 11 a.m. in Sacred Heart Church, 910 Main Street South, Southbury. Calling hours are Tuesday, March 30th from 6 to 8 p.m. in the daily chapel of the church. Arrangements by Carpino Funeral Home, 750 Main Street South, Southbury. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Vincent DePaul Mission, PO Box 1612, Waterbury, CT 06721.

    My question is, why didn’t they list “torching my friends body” on the list of things he liked to do?


  54. Amy says:

    The story still dosnt sound right it seems as there’s alot missing like the pictures found in the old building and if there was another person that was there that didn’t know anyone and had some connection with those sick photos someone that has little kid photos on or near a mattress is deff someone who could kill. The fact that no one ever looks into that detail is extremely pathetic well that’s what you get when people like police try and solve crime it’s like asking a mentally handicapped person to preform brain sergury.


  55. christina says:

    I’m sorry….what?! so let me get this straight, if you have photos with children in them (normal family photos, from what i can tell) on or anywhere near a mattress, you are most definitely someone who has the potential for murder.
    that’s what you’re saying, right?
    i hope, for the love of all things holy, that you never decide to become a cop, private investigator, detective, president or any position where you might have an impact on a fellow human being. oh, let me add editor, writer and teacher to that list as well, since apparently critical thinking AND correct spelling aren’t very high up on your “important things to learn” list.
    i know i’m super late to this party and you’ll probably never read this, but it needed to be said.
    good god, you’re an idiot.


  56. KR says:

    Mike was a great kid with a sense of humor. ive known him since he was a little boy. He’d totally get a kick outta this conversation. I laughed for him. I miss michael so much. TG…. you were just doing your job, no harm done, it was a little brutal, it did sting, because Im so close to the family, but you werent being malicious to the Weaving family, I could tell… and it’s not something to take personally or make drama over. Thank you for caring enough to write about my dear little adopted brother, Michael John. RIP


  57. Katie says:

    Terrible, biased article.
    I hope someday it says “ThinkGoat Dead Idiot” under your picture, on the internet.


  58. ThinkGoat says:

    Join the fucking club.



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