A Murderer’s Confession. Susan Bonser’s Case Solved.

Posted: December 1, 2010 by thinkgoat in Cold Case, Murder
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By ThinkGoat

Rushville, Illinois If there is such a thing as justice after 17 years, it was served yesterday for the family of Susan Bonser. There was a “stay” on information being confirmed for 24 hours due to the children of the confessed killer being notified. Jeff Kennedy testified in front of the Grand Jury yesterday morning…as far as I’m concerned, it’s now been 24 hours.

I understand needing to speak to the growing list of Jeff’s victims but Susan’s family, they’ve waited long enough.

The official press release will be available today and when it becomes available, it will be posted on this site. Until then, Jeff Kennedy confirmed what a selfish prick he was yesterday as he took a plea deal and confessed to murdering Susan Bonser October 16, 1993. During the time Susan’s family wondered if the murderer would be caught, worried they’d never know the real date she died, worried that everyone had put her murder on the back burner, Jeff was able to raise a family and, until recently, was gainfully employed.

While we’re extremely pleased Susan’s family has obtained a portion of the answers they’ve needed, we also want to extend a heart-felt message of condolence. I can only imagine the emotions yesterday’s news brought to the surface.

16-Yr-Victim. Thank you for sharing Susan’s story with us. And a personal thank you for the endless conversations we’ve had over the past several months. You’ve shown a sister’s love can overcome obstacles.

Please feel free to comment on the resolution of this 17-year-old murder.



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  1. at33 says:

    how did her murder case get re-opened anyway? Last I knew it was brought up on crime-crawlers, then next thing ya know there investigating… Did they just ask this guy if he did it or what??? Is that the same guy that stole the vehicle a while back and wrecked it, after being ?’ed by police?


  2. elizabeth bridges says:

    i say it is way beyond time to fry the killer, all these killers on death row and have all these apeels thats just crazy, if they are found guilty and sentenced to death then do it don’t keep them on death row for yrs and yrs. thye did’nt do that to their victims


  3. thinkgoat says:

    @33 – Yep. Same guy. He was summoned to appear before the Grand Jury and did so yesterday. He was among several testifying.


  4. at33 says:

    how was he a suspect? …. im missing part of the story… how did they figure out this guy had soemthing to do with it, and how old was he at the time.. he still looks young.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    There will be “official” questions answered and sourced with the press release. If you’ve read the original story published (in the comments), I think it ties Jeff in through speculation.


  6. thinkgoat says:

    Schuyler County
    State’s Attorney’s Office
    Schuyler County Courthouse
    Post Office Box 295
    Rushville, Illinois 62681

    Teena M. Griffin
    State’s Attorney


    December 1, 2010


    On November 30, 2010 a Schuyler County Grand Jury returned a two count Bill of Indictment against JEFFREY A. KENNEDY, 43, of Quincy, IL which relates to the 1993 death of Susan Bonser. Susan Bonser, 34, was found dead in her Rushville, IL apartment on 10/18/1993. An autopsy revealed she had died as a result of multiple stab wounds. The Indictment includes the following counts:

    COUNT I: charges JEFFREY A. KENNEDY with FIRST DEGREE MURDER, class First Degree Murder. and alleges that on 10/16/93 he knowingly, without legal justification and with intent to kill or do great bodily harm to Susan Bonser, stabbed Susan Bonser with a sharp object thereby causing the death of Susan Bonser.

    COUNT II: charges JEFFREY A. KENNEDY with FIRST DEGREE MURDER, class First Degree Murder, and alleges that he knowingly, without legal justification, stabbed Susan Bonser with a sharp object thereby causing the death of Susan Bonser and he knew that such act created a strong probability of death or great bodily harm to Susan Bonser.

    After the Grand Jury returned the Indictment on 11/30/10, an arrest warrant was issued for Jeffrey A. Kennedy. Bond was set in the amount of $500,000.00 (10% to apply). Jeffrey A. Kennedy is currently housed in the Adams County Jail on unrelated charges.

    The investigation of the death of Susan Bonser was initially conducted by the Illinois State Police. In the years since Susan’s death various officers from the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office, the Rushville Police Department and the Illinois State Police have pursued investigative leads and developed information regarding the circumstances of Susan’s murder. In the spring of 2010, the Schuyler County State’s Attorney, members of the Illinois State Police Investigation Unit, and members of the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office and Rushville Police Department met and developed strategies for pursuing this investigation as a cold case. New information was developed due to the joint effort of all officers involved. As a result of that new information, the case was presented to the Grand Jury.

    State’s Attorney Teena Griffin acknowledges and appreciates the hard work and dedication of the investigators who worked on this case. Susan’s family and the community have waited for seventeen years to learn who was responsible for ending Susan’s life. Now, thanks to the efforts of investigators, they have the opportunity to see that the person responsible for Susan’s death is held accountable.

    The case against Jeffrey A. Kennedy will next be scheduled for arraignment in Schuyler County Circuit Court.

    The State’s Attorney will not comment on the nature of the evidence or disclose any details as to the new information that was obtained that led to the indictment. It is important that Mr. Kennedy be held accountable in the community where Susan lived and was killed. Therefore, details will not be shared at this time so as not to risk having this cased moved to another county.

    Special kudos to my buddy. Thank you.


  7. justice served says:

    Good job thinkgoat and crime crawlers. I hold you guys and the family responsible for getting this back in the system. I dont think it would have any movement if you guys didn’t get it back in peoples faces.


  8. shortydjs says:

    Did Jeff Kennedy actually appear before the grand jury and confess to this girls murder?Or is this hearsay!


  9. thinkgoat says:

    It’s not hearsay.


  10. Intrigued says:

    Wow. I grew up w/ Jeff, though I haven’t seen him since high school. I can’t say it surprised me that he ended up as a used car salesman, but I wouldn’t have considered him a killer by any means. It will be interesting to hear the story of what actually happened. Yipes.


  11. Rushville Native says:

    I would like to know if any of the other people at the party knew who actually did it.
    Did he go crazy and they just got scared and got the heck out.

    Also, was there something in Mr. Mourning’s
    letter that led them to look further into Mr. Kennedy’s guilt?


  12. crtikal_rn says:

    My apologizes goes out to the Susan Bonser family for the loss they suffered 17 years ago. It was totally unnecessary. This week has brought them justice and for that I am pleased. They have been waiting far too long for answers. This week has brought them answers to questions that they have been asking for the past 17 years. It has been totally unnecessary that they have suffered so long. Christmas is a special time of year for many people. Maybe now the Susan Bonser family can look at the holiday differently. While listening to ‘O Holy Night’ they will know that Susan’s killer has been found and justice will prevale. Susan, you can now lay your head down and sleep.


  13. Intrigued says:

    Oh, and for @33… Jeff is about 42, so he would’ve been around 25 when he killed her.


  14. Slotdoc77 says:

    WOW, Jeff used to give me rides home from college on the weekends. Just goes to show, you never know what people are capable of. Very sad for all concerned.


  15. uni says:

    I was very close with his sister, and absolutely shocked to hear the news. I’m so sorry for both families. Jeff had a sister that was killed years ago, so this has to be extra hard on his family, too. There are definitely no winners.


  16. Angie says:

    There are rumors of rape involved in this case does any body have any info on this?


  17. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Thanks TG for digging up a copy of that press release. Interesting…….very factual and detailed. I wonder if it was a form letter or written from the heart. Whichever, the grammar and spelling are excellent….A+. Schuyler County must be extremely fortunate to have such a strategic minded and professional law enforcement presence.

    We’ll talk more soon.


  18. shortydjs says:

    you know I am in total shock over this, I have known Jeff for 28 years, he used to come to our house all the time and was good friends with my 2 youngest children ,I never would have thought him capable of killing another human being, He was always kind of an orney kid but he was a teenager, this kid had a great personality and was always good for a laugh, but well-mannered and repective of his elders. I still am shaking my head (as my husband is) wondering why in the world he would do this!


  19. thinkgoat says:

    From the press release:

    In the spring of 2010, the Schuyler County State’s Attorney, members of the Illinois State Police Investigation Unit, and members of the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office and Rushville Police Department met and developed strategies for pursuing this investigation as a cold case.”

    While I completely understand the shock and disbelief of all of you who know Jeff Kennedy, and the importance of having a sounding board in which to express your thoughts, let’s not lose sight on the fact it took 17 fucking years to indict someone.

    While I will throw a bone to Teena Griffin for getting things prepared and presenting it all sufficiently to the Grand Jury, the community should still be furious that Susan’s case was systematically ignored this entire time.

    The press release that came straight from the State Attorney’s office states they met and developed strategies to pursue this as a cold case in the spring of 2010. What about the spring of 2000? 2001? 2002? 2003? 2004? 2005? 2006? 2007? 2008? 2009? I don’t want to hear kudos thrown to Schuyler County or Rushville Police Department. For all those years they did as little as possible and because of that, this case almost disappeared from everyone’s lips but the family’s.


  20. 17yrsurvivor says:

    I have to admit—he was the last one I would have suspected before all this………I also went to school with his sister.


  21. at33 says:

    the only time rushville really cares about trying to solve anything is when it’s election time or something… Too bad no one can really vote for a different sheriff… has anyone ever attempted to even run against the fat guy.


  22. thinkgoat says:

    Jeff Kennedy mug shot

    Bio from facebook account: I am a Certified Kia Sales Professional. I am proud and excited that I have the best selling product in the automotive market. I work hard everyday to make myself better. I also try very hard to make people happy. My kids, my family, my friends and my career are my life. I love my life.

    Favorite Quotations “Do as successful people do, and you too will be successful”.



  23. Zealant says:

    I wonder if he still loves his life, and I am curious as to the plea agreement.


  24. Peter says:

    17yrsurvivor, thinkgoat, and all.

    It’s a big move forward for this case.
    I hope we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves.

    I don’t see anything in the “press release” that mentions a confession.


  25. thinkgoat says:

    It wasn’t in the press release.


  26. crtikal_rn says:

    I was raised in Schuyler county and went to school with Jeff. Many of us are dumbfounded to find that someone we knew would commit such an henious act against another person. It was mentioned that he was typical kid growing up, he also went on to have a rather successful life as well as a family. It also needs to be mentioned that while he was going on about his life from 1993 on, Susan’s life as well as her family’s life ended.

    Susan was brutally murdered. Her parents, her sister and her friends suffered a great loss. The Rushville community also suffered. Justice was not carried out then. Many people lived in fear, scared that there was a killer on the loose. Anyone can sit there and point their finger and say that she was messed up in drugs and lived life in the fastlane. Many may point and whisper that the way she lived her life is what got her killed. Just because Susan made some bad choices, does not give someone the right to come along and brutally kill her. The way that I was raised as well as many others, there is only one person who can judge Susan and that is God. Last I knew, he does not order murders of his children.

    Over the past 17 years, many people have been let down in Schuyler county as well as the surrounding communities. Speculation in who committed this gruesome murder has run wild over the years and has affected many, the most important being Susan’s family. They were let down by the city and the county police departments. Justice for them was nonexistent for 17 long years. There is no reason that any family should have to wait that many years to find out who murdered their loved one.

    While we can now congratulate the authorities for finally bringing justice to Susan and the family, the people that deserve the applause should be given to her sister Shelly as well as the rest of her family and friends for NOT forgetting Susan. They continued to suffer the details like it had just happened. They continually sought out the truth and pressed forward to find the murderer and was not given the ability to have any closure.

    Today, the family can finally start the healing process. They still have a ways to go but they know that there is an end in sight. Shelly has shown that a sisters love never dies. My sympathy goes out to Shelley and her family for all they have had to endure over the past 17 years. Whatever the county “discovered”, I am sure it wouldn’t have ever happened had Shelly and Crime Crawlers continued to push forward with the story. I would ask that the family be given their privacy and let them grieve in private. I would also ask for Jeff’s parents and children be given their privacy as well. They did not ask for any of this and are now being brought into the publics eyes and will also suffer due to Jeff’s selfish and careless actions 17 years ago.


  27. Peter says:

    Just watched the WGEM clip.

    It shocks me that everyone in Rushville is so surprised that it was Jeff. I’ve carried around that knowledge for all these years, it truly bothered me.

    Jeff worked for me at the time of the murder, and I saw the drastic change in his demeanor immediately following her death (although I did not yet know she had died). When I heard the news, I put it all together.

    I was stunned when the police disregarded (laughed at) my information about Jeff back then. I knew, in my mind and in my heart that he witnessed her murder firsthand. I am only sorry now that I didn’t seek those who were still hounding the police, and join them, to help reopen the case. I apologize for that, and applaud you all!


  28. Lazlo says:

    Greetings from Borneo!

    A quick comment here as one who has seen the behind the scenes work, and shared many a discussion concerning this case with Thinkgoat. I have never been so proud to be associated with anyone, however tangentially. In large part, it is due to her unwaivering sense of justice that this case went from cold, to active, to solved.

    Kudos Goat! Keep that loud braying coming, and light the murky world in which these crimes are allowed to languish, wholly ignored, as being too much effort, or the victim being not worth the time.


  29. justcurious73 says:

    Just wondering if someone could help me out? I would like to have 16’s email address please.
    Thank you


  30. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Hoping someone here can help me out……I was thinking of doing up some combination Xmas/Thank You cards for the local law enforcement officials there in Schuyler Co that helped on Susan’s case. My problem is this – I can’t think of one RPD officer who officially worked on her case, other than Bill White, and that was back at the beginning. Some of them always had opinions and stories, but I didn’t realize they were working it. Can someone let me know who the invisible city cop was at our meetings?? Or was he just incredibly short? Please let me know who to address it to.

    The Sheriffs office card is so much easier – it will be sent to Donnie, of course. No, wait…..maybe it should go to Anne Marie. She was the real investigator on this case.

    And Pete, no hard feelings from here. You did what you could at the time. Too bad you were ignored back then……so much time wasted.


  31. Renee says:

    I just wanted to send my condolences to both families. I do not personnally know Susan,s family my best wishes and prayers are with them I could not imagine having to live with this kind of pain for seventeen years. I do personally know Jeff and his family and my wishes and prayers are with his kids. They are innocent by standers in this and will suffer a great deal through all this. To them I say keep your head up, and believe that everything happens for a reason. Also remember through all this that it is not your fault and I know your dad loves you dearly.
    My prayers are with both families
    Renee L


  32. amused says:

    No disrespect “17” but you are sending Christmas cards or thankyou notes to the police department????? I can understand you are feelin all good about this shit but I thought your memory was better then that. By you own words you said none of you all heard from those same cops you are patting on the back now since 2002. You wrote that in your originl story. Those lazy pigs dont deserve “thanks” in doin the minimum in there job. Of all people I would think you would keep pestering them so they learn they got to do the job they said they would. Then there is this guy that wrote on this site that he told the same cops info he had and they laughed. He knew way back then. Maybe you are over loaded with all kinds of shit now but it looks like you are kissing the ass of the people who wouldnt help you allalong and being shitty to those who had nothing to do with this and went out of there way to help you get the word going around again from this sight to all of us you know who started asking questions again to help. One more thing to the lady who just wrote about things happening for a reason talking about Jeff to his kids. What planet are you from?????? I thank all those non police people for what you did and I thank this sight. Im done


  33. Renee says:

    I mean no disrespect to anyone by my comments but I do believe everything happens for a reason. I believe there is a reason why the truth took so long to come out, why it came out now, and what is to come of it all. God works in very mysterious ways and no one ever knows why. Again I do apologize to anyone my opinions offend that is not my purpose but I do believe this will work out the way god intends it too.


  34. thinkgoat says:

    Renee, you didn’t offend anyone. 🙂 And I think everyone feels as you regarding Kennedy’s children. It’s a horrible thing for them.


  35. Renee says:

    Thank you!! And I do have prayers for both families, I’ve just known Kennedy’s children since they were all babies. I did grow up in Rushville though and have heard all the stories and rumors.My prayers are also with her son it must be hard having all this dredged back up.


  36. Pete says:


    “Too bad you were ignored back then……so much time wasted…”

    …and innocent people accused.


  37. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I am quite “amused” at “amused”‘s lack of reading comprehension. 🙂


  38. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Me too!!

    And yes, Pete. More than you know at this time.


  39. thinkgoat says:

    @ Jess and 17yr. – I happened to misread the comment when it was first posted… 😉

    Edit to add: I thought, Jesus, she’s going to start in with Kumbaya and I’m going to have to fucking puke.


  40. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Still can’t find that damn code to turn my snark key off…….


  41. thinkgoat says:

    I’ve got a code for you…


  42. Evil Twin Jess says:

    @17 you only have one key? My whole damn keyboard is that way and I don’t think it turns off. Maybe I need that code too…

    On another note, I find nothing wrong with what Renee said and there was no reason for Amused to attack her. That may have contributed to the snark factor. Regardless of what Kennedy did, his kids are innocent and they are going to endure a lot of pain because of this. I can definitely feel compassion for them.


  43. thinkgoat says:

    …and innocent people accused.


    Yes. “And innocent people accused”. While it may not have seemed fair for the names of innocent people (who may or may not have been connected in this murder) to have been drug through the mud, it was a raw way to attempt to vet all that was rumored or known at the time. It’s tough being on the receiving end of that shit. I know, I’ve been on the raw end before. And it takes a great deal of strength to look past certain things being said without feeling compelled to defend yourself…or your loved one. But trying to undo a rumor is like trying to unring a bell. It’s nearly impossible BUT there’s one bell I want to try to unring for a couple of reasons.

    1. This name was brought up time and time again.
    2. I had some dialog with the son who tried defending his mother

    To the Morelands. In my opinion, your choice to refrain from commenting or attempting to clear your name must have been incredibly tough. Especially living in a small community. I appreciate your patience through this process and no apology can suffice when being accused of knowing something about this murder. As the owner of this site, I would like to attempt that apology. There’s not a great deal more I can say but I’m sorry you had to be a part of this process and, as I understand Susan was your friend, I imagine this entire thing has made it difficult to grieve her loss all over again and difficult to celebrate the fact there has been an indictment in her case. I hope this helps a small bit in your process.

    And to the daughter of Mr. Mourning, I know it was incredibly painful seeing your father’s name mentioned when he wasn’t even given the chance to defend himself. I appreciate your kindness through our messages.


  44. Wondering... says:

    I am wondering how much of this has to do with Rushville police trying to “prove” that they’ll actually do something about murders, instead of just covering them up like they did with the Ryan Jones case. Because this will definitely take the focus off of that, don’t you think?


  45. Wondering... says:

    Rereading my post I guess I should say that I wonder about the timing of when they really started working on the case again this spring, and what lit the fire under their asses the most. If there is one thing Schuyler County taught me, it’s that the people you can trust THE LEAST are the cops.


  46. thinkgoat says:

    Suck my balls, selfish bitch. I stepped out of my comfort zone to offer up an apology and you proved why there’s so much contempt for you. Nicely played. But I’m so thrilled you still check our site. We’re addicting like that. I guess you don’t realize I see everything that happens here and elsewhere, well, I don’t miss much.


  47. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Not even gonna touch this…….

    Ah hell, usually, if someone ASKS for an apology, they probably don’t deserve one…….ask Ginni Hill.


  48. Melania says:

    After what you’ve written about the Morelands, your treatment of their son when he tried defending his mother on this site, and your pale attempt at an apology, your response to Mary’s comment that it was not the apology she was looking for is rude, crude and juvenile. You said horrible, hideous things about them. You drug their good name through the mud–all while hiding behind a pseudonym. She’s entitled to vent her feelings, and you should just shut up and take it. Or, better yet, offer up a REAL apology.


  49. thinkgoat says:

    I fucking repeated her name over and over while I jacked off in a cup and downed it. Isn’t that offering up enough of an apology? I believe every bad thing I’ve heard about the self-righteous bitch.

    I didn’t go looking for that kid – he came into MY house. What don’t you understand about that? Not one person pressured the Lesslands into reading this story. Not one. They did so by choice. We’re to blame for their feelings getting hurt? They need to “man up” and be accountable for their actions. Some people go overboard being nosy – they just HAVE to know what’s being said about them – to the point of self-destruction. Again, they came to my house. Not once did I make first contact with them. Doesn’t that just suck for your side?

    Back to the burning question: What kind of fucking apology IS Mary looking for? I know she’s such a pillar of your booming metropolis, surely she’s had her butler pen the criteria that an apology to her should meet.

    Until then, why don’t you and your little stalkers of this site bite me. I’m not the one hopping around the interwebz posting threats.


  50. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I’m sure Thinkgoat appreciates knowing that the apology given was not “good enough”. The insults and threats only show how self-centered these people and their friends really are. The fact remains that they brought all of this on themselves by never once lifting a finger to clear themselves, or even deny involvement. Silence says more sometimes than words. What do you expect people to think when you know people think you murdered someone, but you don’t defend yourself? I am not sure I’m ready to believe there was no reason behind keeping silent all these years. Why would someone who was supposed to be Susan’s friend hinder the investigation by refusing to give any and all information they might have, or narrow down the suspect list? Seems the only reason one would refuse to cooperate would be if they had something to hide themselves. And now it is “over” and still no explanation given for the silence, but instead demands for apologies.


  51. thinkgoat says:

    Hi Jess! I think that went well, don’t you?


  52. shortydjs says:

    Well if I was thinkgoat I wouldn’t be to quick to offer an apology to anyone, Just because Jeff (they say confessed) doesn’t mean everyone else is all so innocent. After all there has to be more to this story and I for one would like to here the whole damn thing. Maybe jeff did kill her but I think that somewhere, somehow more people were involved or at least covered up things!


  53. brody says:

    I have to agree with Jess here. If someone murdered my friend and for some reason I was a suspect I would be first in line to be trying to clear my name. Their actions are very much that of someone who is guilty. Not only that but thinkgoat is right that she is not the one who put their name out there people from their community did. Thinkgoat just responded when they commented to her. Funny how that supposed pillar of the community was offered up so easily and readily by their own peers. Shows you what people really think about them huh!


  54. Becky says:

    I was a little shocked when I read Mary’s status posting. I, like others came here to read this unprofessional and deplorable apology. I was actually impressed by what I read and ashamed by my friend’s reaction. Unfortunately it was she who acted childish and rude. I had never really considered some of the ideas that have been discussed in recent comments which honestly are the only ones I have read. I too am curious why a rational human being would not offer any and everything to clear their name. Friend or not I am terribly ashamed and dismayed with Mary.


  55. Cathy says:

    I had the same reaction as described by Becky. I have found Marys demeanor quite disturbing in the wake of this arrest.


  56. deadmyron says:

    Just conjecture here, but perhaps money is more of a motivating factor than her child. It happens all the time.


  57. Pete says:

    No one “asked” for an apology.
    That anyone thought so is likely my fault.
    As always, I am trying to learn just when to keep my mouth shut.
    The obvious answer is “all the time”.


  58. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Pete, you have done nothing wrong here, no one thought that because of anything you said. Someone basically did ask for an apology, and when a sincere one was given, promptly spat on it. It just did not all happen in this forum.


  59. thinkgoat says:

    Pete, you’re way too hard on yourself!


  60. Suck on this..... says:

    I grew up with the Moreland kids, and have known Gary and Mary for a long time. Mary has always been very very distant, and has always been a little out there, I dont understand either why such a “pillar” of the community would basically hide for years behind her husbands business! Ill just go ahead and say it, I still believe deep down that they played a part in that night, whether they actually were involved in the murder or slipped someone a little money to do the deed. I am not trying to start more rumors, or bring up any more horrible details for the family of Susan, but Mary pretty much brought this on herself!!!

    Really you should have thanked T.G. and went on your way…but instead you had to go and be a bitch and put yourself on Thinkgoats radar even more, so goodluck to ya, as you see with Mr. Kennedy the past will catch up with you sooner or later no matter what! I am sure Mary is just a nervous wreck!


  61. shortydjs says:

    suck on this, my thoughts exactly, I think that there is alot more to this story to. one thing where did the new info come from (in the spring) I am sure we all have thoughts on that. no doubt that jeff kennedy killed her (he confessed) but if new evidence come to light about him, then probably it has about anyone else involved and if our Barney Fifes and Gomer Pyles do their jobs there should be some more really nervous people, but I actually think it’s the people doing themselves in because I don’t think our law enforcement is honest enough or smart enough to do it!


  62. deadmyron says:

    Listen: I’ve known TG for years…on and off, but we’re good friends and even ran around in the same clique for a while. In all that time, this is what his friends said when we all talked about him: “Goat’s a good dude. If he says something he means it.”

    His apology was sincere. And yes (lol) quite a bit out of his comfort zone, but only because he doesn’t usually need to apologize. When he feels he needs to…he will. Sincerely and (IMHO) graciously.


  63. Schuyler County Resident says:

    Im not sure where everyone is getting that Jeff Kennedy confessed. I have not heard this anywhere but on this site. Im guessing people are getting this from the title “Confession of a Murderer”. The only thing that has publicly been released is that he was indicted. If he confessed there would be no reason for a trial. Im guessing if there were more people involved it will come out in the trial or could be included in a plea deal. Im betting Jeff will be glad to give up info for a lesser sentence. JMO!


  64. Evil Twin Jess says:

    The Magic 8 ball says he indeed confessed… it just wasn’t detailed in the press release. There is most likely a plea bargain already in place. No had has said there was going to be a trial, just an arraignment, which is still needed even with a confession and guilty plea.


  65. shortydjs says:

    this is part of the statement of teena
    griffin that was on wgem Griffin won’t say what new evidence led to kennedy’s indictment because she wants to limit pretrial publicity to make sure this case is tried in schuyler country, these exact words were written on wgem news, so if he confessed why would she say this?


  66. thinkgoat says:

    If/since/maybe he did render a confession, he can always attempt to take it back then there would be a trial. Believe it or not, that shit happens all the time. The immediate information was that he had.

    That’s not only a statement from WGEM but the entire press release is posted in the comment section here.

    I know, it’s a stretch not being able to take any Schuyler County “official word” to the bank. They have a stellar history of openness and honesty.


  67. Schuyler County Resident says:

    I will agree with ThinkGoat about the “official word” but I find it hard to believe that if he confessed that it wouldnt be put out to the public just for the simple fact of them thinking it would make them look good. After all everyone knows that the majority of our local authorities are mainly in it for themself.
    Im guessing there is something else(or someone else) thats getting ready to come down. I guess we will just have to wait and see!


  68. xrusher says:

    The press release didn’t state a confession had been made, but it did state that Susan was murdered on October 16th. That is the first time I recall seeing an actual date of death. Someone told them that, or the evidence revealed it. IMO, this guy is not going down alone.


  69. uni says:

    Why do some of these posts hint that Morelands might have something to do with this? It’s been years ago, and my memory isn’t clear on the details.

    I hope for everyone involved, now that all this has come to light, that every person involved will come to the surface, especially if more than Jeff was involved. I’d hate to see one person take the rap for all.


  70. shortydjs says:

    I don’t know anything about the morelands,or this bartlow kid they have hinted at, all I know is that according to teena griffin their is an indictment and will be an arraignment next week sometime, if jeff confessed as everyone is saying I don’t know why teena griffin would be worried about pretrial publicity and trying the case in the county the crime was committed in. what I do think is everyone is wanting to hurry up and pin this on one person is why they are saying he confessed. I don’t think he did and this is the united states and he is innocent until proven guilty, whether anyone likes that or not. And if he is guilty I think their are more involved and I hope he rolls over on ever damn one of them because this girl deserves justice for her senseless murder and her family deserves to know the whole story so they can finally have closure!


  71. Evil Twin Jess says:

    The reason they are worried about pre-trial publicity is that even though he confessed, he can recant at any time all the way up until he formally enters his plea at arragnment. So there is always a possibility there could still be a trial. At which point Teena Griffin obviously wants it to stay in Schuyler county.

    That being said, I am not convinced he was in this all on his own either, and I do hope all of that comes out, whether it be through a plea agreement giving information for a lesser sentence or through a trial. Anyone who had anything to do with this murder including covering up or obstructing the investigation in any way should pay.


  72. thinkgoat says:

    I don’t believe in closure. I think it trivializes what these families go through.

    That said, @ Shorty, I edited in spaces after your commas and periods. It just makes it easier to read on the board and via mobile devices.


  73. crtikal_rn says:

    While I am glad that the family now knows what day Susan died and that there has been someone arrested for her murder, I would almost like to see this all come to trial so that the truth of what occurred that evening may come to light. While I believe that the truth may reverberate thru the community and may cause more tragedies, I feel it is necessary. The family deserves to know, no matter how bad it may hurt, what happened October 16. I realize that the story will not be pretty, in fact, it will be quite painful and nauseating I’m sure, but they have the right to know what happened to their loved one. It doesn’t matter that Susan mght not have been the “perfct” daughteror a “pilar of the community”, she sure has hell did not deserve to die lying on the floor, bleeding out from 17 ungodly stab wounds.


  74. thinkgoat says:

    crtikal, enough bringing up Susan’s alleged indiscretions. It holds no bearing in being murdered nor do I think her parents would ever think that she’d not been the “perfect” daughter.

    Did I miss the number of stab wounds?


  75. Suck on this says:

    How many more murders will go down in Rushville, and numerous people that were involved continue to walk the streets knowing they were part of it. I am positive Mr. Kennedy did not act alone, just like I am positive Mr. Boyd did not act alone in the death of Ryan Jones. While it is tragic this family had to wait this long for a taste of justice, it is even more tragic that this kind of crime will continue to happen in the small community known as Rushville. Especially when the “pillars of the community” such as pharmacists, cops, lawyers, and so on continue to be the ones guilty of these horrible crimes!!! Maybe its time someone stands up against the people that have any ounce of power in that town!


  76. crtikal_rn says:

    I didn’t mean it to come across that Susan was a bad daughter, believe me, as I would have no room to talk. Children can and sometimes do make some and decisions from time to time but we still love them all the same. Nothing that my daughter or Susan did would say that it was okay for her to die the way she did. I wrked with Susan’s mom years ago and she was and I’m sure still is a remarkable lady. She loved her kids very much just as I am sure they love her. She didn’t deserve this either. Having lived in and visited Rville many times since this happened, many people made crass remarks that were not necessary. I only hope that they never have to experience anything close to what Susan’s family did. I have alot of respect for Susan’s parents and for Shelly for putting her life on hold and never giving up on finding who committed this horrendous crime. So again, I did not mean to imply anything negative towards Susan or the family. So anyway, if it was taken to be a negative comment, I am truly sorry.


  77. ashley says:

    To Melania- ” your response to Mary’s comment that it was not the apology she was looking for is rude, crude and juvenile.” Dont you think it’s juvenile to be like 40 years old and posting this drama on a status? Understandable for a teenager but… some things are better left unsaid {and yes im guilty of this, but this isnt about me] =]

    … Also No one drug their good name through the mud… It’s been that way for YEARS.. Is that really anything NEW? This murder happend back when I was young, and I’ve always KNOWN them to have something to do with this, even if they didnt. Word was out WAY before thinkgoat got ahold of it.


  78. michelle says:

    I believe people need to really stop and think about what their opinions are doing to the families(both sides) before they are just opening their mouths and spiiting alot of crap out! I have know the Kennedy’s for years and was dating jeff back in 93 before i moved away, he was nothing but a loving and caring human being, maybe a little wild but not a killer. I feel for the family of susan for all the years without her but there is another family having to deal with all the rumors and deceits from that so called place of rushville and that ignorant schuyler county. just remember there might be one or the other families seeing what is on here and the hurt of all the ignorance isn’t respectfully to either side.


  79. thinkgoat says:

    All due respect, michelle but our site makes fun of people for being suspected of tragic and comedic crimes in the same way COPS entertains us with arrests. We fully intend to keep tossing boulders at three groups of fuck-heads: A. Those that do bad shit to people. B. Those that allow it. C. Those who come here telling us how much they hate use while chastising us for judging someone we do not know or attempt to justify criminal activity- usually with grammatically-incorrect rationalizations.

    We were here long before we ever caught wind of this story and we’ll be around long after. I’m not about to pussyfoot around some issue because of hurting someone’s feelings. If someone doesn’t like what’s on these pages, they can stop reading at any time and/or promptly fuck off.



  80. xrusher says:

    There was supposed to be an appearance Monday at 1:00 p.m. What happened? I haven’t seen anything in the news.


  81. 17yrsurvivor says:

    I see I’m late – but I stopped and thought about this for a while………. from what I understand from undisclosed sources is that this “caring and loving guy” was told no. And got pissed. I guess you never pushed the right button. It makes him a little less repulsive than some of the others featured on this site, but it just SCREAMS to the rest of us to wake the fuck up and pay attention – even the nice ones can be bad for your or a loved ones health. They don’t come with a warning label. All we have is the internet – google and bing. Use them.

    I do feel for his family and others, but I did not cause this. It is also their choice to come to this site. I cannot and WILL not apologize for anything I have posted that may have had any effect on the outcome of this investigation. In my opinion, people were given opportunities to remove themselves from suspicion many, many years ago and chose not to – their choice. They chose to participate in “all the rumors and deceits from that so called place of rushville and that ignorant schuyler county”. LOL. Ya think that might be part of the problem???


  82. Nosey says:

    Ah good to be back thanks TG. I’m so happy an arrest has been made , I will happier when they arrest ALL of them involved. Is it just me or is it coincidence they made an arrest right before Boyd goes to trial? Do they really think this will take focus away from yet another murdered victim??


  83. thinkgoat says:

    @ Nosey Fuck you crazy bitch!!


  84. Nosey says:

    just sayin……


  85. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Wow, some people are really fucking nuts/stupid. ROTFLMAO.


  86. Nosey says:

    yes, and some just can’t help the way they are. ROTFLMFAO.


  87. Evil Twin Jess says:

    That’s fine. If you really think they scheduled an arrest in a 17 year old murder to coincide with and take focus off Boyd’s case you need to remove the tinfoil hat and dig up the Mason jars out of the back yard. The Men in Black will not get you, I promise.


  88. Nosey says:

    Well apparently I don’t live in the same fairy tale as you do. But O.k. whatthefuckever!


  89. Nosey says:

    I mean it isn’t like Boyd’s family is the law or anything……………….


  90. shortydjs says:

    you know what?I have thought the same thing as nosey all along.This may sound crazy but my thoughts are that, if they can get the attention off of Boyd they can let the little bastard off easy,and don’t be surprised if this happens.In the first place why is daddy still on police force ,my understanding is he helped try and cover evidence up,he ought to be on trial to ,but he’s not, he’s still running around arresting people ,actually it wouldn’t surprise if the whole damn bunch in schuyler county are trying to let that bastard off with a slap on the wrist,from the judge,to state’s attorney on down,on the other hand ‘if ” jeff kennedy did murder susan bonser he deserves to pay,I have thoughts that if he did, he wasn’t alone and I pray all involved are caught and put on trial same as jeff.But knowing schuyler county it’s who you are and what family you come from,I will say if crimecrawlers will keep pushing on both cases maybe justice will be served,because we all know that until they got involved not a damn thing would or had been done!


  91. brody says:

    Shorty I would agree with you except one thing the evidence and etc. against Jeff was not done by local law enforcement but rather state. Therefore, Boyd and Donnie’s boys had little to do with the timing of the arrest. Had they had more to do with it I would be inclined to believe as you do. As far as, Jeff having accomplices. Someone else might not of been there but I can definetly see how someone might of helped.him cover up after the fact.


  92. shortydjs says:

    I am not saying “donnie and the boys” had the evidence,but read the paper according to teena griffin ,her,donnie and the boys got new evidence in the spring and done it all,and I say bullshit they are up to no good,and you know as far as Jeff Kennedy I have not heard any fat lady singing yet,and the old saying is “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings”


  93. thinkgoat says:

    @ shorty, please get your head out of the sand and please start putting a space after your commas and periods. That shit gives me a headache.

    Jeff Kennedy’s arraignment was postponed until the 29th of December. He was due to be arraigned today.


  94. shortydjs says:

    sorry thinkgoat,I guess I am not as intelligent as all you educated people.I am just one of schulyler county poor that wants to see the right thing done!


  95. thinkgoat says:

    It takes no intelligence to hit the space bar after a comma and a period. After all, you do it between words so I know it’s not a matter of locating it on your keyboard/phone/etc. It comes off as a wall of words and that’s breaking one of the few rules I have set here. The only saving grace is you don’t drone on forever with 10 paragraphs pulling that shit.

    And I’m confused, who’s the fat lady? The judge? Did the State’s Attorney state that in her presser? Is that “official word”?


  96. shortydjs says:

    the fat lady is the one that sings when it’s all over . It’s an old time saying,maybe to old for you!


  97. thinkgoat says:

    I know the cliché – but you seem to be a hell-bent on only accepting the precise words of the State’s Attorney, I was just wondering when she referred to that particular statement.


  98. thinkgoat says:

    Kennedy’s arraignment has been postponed until the 29th of this month. He has to be given 30 days to change his mind after “alleged” confession and/or allegedly accepting a plea deal. Why this wasn’t realized prior to setting the original date, who knows?!


  99. brody says:

    Wow read between the lines there much? Kind of tells ya whether or not he took a deal and confessed. Anyone wanna take their foot out of their mouth now?


  100. shortydjs says:

    no,I do not accept any words from teena griffin, actually I think she is in with the rest of them on this. In all honesty I don’t believe jeff kennedy is as guilty as all of you say he is , I think there are several more people involved and maybe more so than him , and I just hope he has enough damn sense to tell it all. Remember when he was in jail in adams county ,he actually was out on bail on condition that he go thru Rehab,in which he did ,or thats what I was told by a reliable source , all I can say is that I hope the whole mess comes out, but as I have stated I just don’t think it is as cut and dried as people think it is. @ Brody, thats why I won’t pull my foot out of my mouth yet.!


  101. brody says:

    That’s not what I meant Shorty. That comment was not aimed at you. I believe and agree with you as far as Teena being just as bad as the rest. I don’t know about Jeff’s guilt but I like you also believe others were involved in one capacity or another.


  102. ThinkGoat says:

    Who was the intended recipient, Brody?


  103. brody says:

    I can’t find it now, but it was intended to be at whomever said they didn’t believe he confessed. So in that case I could be wrong maybe it was Shorty. If you find it refresh my memory.


  104. thinkgoat says:

    Damn, you’re up late, Brody!

    I remember the post you’re referencing – I scanned those by shorty – there was some disbelief expressed that he’d confessed initially –

    Found this:

    shortydjs Submitted on 2010/12/04 at 6:40 pm
    this is part of the statement of teena
    griffin that was on wgem Griffin won’t say what new evidence led to kennedy’s indictment because she wants to limit pretrial publicity to make sure this case is tried in schuyler country, these exact words were written on wgem news, so if he confessed why would she say this?

    5th comment expressing disbelief that he’d confess to such a thing because: “He was always kind of an orney kid but he was a teenager, this kid had a great personality and was always good for a laugh, but well-mannered and repective of his elders.”

    And I think Ms. Griffin’s statements are doing nothing but laying the foundation for the fact they don’t intend on letting any information out. He’ll follow through with what he’s to do and the book will be closed and never spoken about again. Kind of like what they tried to do for 17 years that Susan’s murder went unsolved. Only it didn’t go away. Nor will this – when all’s said and done, the story can be told.


  105. shortydjs says:

    I do hope you are right, and that the whole story will be told. Otherwise I think some very guilty people are going to go unpunished ! And yes I do have thoughts on whom is also guilty!


  106. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Then please, shortydjs, do share. Speak now or forever hold your peace……….

    Clocks tickin’


  107. thinkgoat says:

    Guilty of knowing something, maybe….of the actual murder I believe he acted alone. Don’t look for anyone else’s heads to roll.

    As far as the whole story, that’s for the family and not the general public.

    Don’t hold your breath.


  108. eviltwinjess says:

    I can understand a bit where Shorty is coming from. It’s a natural feeling to “need to know” the whole story, exactly what happened. That is something the public will probably never know. But hopefully when all is said and done, if Susan’s family is satisfied with the results, we can all just accept that justice was done and take comfort in that. We don’t need to know the exact chain of events to know that Jeff Kennedy acted alone. After he has been arraigned, and either sentenced or tried and then sentenced, we will find out whatever we are going to find out.

    Shorty, yes, please to tell your theories on who else may be guilty and in what way.


  109. Nosey says:

    Shorty , yes I agree with you. There are a lot more people involved in this. Even those who pretended to help all along ,hoping it would make them look free and clear. I do believe one person killed her, but a lot more helped with the cover up for a very long time. And they are just as guilty. But people like that will always have bad things happen to them. It is called karma. Anyway, those people just love being victims. So let them be victims the rest of their miserable lives. They get no pity here, they brought it all on themselves. And I will stop now before my fingers start naming names. Just know ( and you know who you are ) as well as I do, karma isn’t done with you. And when you cry and ask “why me” , well you know why!


  110. shortydjs says:

    Nosey, the only thing that I have tried to fit together, (these people)and I won’t name names, cause lord knows I can’t afford a lawsuit .But I can’t put the pieces together , why they would cover up for him ? Jeff is just a country boy actually from camden,il and he doesn’t even fit in with the social range that these people think they are ,they are people who think they are above the average person, all of the ones I think are involved , are the same way ,so I can’t seem to get it thru my head why they would cover up anything if they were innocent bystanders ! It just seems like something about this is not right!


  111. Nosey says:

    People do strange things Shorty for money. Steal, cheat, murder, and even take the fall.


  112. 17yrsurvivor says:

    You really think he would admit to something he didn’t do, go to prison for money?? Since you don’t want to name names, here’s some useful info for ya:

    SA Teena Griffin (217)322-3947

    ISP (217)222-0022

    Tell them about it.

    Clocks still ticking……….


  113. thinkgoat says:

    Come on 17, Jeff’s such a fun-loving kid. That $100 dollars he received provided him with enough booze and a hooker for an hour. He really didn’t confess, that whole thing in front of the Grand Jury was a misunderstanding. The same for your questions. You all must have heard things wrong.

    The thing is, others may have known. But if they weren’t there, it’s all hearsay.

    Those of you who want to be conspiracy theorists need to wait until the basic information comes out. IF you have any information that solidifies Kennedy didn’t act alone (which is contrary to what he’s said), use the information 17 provided. If you just came by this information within the past month, fine. Go to the authorities with it. If you’ve had it longer than that, you’re just as guilty as those you’re accusing because you’ve done nothing with it.

    And being afraid of a lawsuit is complete bullshit. Don’t come on here tip-toeing around the shit. You stated you had names – use them. Or shut the fuck up.


  114. Nosey says:

    That’s right, What was I thinking? It isn’t like Bond or Moreland could buy anyone off! Silly me. Why does small town people also have to be small minded? I guess just like dumb always accompanies big. Shrugs


  115. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    The local news is at the Schuyler County Courthouse this morning – KHQA. News at noon?


  116. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Sentenced to 34 years, must serve 17.


  117. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Mr Kennedy was sentenced to 34 years for Susans murder and 3 years for his actions this past July, to be served concurrently.


  118. Godispeace says:

    The biggest disappointment today was hearing that the Bonser family had previously stated they would ask for less time if he agreed to meet with them….I learned that was not done. As for your comment, goat, you are incorrect about him not confessing. Maybe you should get facts straight before you open your mouth. Unfortunately, there is no law against allowing stupid people to speak. His family was there for the confession and most of what is being said on here is false information. I am glad the family has a date for her stone, however the facts still fall short of adding up. Even listening to the State’s evidence did not make sense. It is over now and both families are forced to move on. Do think for a second that this has been easy for our family either…


  119. A friend says:

    I think the biggest dissapointment with todays hearing is that Susan’s family had to wait 17 years for her case to be solved. There was only going to be a consideration for less time if Mr Kennedy met with her family. Only a Consideration. What would you do Godispeace if it was one of your family members and you had to wait 17 year or more to find out what happened? Susan’s family has gone through HELL and more than any of us know this past 17 years. Many families have been effected by this case. But It could have been solved with in a reasonable amount of time if people would have cooperated 17 years ago. People are so damn afraid of doing what is right – they don’t want to get involved for what ever reason. We were all taught as kids to do what is right, or at least I was. And we as adults never seem to do that, so sad. I am glad there was on person who never gave up and made sure this case was solved. She did what she was taught and did what was right and fought for what she believed in. My opinion Mr Kennedy accepted the terms and got what he deserves.


  120. 17yrsurvivor says:

    My bad – should be 5 years for recent activities.

    Godispeace – If you think we are popping champagne bottles and rejoicing, think again. My sister is still dead.

    Your family may be in pain, but I did not cause it. My family extended Mr. Kennedy every opportunity and consideration we possibly could. We chose not to reduce our recommendation in sentence, as was just an option, after speaking with Mr. Kennedy for various reasons, mostly we thought it only fair he serve at least as much time as we had had to wait for some answers – not the minimum allowed by law. The SA agreed.

    As for the claims of false information, please elaborate. Most information posted has been from press releases or comments expressing disbelief……………or sarcasm.


  121. Lamplighter says:

    I just now saw the news about the sentence, and it makes me ill. He beat her, stabbed her, and left her alone to die – and all he gets is 34 years??! And he only has to serve 17??! What a bunch of crap. He should be fried – although our wimpy State doesn’t do that anymore. Disgusting – completely disgusting.


  122. thinkgoat says:

    As for your comment, goat, you are incorrect about him not confessing. Maybe you should get facts straight before you open your mouth. Unfortunately, there is no law against allowing stupid people to speak.

    If your moniker wasn’t so fucking amusing, I’d never let you post again just because of the “get your facts straight” line. It’s funny, those who type it NEVER have them. You passed test number 2398472938432. Congratulations.

    Perhaps you should learn to read a little better thereisnogod. Where did I state he did not confess? In the title maybe? In the story? In the comments? Please point me to it, dumbfuck. You’ve one chance so make it good.


  123. shortydjs says:

    I am glad it’s over for both sides ,they have both suffered.Jeff did confess,although I will say that alot of the facts and evidence still do not add up. The problem is I don’t think anyone will ever know the whole story unless, jeff in later years decides that it needs to be told ,because I honestly do think there were more people involved. And that is just what I think nothing that I could prove !


  124. thinkgoat says:

    The vast difference between CrimeCrawlers and print media run by a bunch of pussies is … well, we’re not run by a bunch of pussies. I printed all the information I could at the time while not revealing my sources – I allowed much more out than was censored in the mainstream media. The awesome thing: I’m trusted. I still haven’t released the whole story…and no, that doesn’t involve any different names. Sorry, conspiracy theorists.

    Those who can see beyond their noses understood every single word written and waited along with me for this moment – the moment Schuyler County came out with another chunk of the information.

    There’s more. And when the “safe period” comes – the unfettered story will be told. Uncensored.


  125. eviltwinjess says:

    I don’t understand why the hell people keep saying the facts don’t add up. They add up perfectly. It’s pretty fucking simple. They had his DNA. They questioned him. He spilled his guts. The end. Makes sense to me.

    Godispeace- Thinkgoat never said Kennedy didn’t confess. Not once. Quite the opposite, in fact, even in response to those who didn’t believe it because it wasn’t included in the “official” press release. Read the fucking article you are commenting on.

    The only false information given here is in the comments by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, Thinkgoat allows stupid people to have their say in the comments section as well.

    No one thinks any of this was easy for Jeff’s family. But that is the fault of only one person, Jeff Kennedy. He alone could have prevented all the pain you all are going through, or at least lessened it, by doing the right thing and confessing 17 fucking years ago. So if you want to blame someone, blame him, and no one else.


  126. thinkgoat says:

    READ THE ARTICLE??? You mean the one titled: “A Murderer’s Confession. Susan Bonser’s Case Solved”?

    And Jess, I have to let stupid people comment – I’d have no one to point and laugh at if I didn’t. Just think of how boring this joint would be if that element didn’t participate. We would only be subjected to debate with people who have an amount of intellect.

    God, I’ll be awaiting your sweet apology.

    Shorty. Type the first part of your sentence. Comma. Space. Continue your thought. Period. Space.

    The story has been told via your source, the State’s Attorney. Jeff wanted to fuck Susan. Susan said “no” and called him some names. (probably having something to do with his propensity for animals). Jeff got pissed, knocked her around and to the ground, stood on her fucking neck. When she didn’t die immediately and fought back, he took the knife and stabbed her twice, stripped her down, cleaned up the scene and staged it somewhat, then booked. Kept his selfish mouth shut for 17 years. Even though “rumor” states his DNA was a match in 2002. (I suppose it takes Schuyler County officials a while to get off their fat asses to make an arrest. – oh wait – they didn’t act on it until the Grand Jury came down with an indictment after he confessed to this shit in front of them)

    It’s far from over for both sides. There is no closure…just the murderer’s name and a date to go on Susan’s tombstone. The only reason I’d feel an ounce of sympathy for Kennedy’s family and friends is that he led them down the garden path for so long. I’m sorry they have to reevaluate every.single.thing. that selfish scumbag murderer has ever said to them.

    Jeff isn’t taking the fall for someone. He’s left behind a family (children) who thought the world of him. Do you honestly, for one moment, think he’d choose money or a pharmaceutical connection over that? And if it was “money” – yeah, he lived like a king for 17 years, didn’t he? I swear, your NEED for someone else to be implicated has made you come off as a crackpot. Yeah, those you’re “thinking of” are surely “guilty” of many things, just not the murder of Susan Bonser. There’s a full confession, three times actually, two recorded and one with “other” witnesses who were able to ask point blank questions. Get over your theories. Afraid of lawsuits. Pffffft. Either spit your shit out or quit posting the same “I’ve got a secret – ain’t gonna tell” bullshit.


  127. thinkgoat says:

    Another thing, Godispeace, the plea deal offered to your loved one was a minimal amount of time. If this had gone through a trial (and without the generosity of Susan’s family), your relative (exactly how are you related??) would have received more time. Be disappointed in your defective family genes, disappointed Jeff is a selfish prick, disappointed God assisted you on a shitty path in believing Jeff for so long, but being disappointed in anything regarding Susan’s family clearly points out you’re just as selfish. And you were soooo upset the guy responsible for LeAnn’s death only got the minimum? And you come here with your bullshit? Take your jibberish to a place who’ll cry with you. This is not the place.


  128. Nosey says:

    Jeff is just the fall guy. I know for a fact his family has came into 3/4 million dollars. and they did not win the lottery. Well at lease a date can be put on her headstone. Really sad the real killers got off.


  129. thinkgoat says:

    Hahahahaa! So yeah, they (family) sacrificed stupid Jeff, removed him from his children’s lives for 3/4 of a million dollars PLUS only give him access to a public defender. 😉


  130. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Nosey you are on drugs. Jeff killed her, alone. You were wrong, get over it.


  131. thinkgoat says:

    I’ve got it all figured out. The Morelands have made a fortune fulfilling the need for drugs (pharmaceutical or other) in Rushville – you know, the population is great there and the drug use rampant. Anyway, they fucking freak after seeing their name included in online “rumors”. (We know this to be true because of all the lawsuits brought forth). They contact an old buddy of theirs, a used car salesman because god knows, used car salesmen will do anything for attention. They dose his coffee with a little Rohypnol, use a cosmic mind bender and plant new memories into his brain. He loses a tremendous amount of sleep due to his brain’s new activity. Little did he know his mind was being controlled via some handheld device belonging to one Mary Moreland, who sits on her throne and pushes buttons while sucking down 40 ounces. This explains why Jeff stole a vehicle and went off the deep end. He was completely within Moreland’s control. That devious little bitch.

    Jeff’s fucked.

    His family, the remaining Kennedy clan, have always been in on the plot. They helped conspire against him but they weren’t as stupid and gullible as Jeff. They required cold.hard.cash. in the tune of $750,000 United States dollars. Money the Morelands were able to accumulate and shit out in a matter of a few months.

    Meanwhile; Mary is still playing God with the remote control, Jeff is wasting away in jail for the vehicle heist, and suffering from planted nightmares of being sexually rejected, stomping upon that girl’s neck, then stabbing her a couple of times until he made sure she was kill’t deader than owl shit. The Morelands, since they own Schuyler County, cherry-picked the Grand Jury, dosed them with acid for two days, which left them completely tripping their balls off when they sat and listened to testimony from everyone. There was a little projector screen that was hung just above Kennedy’s head that produced an awesome light show that would have been the envy of the most hardened Grateful Dead fans this side of the Rocky Mountains. It also, in an intermittent fashion, flashed an arrow pointing down to Kennedy saying: “Indict Stupid”. Again, Mary’s genius.

    Feeling the pressure from the new “memories”, Kennedy pulls this confession out of his ass. His family cheers outside knowing they can finally afford that awesome surround sound system they’ve eyed at the Walmart. They know Jeff’s so fucking stupid, they don’t have to spend a penny of that hard-earned Moreland cash, so they tell him he’s shit-out-of-luck, they’re destitute, and he’d have to rely on the Schuyler County Public Defender.

    Now, Jeff is sitting there with a magic marker starting to tic the days off on his cell walls – waiting for 17 years to pass. By that time maybe the batteries in Mary’s remote will corrode, kind of like her looks, rendering the device useless. Jeff’s family will have blown through that money in record time, leaving none for him; their surround system obsolete. Mary will be sucked back up to the muthership where she finds she’s given birth to a swarm of pygmy legless transvestites and they all live happily ever after.

    Moral to the story: Don’t sell used cars. You’ll end up being controlled by a vengeful drunk with a nasty remote control.


  132. shortydjs says:

    Regardless of what Jeff Kennedy did, you have no right to even speak his dead sisters name or to trash his family, I really wonder what kind of nasty person you are to do this sort of thing, and make fun of people! Shame on you !


  133. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, fuck off, shorty. Last I checked LeAnn’s name was not taken off the books. The godful person brought her up, not me.


    I didn’t trash his family per se, just stated something about defective genes. I take it most morons from your area have them – that’s why the idiots get no brighter. It’s cool – it can’t be helped.

    And I’m awesome. Just ask me – I sure the fuck don’t barge my way onto a site, insinuate a bunch of bullshit and avoid it when asked point blank – citing fear of a lawsuit.

    Take your shit somewhere else. I’m sick of you and I’m not the only one who thinks you’re a fucking moron.

    If you have anything further to state, email me.


  134. deadmyron says:

    Nasty? What about killing innocent people? What about living 17 wonderful years that Susan didn’t get to enjoy? The fucker should spend the rest of his life in jail. He’s already had his parole in my opinion.


  135. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Yeah, shame on you for making fun of people! LMAO! Especially people who can’t read or write properly.

    LeeAnn’s name was only brought up because it illustrates what disgusting hypocrites you all are. You cry what an injustice it was that her killer only received the minimum sentence while at the same time wanting Jeff to serve LESS than the minimum? What is the difference, other than he’s your family member/friend?

    As Deadmyron pointed out, Jeff has already gotten a 17 year reprieve. He’s been allowed to walk around free, live his life, raise a family, all after he took all those things away from Susan Bonser. He deserves and extra 17 years just to make up for all the time he got away with it.


  136. shortydjs says:

    yeah,I do bite me


  137. thinkgoat says:

    Say “goodnight” to shorty. May your last post live in infamy. And your shitty punctuation.


  138. eviltwinjess says:

    Goodnight to Shorty! Have fun spazzing out behind the curtain, with no commas or periods! 🙂


  139. A friend says:

    Love how people say they know others were involved with Susan’s death, but won’t speak up. Cowards is what they are. They have been cowards for 17 years along with Kennedy. I wouldn’t be the fall guy for any amount of money. complete bullshit in my opinion. Why would a family take such a large amount of money while their child sits in prison for a crime he did not commit? they people who are making these comments are just sick – just being hurtful to both families. grow up this is not highschool.


  140. justcurious73 says:

    I can’t even believe the things I am reading right now. A man (men/people) killed a woman for a really insane, unintelligent and disgusting way possible! It was mean and degrading! Who should ever have to endure that? NO ONE! Men included! There are a number of people that are guilty for a number of reasons.


  141. justcurious73 says:

    Not to mention, someone still lost their life!!!


  142. rsf7 says:

    I have never been so disgusted in all my life. thinkgoat ..what do I say? you are so juvenile.lmao. your mother must be proud. I have been reading your posts for quite some time. why? I am not sure. I GUESS TO GET MY LAUGHS. LMAO.YOUR SO IGNORANT. GROW UP. You trash others who voice their opinion but yet you fail to name your sources. You cannot have an intelligent conversation without using deplorable language.you`re a twit. If your website is for persons to share their thoughts and opinions; then why do you feel the need to attack? I guess you lost sight of the real goal here. Last time I checked we live in a democracy which allows for us to share our views without fear of retribution. If this is not the case on your beloved website then move to another country . we do not need the likes of you.Just saying.hahaha


  143. brody says:

    Friend, that is just it the people you are talking about are cowards. Many of them probably don’t really know anything they just want people to think they do. It’s called trying to be a part of the group. They feel the need to act like they are important. You are also right that some people have no right to bitch about being brought up in the rumors and other hearsay. When someone you know is killed in such a horrible way you as a true friend should do everything in your power to help find their killer. This includes eliminating yourself as a suspect. To those who say they KNOW someone else was involved prove it. If not, shut up. Thinkgoat may not tell her sources, but at least she tells the truth. She can usually support it with other facts sooner or later. If you KNOW someone else was involved and keep your mouth shut then you are just as guilty as anyone who was there. It is called accomplice after the fact. Not only that but people say thinkgoat is hurting people, she is so horrible. Well wrap your feeble minds about this talk and rumors lead to slip ups on the part of guilty parties. Cops use this technique all the time. Thinkgoat helped this family get some justice for their loved one don’t blame her for hurt that others caused themselves and their families by hiding secrets, and keeping their mouths shut all these years. No one but Jeff is to blame for the pain his family is going through.


  144. Lazlo says:


    As far as I can see, your opinion is allowed to be freely expressed here. Allowed, I might add, by the rightful owner of this site. But may I ask who, for the love of Pete, has appointed you arbiter of “the real goal here?” Unless you have a secret connection in the establishment of this site, I find you have no standing. So piss off.

    I believe strongly in the free expression of ideas and opinions, and so does Thinkgoat. By that I mean truly free expression – not just the watered down forms of discourse permitted for consumption by the milk-toast mainstream. You local paper’s website probably has such a forum for those whose delicate sensibilities are offended by the word “fuck.” (Reminds me of an old movie line – “if you can’t say it, you can’t do it.”)

    But along with freedom of expression, comes the freedom to differ with any thoughts that may be offered. See? It’s freedom of both sides. You misunderstand one of the basic tenets of free speech. Your comment, “Last time I checked we live in a democracy which allows for us to share our views without fear of retribution” is laughable on its face. Nowhere in our vaunted system of civil rights does it say that we are obliged to respect your opinion. You can express it, sure. But then be prepared for the consequences. The whole nature of rhetorical contention is such that ideas may be challenged, and farcical statements openly ridiculed. On a related note, I have been a member of this site since the early days, and I have never seen an intelligent post ridiculed. I have, on the other hand, personally joined in when an idiot shows his or her ass.

    And now to the issue of your “right” of free expression. That counts in the public arena. This is a privately held site. The owner of the site makes the rules, and is judge, jury, and executioner should you cross the line. Thinkgoat has the final say on her site as to what is allowed or disallowed. Don’t like it? You are free as a citizen of this great country to start your own site. Spew your egalitarian filth to your hearts content, and trouble TG no more. (Not that you could possibly rise to such a feat, but you get my point.) As far as I know, (it gets harder to tell each passing year), we do not yet live in a socialist state. Private resources are not yet in the public domain. Even “mainstream” sources of news – self proclaimed journalistic institutions – filter, edit, and pour derision upon the ideas of those they disagree with. The difference here is this: if you can state a valid argument, and present it in an educated manner (and I’m talking High school diploma here, not college degree), you have the highest probability of not only avoiding criticism, but in fact of being applauded. Even if you disagree with TG.

    On that note I’ll close – or maybe on this one – shit, fuck, cunt! =)


  145. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, a friend of shorty’s is a friend of mine. Welcome rsf7.

    You’ve been reading my posts for quite some time? Like a stalker? Coooool I hope you are infatuated to the point of sending gifts. Email me, I’ll share my preferences with you. I think I can refine my tastes down to something found at Walmart – you know, so you don’t have to go out of your way making a separate trip and all. 😉

    As far as sources – I always source every article. Heavily. You’d know that if you actually read anything other than trying to keep up on the gossip in your area. You’ve only hit on a couple of stories here. I’m sure you’re of the opinion that is all this site is. I thought even idiots could draw a line or add two and two to see why sometimes sources cannot be used when stating some information. After all – everything I’ve posted as “rumored” on this story has come true, hasn’t it? It’s been sourced by some of your county’s finest…only much later. Only when they get around to it. (and we all have seen that takes some time). With the exception of the title of this particular story which leaves no room for interpretation, we choose our words very carefully. And I never throw anything out as fact unless I can back the shit up. Never.

    As far as I’m concerned, you and your bunch are nothing but trolls and I treat you all the same way. (well, almost “all” – I love Krammmer, our resident troll) We all welcome new posters – we welcome those with opinions opposite ours, but as Lazlo stated, stupidity doesn’t float here. Ignorance is embraced, stupidity (and repeated stupidity) will be picked to death. But if you read any other stories on this site, you’d know that shit. My patience has worn thin having to moderate 1200 comments regarding two crimes in your neck of the woods and 1/8 of those comments being from those who have no intentions of adding to the discussion…they just come here to spew bullshit. And again, as Lazlo stated, it’s my fucking site. Plus, the only reason you showed up here is to do the very thing you accuse me of doing. But my post history is better than yours. You only focus on the story of your choosing (the only one in your comfort zone) and only read negative comments. You have no clue what we’ve been able to accomplish on this site, the people we’ve assisted, and the awareness we’ve raised.

    Last time I checked we live in a democracy which allows for us to share our views without fear of retribution. If this is not the case on your beloved website then move to another country .

    These two sentences are laughable on every level imaginable. Right down to the ‘Shorty school of punctuation’ demonstration. It doesn’t matter if I live in the US or Poland – I’d still have this site and still run the comments section the same way. I imagine that concept is impossible for you to grasp, but try for a moment. It might expand your pea-sized brain.

    This website is not for persons to share their thoughts and opinions, contrary to your belief – it’s to expose crimes that occur around the world. That’s a pretty big place there bec, bigger than Rushville, Illinois. I just allow commenting because I feel it adds another dimension to the site. We still get the same number of hits regardless. Well, actual hits from people with reading skills and abilities to detect sarcasm from sincerity.

    I don’t trash those with an opinion, I only trash those who try to insinuate themselves into a situation without a clue as to what’s going on. I love opinionated people and I’ve found only those with strong opinions are capable of backing them up. Something your buddy Shorty cannot accomplish. Not even when asked to do so.

    If you’ve read more than one or two stories, you’d know I’m not always profane. I save the best words for complete and total cunts like you. So drink a nice cup of shut the fuck up and promptly piss off.


  146. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Good God, people. Get your heads out of your asses.

    Democracy?? Seriously?? www = worldwide. You could be bitching about somebody that lives in China, you dimwit. If you say something stupid or incriminating, its gonna be ridiculed or questioned. Pretty simple. You don’t like the language?? I don’t like the subject matter. But its ugly and its everywhere, and sometimes vulgar and hateful words are the only possible way to even begin to express just how ugly and disgusting this shit is. Get over it. You would run back here to TG in a heartbeat if someone in your family were ever harmed as mine was. Face it – its effective. And it’s not going anywhere.

    Only ¾ of a million? Was that just a down payment?? I would have held out for at least a whole million. But do YOU realize you implied that these good people (or yourself, even??) sat on their hands and kept their mouths shut when the judge asked their son if anyone had influenced or promised him something in any way for his plea/confession. If it were my son – I would have thrown the bag of cash out onto the middle of the courtroom floor and made the judge issue subpoenas right then. I call Bullshit on your “I know for a fact”. And all this bullshit about no one can do anything because they are afraid. Of Who?? The local cops?? What can they do, follow you on your way to the grocery store?? Work? Pull you over for rolling through a stop sign? We’re not talking young adults or teenagers here. We should all be middle-aged, responsible, grown adults that know about this shit, so that won’t fly. Newsflash – they work for you, the people in Schuyler Co. Hold them accountable for their actions. Register to vote if you have to, just so you can have a say in how things are done around there. Jeez.

    Back to rsf7, TG has many sources and they wouldn’t be able to do what they do if they blabbed names. They have been doing this quite a while around here, and have built up some relationships that I’m sure your imagination just can’t comprehend, so don’t even strain yourself. On more than one occasion, they had info before I did. And I was getting it straight from the SA or ISP. Enough said.


  147. thinkgoat says:

    Press Release Kennedy Sentence

    “PLED Guilty”? Seriously? At the very least, Ms. Griffin could have used the correct legal terminology.


  148. Nosey says:

    Jeff did it alone. but he was paid to do it. And he was paid to take the fall. he is not the only guilty one in this. No Evil I am not on drugs, I can sort things out and think rationally, which you can not! I don’t care if you like me or not, I myself could not care less. I don’t come here to make friends, But this is a site that I am allowed to voice my opinion, just as you are. Too fucking bad my opinions aren’t yours. Get over it.
    This is about justice that was not served! You have to know that, or honey you are in denial.


  149. thinkgoat says:

    Where does the 3/4 of a million come in? Who exactly received it? You stated “family” which pretty much means NOT JEFF. How do you know this for a fact? And call me a repeat offending skeptic of your tale, but if Jeff had received that kind of money, I’m pretty sure he’s not bright enough not to have flashed it around by living larger than his middle of the cornfield job-type salary. I don’t think he’s taken the “fall” for anyone but himself – his previous actions have indicated I’m right. He is too selfish. He stabbed a chick because she wouldn’t fuck him, he lied about it repeatedly…for 17 years. He stated he wanted to kill himself but was too in love with himself to pull the trigger. There’s no way in hell he’d take the rap alone – not for any amount of money…and frankly, I’m not sure he’s bright enough to count that high.

    Jess doesn’t give a rat’s ass if your opinions differ, it’s just that they’re so outlandish with no supporting data. Jess just has a keen nose for smelling bullshit and a mind for calling it what it is.

    But PLEASE, stick to one story. Tell me who exactly received the money. First it was “family” now it’s “Jeff”. Pick one and make it more convincing.


  150. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Thanks, TG.

    Nosey, I have no problem if your opinions differ from my own. If we all shared the same opinions, there would be no site. The problem is, the facts have already come out, straight from Jeff’s mouth, and your opinions are no longer just opinions but now false statements. Outright lies. You are pulling things out of your ass, for whatever reason. It’s perfectly understandable if you are having a hard time accepting that your family member is a worthless piece of shit, but you don’t have to make up lies to defend him.

    I have no emotional ties to this case, therefore no reason to be in denial. You, however, are completely delusional if you actually believe the bullshit you’ve spewed all over this site.

    Next time, if you’re going to write conspiracy stories, you should employ a continuity editor to make sure they actually make sense.


  151. Nosey says:

    17, No you have this all wrong. I was not even living here when this horrible act took place, I moved away right before that. And “Fact” was wrong wording. I was told by someone the 3/4 of a million was a down payment. I was told he will be well taken care of in prison, special treatment, extra visits. ( and no not from Bubba) I was also told his family will want for nothing money can not buy while he is away. I myself do not feel justice was served. Although I am happy you and yours have a date finally. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. And S if I had proof of any kind I wouldn’t hesitate to bring more down too.
    I don’t know you as I am sure you are a very nice person. I came off to you as a complete bitch and I am sorry. I’m so angry that everyone involved doesn’t have to pay. I lost my oldest daughter 30 years ago. And the emptiness is still there. As I’m sure you and yours know that hollow feeling.
    I wish i could ease your pain somehow, And my only way of trying is to back off, and let my anger go. It was never towards you and your family. S you know who it was towards.
    Again I am sorry. I hope you can forgive me.
    If not, well I understand that also. In the future i will be more careful in selecting my words. Thank-You for taking the time to read this. Nosey


  152. Nosey says:

    Evil, to clear things up. He is not any part of my family. So therefore you employ continuity editor, because you are accusing me of exactly what you are doing. LMFAO


  153. Nosey says:

    Evil, to clear things up. He is not any part of my family. So therefore you employ continuity editor, because you are accusing me of exactly what you are doing. LMFAO I think being a hater is the problem here.


  154. shelly says:

    Nosey, Being a friend of Jeffs, I am curious as to who you think paid him anything? Are you aware that 17 years ago, Jeff was living with family members because he was so broke he couldn’t afford his own place or a vehicle? If he was paid to murder Susan, why wouldn’t he have had an apartment of his own? I have struggled with his pleading guilty, thinking the Jeff I know, couldn’t have done such a horrible thing, Reality is, he did. I do not believe Jeff would put his family, meaning his parents and son, through this if it wasn’t true. If you have facts about his being paid please share them with us.


  155. eviltwinjess says:

    LMFAO yep, I’m a hater. I hate crazy bitches who try to inject themselves into situations that don’t involve them. And why would anyone other than a relative (or maybe someone with an unhealthy infatuation) try this hard to grasp at straws to come up with any excuse for why he is not responsible for what he has admitted he did.

    I learned way back in junior high that usually when someone plays “I know something you don’t know, and I won’t tell”, it’s because they actually don’t know jack shit, and are just trying to get attention.

    So if you really know all you claim, tell us this; Who exactly is the one handing out all this money, and what was their reason for wanting Susan dead badly enough that they supposedly hired Jeff to do this. And why, if he was paid to take the fall, did he wait 17 years and then decide to take his dive when there was no heat on anyone else but him?


  156. Nosey says:

    shelly, being a friend of Jeff’s then I sure you know of his drug and alcohol problems.Also they aren’t free.


  157. Nosey says:

    beause her family got the ISP involved Duh! Didn’t you read any of this??????????? You go right ahead and hate, it will consume you. Even more then you already are. Seek help!


  158. Nosey says:

    Evil, I beg to differ, If someone dosen’t agree with you you pull out the name calling card. Real Mature.


  159. shelly says:

    I am very aware of the problems Jeff had with drugs and alcohol, do I think he went through 3/4 of a million, fuck no! Do you seriously think he would put his son through everything that he has and will go through to cover for someone else? No he wouldn’t! Do you think he would put his parents through it after everything they went through losing his sister? Yes I am aware the drinkin and druggin is hard on familys but nothing compared to brutally murdering someone, Again, Im asking you, who seems to know all, who, who do you think is responsible? Im not here to bash Jeff, like I said, he is my friend and has been since we were 15, I don’t like what he did, but I have to realize he admitted to doing it so who am I to doubt him? I hope if you have information that needs known, and is truthful, spill it, let ALL guilty parties pay for their part in the murder of susan.


  160. eviltwinjess says:

    Don’t bother, Shelly. She has yet to actually answer any questions, because she doesn’t know the answers.

    As sad as it must be for you (and I’m sure it is), at least you can face the facts that he did something terrible, for no other reason than he was drunk and/or high and she pissed him off. Obviously Nosey is not capable of doing the same.


  161. Nosey says:

    Ye of little knowledge! OMG You should run for Sheriff, You and ours think just alike. And please do not that as a compliment. In the future If I am not speaking to you, there is no need to read your brainwashed post, So don’t expect me to.


  162. Nosey says:

    Yes Jeff murdered Susan. Jeff confessed, and Jeff was sentence. He killed her by himself. and he took the fall for a lot of people involved. He is the fall guy. You watch he will be out in less then 17 years and he will he rich!, It’s worth a lot on money to some to have the case closed!! but believe what you want, you’re going to anyway. 🙂


  163. eviltwinjess says:

    OK so if he killed her, and he did it by himself, please explain how the hell he is the fall guy. Because generally a fall guy is someone who takes the rap for something SOMEONE ELSE did.

    And you keep repeating the same line- others involved, yet NO NAMES! So who, exactly is he taking the fall for, and what exactly did they do to need a fall guy, if Jeff killed her?

    I’m not sure why I’m bothering to ask these questions again though, you’re obviously not going to answer them, just like you haven’t answered them the last 100 times they’ve been asked. Because the answers don’t exist! If you say they do, prove it with names and specifics.


  164. thinkgoat says:

    Shorty is in timeout but trying to post…

    Ah Shorty, things are about to become very ugly for you, lady(?) Keep your shit up if you dare…

    I’m editing in a teaser for Shorty:

    I love warm weather,fishing ,mushrooming,and being with all my family,I have 15 grandchildren and 6 soon to be 7 great grandchildren and they are all angels.(lol)


  165. crtikal_rn says:

    Wow…………so much material to comment on.

    TG………..read your little “synopsis” of the horrific event. After I pulled myself up off the floor and put my oxygen back on as I lost my breath from laughing so hard, I must tell you once again…..write a book. The only thing I questioned is that Mary might be too stoned after smoking her blunt that she may not be able to put new batteries into her remotes so there MIGHT be someone else involved.

    People, don’t misunderstand, I find what happened to both families absolutely nauseating. What Jeff chose to do that night will forever change the course of many lives. I will be honest, the ones I really am concerned about are the children involved. They will have to live with this tragedy for a very long time. This can be quite detrimental to them in their adult lives. First they have to rationalize what their father did to another person. Then they have to deal with ignorant people pretending to be Dick Tracy and speculating on “what really happened”. They will grow up visiting their father in a prison. No more family get togethers for them. No more family pictures. Who do they turn to for those “”grown up” talks? Who do they share their triumphs with? Who is there to tell them NOT to listen to those ridiculous rumors? On the other side of the table, how does it effect the other children involved knowing that every Christmas they are missing their Aunt? That THEIR family picture is incomplete? How has it and will it effect the kids to know that every Memorial Day instead of playing baseball, cooking out and laughing/visiting with friends that they will be at the cemetary laying flowers on their Aunt’s grave? After all these years that their families have fought for the truth and justice, does that cause depression and insecurities in the kids that they need grief counciling? Which child eventually has a baby and wants to name it after their murdered Aunt but is concerned that it will cause more trauma to their family? These children didn’t ask for or deserve what they now have to live with, anymore than the families have had to endure. But I’ll tell you what, NONE of them need the likes of blatantly ignorant people who claim to be “in the know” spreading idle gossip about their loved ones. And lets face it, it is just that idle gossip because if there were any truth to your alls verbal vomit (PLEASE NOTE NOSEY & SHORTY, I’M THIS IS DIRECTED TO YOU)and you were true friends, would you not be going to the authorities to get justice for your good buddy? Man, the kids would REALLY be pissed if they knew that their daddy’s friend just stood there and let their dad go to the pen for someone else. I’m thinking that would cause them ALOT of emotional distress and bring alot of chair hours in counciling.

    Just when you think that you have read, heard and/or seen it all, the likes of you two slither out from under a stone and spew your ridiculous garbage. I’m thinking that your alls daddy’s should have pulled out. Just sayin……. But since he didn’t and we are left to contend with you, I am going to exercise my First Ammendment and tell you to take your bogus thoughts and pathetic lies and go back from whatever cave you slunk out from. And please, pick up your hands when you walk, dragging your knuckles is just plain rude.

    TG…..once again, thank you for being there for Susan’s family and giving them an avenue in which to get their story out on your site. I’m sure that your assistance played a vital part in helping bring this killer to justice.

    Shelli…..you are an awesome sister to take on this case and put your life on simmer while you work at finding your sister’s killer. You never gave up and you were not afraid to ruffle feathers. I am moe than sure that Susan is looking down and saying thank you for all you have done.If I had a sister like you to help watch over me, I would be blessed.


  166. thinkgoat says:

    What? A family can’t lay flowers on a grave then have a cookout? Play baseball? Laugh?

    Jeff got a minimum amount of time – it’s not like he’s serving a life sentence. He’ll be out and able to participate in all the small joys of being a father. He has only one younger child that I’ve heard of.

    As far as Shorty and Nosey, they’ve not stated anything other than the same shit that’s been said on here since 16 and I published Susan’s story. Nosey came out and at least corrected a misstatement.

    It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black on the “verbal vomit”. It nauseates me to read such droning on and on.

    The fucking drama died down. Don’t come in days later trying to place yourself in the thick of it and pick a fight with others who’ve moved on.


  167. Concerned Citizen says:

    ThinkGoat, Let me just say this.. Based on your post on here on January 4th, that things are about to become very ugly for Shorty, I know you clearly know who she is if you are posting things that she has posted on her facebook. It is quite clear that your elevator doesnt go to the top floor if you are threatening people for posting their opinion. Every key stroke you make is retrievable, as is your web address, I know you know that. If you so much as come near my family, you will live to regret that decision. That my friend is not a threat,its a promise. Shorty is trying to say that she is in disbelief over something that someone she has known for years has done. She, like many others, feels that there is more to it and if there is then so be it and may the truth be told. You are nothing but a vulgar disrespectful person who is full of puss and venom and clearly doesnt have the talent to be an actual journalist, so you feel the need to garner your “POWER” over this sight like a child wielding a gun.
    P.S. Stay the FUCK away from my family, because 3 of those grandchildren she so lovingly talks about are my kids and you do NOT want a piece of it… Dont you ever threaten my mother again….


  168. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, poor concerned citizen, you’ve only seen the things remaining online after I had given your momma fair warning. She continued to test my patience. Why? Although my elevator may not go to the top floor, at least mine still works.

    I have no interest in your children other than the fact, if they have contact with your kin, their IQ level may drop considerably. Why would I want to come near your family? I mean, seriously? To fuck you guys up? For being stupid? You need to get a grip, sugar.

    Your opinion means zero to me. I didn’t invite your mother here. Actually she was told to leave but she was too dull to heed that advice. Thank you though, for showing us that stupid does breed. (as well as the same punctuation errors) It’s been a well known fact for some time but more examples are always welcomed.


  169. Lazlo says:

    Why is it that the first thought of some of these idiots always concerns violence? Is that their first recourse to uncomfortable situations? What kind of cesspool do they live in that violence is the norm in handling adversity? Does this one earn gold-stars for coming on and “defending” her momma? Can she boast around the dinner table: “I told that scary Thinkgoat person what’s what momma”?

    This site seems to bring out a truly interesting sub-set of cultural “characters”. It would be a gold mine for a Social Psychologist.


  170. thinkgoat says:

    Argh. >.< I forgot to call her a cunt or something appropriate like that.


  171. Concerned Citizen says:

    LOL!!!! 😉


  172. uknowme says:

    Someone please spit it out. Who are these two retards known as shorty and nosey LOL. Is some ol’ grandma on here stirring shit? I have been behind I see.


  173. 17yrsurvivor says:

    Mr Kennedy has decided to file an appeal………

    Not of his confession – No, that’s all good.
    Not of his prison sentence, either – he seems to be ok with that, too.

    He is appealing the 3 years of probation he has to do when he gets out of prison – he says he wasn’t told about it…….

    Go Figure……….


  174. Kelly says:

    To this day this amazes me. I dated Jeff when he worked at shottenkirk. We spoke many times of my first love who had been stabbed to death. And he seemed compassionate. I thought I was a good reader of ppl. This blind sided me. I’m glad the victims family finally got some closure.



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