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Ryan Jones

By Thinkgoat

Rushville, Illinois By the look of things, the Rushville Police Department is wanting to give the Ashland Police Department a run for their money. Now before you start imagining these cops in cute little outfits challenging each other to a charity basketball playoff let me derail that. The competition is a little more grave – both figuratively and literally. Ashland and Rushville have entered into the abysmal challenge of making Central Illinois choose which is more fucked up in handling the deaths of young men. Ashland had an early start with the murder of Steven Watkins, shot in the back of the head while he went to pick up his daughter a year ago. The dead body wasn’t reported by the Chief of Police and the crime scene was contaminated by allowing people in and out of the house. Rushville’s Ryan Jones was reportedly killed as he drove home alone and the truck he was in left the roadway. But due to the wonderful world of modern communications and the inability to think their way out of a paper bag, the Rushville and Schuyler County Police Departments were unable to keep their lies from surfacing.

For the parents of Ryan Jones, it was a morning made surreal by the news of their son’s death and the ever-changing story coming from the authorities who are sworn to protect and serve. The initial knock upon the Jones’ door at 4:30 urged them to head to the hospital, that their son had been in a wreck…but as they were heading out the door, that story changed from ‘get to the Emergency Room’ to ‘oh nevermind, they called the coroner instead‘. The wreck occurred somewhere around 2:45 – almost 2 entire hours prior to this family being notified. Don’t think that’s noteworthy? This county has a population of 7100, everyone knows everyone, the victim had identification on him, and the two young guys that were there (but weren’t there according to the police) just couldn’t wait to share the excitement of the morning’s events with their buddies.

Although phone records haven’t been released, it’s a small town. If you can’t trust your best friend, who the hell can you trust, right? That’s what these two idiots thought after the wreck happened and they jumped their happy asses on their cell phones and called for help. No, not the 911 type of help – we’re talking girlfriend type of help. According to the surfaced story, close to an hour passed before brainiacs Ryan Boyd and Brian Robertson decided to call someone over the mental age of 4. Prior to that they opted to have their lovely ladies by their side and they pondered what their plan would be. And of course, it was calling Daddy. He’d help. After all, he’s a cop. Sweet.

When the local police arrived on scene the party pretty much dispersed. Cops can be such a buzz kill when they show up and send everyone home. I chalk that shit up to some quick thinking on their part. Nothing worse than showing up to an emergency and find out the only real emergency is trying to figure out the best way to get the live kids home with no one knowing and formulating a suitable story for the parents of the dead kid lying in the ditch. That must have burned a tremendous amount of brain cells. Too bad it didn’t work out so well for them.

When the Jones’ arrived in the Emergency Room, the sheriff and the small town cops were all there to lend their condolences to the grieving family. Naw, I’m just kidding. Those boys were busy tucking their thinking caps back into their asses. The only person with any authority there to meet with them was the Coroner and hospital staff. Other than, “he’s dead”, what more could they offer? According to the paperwork that was attached to the corpse, it was an open and shut case: Boy leaves bar in truck. Boy flips out of truck. Boy dies on ground. Yeah, that might have worked had Rick Jones not wanted some answers to some hard questions. Like what the fuck was his son doing with a couple of punks he couldn’t stand? Even more astounding: Why, when they pronounced Ryan Jones dead at 3:36 a.m., was the family notified over an hour later? It’s a small town with the hospital being spitting distance from just about any house in Rushville, why in the hell did it take so long? Only a few people could answer that question and they all happened to wear a badge. Rick Jones actually had to request time with the sheriff.

Schuyler County Sheriff Don Schieferdecker arrived at the hospital (only because he was dispatched there – he couldn’t think that one up on his own) to tell Mr. Jones what he knew about the accident. Ryan Jones, age 22, had been fatally wounded in a single vehicle rollover on Lower Beardstown Road. He died alone. That’s peculiar only because the cop’s story had unraveled due to those rapid texting and dialing skills these kids have today. Mr. Jones had already received notification through his daughter, that Ryan Boyd and Brian Robertson were with him. She knew that because she received an early morning phone call with all the poop. By accounts in the news source, Shysterpecker seemed to take offense at being questioned and Rick Jones took offense to his son lying there dead followed by lies. What should have been a supportive meeting between the two ended up in an argument. You know, a personal insertion: the sheriff and representation from the Rushville PD should have been there to receive the family. The excuse Shysterpecker gave for their absence was that they were busy at the accident scene. Sure as fuck were. Busy cleaning up, busy covering up, and busy giving orders for the witnesses to split. The cat was already out of the bag. Schieferdecker left for about 30 minutes only to return with confirmation that, yes, Boyd and Robertson were in fact in the vehicle, Boyd had been driving. No shit! Jones knew more than the fucking sheriff? Hell, Deputy Icenogle admitted that information before Shysterpecker did.

But why? If you’re a cop, why in the hell would you jeopardize your career by making up such a horrendous cover story? Why say this 22-year-old was alone when he clearly wasn’t? It seems kind of crazy to think that a department would go to bat and lie for a fellow officer and his son – yet that’s exactly what appears to have happened. Ryan Boyd: the Prodigal Son. His daddy, Scott Boyd is a Rushville police officer and a part-time Schuyler County Deputy. Ah, it’s awesome to have a daddy and his buddies in a position to kiss the boo-boos and make the monsters go away. But to make the bad shit disappear – especially on that level – one has to have a bit of intelligence. Something that worked against this area’s law enforcement crew. And on a catastrophic level I’d say. I grew up not far from Rushville, Illinois. I know small towns. I know small town people. They’re wonderful. And dreadful. They don’t know when to shut. the. fuck. up. They don’t know that the email they sent their one “true” friend will be sent to their “true” friend and so on and so forth until it ends up in the hands of the people who actually care about justice and despise favoritism and elitism. Which is exactly where most of this correspondence has ended.

Rick Jones, on the morning his life changed forever, requested an investigation by the Illinois State Police. On the day of Ryan Jones’ funeral, instead of an interment, his body was taken for an autopsy…something that should have been done immediately. But remember? The case was closed according to the local authorities. State investigators saw things differently. December 3rd marks the 2-month anniversary of Ryan Jones’ death and there are still so many unanswered questions for this family. Hopefully, when the State Police have concluded their investigation, Rushville and Schuyler County Police departments will have a few openings for some honest people who’ll take their job seriously and be rid of the crackpot numb nuts who are now running the show. And for Boyd and Robertson – step up and tell the truth about the morning’s events. Sooner or later the truth will come out, boys. The hell you’re experiencing – having to glance over your shoulders – is nothing compared to the shit storm of Karma soon to be heading up your asses.


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  1. thinkgoat says:

    @ Brody Can you repost that on a couple other threads as well? 🙂


  2. eviltwinjess says:

    It could probably apply to nearly every comment thread here.


  3. Brody says:

    I was gonna but the Jess says I can’t. LOL!!!


  4. thinkgoat says:

    TG says DO IT! LMAO


  5. […] some of you may be curious, I was first “introduced” to Sheriff Schieferdecker back in October of 2009. With his stellar professionalism, coupled with the fact Ryan Boyd has yet to go to trial for his […]


  6. Among Friends says:

    16Dec2011 Preliminary Hearing, Schuyler County Courthouse, People vs Ryan Boyd. Trial set for 21Feb12. Probable cause found! Aggravated DUI – 2 Counts. If found guilty, could get 3 to 14 years!!


  7. thinkgoat says:

    That’s 3-14 years for each count, right?


  8. Earl says:

    This story breaks my heart, Jones was a good man and didnt deserve this! Now Boyd gets to walk free! Rage doesnt begin to explain how I feel about this plea deal! His dui charge isnt even a felony, how many of you feel safe knowing this piece of shit will probably be driving again in 6 months? Not that I think this was a Dui case anyway, should have been a murder trial! Just makes me sick! R.I.P. Jones!


  9. t says:



  10. thinkgoat says:

    No, it was correct – that was before the “aggravated” was dropped from the DUI – and there were two aggravated DUI charges before he pleaded out of them.

    The penalty would have been 3-14 years…for a normal asshole.


  11. t says:

    You’re right. I was pointing out that this was apparently pre ordained.


  12. Earl says:

    Every once in a while I come to this story to re-read so I can fuel my anger. I still cant believe this fuck stick got 364 days, work release in the jail his dad works in….FOR KILLING A MAN! How this happens all over this country I do not know. I just want to know if someone was payed to agree to this plea deal, 3-14 years in prison….or 364 work release, as a trustee im sure, with no felony record of this. And days before the trial, this deal was “the best option” for who? Hope someone reads this, besides the goat…..i was told Im not a true friend, but Im probably one of the very few sitting here thinking about my brother! R.I.P. Jones



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