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Rushville, Illinois Shhhh. I want everyone to be real quiet for just a moment………do you hear it? It might be a little difficult at first but if you listen closely you can hear it building steam. It’s called karma and it’s got its aim right up Ryan Boyd’s ass. And since Boyd claims he’s a “redneck” per his myspace page, it’s only appropriate that I include the only country song lyrics I’m familiar with:  “I hear the train a comin’.   It’s rollin’ ’round the bend. I’m tired of leaning over while Bubba puts it in.” I know, I suck at remembering the exact words.

December 2, 2009 we ran a story regarding the death of Ryan Jones – a young man who local police officers claimed died alone in a late night single vehicle crash.

Upon first glance, and taking the story the authorities first gave the Jones family, it’d be understandable the family wasn’t notified for a couple of hours after their son died…late at night…alone…rural area…  It wasn’t until rumors began to quickly surface that Ryan Jones’ father started to question what they were told in the hospital and asked for the State Police to step in and put a boot in the ass of the lying bastards that were in control of the county.

One thing about rumors, it’s difficult to siphon the truth, but given the fact the two boys with Ryan Jones that evening invited their girlfriends to the scene to watch this young man die on the ground, coupled with their inability to keep their mouths shut and their fingers still, enough was gleaned from them that pointed to an outright conspiracy.

Maybe it was when Boyd and Brian Robertson and their girlfriends had exhausted the people in their calling list, they finally decided to call daddy, a local deputy. By then it was too late for Jones. Perhaps that’s why the police allowed everyone to leave the scene without an official report, the kid was already dead and there was nothing else to do but preserve the lives of those who lived through it. And, I’ve heard it’s much better sleeping off a good night of drinking in your own bed vs. a cot in the jail. ‘Beat it on home kids. Get some rest. Leave the police cover-up business to the professionals.’

For months, the small community of Rushville Illinois has had to watch Ryan Boyd drive his beloved truck around town with total freedom, and what he more than likely thought, immunity from the police. After all, he’s the son of a local deputy. He escaped the crime scene unscathed. For months, the family and friends of Ryan Jones have had to endure public ridicule from outsiders who simply couldn’t grasp the concept that, not just one – but many, would lie about something like this. Well motherfuckers, eat some crow. The State Police (an agency actually willing to uphold their responsibility to protect and serve) gathered enough evidence to present to a Grand Jury which resulted in the indictment of Ryan Boyd.

Allegedly, Boyd told Sheriff Schieferdecker he came upon the accident while he was riding in a jeep driven by Jamie Lane. But Boyd lies a lot. And by the sound of it, he’s gotten away with it for a very long time. The State Police and the Grand Jury weren’t impressed nor swayed by his lies. He was indicted on 6 charges:  felony reckless homicide, felony aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, three counts of felony obstructing justice, and a misdemeanor failure to render aid.

I’ve been waiting to be able to provide a follow-up to this story and I’m thrilled to be able to update it with news of the “entitled one” going down. For Boyd, the definition of “going down” will be taking on new meaning if he’s convicted… Just imagine the jaw muscles he’ll be sporting!  That’s not the only thing he has to look forward to if he goes to prison. I don’t think, when this picture was taken, he realized his asshole might be stretched beyond the circumference of that Keystone Light can. I hear there’s a lot of elasticity in the anus but there’s bound to be some adverse reactions to Bubba’s Hotbeef injection. Perhaps it’ll be an irreversible condition where he doesn’t realize he’s shit himself until the turd falls out of his pants leg and he slips on it. What a shitty way to have to end up.

I hope the family and the community continue to apply pressure to the balls of the local police department and more charges follow. At the very least, they’ll hopefully see a change of faces who might take their duties seriously and who don’t have the propensity to lie.


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  1. Lazlo says:

    Bah! The Peoria paper has stopped posting DUI’s online as of 6/28. Can anyone verify this bit of news?


  2. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Today is “DNA” day!

    I looked in the Peoria paper from the weekend and couldn’t find anything. Even checked the Macomb Voice (McDonough County).

    I see Boyd and Robertson almost everyday traveling southbound to Rushville on Route 67, with the ridiculous “Redneck” (backwards like the ambulances used to do), laughing and carefree. Still makes me sick to my stomach!
    Maybe he should change his ‘sign’ to “Murderer”.


  3. thinkgoat says:

    How I wish they’d swab the inside of his asshole with a 4×4 just for shits and giggles.


  4. Karrie says:

    If he doesn’t/hasn’t provided DNA, can’t/won’t that lead to an arrest?? An additional obstruction charge??


  5. thinkgoat says:

    If the DNA was requested via the courts, and I do believe it was, he’d be facing more trouble if he didn’t comply.


  6. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Does anyone know what happened in court today?


  7. Karrie says:

    He gave up his DNA. I do know that. His lawyer tried to get another continuance but it was denied.


  8. punisher2 says:

    states att. said she does not want any continuances and wants the trial to start on oct 12th, so we will see what happens. She also knows she needs a lot of seating.


  9. Lazlo says:

    Thanks for the updates. Good to see movement.


  10. thinkgoat says:

    Right on.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Boyd relayed one ounce of truth to his attorney…or even if this idiot has started describing what occurred that evening.

    I’ve got to know, Punisher, did they swab his ass for extra DNA with a 4×4? That’s what I would have done…you never can have too much.


  11. interesting says:

    TG, I thought the swabbing his ass happens via a fellow inmate after he is sentenced and sent to the state pen.


  12. thinkgoat says:

    Well, the difference is: I don’t think he’d glean as much pleasure from the 4×4 as he will an erect dick. I could be wrong though.


  13. interesting says:

    TG, after going back and looking at his pics again, I think you’re probably right about the difference.


  14. mama1968 says:

    Did everyone enjoy the the t-shirts the Boyds, Robertson and the rest of their zoo crew were wearing at the mudsling Sunday?? “TEAM WANTED” LMAO should have said “TEAM FUCKING IDIOTS”.


  15. thinkgoat says:

    That’s a joke, right Mama? Because if it’s for real, I’m truly amazed not one person beat the bloody fuck out of them.

    I hate to admit I’m a little shocked they’re still acting as though the events that surround Ryan Jones’ death are something to be made light of, and they’re still not taking this seriously.


  16. Karrie says:

    Are you fucking kidding me?? Well I am really hoping that someone decides to design shirts for the trial.


  17. mama1968 says:

    No joke TG, he strutted by wearing his shirt, someone called him a FUCKING LITTLE CUNT, he went straight to the rent a cops and cried “their calling me names” boo fucking whoo. There’s several who wanted to drive a stake thru his sac but was reminded by friendly state boy, that it would be a felony for whoever started it. I would rather Bubba get the pleasure of yelling “Bend over Bitch!!”


  18. thinkgoat says:

    He seriously went to report that shit? LMFAO What in the hell does he expect? He’s damn lucky “names” were the only thing being thrown at him. But the sheer arrogance to make that sort of appearance is what is astounding to me. Had he been raised better, he’d be stuck at several jobs socking enough money away for his new bride and that baby on the way instead of pushing those responsibilities off on both his family and hers…and society. Because I’m sure, once he goes away and no money is coming in from his “job”, she’ll file for public assistance. Doesn’t that make you feel good? You’ll all be supporting this asswipe in prison AND supporting his wife and child.


  19. Karrie says:

    She probably still is using the public aid. Before she was evicted she didn’t have to pay for anything like most adults. Her rent wasn’t shit and she hardly paid anything for utilities. I hope one day when I get married I can live with my parents so I don’t have to worry about being responsible. HA!


  20. IDFC says:

    Ryan is so much of a vag that he had to have someone hold his hand and take him to the beer tent and to the bathroom. Just makes me sick seeing them walk around like nothing has even happen.


  21. punisher 2 says:

    I guess ill take credit for calling him a cunt. And he did call daddy and told him I said it. Never seen daddy come over though!


  22. crtial_rn says:

    It is extremely replusve that the little piece of shit still walks around thinking this is all some sort of a game. For his parents being “so upstanding and being foster parents” well it just goes to show how low this state has sunk. I would have been totally humiliated had my child who is under so much public scrunity been strutting around like he does. I can hardly control myself that the baby boy had to run to the po-pos because someone called him a name. His daddy should have pulled out!


  23. Karrie says:

    haha punisher! How did he know you were yelling at him?! Guilty conscience Id say!


  24. Lynn says:

    He had to stand behind the fence with his “crew” the whole time. Every time he left he had his pony tailed friend or the rent a cops to protect him! I couldn’t help but to laugh at him the whole night and was waiting for him to get his ass kicked! I hope that low life gets everything he can done towards him!! Robertson had a shity grin on the whole night, I just wanted to hit him cross the head to stop it and maybe get some since in there!


  25. 16yrvictim says:

    I hope someone has pictures of the “crew” in their t-shirts……I think the jury should see at his trial/sentencing how he and all his “crew” continue to show such a lack of remorse for the loss of Ryan Jones life.



  26. ryan k says:

    Sounds to me like there is still immature bullshit going on. You would think you would hold your heads high, and not sink to the nonsence of “name calling” … Be the bigger person, save it for court. He’s going to get whatever he gets, which isnt going to be good I am sure.. Therefore, why sink to the level of calling someone names at a fair, when your older then 12? … Sounds about as stupid as the shirts.


  27. thinkgoat says:

    Silly Ryan, you can’t yell fucking names out in court. If Punisher wants to yell names at the little cunt, I’m all for it. I think he’s done more than hold his head high…he serves as a model. A far lesser person would have yanked that pussy-faced jack-off out of his truck and beat the bloody piss out of him already.

    Can you even imagine losing a son to the hands of some arrogant fuck who thinks he’s untouchable? Can you imagine having to see him drive around drunk as hell whooping it up like nothing in the world can bother him? Can you imagine the pain and anguish knowing this fuckwad will get to know his children while your own grandchildren are deprived of their father? Can you imagine the heart-wrenching realization this puke actually sees the very children of the guy he watched die in a ditch?

    Yeah, if Punisher wants to call this cunt names, I’m all for it and I would never state he’s being a lesser person for doing so. Rock on, Punisher. I love it!


  28. Darling Violetta says:

    I’d pay for the chance to spit in this arrogant little prick’s eyes.

    “..TG, I thought the swabbing his ass happens via a fellow inmate after he is sentenced and sent to the state pen.”

    Oh my oh my.

    I’m afraid by the time his penfriends are finished spreading around a little love, his poor ass may be too gaping or swollen for that…. Alas, his mouth might just have to do.


  29. ryan k says:

    Save it for court, as… Save it for the court to punish him. You know what I mean? It’s obvious he’s not going to get away with this, he’s probably living it up now, because he can’t live it up later on, obviously and he knows that I am sure. He probably won’t get to see his own children grow up, only on visits… for the next what 15 years? … So why make a fuss over something that means nothing to him. I just say act like the adults that you are, and wait for him to get what he’s going to get. Then laugh in his face when they read him his sentence. Dont give him the gratification [sp?] of letting him know that he’s getting to you. Shrug it off, think of the good times, and then laugh when your sending him on his way. Thats all i am saying. I didnt mean any harm by what I said in no way.


  30. truth says:

    for those of you who weren’t there that night stop jumping to conclusions. boyd didn’t kill jones. and as for the whole no body called 911 before the girls got there, thats a load of bullshit. 911 was called and aid had been started before the cop got there. jones lost his palse before the cop showed up. please stop hating on boyd because he really didn’t do anything other then maybe driving drunk if that. i don’t believe he was the one driving.


  31. Lynn says:

    Now who are you? Were you there and how the hell do you think you know all this for a fact? I think you need to go hit your head a few more times and drink a little bit more!

    Who called 911 then if it was done prior? Who the hell was giving him aide, the girls who were playing with him and who rolled him? Murray said he did have a pulse when he arrived and soon lost it.
    You must be boyd’s friend and loaded full of shit! All he did was drive drunk? Really I think he did a lot more someone DIED you fucking moron!


  32. Karrie says:

    BAHA! That post by truth was sarcasm wasn’t it?! –People do not get charged with crimes unless there is EVIDENCE that supports the claims. 911 wasn’t called until Jamie Lane called. Calling your friends isn’t calling for help. And as Lynn asked, were you there?


  33. thinkgoat says:

    As a matter of fact, “truth” WAS there. 🙂

    Edit to add: Now really, I’d expect a “paramedic” to know the correct spelling of “pulse”. And in case you’re confused “truth”, you responding to the scene with Bigham after getting info from a phone call does not constitute a call to 911. Have you ever heard of “false representation”? You must be very careful claiming you’re something you’re not. Those of us who ARE trained really hate those playing like they are. A first responder, an EMT, is NOT a paramedic. Just sayin…


  34. Lynn says:

    Who is it TG? Must not hold back!


  35. thinkgoat says:

    I edited in a little information into my last post. It seems like Ms. Burlington IA has decided to make an appearance on our boards. The little chick who proclaimed to be a medic but allegedly rolled Mr Jones’ body over without anyone holding c-spine. Tsk Tsk. I hate when people lie about their credentials.


  36. punisher 2 says:

    Yeah callie girl is next on my list!!


  37. punisher 2 says:

    I like that ( TRUTH ) she wouldn’t know truth if it was staring at her! Look at the group she was with,that says it all.


  38. Lynn says:

    Every one of you that was out there that night and KNOWS what happened needs to have harsh punishment. If the law don’t do it I’m sure some of Jonesy’s friends will!! That’s a promise!


  39. Lazlo says:

    @Lynn and as a reminder – the post above comes perilously close to a threat, and threats are something that won’t be tolerated here. I appreciate the sentiment, and understand the frustrations, but can’t condone that type of posting. Keep it real, kids.


  40. Lynn says:

    Anger takes over sometimes! Don’t want to step on no ones toes! How about we will just have a tea party then!


  41. thinkgoat says:

    You didn’t step on anyone’s toes – I think Lazlo was probably looking out for YOU and definitely not the perp. We don’t want the “law” breathing down anyone’s neck who hasn’t done anything. Knowing this thread is closely monitored, all of us here want those of you close to the asshole (as in proximity, not relations) to play it smart –


  42. crtial_rn says:

    TG, like you, I dispise little people pretending to be something their not. Well, let me rephrase that. I think it IS cute when school children pretending to be doctors, nurses, paramedics, E.M.T.’s, First Responders and lawyers. When it is a grown adult pretending, why it reminds me of someone being, say a liar. Aat least that’s my take on the situaton. Just because learned about first aid in a mandatory safety video at work or school doesn’t qualify one to give themselves a title. That is unless the title they want to give themselves is witness or defendent. I think it is illegal to impersonate a medical professional. Hmmmm, TG, do you know if TRUTH is in more possible trouble other than being a moron? I haven’t looked at a law journal for a while.

    Punisher 2…………. live long and prosper!


  43. btowntruth says:

    There are few things that can make me speechless…..but “TEAM WANTED” is one of them.
    Boyd and Robertson are truly off-the-charts stupid.
    What the hell could make those clowns think that wearing THOSE shirts would be a good idea?
    And,you know,if folks were thinking they should have snapped a few photos of them in their cute little shirts.
    Could make quite the impression on a jury,especially in Boyds case.


  44. Lynn says:

    Today is Jonesy’s birthday please take a moment today to remember him if you knew him. If you didn’t know him take time to pray for justice!


  45. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    We cannot wish you a happy birthday, only pray that you are at peace and in a very wonderful place.

    Thoughts and prayers to your family and your children.


  46. Lazlo says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and all of Ryan’s friends. May there be justice.


  47. trinity says:

    May the Jones family and friends know you are in my thoughts tonight.


  48. truth says:

    just so you know yes i was there and i have been trained the same as a medic….c-spine was held… i dont know exactly what happened that night but i do know what happened after i got there and in a matter of minutes the cops showed up… i called robertson that night to find out if they were on their way home from btown and he told me that they were… then he hung up and when i called back he sounded scared that is when bigham and i drove out to where they were i had no idea what was going on and i hadnt been drinking… so if you plan on scaring me with your threats go ahead because i am just a small town girl stuck in the middle of a murder with no idea what really happened that night just the nightmares that followed it…


  49. Karrie says:

    Maybe now you will choose your friends a little more wisely..


  50. thinkgoat says:

    Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Nobody is “trained the same as a medic” who fucking isn’t a medic. And it takes years to become one – your age simply doesn’t allow for that expertise training. I don’t, for a minute, believe c-spine was held. If it was, you wouldn’t have been able to leave the scene until real medical practitioners arrived to put on a collar and take over. So what kind of “aid” was started before cops got there? Cops do not have the authority to usurp anyone with medical expertise if the scene is secure – meaning there was no threat of another being injured via vehicle, persons on scene, weapons, etc. That’s the only time cops can remove or keep medical personnel away. And if you were “trained the same as a medic” you would have known to provide the hospital, ambulance, coroner your documentation on what you observed and did on scene. Standard protocol, right? Fuck you – you wouldn’t know that because you’re full of shit.

    And interesting how your story has changed in two posts. Your first one you’re fawning all over Boyd, telling everyone to “stop jumping to conclusions” and that “Boyd didn’t kill Jones” yadda yadda yadda. Now you’re coming on here pleading for kindness stating you’re just a “small town girl stuck in the middle of a murder.” A murder. It’s not only fucking friends you need to choose a little more wisely but your words. You’re a typing contradiction.

    Why don’t you just tell the truth? Jesus Christ. You fucking kids are psycho. This has gone on way too long – too many lies have been told to this family – be the fucking decent one and tell the truth. Don’t exaggerate – it does no one any good. And for shit’s sake, read what you posted previously before you contradict yourself in another post.


  51. thinkgoat says:

    Another thing – did you flunk out of MEPS? What happened to this big military career/training gig?


  52. thinkgoat says:

    Sorry gang, I think I skeered her off. I really wanted those questions answered. Typical of that group though.


  53. Karrie says:

    Nice going TG! Now we will never know the truth.. hahaha


  54. thinkgoat says:

    I know. I need to go for a thump on the forehead instead of a full-out bitch slap.


  55. truth says:

    no you didnt scare me off and no i didnt flunk out of meps thank you very much… I was just saying that I honestly dont know what happened before I got there but with the history between Ryan and Robertson I just cant see boyd doing this thats all… sure I will admit that I got mixed up in the wrong crowd but I have a pretty clear idea of what happened that night and I will defend boyd all the way


  56. brody says:

    Wow I can’t believe you! No one who was there that night including yourself can be defended. How can you not see this none of you has any integrity whatsoever. Anyone who was there and didn’t immediately speak up about what they saw or did is in some part responsible for the final result. If Boyd is not guilty of driving and wrecking the truck he is still guilty of lying about events and trying to cover up that he was even there. Because of his pension for lying I personally find it hard to believe anything he has to say about it. You say you got in with the wrong crowd yet you still defend a member of that crowd and took this long to say anything about what happened that night. Doesn’t say much about you now does it.


  57. Lynn says:

    If your so innocent then why the hell don’t you go up and tell our wonderful sheriff what you saw and heard that night! Your profile says your a “caring person” you don’t seem that way to me! You make me sick for defending Boyd and knowing that you put your hands on Jones while he was suffering!


  58. thinkgoat says:

    Right on, Brody. Great points.

    I’d also like to address you, “truth”. (By the way, it kind of makes me want to puke when typing that word when referring to you)

    So what happened to your military career? Your expertise training? You know, the shit you gloated about receiving? And what exactly is “trained the same as a medic”? After all, you just graduated from high school last year, yes? If you didn’t fail with the first real step toward entering the military, what happened? Give up? Was it going to be too difficult?

    As Brody just pointed out and I did earlier, you’re a walking contradiction. You claim via your Facebook page, you’re not “weak at heart”. No, you’re weak of mind and spirit. You’re weak at morals and common decency.

    Quoting your last bunch of diarrhea, “but with the history between Ryan and Robertson, I just can’t see boyd doing this that’s all” Does that mean you’re pointing the finger at Robertson? Are you being a jilted lover? I know, I know, you’ve found your new love with Shane but come on, you were thrown out like a cum-stained rag. You’re bound to have hard feelings. But do yourself a favor, get your fucking head on straight. Start by posting something that’s true.


  59. thinkgoat says:

    Does anyone have the arrest/court information on your fine upstanding citizen, Robertson? I hear he’s so torn up over the death of Ryan Jones that he’s continuing to drink and drive. Only this time he got caught.


  60. Lynn says:

    He (Robertson) got in trouble again! You would think he would learn!


  61. Karrie says:

    Or you think they would just send his ass to prison. Jones wasn’t in half the trouble Bryan has been in and he went to prison.


  62. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    DRIVER CHARGED AFTER ACCIDENT – Rushville City Police charged Bryan Robertson, 25, of 126 E Madison St., Rushville with three violations following an incident near his home on Aug 18.
    According to the police report, Robertson allegedly drove a vehicle owned by Adam Phillips from Robertson’s driveway at approximately 2:35 am. He allegedly drove off the road on Avenue A and the vehicle became stuck.
    As he was trying to move the vehicle, he allegedly struck and damaged a utility pole.
    Robertson was charged with criminal trespass to a motor vehicle, criminal damage to property over $300 and driving while license revoked. The Rushville Times Aug 25, 2010


  63. Brody says:

    Robertson has been trouble for a long time but hell when your parents let u have all your friends come over and they buy the alcohol what do u expect. They just enabled him they let him run since he was little with no consequences. He couldnt even make it in the military. I don’t know if they kicked him out or what but i was told he went AWOL for awhile. Now that is a stand up citizen right there sign a contract then wuss out.


  64. Lynn says:

    Rumor has it the date of court has changed for Boyd for Oct to Feb?!? Please tell me that’s a lie!!!!


  65. Lynn says:

    That poor baby they created will probably be born drunk! She can’t seem to lay off the “wine”! DCFS should yank it the day its born!!


  66. ryan says:

    wine isnt bad for you if it’s one glass a day when your pregnant. it’s in all the baby books. my girlfriend read that to me and i thought it was crazy, but it’s in the book.


  67. Rushville Native says:

    Key word in last comment is “thought.”

    That’s the problem – you didn’t think or this whole mess wouldn’t have happened.


  68. thinkgoat says:

    The thing about it Ryan, wine, in moderation, may not be bad for a fetus. It also depends on the kind of wine. I doubt very seriously “momma” is sophisticated enough to graduate from Boone’s Farm or MadDog 20/20.

    There are all kinds of things written in books. When it comes to a developing baby, why take a chance? Is it impossible to lay off alcohol for 9 months?


  69. critkal_rn says:

    As a nurse, I would like to throw my hat in the ring on this one. TG is correct, there are many,many things written in books. Do you believe everything that is in print? Pregnant mothers should not drink alcohol unless you wanted to bring a child into the world with fetal alcohol syndrome. Seen it, quite disturbing although not as disturbing as a Crack, coke, Heroin, or Meth baby.

    Alcohol permeates the placenta with no problems. So whatever alcohol the mom drinks, the baby gets the same amount of alcohol. Not diluted, not filtered, same amount. So that would be like your kid sitting on the barstool next to you chugging on a bottle of brewsky. Alcohol is qite dangerous to the fetal development, especially during the first and third trimester when the fetal brain development is at its highest. Not only does it destroy brain cells, it can also cause facial birth defects as well as low birth weight. These children are very obvious when born and then the mother runs the risk of losing said child and can be charged with child abuse and a variety of other charges if the docs/nurses choose to turn the mothers ass into DCFS. So why take a chance on a life, just put the bottle down for 9 months. It shouldn’t be a difficult decision.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  70. disgusted says:

    I cannot believe you all would start accusing Shaylee of drinking while she’s pregnant. If any of you could get your head out of your ass for one moment and stop trying to pick at things about her, you would see how excited she and Ryan are to have a child. Ryan may have done wrong, that may be true, but he has every right as everyone else in this world to have a child with someone. I can say first hand that Shaylee Boyd has had not a SIP of alcohol since she has found out she was pregnant. It’s so bad that she doesn’t even like to drink soda because of the caffeine hurting the baby. This has nothing to do with ******, or *****, or Shaylee. Look at you all being grown ups making accusationg on an UNBORN BABY. What has happened to your heads? This is about a wreck, an accident.. This isn’t about CHILDREN. You all point fingers of how sick Ryan and Shaylee are.. but already making accusations and saying she shouldn’t have her child.. is DISGUSTING. I can think of NUMEROUS mothers right here in Good Ol’ Rushville, IL that shouldn’t have their children… can’t we all? Young mothers make mistakes. She learned from her mistakes with ****. If you are a mother and you look back, I can almost guarantee you can think of things that you should have done differently, but you learned from those mistakes. Look into your hearts before you start talking about an unborn child, please. This isn’t about ****, it’s about your thoughts on Ryan Boyd.. leave the baby out of it.


  71. thinkgoat says:

    I think it’s tacky to come onto this forum pleading for people to get their head out of their asses while the ones you’re claiming “learned from their mistakes” continue making poor ones.

    Drinking and driving = poor decision and illegal.
    Not telling the truth = poor decision
    Taunting family and friends of Jones = poor decision
    ***the list is vast

    I don’t believe this female is a candidate for egg donor of the year nor do I find it plausible a drop of alcohol has not touched her lips since the exciting news. People are concerned for any child being brought into the world who may have shitty parents. That’s what this site is about. Exposing it. Plus, they’re sick to death of Boyd’s arrogant attitude and the fact he’s gotten away with murder ( figure of speech? ) for most of his life.


  72. disgusted says:

    Believe what you may, but I have been there for the entire pregnancy.. and I can confirm there has been no alcohol on her lips.

    I think there are many children brought into this world with shitty parents. I believe Shaylee has learned from her mistakes as being a mother.. I do not mean the mistakes that you listed above.

    Everyone is guilty of drinking and driving. I happen to know of some people very close in this investigation that were drinking and driving just a few nights ago. It’s not ok, but you can’t preach something that you don’t believe in.

    I’m not here to fight about this case, thinkgoat. I have no interest. I’m just tackily voicing my opinion on harrassing an unborn child. That’s all.


  73. thinkgoat says:

    I can agree with you on this issue, the child is innocent. Completely. Shaylee, I’m not convinced.

    I’m going through your post and editing out the children’s names – I’ve done it throughout this thread. I agree with Shaylee’s mom, they don’t belong here.

    Regardless of if we agree or not, you are welcome to share your thoughts. Always remember, sometimes fierce debate takes place here.


  74. Rushville Native says:

    Hey Disgusted,
    What do you mean by “everyone is guilty of drinking and driving?” That is a very ignorant comment to throw out there! Speak for yourself and your friends and family.


  75. Brody says:

    As Rushville Native said speak for yourself, I will say that I (when younger and dumber) drove drunk. Can’t say this was one of my proudest moments. I do however know for a fact that had something bad happened I would have stood up admitted what I had done wrong and sure as hell wouldn’t have worried about my ass if my friend or anyone else for that matter was laying there dying. This is what DISGUSTS me the most. And yes I do believe that it is our place to be concerned for this baby cuz if Mr. Boyd goes to jail it will probably be our tax dollars that take care of this mother and her child.


  76. ryan says:

    Not telling the truth = poor decision

    Just curious what is the TRUTH on this story, because a few months ago. The truth was coming out from Punisher2. The truth was found in cell phone logs… The state police WAS doing something. From what I’ve seen and heard… No one has done anything. So are the state police just as fishy as the Rushville police? Curious because the state is letting this county get away with this stuff. It’s been close to a year or over a year correct?

    Also having family members in the Rushville/Mt Sterling area, I was curious to know… This Bigham girl was attacked when this all happend. Fingers we’re pointed, and now she is friends with all these people that talked so much stuff about her. How does this girl just disappear out of topic? Because she is no longer with the boyfriend, it makes her innocent? Now the new girlfriend is attacked. She didnt kill anyone [yet]. Focus on the real story. whatever you all think that may be.

    Punisher2- you’ve been silent for a while… whats the story, the news? Months ago you said this would all be over with, you had all the evidence and these 3 people would be locked up? ….


  77. thinkgoat says:

    Who knows what the truth is – not a single person has been able to open their mouth without some absurd fabrication exploding out of the gaping hole. Either that, or they remain completely silent and haven’t given the Jones family one answer about just HOW their son died.

    There was no coroner’s inquest, no “crime scene” photos, the scene completely cleaned up thus making it impossible for any kind of analyzing by someone who didn’t have a vested interested in keeping things “hush hush” and sending the stupid drunk kids home. Obviously the State did what job they could: there was enough evidence overlooked by the fuck-ups to land Boyd a Grand Jury indictment.

    I’d venture to guess you’ve not only family and friends from the Rushville area, you’ve more than likely spent a great deal of time there as well. Probably even lived (or live) there yourself. Is it so hard for you to accept the fact that those who’ve welcomed the Bigham girl back into their fold don’t have the attention span of a gnat? No offense, really. It happens everywhere and it happens a lot. So I’ll have to agree with you there, Ryan. I can’t imagine people think she’s entirely innocent now, but it does seems as though she escaped with only herself left to continue any harm to her rep. But when it comes to the girlfriend now wife/expectant momma, she deserves some major shit too. What kind of insecure person seeks refuge with someone known to have a propensity for drinking and driving and doing horrendous things? What kind of person knowingly places their child in a situation that is unstable AT BEST and thinks it’s okay? These are all things, no matter how long I’ve been featuring fuckheads, I just cannot seem to find answers to.

    This situation, (the pretrial and trial itself) are completely out of Punisher’s hands. The case and its outcome are reliant on the State’s Attorney from Schuyler County, the defense attorney, and the jury. While it took an unnatural amount of time for them to indict and arraign Boyd, the length of time it’s taken to actually go to trial isn’t unnatural. The defense can prolong that hearing – it’s their right. It’s not the family that’s entitled to a fair and speedy trial – that “right” is given to the asshats and in this case, the asshat is wanting it to drag out. Maybe so his mongo-preggy wife can waddle into court and gleen some kind of pity. Who knows.

    The Jones family has been lied to from the very beginning and I’m not confident they’re receiving the “truth” from those who’re to be working for them now. I wish this whole thing would have been over with for the family but unfortunately, it’s not up to them and the “local” State authorities (not the State Police) seem to be complacent and as detached to the law as the local police department.

    Next time you want to come out and be sly about your snippiness, think things through a little better. I don’t think the Jones family has taken the Bigham girl under their wing, the trial dates aren’t set by them, and the new wife deserves as much derision thrown her way for being stupid and knowingly placing her child in a harmful situation. (mentally and/or physically)


  78. Karrie says:

    Some people started being friends with Carly again because they have no mind of their own and only hated her because they were told too. It’s pathetic really.

    As for talking about Shaylee’s unborn baby. I find it VERY irresponsible to be having kids when you are possibly about to be sent to prison. Why on earth would anyone want their child to grow up not being able to touch their son/daughter, not be able to hold them, kiss them, play with them..?? But this is just one of the MANY irresponsible choices made by the fugly Mr. & Mrs.


  79. Lynn says:

    Ok I just read all this and I’m disgusted “disgusted”! Well first you must be blind because her best friend and another friend were at an apt where she told them she has been drinking wine and that she found it addicting. Something I’ve personally seen that you say she wouldn’t do is drink soda while pregnant. Are you seriously trying to wipe her ass clean? I find a mom who instead giving there child formula gives them soda to be unfit; daily not just a ONE time thing! She has learned one thing that having Carly jumping on her belly doesn’t 100% work on aborting a child she doesn’t want!

    Anyways I could go on ALL day!! Does anyone know if date has been moved? Boyd and fam were all seen going into court house friday I believe it was.


  80. athena says:

    I have an idea…GROW THE FUCK UP! Who gives a shit about what he said/she said…this is NOT about a pregnant woman drinking a fucking pepsi here and there. And for the record, it’s not harmful to the baby to have a glass of red wine here and there…This case is about Ryan Jones being remembered and about Ryan Boyd and all the others involved in covering everything up getting what they deserve. Do you think that Jones would be happy to see you all talking about people this way? I’m pretty sure all he would want is for you all to just shut the fuck up with the petty shit, realize what exactly did go on that night, punish the ones who are guilty and let the others try to live a normal life.


  81. 16yrvictim says:

    Until they tell the truth and they know whose guilty, they shouldn’t be entitled to a normal life – The Jones family can’t. Ever.


  82. thinkgoat says:

    I agree. No one on scene when the incident happened, or after has told the truth. Not one. Mrs. Team Outlaw knowingly placed her son in a potential harmful situation, knowing her asshat hubby had the propensity to watch someone die while not calling 911 but rather, his girlfriend. Mrs. Team Outlaw put herself on our radar when she exclaimed she was famous. We shame those kinds of people on this site.

    Drinking while pregnant: The fact of the matter is that no level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy has proven to be 100% safe. For that reason alone you should avoid alcohol during pregnancy. And as I stated in a previous post, someone who’d thumb law and order in the eye more than likely doesn’t possess the palate for a glass of red wine – unless it has a screw-top.


  83. shelly says:

    Seriously? Grow the fuck up? I don’t know who the hell you think you are but there is a family that has had their noses rubbed in the fact that their son was left to die on the side of the road like a pittiful animal, no one to help him or tell them his last words, The bitch you feel the need to defend thinking its funny, well sweetheart nothing about this is funny! Shaylee put herself in the middle of this mess, laughing and being a smartass, as far as a glass of red whine hurting a pregnant woman, look how shaylee turned out, im pretty sure Ica had a drink or two when she was pregnant and look how that turned out! How exactly do you think the Jones family will ever hear the truth? Ryan cant tall them and sure as hell no one who was there that night is going to actually step up and do the right thing and tell the truth, fuck, none of them know what telling the truth is. Do I think Jones would be happy about us all talking about people this way? I couldnt tell you what Jones would think, I never knew him, but most people would be happy to know that there are people out there willing to fight for the truth, regardless of whos feelings get hurt. Back to Shaylee, she and Ica went back and forth on facebook about this being funny and to get over it, she deserves every bit of the talk she is getting, actually she is getting what she wants…being famous. So sit back, have another drink and get ready, this is no where near over!


  84. athena says:

    Yes, Shelly, I understand where you’re coming from. However, I was in no way, shape, or form defending anyone who does not deserve it. All I am saying is that this post has turned into nothing but he said/she said and so and so having a problem with this person and that person. I understand EXACTLY what the Jones family is going through…I keep up on what’s going on for the simple fact that he was my cousin. And you’re right, the family will never know the truth because Boyd thinks that he’s untouchable and nothing will come out of it and he can just lie his way through life. I feel sorry for Jones’s mom and dad, having to guess and let their wondering minds tell them what happened to their son when there are people who know the truth and aren’t willing to come clean because they’re afraid of going to prison. They are cowards.


  85. 16yrvictim says:

    I enjoy reading your articles and I am sorry for the loss of your cousin, but I must say that you’re wrong on this one.

    One of my biggest regrets is that I listened to those that told me to move on, just give it up, it’s better left alone, get on with your life, blah, blah, blah. Instead, I should have screamed louder, stomped my feet harder, and gotten in peoples’ faces a HELL of lot more and much sooner. Almost 17 years later, my family is FINALLY having things looked into and followed up on that should have been done back then. No, the more people talk about this, demand answers and accountability from those that were at the scene and in positions of authority, and yes, even shame them if need be……the better. I imagine that the Jones’ family has been advised to “refrain” from posting anything on the net that might affect the upcoming legal proceedings – but that doesn’t mean that we should all just let it go. I know that I will do whatever I can to help them avoid what mine has endured and learn the truth of that night much quicker. The others at the scene that night (and their families) need to put themselves in the Jones’ shoes and realize that it could have been them or their child laying in a ditch, waiting for help, at these peoples’ mercy, and think about what their life would be like……….and do the right thing.

    And Shaylee, she should thank her lucky stars that she lives in IL and not MO. We just passed a law here that states life begins at conception………she could be charged with child endangerment, child abuse, and delinquency of a minor if she were drinking here without a doctors authorization that states she has a medical condition like blood pressure problems or anemia, that her Dr thinks it would help. And even then, her BAC shouldn’t exceed .001, according to a MHP friend of mine. And they would use it, by going after her to get to Boyd.

    One more thing – Boyd wants a change of venue?? Does his lawyer think that this shit won’t still stink outside of Schuyler?? Please………let them have it. I truly believe any jury that hears a cops son was given a ride back to a party after being involved in an accident resulting in a death, that he used his “phoned-a-friend” before 911, or any of the other bullshit that went on that night will give him what he deserves, and then some. Even more than a local jury would. Worked out well for Grandma Skinner didn’t it?


  86. Lynn says:

    The anniversary is tonight/early morning and I hope that Boyd and everyone out there has to worst nightmares and has to replay that night in their heads over and over and over. Maybe it will taking them to the breaking point and they will tell. (Only a wish).
    Other than that I just want say I miss Jonesy everyday and for those of you who didn’t know him don’t put words in his mouth of what he would have done or liked. He would have been doing the same thing if it was his family/friend who died! He was a very loyal friend and would have done everything for them!
    RIP Ryan Lee Jones “Sun never sets on cool”


  87. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    I cannot pretend to understand what M/M Jones and his fiance and chilren, family, must be thinking or feeling tonight or what they possibly might feel/do tomorrow. I plan to walk over to the little, old beautiful Littleton cemetery tomorrow when no one is there to pay my respects to Ryan. Please know that a whole lot of people know tomorrow’s ‘anniversary’ and feel sadness and pain. The upcoming trial is on Oct 12th, so please rest assured Jones family, friends and loved ones, that alot of people are praying for justice and answers and not one of us will forget the truth and Ryan.
    The truth has to come out. I pray that you are in a far better place than Schuyler County, Ryan. I worry constantly about my own son and what could happen any time. My prayers are with you Jones family.


  88. Lynn says:

    It was moved to February


  89. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Boyd and family were seen entering the Schuyler county Courthouse on Friday, Sept 17. Apparently his attorney is wanting a ‘change of venue’ and some of the charges dropped.

    The judge who was to hear the trial is retiring and so someone else has to be chosen, that is why it has been postponed.

    Will post more when we hear more.

    Ryan Jones, rest in peace.


  90. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    I meant to post this before last Sunday and I forgot.

    July 16, 1987 – October 3, 2009

    Many things go through our minds, hearts and souls. We ask ourselves often, “Why did this happen, Who did this to him? Does he know how much we miss him and still grieve for him? What would Ryan say to us if he could?”

    Someday we will find out who did this to you, Ryan. It might not be until we see you again or by some fate or someone with a conscience, but always know we miss you and love you with all of our hearts. Not a day goes by that we don’t shed tears – whether it is a memory, or the sadness of missing you.

    We miss you, Ry, and love you even more.
    Grandpa Norman and Grandma Joan Cox

    The Rushville Times, Sep 29, 2010


    In Loving Memory of
    Ryan Lee Jones
    July 16, 1987 – Oct 3, 2009

    We thought of you today, but that is nothing new,
    We thought about you yesterday and days before that, too.
    We think of you in silence, we often speak your name,
    Now all we have are memories and your picture in a frame.
    The pain in my heart will never leave, no one knows how I feel,
    Trying to live without you is so unreal.
    It hurts so much I want to scream
    I want to cry, I want to die, I always ask God why.
    People don’t ask, they don’t dare.
    Life goes on for them
    But for us you’re truly not gone.
    Ryan, no one can ever take your place.

    Sadly missed and forever loved,
    Mom & Dad – Kathy & Rick Jones,
    all of the family and friends


    Justice must be served. We ask ourselves why this had to happen to this young man – what really did happen? Why was the scene compromised. The first Law Enforcement on the scene is a trained EMT but still this young man died and everyone got to leave without being sequestered and questioned. Why isn’t the Schuyler County sheriff’s department being investigated? Why wasn’t protocol used down the line? Will this keep happening to more of our citizens?


  91. punisher2 says:

    Hearing was today on dropping some of the charges. Boyd’s lawyer ( like always ) made an ass of hisself and the judge denied all motions to have any of the charges dropped. Dec. 17, i think is when the next hearing is to discuss moving the trial. Don’t see that happening but it don’t matter the state has a pretty strong case.


  92. punisher2 says:

    I see a lot of talk on Shaylee drinking. I have one question. Why did she loose her license? She get caught or took the blame for her hubby? I know she has said it was from 2 years ago but it don’t take that long to pull your license. Usually about 3 months.


  93. thinkgoat says:

    Hey Punisher, the court info is great news. Thank you for popping in and giving us the update.


  94. thinkgoat says:

    This comment has been moved to “Off Topic“. I’m hoping “mommy dearest” comes to play with me. 😆


  95. Karrie Matthews says:

    Does that really surprise anyone??!!


  96. olderoftwo says:

    I’ll bet that punk fuck is having someone post this bullshit for him , hoping someone will raise hell & be made a fool of.


  97. EARL says:

    this may be old news but i also served time in Rushville for drinking….Donnie let me and another kid do whateve we wanted. AT least in this kids case they arent lettin him in the evidence room like they did us! I had unlimited axcess to every drug ever confiscated in schuyler county. I was allowed to walk around that jail high and drunk on a daily basis for six fucking months. Not because Donnie dumb fuck liked me, but because he wanted me and this other kid to behave while we were there! This town is fucked, WHY ARE THEY STILL HOLDING BADGES? WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING INVESTIGATED? Ryan Jones didnt deserve too be killed like this and his family, wonderful people, dont deserve what they will go through for the rest of their lives…..the police , boyd, robertson,carly, jamie all deserve the needle, lethal injection or the chair i would happily pay my taxes for this cause. Nothing anyone says suprises me when it comes too that jail and those people.

    R.I.P. Jonezy


  98. thinkgoat says:

    Whether this worm is actually granted access to the internet or having someone post for him – I sure hope the jailers and “dispatcher”, along with the sheriff enjoy his sentiments about them. Should prove to be a longer 15 days in jail. Some chick is claiming to “have his back” – she’s an old broad of 46 – she should know how to act like an adult rather than get this punk into more hot water.


  99. at33 says:

    i remember driving by that jail ALWAYS seeing earl little outside smoking too. lol … people LOVE going to schuyler county. It’s really NOT a jail.. What qualifications do you have to have to run for a sheriff?


  100. thinkgoat says:

    Ryan Boyd’s motion for a change of venue was denied. The trial will remain in Schuyler County.

    Poor fuckhead – all of their motions have been denied thus far.



  101. Nosey says:

    Far fucking out! I sure hope I get to be a juror, since I don’t know either of them. And of course I don’t have an opinion, I would have to hear both sides. And I do believe the state will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Just sayin…


  102. thinkgoat says:

    Uh, yeah. That’s generally how it works. Just sayin…


  103. interesting says:

    Sounds like Nosey would be a biased juror despite claiming not have an opinion. Just Sayin’


  104. Nosey says:

    Biased? Well it isn’t like stranger things hasn’t happened here. I’m just glad I am a registered voter, my name may be called.


  105. Nosey says:

    P.S. Merry Christmas all to all, well to most.


  106. thinkgoat says:

    Due to a continuance, Ryan Boyd’s trial will start June 13th. I honestly don’t know how the Jones family has continued to have to face Boyd and his infinite arrogance all these times in court without him paying for his crimes…yet.

    His attorney fought to have the charges dropped. They were not. His attorney fought for a change of venue. It was not moved. Let’s hope the momentum against him only increases from here on out.


  107. Karrie says:

    Are you friggin kidding me??? Wtf Why was it continued??

    Btw, Boyd had a little girl.


  108. JOHN FUCKYOU says:



  109. thinkgoat says:

    And allow someone standing trial for manslaughter to just go free? Suuuure. That’s the same kind of mentality that we found from a used car salesman who actually committed murder and was just charged in that same area. Whew, it’s a good fucking thing we don’t have an abundance of used car salesmen on our front page. Those people are mental. 😉


  110. john fuckoff says:



  111. thinkgoat says:

    Well, I’m willing to bet it’s a bit more popular than you. By the way, do you have cars in green that aren’t a piece of shit?

    One more thing, most people start their sentence with a capital letter and the rest in small caps. It’s nice to know you’re consistently a backward fuck.


  112. Not alone in Schuyler County anymore says:

    What is with people? Remember what they say about people who rant and rave and swear constantly – because they aren’t intelligent enough to verbalize in English. This jf**off clearly is stupid and hasn’t read any of this story, Susan Bonser’s murder and the Sheriff’s sexually explicit remarks.
    If you don’t have anything intelligent to say or questions of relevance, then go to another site.
    We, the people that check the stories for updates are checking and inputing because we care and want justice for all – victims, families, and the citizens of Schuyler County, Illinois.
    They need to go watch TV for important, mind stimulating shows like Bad Girls or Jersey Shore.


  113. thinkgoat says:

    @ Among Friends (your new nickname, Not Alone) – I swear constantly – he just gives those of us who swear proficiently, a bad name. 😉


  114. 17yrsurvivor says:

    JohnFuckyou/Fuckoff (whichever – I don’t care. Just pick one)

    If I read correctly, you’re definitely not improving my impression of car salesmen.
    Please stop.

    The only “bashing” going on here is the article on critter bashing a few pages back. Any arrests made on that yet?? Didn’t think so. I bet they are just waiting on some new technology to solve that one, too. Oh wait – isn’t there evidence of pictures and people talking about it on Facebook?? Yah, that’s right – the sheriff doesn’t know how to use Facebook. At least the way he should use it.

    Information is a very powerful weapon. You don’t get it from the local media…they just regurgitate whatever the SA or LE tells them to print, no questions asked. So, people are starting to look elsewhere.

    Welcome to the 21st century, asshole.


  115. Among Friends says:

    No offense, indeed, TG. I swear all of the time, not in public and/or in writing, mostly.
    Good to see 17yr survivor posting! You and yours are always in my thoughts. I saw a beautiful picture of Susan in the 1976 Rushville Echo just 2 days ago – she looked so pretty, confidant and happy sitting on a horse! I wish I could’ve met her but she wasn’t here in 1999 when I moved here. We could’ve been good friends.
    People that are saying TG is just looking “to start trouble” or is F***ng things up have not read Susan’s story, or Ryan’s story or even those poor horses in Greene county’s story but they want to BURST out w/expletives and inuendos (sp) that are so obnoxious and stupid!
    I’ve heard alot of opinions and most are FOR Crimecrawlers and their never ending quest for the truth and the exposure that they are capable/smart enough to investigate and pursue.
    What does Ron White famously say? ‘YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID’
    Crime Crawlers does more investigating than many news sources. I have personally witnessed a press release or 100 with facts given to the news media and they pick what they want to really say and they FUDGE all of the details to their sometimes inept reporters and thus you get the partial truth. I am so happy to be a friend of crimecrawlers. As their disclaimer says “we’ll stick in your craw”!


  116. Amber says:

    Can we get a like button?! LOL


  117. thinkgoat says:

    Johnnyfuckoff’s comments are going straight to the spam queue but I thought I’d share this one line for a great laugh:

    Glad to know a foul mouth cunt such as yourself can take great pride in such a selfish endeavor as wasting time ranting about something that is being handled by higher ups. — Johnnydumbfuck

    Don’t you love it? Everyone go back inside – things are being handled by the higher ups. 😆

    And Friend, thank you. We’re happy you’re here.

    Edit to add: 17 – he’s really not a used car salesman – he doesn’t exhibit that much intelligence. He’s working UP to that though. I think he’s more of a “squirt the water at the car, rub the car with soap” kind of person.


  118. 17yrsurvivor says:

    You mean like wax on, wax off? Now the how dare you/just grow up but go fuck with other people makes sense.

    It’s always nice to make a new friend, Friend. Thank you for the reminder of happier memories….there are many.

    I’ve been keeping my fingers still, but for Fyou/Off to just dump on this page because they’re all “butthurt” was beyond my restraint. Someone is scared shitless. Hopefully this trial will be more widely followed now, and it will be interesting what information comes out during the proceedings and how it will be used to judge the job performance of local authorities. Higher ups, yes, with pressure from the community. Keep it up imo.


  119. thinkgoat says:

    I don’t think he’s quite to the “wax on, wax off” level yet. I think it’s more of a “squeeze the lever and spray the water ON the car” mastery he’s after. It’s okay, we’ve learned not to expect much from the Boyd supporters.


  120. Among Friends says:

    The trial has officially been postponed due to the defense team handing the prosecutor a couple of hundred pages to be reviewed just this week. The trial was to start 13June11, now it is not going to happen until October. Right around the date of Ryan Jones’ death, two years later. Hang in there, Kathy and Rick. You are not forgotten.


  121. Space Pope says:

    I was wondering the name of the attorney for the accused if anybody has that (local ?), and also wanted to ask if I understand correctly that ISP came in and did the right thing ? If they did then good for them, I owe it to them to give credit where credit is due.

    I hope they did, it would be nice to have a good feeling toward them for a change.


  122. Space Pope says:

    I am also interested in learning if there is a loophole in coroner law that allows them to skip an inquest of accidental death, or if it is only a lack of public outcry when it happens that allows it to go on. No question about it, skipping an inquest would be a critical element in covering up police misconduct.


  123. brody says:

    trial starts tomorrow!!! Hopefully it goes through to the end this time! I am sick of seeing them postpone it.


  124. Among Friends says:

    The trial has been postponed again! Due to paperwork, again! And the State’s Attorney is running in 2012 for another 4 years!!!!!!!! Postponed until February 2012. R u kidding me?????


  125. El Lane says:

    The State’s attorney has no power concerning this postponement. Largely, it is due to technicalities with the legal system. For many, this is an inconvenience, but the flawed judicial system is to blame.


  126. thinkgoat says:

    They’ve had two motherfucking years to get their shit in order. Two fucking years. Damn that little corner of hell.


  127. shelly says:

    I am so disgusted with the legal system! Ryan Jones was left to die like an animal and these pricks can’t do anything about it?! Bullshit! Ryan Boyd is(still) walking around like he is king of the mountain and untouchable, I keep hoping KARMA will give him a taste of his own medicine, just not happening soon enough for me.


  128. Among Friends says:

    El Lane: The State’s attorney has no power concerning this postponement. Largely, it is due to technicalities with the legal system. For many, this is an inconvenience, but the flawed judicial system is to blame.

    According to the Journal Courier, dtd 12Oct11, “The trial was continued until February, however, at the request of State’s Attorney Teena M Griffin and over the objections of Boyd and his attorney, John B Leonard.”

    It is really devastating for those of us who care about Ryan Jones and his family. As TG said, it’s been 2 years as of 3Oct11. There is no justice in Schuyler County.


  129. cockroaches do scurry when you turn on the lights don’t they? great work TG 🙂


  130. Among Friends says:

    Journal Courier
    Trial against Rushville man continued
    October 12, 2011 6:00 AM

    A reckless homicide charge has been dismissed against a Rushville man and his trial on other charges stemming from a fatal traffic accident two years ago in rural Schuyler County put on hold until next year.

    The trial of Ryan S. Boyd, 23, on charges of felony aggravated driving under the influence, misdemeanor failure to render aid and three counts of felony obstructing justice was slated to get under way Tuesday with the selection of a jury.

    The trial was continued until February, however, at the request of State’s Attorney Teena M. Griffin and over the objections of Boyd and his attorney, John B. Leonard.

    Leonard filed a motion Tuesday asking the court to amend the felony aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol charge to misdemeanor driving under the influence.

    “One of the essential elements of the aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol charge was missing — the essential element that the defendant’s driving under influence of alcohol was a proximate cause of the death,” Leonard said. “Because it was not included, the charge filed was actually a misdemeanor and not a felony.”

    The aggravated driving under the influence charge filed by Griffin accused Boyd of driving while he was under the influence of alcohol “and while operating the Ford pickup truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in injury to and the death of his passenger, Ryan Jones.”

    The distinction, with the charge as it is currently written, is the accident is what killed Jones and not his client’s alleged driving while intoxicated, Leonard said.

    Griffin could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

    Jones, 22, of Rushville was pronounced dead at Culbertson Memorial Hospital in Rushville after he was found with injuries at the site where a Ford pickup truck crashed on Lower Beardstown Road near White Oak Road about 2:45 a.m. Oct. 3, 2009.

    Judge Chet W. Vahle agreed that the aggravated driving under the influence charge needed to be amended and “we wanted to proceed to trial on the amended driving under the influence and other charges,” Leonard said.

    Griffin then asked for a continuance so she could file a new aggravated DUI charge. “We objected to the continuance, but the judge granted it,” Leonard said.

    Boyd was accused of obstructing justice by telling Sheriff Don Schieferdecker he was not driving or in the truck and that he got to the scene of the fatal crash by riding with Jamie Lane in her Jeep. Boyd also was accused of failing to seek medical assistance for Jones when it was apparent such treatment was necessary.

    The accident was turned over to Illinois State Police at the request of the victim’s father, Rick Jones, and because Boyd’s father was a Rushville city police officer and part-time Schuyler County deputy.

    A Schuyler County grand jury indicted Boyd on March 30, 2010, on the five charges and a count of reckless homicide.

    The reckless homicide charge was dismissed last month at the request of the state’s attorney.

    A public act that went into effect in July 2003 recharacterized the conduct that had been reckless homicide while under the influence of alcohol as aggravated driving under the influence, Griffin contended.

    “Consequently, aggravated driving under the influence … is now the appropriate charge when someone drives under the influence of alcohol and is involved in a motor vehicle accident that results in the death of another person,” Griffin stated.

    Also last month Judge Vahle refused to reconsider an earlier decision to deny Boyd’s motion to dismiss the indictment or, alternatively, suppress the use by the state of evidence obtained from the truck.

    Leonard argued that evidence from the truck should not be presented at trial because Illinois State Police allowed the wrecked vehicle to be released and subsequently destroyed, thus depriving Boyd of his rights to due process of law and to a fair trial under federal and state constitutions.

    The truck was never taken into evidence although it remained under defacto control of the state police during the evidence collection process, according to court documents.

    It was being stored by state police, but was released to the truck’s owner, Ethan Jordan, or his insurance carrier and taken to a salvage yard in Missouri where it was destroyed less than a month after the accident and five months before Boyd was charged.

    A law put into effect in 2001 requires any police agency or its agents to preserve forensic evidence in certain sex and homicide offenses, including reckless homicide.

    A person who intentionally fails to comply with preserving any item that is reasonably expected to contain forensic evidence until at least after the trial or a determination that no charges will be brought is guilty of a felony.

    With the dismissal of the reckless homicide count by the state (the law) does not apply to the remaining charges in the indictment “and the issues raised under it are moot,” the judge ruled.

    “Here, no potential defendant was readily identifiable … and no prosecution was pending or, so far is known, contemplated at the time the vehicle was released,” Vahle stated. “Under these circumstances it would not be reasonable to require the police to retain the truck on the possibility that there would be a later prosecution.”

    Master Sgt. Brian Anderson, a state police accident reconstruction officer, testified during a motion hearing that his agency’s policy in handling evidence in such death cases is to secure the vehicle at a facility, process it for evidence and then either store or release it. Anderson testified that in more than 20 accident investigation cases in which he took part the vehicle was never logged into evidence.

    The judge noted the vehicle was released because there was no further use for it after three state police officers specializing in evidence and accident reconstruction had examined and photographed the truck and collected evidence from it, not knowing whether there would be a prosecution of this or any other defendant for a crime.

    The judge said there was no showing that the truck was reasonably likely to contain additional forensic evidence other than that gathered by the specialists who had examined the vehicle.

    Leonard asked the court to impose sanctions for the destruction of the evidence, but the judge declined.

    “In addition to the court’s previous finding that the release of the truck by (Master) Sgt. Anderson was not performed in bad faith, similarly the court finds no bad faith on the part of the state’s attorney in regard to the release of the truck,” Vahle ordered.


  131. thinkgoat says:

    Thanks for posting the contents of the local article, AF.

    I made this comment on facebook and I’m posting the same sentiment here. 19 months have passed since the Grand Jury indicted Ryan Boyd and the case was officially ready to proceed forward with the State’s Attorney. 19 months. We’re not talking about a case having to be built against a serial killer or some mass fucking murder. We know the names of everyone at the scene (Boyd, Robertson, Lane, Bigham). We know Ryan Jones was there too, but he’s not on trial because he’s dead.

    What major crimes have occurred in the past 19 months that could have occupied this State’s Attorney’s brain/time so much that she neglected to learn all aspects of the charges she officially placed on Ryan Boyd? What could have absorbed her time so much in the last 19 months that kept her from triple checking her shit…you know, that same shit she’s ELECTED and PAID to do?

    As I stated on CC’s fb page, it’s just a blessing the judge granted the State a continuance because I’m not sure all judges would have…or should have. Especially given the amount of time she had to prepare a case with so very little evidence.

    Given this “oversight” (what it is – yet another example of the lack of professionalism from yet another elected official over that way), I wonder just how far she’s jerked the Jones family around. My heart breaks for that grieving family. No one knows what to do when they’re thrust into a nightmare such as that and one of the State’s job is to keep them informed as to what to expect. Yet another failure on Griffin’s part.



  132. Schuyler County Resident says:

    I recieved some info today that may explain all the delays. I was told by someone very close to this matter that Tina Griffin doesnt have the proof to prove jack shit. Supposedly she cant even prove Boyd was in the truck that night let alone prove he was driving. Lenord didnt want another delay because he knows she doesnt have the proof.
    Dont get me wrong….Im not standing up for Boyd because I think he probably had something to do with it and he thinks he is unstoppable because daddy is a cop.
    Sounded like Boyd will probably end up walking!


  133. thinkgoat says:

    I think it’s been known for a while, even a competent SA would have trouble prosecuting this case – add to the mix someone who can’t even file the proper paperwork, well, that doesn’t bode well. But we’re going to hope the jury finds something in which to convict.


  134. Schuyler County Resident says:

    Not to get to far off the subject but has anyone heard if anyone is going to run against our incompetent States Attorney? Im betting the wonderful people that drug her down here from up North and got her elected are even shaking thier heads!


  135. Among Friends says:

    Schuyler County, Illinois residents:
    Candidate Plans Announcement : Rushville resident Ramon Escapa has scheduled a meeting for 7:30pm on 24Oct, at which he will publicly announce his candidacy for the office of Schuyler County State’s Attorney. Escapa, who is currenty practicing law with the firm Lucie, Scalf and Escapa in Macomb, will seek the Democratic Party’s nomination.
    The Rushville Times, issue 42, dtd 19Oct11

    I know who I’m voting for!


  136. Schuyler County Resident says:

    I dont know Mr. Escapa nor do I know anything about his “legal abilities” but have heard nothing but good about him and his family. He will have my vote! Its pretty safe to say he will do better than what we have now!


  137. Space Pope says:

    Among Friends – Thank You for that post referencing the JC article, I found it very informative. In fact, if I’d had that information 4 years ago, I might have been able to bring some justice to a situation where none was to be found, and it may be that I might yet be able to accomplish something with it.

    My sympathy goes out to the Jones family and Ryan’s friends. This tragedy can only be compounded if it turns out that ISP actually came through and the Schuyler Co. SA lets it all slip away. Unfortunately it’s starting to stink a lot like that’s what’s happening.


  138. thinkgoat says:

    Where the fuck have you been, Pope? You’ve been missed – drop me a line when you have time.


  139. Space Pope says:

    I’m working up several lines to you right now. That article AF posted has me a little jazzed.


  140. t says:

    Teena is doing a tough job without help from the police. Now I hear someone else is running for states attorney as well. Esacpa didnt pass the bar exam the first time he took it.


  141. thinkgoat says:

    The police aren’t responsible for filing paperwork – that rests solely on her shoulders and by the accounts in the media, she failed, miserably.

    As far as not passing the bar the first time, it’s not uncommon for a lawyer to retake the exam more than once. That holds no bearing on what kind of attorney they’ll end up being. I’ve seen some lawyers who’re brilliant, passing the bar with incredible scores but they absolutely suck at their job.

    At least the people in that area will have a choice in the election and from what I’ve seen out of that office thus far, I hope they make the right one.


  142. t says:

    You may be right. But who is this other lawyer running? A lawyer who used to be a states attorney in Macomb?


  143. thinkgoat says:

    I really don’t have a clue what you’re asking.

    I don’t know anyone in this story or the guy who’s thinking of running…or even his dog.

    Two years ago I was forwarded the Ryan Jones story and asked to take a look at it for possible coverage. It just so happened to be sickening enough to grab my attention. I can’t believe this level of incompetence exists on such a consistent bases in one remote spot. And if that isn’t enough, there still seems to be people willing to stand up for those who’re holding office that don’t seem competent enough to slop the hogs that’re raised in your area.


  144. tig bitties says:

    Alright so maybe i’m missing parts to the story or what not, but i think its fishy the shit thats going on. first of all, the email that was posted where boyd was instructed to take jones home, only jones, not bryan because bryan was going to ride with jamie in the jeep, how come robertson was in the jeep on the way home with jamie, but another story states he was in the accident with boyd & jones. and as for callie, common sense is to NOT touch a person in an accident without spine immobilization. you dumb shit. im in college for radiology & before any of this since i was 12 i knew better than to touch anyone in a situation where they have been hurt. if people think bryan was put up to this by himself or anyone else involved to purposely kill jones, then i think its an awful weird coincidence callie was meeting robertson that night. maybe it was a setup? maybe it was planned to be this way. idk. i think its awful weird that mentioned in carly’s story to earl that someone had walked into the bathroom asking boyd what happened. ” you really wanna know? jones was driving” thats like a “get the fuck outta my face, i dont know anything worth telling you so im gunna blame it on someone else to cover the real truth” i know every one of these people personally and i think it would be in everyones best interest for each individual to be locked the FUCK up and stop running the streets with your skanky asses (carly in particular hehe). the stories going to come out eventually and i hope its while your bending over in prison with bubba blowing it in your ass and around the rim you worthless pieces of shit!


  145. shelly says:

    I agree about Bigham, after all of this, she post a comment like —->Carly Anne Bigham

    “There’s a reason it’s called ‘girls gone wild’ and not ‘women gone wild’. When girls go wild, they show their tits. When women go wild, they kill men and drown their kids in a tub.” on facebook, nothing like saying “woohoo, look at me, I got away with helping murder someone”


  146. Among Friends says:

    This ad was in the Rushville Times on November 9 and 16, 2011:


    paid for by Jesse R. Gildorf


  147. Among Friends says:

    16Dec2011 Preliminary Hearing, Schuyler County Courthouse, People vs Ryan Boyd. Trial set for 21Feb12. Probable cause found! Aggravated DUI – 2 Counts. If found guilty, could get 3 to 14 years!!


  148. t says:

    Why did Teena Hide the evidence from the public? She asked the judge to admit transcripts but then had them sealed. The defense knows what is in them. This could only be done because Teena has something to hide? I am not for Teena any more.

    Three cops said they smelled alcohol on Boyd, but none thought he was drunk?

    Something weird is going on here.


  149. shelly says:

    t…Ya think? This case is rotten to the core, sadly, i am afraid the Jones family will not get the justice they deserve. It has taken so long. Having said that, Susan Boensers family waited all of those years and now Jeff Kennedy is behind the iron fence. So, I pray the Jones family and his friends, NEVER GIVE UP!


  150. Justice says:

    Thanks for the updates..


  151. t says:

    Well, there is a dead young man, and a person charged with a simple misdemeanor dui. Sounds like Justice — Schuyler Style.


  152. thinkgoat says:

    I’ve been “friended” by a great number of residents from that area and what’s astounding is the general opinion: “At least it’s something”. Yes, it’s something if you’re a regular fuck-up who drove drunk and lied to the police.

    People are too quick to accept this as justice – “something” – while failing to realize not one of the charges he pleaded guilty to has jack-shit to do with the death of Ryan Jones. Not one.

    They indicted/charged Boyd with felony reckless homicide, three counts felony obstructing justice, felony aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, and misdemeanor failure to render aid. They took the Jones boy’s death out of the picture and reduced the charges to obstructing justice and a regular ole DUI.

    They say the family was a part of the plea agreement and I know exactly what that means – it’s a shame other’s don’t. If one thinks the Jones family met with the SA and came to this conclusion without being led by the nose-ring is living in a delusional world. They had no choice. A victim’s family is never in charge of the path to be taken by the State – a crime was not committed against the victim – a crime was committed against the State – the victim was just the utensil. A victim/victim’s family has very little say in what the State will do – instead, they can add a little something personal to the punishment, such as meeting with them privately to answer questions.

    Anyone with half a brain could have made this call 2 years ago while thinking about the players involved. What’s criminal is that the SA’s office led the victim’s family down a garden path for this long, filled them with false hope, and allowed enough time for Boyd and his lawyer to suck the taxpayer’s piggy bank dry by having to pay for rebuttal experts’ fees.

    I’m sickened for those living in that county. Then again, not one person stepped up and demanded these fools be held accountable for their actions.


  153. t says:

    “Then again, not one person stepped up and demanded these fools be held accountable for their actions.”

    No — Gilsdorf has been pounding on this issue in his campaign to get rid of Teena. He has pointed out her screw ups in the newspaper — paying for the ads. Like he did when he posted a reward when his wife’s friend was murdered.

    Escapa hasn’t said anything.


  154. t says:

    See one of his ads posted above.


  155. thinkgoat says:

    “No — Gilsdorf has been pounding on this issue in his campaign to get rid of Teena. He has pointed out her screw ups in the newspaper — paying for the ads. Like he did when he posted a reward when his wife’s friend was murdered.”

    I’m not referring to personal gain. Hell, that’s as despicable as the complacent asses already in office. And from what I “know” of Gilsdorf, there’s something shady there – even Kathy Grover Blentlinger’s family denounced his “generosity”.

    I was referring to the citizens/taxpayers of that area who were only willing to wring their hands and gossip instead of being proactive. The failings not only rest on the shoulders of Ms. Griffin but the police department/sheriff department, as well. And the most I’ve gotten in interviews is, “Well, they’re going to do what they want” or “it’s always been that way” and the general philosophy is, “why get involved – things won’t change”. That’s no excuse for allowing tax-funded employees to get way with failing to professionally perform a job – to do what they’re sworn to do, protect and serve.


  156. joe says:

    Is there an update on Boyd? Did he even get Jail/Prison time?



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