‘Evie what happened?’ and she pointed to her head and said ‘Evie got owies’

Posted: April 7, 2010 by thinkgoat in Battery, Child Abuse

By ThinkGoat

Enid, Oklahoma Who could do this to a child? Those same questions plagued the Enid Police Department when they arrived at the hospital and found little 23-month-old Evie, her grandfather, and Evie’s mother. I generally stay away from stories such as this for obvious reasons: they hit me in the gut and keep punching. And as strongly as I feel about avoiding them, I feel they should be told. Wake up stupid mothers. Your child could end up looking like Evie…or worse…dead.

Robert Gamble, Evie’s grandfather stated he had received a phone call from his daughter Wednesday morning stating the baby’s head was swollen, purple and she needed help. When Robert arrived at 20-year-old Amanda Gamble’s house, she was holding Evie and that little child held out her arms and said, “Papa”. Sick yet? Hold on, there’s more.

Allegedly, Amanda was celebrating her own birthday with having a few friends over (a claim she’s now disputing) and left her children home with her boyfriend and a 17-year-old babysitter. When she arrived back home, she claims she did not check the children until the next morning. “Evie, what happened?” “Evie got owies. Momma, are you okay?” Sick yet? There’s more.

According to Robert, Evie’s head was so swollen her little ear was folded down and she appeared to have bruises that resembled knuckle prints on the back of her ear. What could be worse than that? For me, a close second is the defensive wounds this precious child had on her hand from trying to ward off the attack.

The 17-year-old baby sitter has now been arrested. “She actually got mad at the kid because the kid wouldn’t stay in bed,” Enid Police Sgt. Dustin Albright said. “She was following the kid back through the kitchen and pushed her with both hands and caused her to fall face-first into the kitchen tile.”

This is a claim the babysitter’s mother is disputing, saying the girl made up the story after being threatened. After all, she wouldn’t do that…she just became a mother 5 months ago. WTF?

Heartbreaking. Heal well, little one. I pray you’re put into a loving home with parents who’ll make good solid decisions for you.

Source1 |   http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-teen-beats-baby,0,542831.story

  1. ravenblackehart says:

    The “babyhitter” better get her child taken away, pronto.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    Comments on one of the news sites say the mother lost custody of another child. It’ll be interesting to see if the babysitter actually did it or if it was the mom’s boyfriend. Take all the children away. Shit. Mothers who place their children in the hands of complete and total idiots need a red hot poker up their twat.

    There’s more to come out of this story…the mother had a party at her house then claims she didn’t. Someone is covering something…why the change in story?


  3. thinkgoat says:

    You know, if the boyfriend was there, didn’t he fucking hear that child scream for her life? I would think, because it doesn’t look like a big house at all, even if I were passed out cold, those screams would wake the dead. So again, what’s the boyfriend’s story?


  4. no name submitted says:

    I cant believe someone would do this to a child although i do agree that the story of the baby-sitter pushing down the little angel is a bit preposterous seeing as though there were knuckle-like marks behind her ear and looking at the picture it would take an awful lot of force to do that much damage.


  5. Darling Violetta says:

    I think that I’m going to puke. My cousin’s daughter was beaten to death by her step father. I also can remember being told about Alan Madden whom I had lived near when I was an infant. Kids getting black eyes from falling face first on tile? My face didn’t look like that after getting shoved eye first into a tree trunk! I can’t have more children, and when I see people do this to these little angels quite frankly I want to start breaking their arms and legs and faces and egos. I could rant for hours. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  6. peeperann says:

    Can someone stand this stupid twatwaffle in front of a brick wall for me? I’d love to shove her over and over (very hard) head first into it. (Her and the monster she’s protecting)!!

    Fucking Hell!!

    Poor little baby. I admit, this makes me much more sick than the pics of the maggots. It hurts my heart. Heal quickly little one. I hope you stay safe forever from now on.


  7. PoormomPssh says:

    There is a lot more to this story, Slut Mom has another child had him when she was 14-15. for obvious reasons that child was taken away by her family. Slut mom is just that– a slut. Her Myspace name is neighborhoodmilf to give you a clue.. she was pregnant again recently, and miscarried. only to be pregnant AGAIN now.. Slut mom came home late because she was She was at the cemetary doing a seance (she practices witchery) and went to bed not checking on her daughter to wake in the morning to see this?… She then gets on a news site that has comments from angry viewers and tries to downplay the damage to this poor child, stating she doesnt have permenant damage. WTF this child is scarred for life! http://www.topix.net/forum/source/kfor/TJL8JN3UE50H4VCV5

    Rumor amongst small town is that 17 year old didnt do it and taking the fall for the real one that did it.
    Thankfully Evie is with the father now- and Hopefully This slut milf mom does time too!


  8. thinkgoat says:

    PoorMomPssh – there alway IS more to these stories and I never, not once thought Mommy Dearest was sweet and innocent.

    “The real one” being the boyfriend, I’m sure. Let me guess, he was screwing the 17-yr-old friend/babysitter while mommy was screwing everyone else?

    Thanks for letting us know baby Evie is safe now and hopefully she’ll remain in loving arms and far away from her mother who obviously has the propensity for making horrible decisions.


  9. PoormomPssh says:

    Sorry, I should have been clear on the Poor Mom Pssh name, I didn’t think you thought she was sweet and innocent, The name is purely out of her comments on the other forum.. You got it, Hit the nail right on the head there! That’s what it was a big circle screw club, Boyfriend screwing babysitter, Mommy screwing everyone else! 17 year old also has a son that was in the process of being taken away when all of this happened. Not to mention the family were also in the process of fighting to get baby Evie away from this slut because of many previous issues in that home, but services wouldn’t remove her from the home. Sadly Innocent Children have to suffer for These Big bundles of Shits.


  10. thinkgoat says:

    I caught the sarcasm in the moniker you chose! Unfortunately I’ve covered enough baby beating stories to know rarely is a mother innocent in the situation.

    Please keep us updated as to the progress of this story. Hopefully you’ll be able to report the mother has been charged with negligence at the very least.


  11. daryl says:

    think thats bad google alan madden



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