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By ThinkGoat

Palm Bay, Florida Maybe someone out here can answer this question for me. Who the fuck watches someone punch a two-year-old in the face over the course of three weeks and doesn’t kill the fucker who’s doing it? Okay, another question: What kind of people just ignore this and don’t say anything to the mother of the child? One more question: How doesn’t a mother notice this shit? Come on girls, I don’t care if I’m screwed so well I pass out from euphoria, if any low-life dares to touch my child in an aggressive manner, I’m just fine with¬†celibacy. I’m sick to death of reading stories where the mothers choose a piece of ass over the welfare of their child and the child ends up beaten to a bloody pulp like the child in Oklahoma we just featured…or dead like this little boy. And a little suggestion to the punk-asses who are doing these things: come up with better excuses. Falling, dropping, etc. is getting pretty old. (more…)


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By Thinkgoat

West Palm Beach, Florida Pregnancy brings about some radical changes in women. Raging hormones can render the strongest and sanest of women to blubbering idiots for absolutely no reason. There are some women who are very cognizant of these rapid changes and attempt a little self-control. Then there¬†the majority of women who just opt to go with it…using “hormones” as their excuse for everything irrational. Men, pay attention. If your woman already has a touch of crazy AND is knocked up, either get the fuck out for 9 months and hide your ass or quit doing things to piss her off. (generally this would include breathing, talking, sleeping) Anything you do that doesn’t involve her is just inviting trouble. And no matter what, do not take a phone call from your ex while you’re all cuddled up in bed with your crazy babymomma. Ask Hector Santiago. (more…)