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By ThinkGoat

Sheridan Park, Illinois I’d like to think I’m a “second-chance kind of person” but there are conditions. If you fail to bend at the hip to pick something up off the floor that doesn’t belong there, ten-to-one, you’re going to hear about it in the form of bitching, maybe even an illustrated step-by-step on how the feat is to be performed. I’m not likely to cut all ties because of the offense. (This is clearly demonstrated, I might add, by still being hitched after 20 years)

Apparently I live in a world where reason and good judgement and common sense aren’t prevalent. In my world, trying to fucking kill me is a non-sequitur. If you lay a hand on me, even threaten to, you can bet your sweet ass your hair is going to land on a voodoo doll I keep in the hutch and I’m going to practice every barbaric contortion on that motherfucker I can imagine. No second chances. But maybe it’s because I’m not capable of the certain special kind of love mixed with poor fucking judgement. (more…)


By ThinkGoat

Apple Valley, Minnesota When Rhonda Arkley ran for the Minnesota Senate in 2002, she was a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate. Priding herself as very progressive and active in environmental and atheist organizations, she completely left out ‘crazy as a shithouse rat.’ I’m kind of astounded she didn’t win. She fits the political profile. After all, the great people of Minnesota elected an ex-professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura as their Governor several years back:  they elected the shitty comic, Al Franken, who donned a large diaper and made a complete ass out himself and now expects to be taken seriously. What the hell could have been so different if they had elected Rhonda. Who knows? She may have had the guts to fix whatever plagues the political system up there. She seems to be quite resourceful in that department. Plus, she’s got the crazy thing down pat. There’s not much hiding it. Not now, at least. (more…)

By RaVen Blackehart

Clearwater, Florida Too many times when a woman gets an order of protection against a boyfriend or spouse, they are not worth the paper they are printed on. Such is the case of Laura Taft on February 17th of this year. (more…)

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By Thinkgoat

West Palm Beach, Florida Pregnancy brings about some radical changes in women. Raging hormones can render the strongest and sanest of women to blubbering idiots for absolutely no reason. There are some women who are very cognizant of these rapid changes and attempt a little self-control. Then there the majority of women who just opt to go with it…using “hormones” as their excuse for everything irrational. Men, pay attention. If your woman already has a touch of crazy AND is knocked up, either get the fuck out for 9 months and hide your ass or quit doing things to piss her off. (generally this would include breathing, talking, sleeping) Anything you do that doesn’t involve her is just inviting trouble. And no matter what, do not take a phone call from your ex while you’re all cuddled up in bed with your crazy babymomma. Ask Hector Santiago. (more…)