Jason Padgett’s “How To Play Your Video Games Uninterrupted” Guide – Kill The Kid First

Posted: April 15, 2010 by thinkgoat in Aggravated Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Premeditated Murder
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By ThinkGoat

Palm Bay, Florida Maybe someone out here can answer this question for me. Who the fuck watches someone punch a two-year-old in the face over the course of three weeks and doesn’t kill the fucker who’s doing it? Okay, another question: What kind of people just ignore this and don’t say anything to the mother of the child? One more question: How doesn’t a mother notice this shit? Come on girls, I don’t care if I’m screwed so well I pass out from euphoria, if any low-life dares to touch my child in an aggressive manner, I’m just fine with celibacy. I’m sick to death of reading stories where the mothers choose a piece of ass over the welfare of their child and the child ends up beaten to a bloody pulp like the child in Oklahoma we just featured…or dead like this little boy. And a little suggestion to the punk-asses who are doing these things: come up with better excuses. Falling, dropping, etc. is getting pretty old.

Whitney Flowers, little Aaden’s mother reportedly came home around 11pm and found her child unconscious. Instead of calling 911 for an ambulance, she loaded up her child and took him to the emergency room – he was airlifted to another unit and died. Blunt force trauma to his head.

The doctors, in describing Aaden’s injuries, stated they were so severe, they would have been consistent with being in a horrible car accident. “Mr. Macho” Jason Padgett, the 28-year-old who’s allegedly responsible for the death of this child, stated he had finished giving the boy a bath prior to bed, stood him up on the toilet to dry him off, and when he turned his back for a moment, he had fallen. The investigators seem to have a better take on what went down. They believe the child was either shaken so violently or struck with asshole’s hand so hard, little Aaden sustained life-threatening injuries. But hey, how was he to know? The other times he beat that child in the head he lived. Friends can tell you the same thing. That fucker hit this child before, there were witnesses and not a single fucking person said one god-damned word about it. Until now. I’m not sure they knew about the sexual abuse going on though. When diddling little children, guys usually enjoy keeping that secret to themselves. Especially when they’re doing it to a little boy. His secret is out now though. Doctors found clear signs of that abuse as well. Sick fuck.

Are you ill enough? Wait until you hear this: the doctors state that had Aaden received prompt medical attention, he’d still be alive. But see, Jason had some video gaming fun to attend to upstairs in the apartment. That brat already was pushing his luck by not going to bed. So by god, he made sure he was not going to have his game interrupted any more. This shit must be printed in a “how to babysit my bitch’s kid” book somewhere: beat the brat, put them to bed. Damn, my husband just reads to our children and kisses them goodnight.

While interviewing friends, family, and neighbors, Jason was consistently described as having a temper. Ha! You think? “They” describe him as going from 0-10 flash-point in the blink of an eye. Surely mom noticed this and why in the hell would she leave her child with someone who, not only has a criminal past, but is known to flip out?

Jason Padgett remains held on a $3 million bond at the jail on charges of premeditated murder, child neglect and aggravated child abuse. If you click on the source link, there’s a video interview with one of the investigators. It’s very interesting because this guy isn’t pulling any punches – he states things in a very “matter-of-fact” manner. It’s unusual because of the language used…he doesn’t say “allegedly” or “it’s been reported”. Nope. It’s apparent he’d love to spend just 2 minutes alone with this puke. I don’t blame him. I’d wrestle him for the opportunity.


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  1. ravenblackehart says:

    Abusers beget abusers. Young women, break the cycle before it’s too late. It’s far FAR better to be a single woman/parent than it is to go through life with the memory of your murdered or permanently damaged child and know that YOU could have made all the difference in their young lives.
    I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that 20 some odd year ago this asshole was a cute little boy getting slapped around by his mother’s boyfriend.


  2. sarrah summer says:

    Jason put the mother in the hospital several times, she herself works at Holmes Medical Hospital, he abused his own children, he abused his mother, he spent 2 years in prison, there is a court order saying the “mother” must not leave her child with this man, social worker that checked on child was afraid of Jason.. all this..a cockroach is a better mother and has more brains than whitney,,the father of the boy is a good man and she left him to go back to POS sickfuck Jason…. go figure



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