Jonathon Schoenakase Gets Shafted While Doing Good Deeds

Posted: August 3, 2010 by thinkgoat in Crime, Just Messed Up
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By Thinkgoat

Quincy, IL Around all major holidays, (and I’m gauging “major” by the amount of alcohol consumed) one is likely to find an increase of Public Service Announcements regarding drunk driving. And I completely understand. Unfortunately it takes repeated 30-second advertisements drilling the motto: “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”. Leading up to New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day, radio stations start running commercials informing their listeners of free rides home from the bar. The companies and organizations offering the free transportation are applauded for providing such a terrific service to the community, keeping those on the roads safe and saving the party-goers the huge expense of a DUI offense. Plus, it alleviates pressure on the local police forces and allows those on-duty officers a bit of time to do a little partying themselves. Haha. I’m only partially kidding. (watch this video brought to my attention by Deadmyron) Anywho. It should come as no surprise that any community would raise someone to hero status, who’d give their time to volunteer this free service on a constant basis. Well, anywhere but Quincy, Illinois.

Inspired by the death of a friend, Jonathon Schoenakase began to offer free rides home to patrons of bars in January of 2008. By the spring of 2009, the popularity of his free service prompted him to purchase a 2nd vehicle, much to the chagrin of Diamond Cab. So much so, they went to the city council and cried upon their shoulders. I mean, who the fuck does this man think he is, anyway? Doing something driven by principles and morals and not money. He’s obviously sub-human.

Note: there are two cab companies in Quincy, Illinois. Both close at midnight. There are approximately 95 bars/restaurants with a portion having 1am or 2am liquor licenses. So basically, if you don’t leave a bar by midnight, you’re fucked and targeted for a DUI. .

It’d be interesting (in an entertaining sort of way) to know just who’s dick the proprietor of Diamond Cab is sucking (you know, speculation). For real. Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of bureaucratic bullshit?

It must not be too many or perhaps it’s the case of some pretty fantastic head because the city council met and “altered” their definition of its limousine and taxi ordinance so it included the words “for hire”. Schoenakase was able to escape the previous ordinance because he operated his service for free but accepted donations. It’s interesting to note: this new “altered” ordinance would now make it illegal for anyone wishing to provide a ride – churches, election volunteers, etc.

The reason I chose this story to feature on Crime Crawlers is rare. This is one circumstance where I’m pulling for the “perpetrator” 100%. If “altering” the ordinance to appease some greedy assholes weren’t enough, the Quincy Police Department actually set up a fucking “sting” to bust him. A STING. Schoenakase picked up a plain clothes officer at a nightclub following complaints that someone was acting selflessly in this world. Police aren’t saying which company lodged the whine, but I think it’s pretty easy to surmise. So they arrested Jonathon Schoenakase.

Now, either the city and police officials in this screwed-up town in America’s heartland have it all wrong, or I’m completely fucked-up. Cause I think they should leave this Good Samaritan the hell alone and make sure he receives some kind of award for donating his time, his vehicles, and let’s face it, his nerve for putting up with the most obnoxious group of people on this Earth. Instead, he’s facing a jury trial starting in October.

And before you ask why he didn’t just apply for a license, he did. But that idea was quickly suppressed when Police Chief Rob Copley said he needed to clear up some outstanding legal issues. Like-fucking-what? Overdue public library books? Talk about a small town with some screwed-up priorities. Unless this man doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, no insurance, or is some kind of predator, I don’t see a reason in the world why anyone would want to stand in his way of wanting to provide a little more safety to that town.

Hopefully the jury will laugh hysterically at the prosecution and slap the dicks off of whomever’s bright idea it was to bring this before the city council for a vote. And if they slap hard enough, they should be able to dislocate the jaw of the owner of Diamond Cabs…you know, if it were in the proximity.

Good luck, Jonathon Schoenakase. And thank you for showing us there are still good people who do nice things.


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  1. thinkgoat says:

    Anyone have any contact with MADD or other organizations that might be willing to jump on this guy’s side or willing to throw some money his way? I’m sure things are probably adding up quickly as the cops obviously have nothing else to do in that town. (no drugs, no violence to fight) I’ve got a contact number for him if anyone is willing to help his cause. Just email me at the address above.


  2. crtial_rn says:

    Awesome fucking article ThinkGoat! This city Godfathers must have their gnads in a vice or something to bow down and change a law already on the books. Most any other time that happens, they grandfather whoever. I personally would be more than happy to donate some money to help pay for Jon’s fine(s).hopefully the jury realizes what this man is doing.He is not out to steal customers, but out there trying to prevent some horrible tragedy.

    In Quincy, we have a very LARGE amount of drinking and driving. Some have resulted in tickets, some have resulted in deaths.Ask Alissa Zornes and Jordan Scheiferdecker parents what they think. Their daughter and son were killed when a young man who was drunk, crossed the center line and hit the car head-on.The driver was severely injured, Alissa died at the hospital a little time later and Jordan died at the scene. The driver literally ran from the scene. There are countless more accidents, property damage, as well as emotional turmoil

    I didn’t realize that our community was in that much of a financial bind that we have to start going after the good samaritian. It fucking sucks and I think Mayor John Spring had better pull his head out of where ever he has it

    As TG said that the law now technically effects churches, election rides, does that effect me as a mom who picks up various kids and take them home? I don’t get and moniterial tips but I do get gift certificates to Starbacks or even The Abbey. Oh hell, that has a bar. I better not get to fucking drunk, I just might get my ass hung out to dry!


  3. Evil Twin Jess says:

    This is fucking ridiculous. If the ordinance had originally prohibited what he was doing, I would have said they should let it slide, but understood if they enforced an existing ordinance. But the fact that they changed an ordinance specifically for the purpose of stopping this guy from giving free rides to drunk people is just wrong. You have to wonder what went on at that city council meeting for enough members to be convinced this was really for the good of the community.
    Allowing the cab companies to push the laws around is wrong in itself, but if they were going to, why not make the ordinance only effective until midnight? That way there is no chance of Mr. Schoenakase taking business away from the for-profit companies, since they close at midnight.
    I would like to hear what the “outstanding legal issues” are that are preventing the city from issuing this man a license. Otherwise I will have to assume the owner of Diamond Cabs is not only sucking the dicks of a majority of city council members, but also the Police Chief.


  4. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I also think the part TG pointed out about the ordinance now affecting anyone providing rides is important. Am I going to start seeing church vans full of old ladies pulled over and ticketed? Because if they are going to arrest people for preventing drunk driving, we fucking better.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    Yep Jess, they fucking better. But no one in that community will see the ordinance enforced unless it’s against this guy.

    From what I understand, the “legal issue” referred to is involving Jonathon, his car, a deer, and a tree. It just sounds like the PD has a hard-on for this guy due to pressure from above. You know, a blow-job goes a long way.


  6. Janelle says:

    Lets have a big ass fundraiser for this guy. My husband went to college at Quincy, he knows tons of people. Lets make this a big P.R event and show not only support, but put the popo (who I’m usually a big supporter of, but not in this case) and show the cabbies what dumb asses they are!!!


  7. windycity says:

    I for one am tired of the bullshit that is said and done towards myself. I am the one who provided the free rides and have been doing so for nearly 2 years and have contacted MADD and of course since one of their offices is located here in our corrupt city of Quincy they say their hands are tied. Bullshit…They don’t care about keeping drunks off the street, they want to stop drinking altogether…tht’s only my opinion. I have been fighting a battle basically on my own and believe me I’m tired and worn out plus going to school full time I still manage to continue my free service. I try not to let others see how I really feel and how emotionally worn out I am so I place a smile on my face and hide the pain and feeling. I ask for help but I am only one person and cant do it all myelf. Sometimes the burden gets so big that I just want to give up but I made a lot of friends doing this service and I do not want to see anything happen to them. If anyone canor would be willing to help please contact the owner of the article.
    Thank you and God Bless


  8. WTF says:



  9. thinkgoat says:

    Windycity, you are a hero. Plain and simple.

    Gauging by the hits on this story already, and the comments on our Facebook page, you’re gaining support all over the place.

    You’re one man trying to make a huge difference in every single person’s life there in your city. I cannot believe the idiocy that governs your town.

    There are some pretty resourceful people who read this site – on this end, we’ll continue to put pressure on the crackpots who think money is more valuable than lives.

    I tip my hat to you, WindyCity. Hang in there and thanks for stopping by.


  10. Lazlo says:

    Sounds to me like you are getting hung on a cross for doing God’s work, for the people that Jesus would have helped, in a supposedly Christian Community.

    Damn those fuckers straight to hell.


  11. windycity says:

    Thank you to all who posted so far and I started something that I believe in and I am going to fight no matter haw many tickets or stings they run on me I believe in my heart I amdoing the right thing by the service I am providing. If the city of Quincy says it’s a crime to save a life or keep a person who induldged too much alcohol of the streets I will break the law everytime my phone rings…


  12. thinkgoat says:

    “If the city of Quincy says it’s a crime to save a life or keep a person who induldged too much alcohol of the streets I will break the law everytime my phone rings…”

    I love that!


  13. interesting says:

    “It’d be interesting (in an entertaining sort of way) to know just who’s dick the proprietor of Diamond Cab is sucking. For real. Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of bureaucratic bullshit.”
    That’s hilarious.

    In all seriousness, I hope that the “perp” in this case refused to pay the fine for the ordinance violation and asked for the jury trial.

    If a court appearance is necessary for violation of this ordinance, the penalty doesn’t fit the crime no matter how big a pile of bullshit the crime (ordinance) is.


  14. deadmyron says:

    @windycity. Keep doing what you’re doing and fuck the bureaucrats. If they would like to redefine what you are doing, than so can you. If anyone calls for a ride, they are merely friends of yours. You’re dropping your friend off at home. No biggie. Any law against having friends? You could ride that pony all the way through the court system.


  15. thinkgoat says:

    Okay people, the one thing everyone from all corners can do is raise some hell. This has got to be one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever heard – a city going to any lengths to stop a man who’s willing to keep families on the road, safe. You can raise hell here or you can direct it where it’d do the most good…that city’s elected officials. The very ones that voted to revise the ordinance.

    I love pro-active governments who publish their information online – accessible to anyone who has a few seconds to seek it out.

    So here it is, people. Call these idiots. Write them. Express your disgust that a citizen is being punished for doing a great deed.

    And for your viewing pleasure, their pictures. Starting with the mayor and the council member’s picture corresponds with the order they appear in the information. Let’s help this guy if we can.


    John A. Spring
    730 Maine Street
    Quincy, IL 62301
    (217) 228-4545

    Ward 1
    Virgil Goehl
    401 Gardner Park Drive
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Ben Bumbry
    1019 North 7th
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Ward 2
    Steve Duesterhaus
    2215 Oak
    Quincy, IL 62301

    David Bauer
    1612 Chestnut
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Ward 3
    Paul Havermale
    3303 Lindell Avenue
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Kyle A. Moore
    2897 Hampshire
    Quincy, IL 62301
    217-316-6548 ward 3

    Ward 4
    Michael Farha
    2043 Vermont
    Quincy, IL 62301
    Home 217-228-1741

    Anthony Sassen
    2129 Grove Avenue
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Ward 5
    Jennifer Lepper
    2600 Monroe
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Mike Rein
    2901 Scotia Trail
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Ward 6
    Dan Brink
    2311 St. Charles Drive
    Quincy, IL 62305

    Raymond Vahlkamp
    1025 South 18th
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Ward 7
    Jack Holtschlag
    633 Monroe
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Richard Reis
    716 Monroe
    Quincy, IL 62301

    Info obtained here


  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Thinkgoat, Thinkgoat. Thinkgoat said: Okay, a man inspired by the death of a friend (DUI related) started giving free rides home to bar patrons. FREE…. […]


  17. crital_rn says:

    Ahhh, time to sit back, open a new pack of smokes, crack open a cold beverage and commense the letter writing. And oh yeah, I’m in the privacy of my own home so there is no need to send out the QPD to write me a ticket for smoking where I shouldn’t. Yeah, they do that too.

    Anyway, thank you very much TG for posting all the lovely mugshots as well as their contact info. If we don’t help out the little dogs, the big dogs will just shit all over ya


  18. 1andrea1 says:

    Out of all these articles
    This one may break my heart the most
    Good luck WindyCity


  19. thinkgoat says:

    Couldn’t they have interviewed someone a little more intelligent? Someone who may understand what actually happened?

    “Dozier adds he supports the organization as long as it follows the law.”

    Hey dipshit, they changed the law to cut this guy out. What about that don’t you get?

    One more thing, he’s representing and speaking for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) – he’s no mother unless of course, we replace it with a “u”. It reminds me of attending a NAACP meeting where all the officers but one were pasty white.


  20. windycity says:

    I have been getting a lot of support from the article and wuld like to thank all thos involved and those who has even contacted me the fact that you would and are will to help raise money for a legal defense is wonderful. I actually had tears come to my eyes when I spoke with a woman from Texas and how she lost her husband and son to a drunk driver while they were returning home from a church outing. I believe in what I am doing and it sickens me that they the city of Quincy would do what they are doing to stop me. As I said earlier in my posts I am only one person and volunteer my time seven days a week and go to school full time during the day and to add more pressure dealing with the bullshit of stings all the time and court dates.
    So again I want to thank all of you for your continued support and whatever you may be able to do to help me with the fight whether it be letter writing phone calls or even raising money for my legal defense or even just saying a prayer is all appreciated and I again thnk you all. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me please cntact the author of this article.

    Again thank you


  21. thinkgoat says:

    @ WindyCity, I’m glad to hear you’ve been getting some positive feedback.

    I thought I’d add as much information as I could on this end to make contacting these idiots easier. And you know, we feature criminals on here so it was only fitting to add their pictures and contact information.



  22. Sue Radkiewicz says:

    I’ve sent this link out to all of my contacts, asking them to do the same. I also sent my message to the mayor & council members. At least they’ll get an ear full.
    Good luck Jonathon!

    Sue Radkiewicz
    Jacksonville, Illinois


  23. taxi owner says:

    there is way more than one side to this. illinois state law requires that if you are reciveing money for transportation then it is a for hire situation, therfore the state requires you to use livery, taxi, or public transportation plates, also therfore requireing the transportation provider to state minimum insurance requirements on the cab owner. the cab owners then pay anywhere from 3600.00 to 6000.00 per vehicle per year for pubilic transportation liability insurance. not to mention all the other hi do u really think this guy is playing fair and legal? i think not! also if u were to get in an accident with serious injuries rideing home in that individuals car that wasnt properly licensed and insured then someone could sue that good samaritan and own everything he has got! so actually the city is protecting the good samaritan by forceing him to do things the right and legal way!


  24. trulife says:

    in order to get a job driving a cab u have to apply with the quincy police department. I think that says it all.


  25. thinkgoat says:

    More legal hoops to jump through. When my car was broken down, I gave gas money to friends who were inconvenienced. Churches receives tithes that go for transportation costs. I don’t see the cops breathing down their necks.

    At the time of publishing this story, Mr. Schoenakase was NOT charging a fee but donations were welcomed. It’s just a case of sour grapes.

    The biggest fucking beef I have with this whole thing is: the police are setting up STINGS to bust this guy. What a pathetic and bullshit thing to do. I suppose Quincy, Illinois has no drug problems, no burglary, no child or elderly abuses to allocate resources to. No, let’s go after the guy who gets drunks home safely from the bars. Impressive.


  26. trulife says:

    no quincy il is approximatly 49000 people but with the small farm towns that neighbor the city the area itself is home to 60000 people. Its a town riddled with drug problems, high school dropouts and teenage pregnancies. To say that we have more on our plates in this community then a good samaritin is an understatement. Problem is quincy goes by its own rules and doesnt think its big enough to get its corruption noticed by the rest of the country. If ud like i can give u novel worthy stories of corruption and greed within this small community.


  27. Al says:

    He was arrested friday night. He accepted money in exchange for taxi service from a plain clothed police officer.


  28. thinkgoat says:

    QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM)– A Quincy man was arrested Friday night for operating an unlicensed taxi service.

    The Quincy Police Department says Jonathan Schoenakase of Quincy accepted money in exchange for taxi service to a plain-clothed QPD officer Friday night at about 9:00.

    Schoenakase has been arrested in the past for operating a taxi service without a proper license while offering bar patrons a ride home with his “Courtesy Rides” bus.

    The service was free but Schoenakase did accept donations, which is a violation of the city’s taxicab ordinance.

    It’s unclear if the latest arrest was apart of the “Courtesy Rides” program, or if Schoenakase charged for the ride.

    Schoenakase has been released on cash bond.


    It’s nice to know the city has all other crimes taken care of so they can devote the time and resources to bust this outlaw once more.


  29. thinkgoat says:

    And? Does this guy not have a valid driver’s license in the state in which he’s driving? Does he carry no insurance in his vehicle?

    All I see is a DUI from 12-13 years ago, a tort damage charge, and the bullshit ordinance violations that have occurred because the “officials” and taxi drivers in that area are all butt-hurt over lost revenue.

    If they’re going to make him accountable for refusing to comply with the new city ordinance, they need to set up the exact stings for churches, daycare providers, buddies who accept gas money, and those who give rides to polling places at election time. Until then, we’ll keep bitching about the fucked up procedures in Quincy, Illinois.


  30. Guest says:

    A couple of things:
    1. Jonathan was born by a different name and changed it after going to prison for many years and subsequently becoming a drug addict.
    2. Because of his felony conviction and corresponding criminal sentence, he is not able to provide taxi service OR qualify for the license.
    3. With the previous two statements in mind, would you, as an intoxicated young lady, get in this man’s vehicle and allow him to take you where you requested to go?


  31. sara says:

    I know Jonathon personally and I can tell you that he is very deceptive and manipulative. His intentions are faulty, he IS doing this for money, it is not just out of the goodness of his heart!!! He lives a lie! The information above is true Jonathan is NOT his name he changed his name after release from prison for burning down a school building and many other criminal acts so that he would be accepted back into he community. I can assure you that if he did not have financial gain from this endevor he would not still be doing it. He is ineligible to get a taxi license because of his criminal past and this is all information that people do not know because of his name change. his brother is the guy who broke the west quincy levee and flooded millions of acres. This guy is unstable and not safe! I do believe the idea of what he is doing is great but coming from him, people should be concerned! He knows he can take advantage of drunk people!!! Don’t let him do it anymore!!!


  32. thinkgoat says:

    Before you come off and make these HUGE accusations, you’re going to have to cough up some fucking solid proof.

    The database that holds criminal records shows absolutely NO aliases. None. Zero. Zip. Don’t you think that shit is cross-referenced in the official database?

    Show me the proof or hope this shit doesn’t get subpoenaed.



  33. sara says:

    Jame Scott is his brother who is currently serving 20-life in prison for the levee break. I believe Jonathans “real” name is Michael Scott. They were both responsible for the 1988 Webster school fire as well as a garage fire. Both of them served time for the arson of the school. Not long after James’ release was when he broke the levee. I have personally listened to Jonathan’s bs stories about being in Chicago in a gang and blah bla blah. Its all a lie he was in a correctional facility NOT a gang in Chicago. I had the opportunity in the last 5 years to talk to his father who said Jonathan just wanted to “change” his life and he knew nobody in the community would accept him because of what he and his brother had done and their criminal past so he had his name changed. You can think what you want but I have lived in Quincy all my life and have seen/heard plenty of contradictions to Jonathan’s stories. I just though it was fair for everyone to hear the entire truth instead of all the poor jonathan stuff. There is always 2 sides to every story!


  34. thinkgoat says:

    Because you’ve talked to Bubba on the street corner doesn’t mean shit to me. I asked for proof, which means documentation, sources, not a bunch of stories.


  35. thinkgoat says:

    Okay, I did a little digging – Jimmy Scott is sitting in prison but his conviction is (outside of those stuck in Quincy wanting to lynch someone) disputed. Experts state that levees can fail on 6 points and the one in your area that failed, did so on all 6 points.

    Two soil-science experts — Dr. R. David Hammer, of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and Dr. Charles Morris, from the University of Missouri-Rolla — were called as defense witnesses in both trials. They didn’t know Scott; they didn’t know each other before 1994; they both remain convinced of Scott’s innocence. Hammer, a soil and atmospheric-sciences expert who has worked with river systems for more than 25 years, says that six scenarios can cause a levee to fail. The West Quincy levee met all six, he says, and its collapse was imminent on July 16, 1993. “One of the things the prosecutor said that was absolutely dumbfounding, his opening statement was, ‘We were fighting the river and we were winning,’” Hammer says. “[That’s] B.S. There had been something like 11 or 12 levee failures, almost one a day, upriver from them.” Similarly, Morris, a civil engineer, testified that the West Quincy levee was failing. The Corps, Morris says, did an excellent job despite the heavy rains, but the last-ditch attempt to bulldoze the levee was a tacit admission that the levee was about to break. The bulldozing, he says, weakened its structural integrity. “The reason I testified is I thought the jury should know that no one had to do anything to cause the levee to fail,” he says. But the experts, who focused on science and statistics, were no match for Flachs, who was an effective, if dubious, witness. Scott’s court-appointed defense attorney, Raymond Legg, had a hard time keeping the jury focused on the weakness of the prosecution’s case. Morris says he believes that the jury decided that the levee had failed, “so someone had to do something to it.”

    That someone was Jimmy Scott.


    ^^^ See that? It’s providing documentation that is sourced.

    Anyway, that same article talks about the arson conviction but never mentions an accomplice. Further: That was in 1982 – almost 30 years ago. How long do you fuckers make someone pay outside the judicial system? If that shit isn’t good enough for you, why aren’t you out trying to ruin this man. Oh wait…

    IF Schoenakase was involved in the arson case, spent time, are you saying, since he paid his debt to society, he’s not entitled to do something worthwhile? To learn from his lessons? What kind of golden dildo do you have stuffed up your ass that makes you come here and try to begrudge someone who’s not only (allegedly) done their time but is trying to make a positive difference in your fucked up community? I hope the fuck you haven’t done anything but swallow – I’d hate to be a kid under your roof.

    Schoenakase operates on tips, right? He’s not demanding a certain fee, right? And not every drunk pays, I imagine.

    With gas prices, vehicle insurance, how the hell is he making any money? You’re telling me the fucked up drunks pay him handsomely for a ride home? Enough to where Schoenakase is rolling in the dough? Puhleeze.


  36. Guest says:

    Check the Adams County, IL court records website under Jeffrey Scott. He has the same birthday, alias Jeffrey Schoenakase and for some strange reason under Street Address is listed Jonathan Schoenakase. This man was convicted of burglary and forgery.


  37. thinkgoat says:

    Again, is all this stuff outstanding? Is he a fugitive from the law? If not, and the courts are satisfied that his “punishment” has been fulfilled, what’s chapping your fucking ass? It just shows that this is personal and has nothing to do with principles.

    Answer my questions, I’ll be waiting.


  38. me says:

    I (a female) would take a ride from him if I drank, why not? I didn’t see anything stating he was or is an offender?! Everyone has a past, and all he is trying to do is to help others have a future! What he is doing doesn’t just help the people who are too drunk to drive, but the others on the road as well. This is crazy that this is even an issue. Quincy is big enough to stop being so small minded. He changed his name most likely because of people like you who make his life hell! I bet if someone opened your closet there would be some skeletons! No one is perfect!!! STFU and let this man alone. Jonathan Don’t let people like that get you down, those kinda people live in glass houses! Good luck with everything, and give this man a hell yeah for wanting to be a better person!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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