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By Thinkgoat

Quincy, IL Around all major holidays, (and I’m gauging “major” by the amount of alcohol consumed) one is likely to find an increase of Public Service Announcements regarding drunk driving. And I completely understand. Unfortunately it takes repeated 30-second advertisements drilling the motto: “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”. Leading up to New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day, radio stations start running commercials informing their listeners of free rides home from the bar. The companies and organizations offering the free transportation are applauded for providing such a terrific service to the community, keeping those on the roads safe and saving the party-goers the huge expense of a DUI offense. Plus, it alleviates pressure on the local police forces and allows those on-duty officers a bit of time to do a little partying themselves. Haha. I’m only partially kidding. (watch this video brought to my attention by Deadmyron) Anywho. It should come as no surprise that any community would raise someone to hero status, who’d give their time to volunteer this free service on a constant basis. Well, anywhere but Quincy, Illinois. (more…)