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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania There’s a reason I avoid reading some stories in the news. As much as I believe in exposing perpetrators who abuse, rape, and kill children, I find it almost impossible to write them up. I tend to get a little attached, especially when they include a picture of the child. I honestly cannot wrap my brain around it. (It’s not saying I can wrap my brain around someone screwing an animal, a corpse, or stuff like that but it’s so bizarre it makes it entertaining to research in such a sick way) But killing a child, an elderly person, or someone who’s mentally equal to a child through torture and abuse, well, I just get really sick…and pissed. And unfortunately the damn eye doctor fixed me up with the ability to see again and my damn eyes fucked me over. They scanned the following story until I reached the rage stage and now I can’t get it out of my head. Allow me to introduce 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty, a loving, trusting mentally challenged woman who bumped up against the wrong crowd.

Jennifer Daugherty

While having to move back to her parents house after losing her apartment, Jennifer boarded a bus with her duffel bag to visit an old friend who’d helped her out. Unfortunately, it was the last time Jennifer’s parents saw her alive.

Now meet the 6 scum of the Earth who are believed to be responsible for the tortured death of this 30-year-old: Robert Masters Jr, Ricky Smyrnes, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Peggy Miller, and Angela Marinucci. 6 individuals who not only took advantage of a man’s kindness, but used his friendship to lure an unsuspecting woman in and savagely beat and stabbed her to death.

Robert Cathcart met Ricky Smyrnes in a mental facility and offered to let he and his girlfriend, Amber Meidinger stay at his apartment in exchange for help with household chores. Robert also lent his kindness to Jennifer after she lost her apartment prior to moving back home to her parents. As most of us know, those with a good heart often find themselves in situations that quickly spiral out of control. Such was the case with Robert extending an invitation to these two.

Jennifer, being described as a very trusting young lady, quickly friended Smyrnes but, according to Cathcart, the friendship was highly volatile. Smyrnes allegedly made Jennifer do things with him but she managed to deflect all attempts he made in engaging in sex. I can only imagine this didn’t set well with Smyrnes as he’s said to have a violent past with family members and ex-girlfriends. But see? He was mental. That excuses so much these days. Even researching this story I saw a lot of, “he’s good when he’s on his medication”. And that’s the kind of shit talk that pisses me off. He’s not nice and they’re just medicating assholes to attempt to turn them into not-so-violent zombies. Got news for the mental community. Asshole on meds is just a medicated asshole.

Cathcart explains he’s not quite sure how it happened but soon Robert Master Jr, Melvin Knight, Peggy Miller, and Angela Marincci moved in and quickly earned the title “free loaders”. Often seen in the neighborhood, they were known to hang out at the local mental facility, starting shit at the library, and just spreading sunshine in general. But none of that stopped Jennifer from wanting more friends. And when she made her last trip to Cathcart’s apartment, she found he’d moved out, name still on the lease, and these beasts were occupying the abode which had absolutely no furniture except a crutch, a towel rack, some fingernail polish, spices, vegetable oil, and Christmas decorations. Things they allegedly used to torture Jennifer to death.

A truck driver noticed a trash can in the parking lot of the nearby middle school – the same trash can Jennifer’s body was occupying. The medical examiner disclosed some aspects of the sadistic murder. Jennifer’s head was shaved and fingernail polish was smeared all over her face. Over the course of 33-36 hours, Jennifer was beaten with a towel rack, a crutch, made to drink urine and eat deodorant and spices…forced to drink vegetable oil, wrists slashed while forcing her to pen a bogus suicide letter. They restrained her using a string of Christmas decorations. When police arrived at the apartment, all the evidence was still there. Including the knife they used to fatally stab her.

Of course, psychologists and psychiatrists are already explaining some of this away, saying there had to be a leader in this attack, that it’s highly unusual for this kind of sadistic action to be the brainchild of all six. I really don’t give a fuck if the Pope ordered this. Point is, they’re all guilty as hell and equally responsible. The district attorney isn’t certain whether they’ll seek the death penalty on one or all of the pack. God help society if one of them makes it back into a mental institution to be “rehabilitated”. There’s no such thing in my book. Do us all a favor and lock the freaks up and throw away the key.

Much more at the source links  Source1 | Source2 | Source3

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  1. Chris says:

    Thank You! You are 100% correct! I believe that if anyone looks into ricky smyrnes past they will see a history of his using, abusing and stealing from the community of special needs people in the Greensburg area. My son is a special needs child and he had dealings with ricky 2 or 3 years ago.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    From what I researched, Ricky is a real peach. What’s worse is that little to no charges have been pressed in the past. It’s sickening that a lot of these mental health facilities are so money hungry that they’ll lump in drug abusers and violent individuals with those who are needing life skills and coping assistance. It’s a breeding ground for this sort of violence.

    I have no idea how large the mental health facility is, where these beasts frequented, but no matter how large, the professionals are suppose to be trained to recognize human behavior. That’s their job! To allow this “pack” mentality from the beginning is criminal. And from what I researched, it was very apparent to all who witnessed any casual behavior out of these six.


  3. ravenblackehart says:

    “A district judge’s office says a hearing for six people charged in the torture killing of a mentally disabled Pennsylvania woman has been postponed because the suspects have head lice.”


  4. thinkgoat says:

    WHAT? Seriously – delayed because of head lice? Easy solution. Shave their heads…with a straight razor. Make sure it’s very close and then dunk their heads in alcohol so it burns like hell. Repeat and rinse. Repeat and rinse.

    WTF? Simply unbelievable.


  5. lazlo45 says:

    I say to apply jumper cables and see if the lice jump off! Easy Peasy 😀


  6. Terri says:

    Hi Would somebody let me know when this case goes to trial because I want to make sure they die a slow death and not stay in prison for the next 10 yrs, they need to be put to death there’s no excuse for the life they all took and the DA better do his job. I wish all of us that have read about this could apply pressure on the state to do what they need to do, I mean get real here shave their heads and go on to court, make them all face the hanging judge. They killed a young lady that trusted people and this is what she got in return how sad for her and her folks. I wish I could send the family a card.. Besides this young lady may have been a cousin to me for her last name is the same as my mom’s before she got married.


  7. Terri says:

    Hey maybe all of us from state to state could drop the DA a letter of interest and demand the death for all 6 of them they have to listen to the American People if we flood them with letters, it could work anyone want to try? Jennifer deserves that lets all get going and do it. Need to find the courts address and the DA handling the case in question.. So send all information out to your family and friends Terri


  8. Mary says:

    Ricky Smyrnes attended Wesley Spectrum Highland School where for years was known for beating up handicapped children. What is so dispicable is that the school administration allowed this to happen! They would also give him candy and treats just after he punched some poor autistic child in the head. My husband and I know, because our child was brutalized by Smyrnes. We never could understand why the school rewarded such bad behavior, but now look what happened. He is a cold blooded killer who learned at an early age by a irresponsible school that hurting the helpless is okay. Wesley Spectrum should be held accountable. I’m sure they don’t want the Daugherty family to know that they nurtured a killer. This farce of a school is located in Whitehall, PA.


  9. Barry says:

    What kind of school would put bad kids first? I have heard about schools and institutions like this Wesley Spectrum School that don’t care about anything but money. It is crual to put handicapped children in the same room with future killers and bullys. Who runs this school? I will pass this on so people know about them. That is really Sick!


  10. thinkgoat says:

    Again, the unfortunate thing is that all of these assholes will probably get some leniency due to mental health issues. I simply do not believe, if you’re a functioning adult (can make choices: good, bad, ugly) – you should be held accountable for your actions without the “mental health” safety net to fall back on.

    I covered a story of an institutionalized “mentally ill” man – guilty of murdering an elderly woman. After a few years, “he was doing so much better”, they allowed him group trips. When the under-supervised group went to the damn State Fair, he escaped. Seriously, he murdered someone and a few years later he’s plotting his escape while sitting at the fair. THAT is how punishment is administered to the “criminally insane”. Do away with the “all encompassing” bullshit law and start administering punishments to fit the crimes.


  11. Barry says:

    Thinkgoat hit it on the nail! You give them an inch and they run away with a new plot. Institutions that simply let these actions take place are in essence promoting the next violent act. Such is the case with Ricky Smyrnes School that let him do what he wanted. Throw Away the Key!


  12. thinkgoat says:

    One of my passions is education and with that comes fighting the systemic problems that plague it. For some reason, somewhere in the past, some lazy idiot in charge got the hair-brained idea that it was the path of least resistance not dealing with the problem areas. This includes children as well. It takes nerves of steel, a backbone, and the willingness to make the unpopular decisions. While families scream about children getting bullied, it’s more often the families of the bullies that raise the most stink, thus getting their way. It’s become the “norm” in most public educational facilities because it’s less work. We’re too afraid of “hurting someone’s feelings” by pinpointing problem children. The result? Children killing animals. Children killing children. And if they make it into adulthood, the penal system becomes over-crowded with young punks who never got their asses beat when there was a chance to teach right from wrong.

    This all occurs when the children are young. If there is no discipline and no accountability for their actions, they grow up with a feeling of entitlement and we’ve built a system that continues to feed that mentality.


  13. annabella says:

    i cant believe this!!! if that stupid asshole PEGGY was her friend ,why she did that shit to Jennifer???i dont understand this shit!


  14. annabella says:

    God!!they r so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hate them!!!!!!


  15. Shari says:

    Will their school visit them in prison to give them candy and treats? Ricky will get some candy now- enjoy prison! What you do is what you get!!!


  16. Ted says:

    They remind me of the Manson Family. The Leader Ricky was let out of jail by a crack-pot judge and he was given Candies by his irresponsible school after hurting handicapped children. They can come down to Texas and work on a chain gang. The Prison guards won’t be giving Ricky and his “Manson family” any treats – You can count on that!


  17. thinkgoat says:

    Ah, don’t worry – if they get there, they’ll get treats in prison as well. Just not the same kind. No, these will be given anally and orally. 😉

    As I stated in the story, the shrinks are already lining the others up for a perfect defense…they’ll claim that Ricky was the leader (which he may have well been) which may allow for some leniency on sentencing for the rest of the pack. Just wait, we’ll see a follow-up to this story: “They wouldn’t have done this had it not been for Smyrnes’ influence. Maybe not. But they DID act and should be held accountable for the torture and murder of this lady. All of them…not just Smyrnes. They’ll get reduced or soft sentences because of their “mental capacity” and that’s plain bullshit.


  18. Barry says:

    No Doubt! The rest of the torture gang will get a reduced sentence and Ricky will get life! He will be the focal point for many studies and documentaries on his influence on others and the ability to get them to follow. Yes, If Ricky likes getting candy for hitting handicapped kids in school. then he will really love the Candy and Lolly Pops that will be administered anally to him in Prison and that’s what he gets for torturing Jennifer in the matter that he did.


  19. Jack says:

    If the judge doesn’t get him then the Convicts will! Its too bad that Jennifer had to look this monster in the face during the last hours of her life. Give him Candy for hitting handicapped children, let him out of jail for beating his mother – That is Crap! Have fun Ricky, your about to find out how candy really tastes you scum bag!


  20. haha many of the observations folks write are kinda silly, routinely i wonder if they seriously read the documents and threads before placing a comment or whether or not they barely skim the titles and post the first idea that pops into their brain. nevertheless, it is actually good to browse keen commentary now and then as opposed to the exact same, old post vomit which i oftentimes notice on the internet


  21. Moved to Rville on purpose says:

    Greensburg, PA – Held hostage against her will by those she thought of as “friends,” mentally handicapped woman Jennifer Daugherty, 30, endured thirty-six hours of torture including being forced to swallow urine, beaten with a crutch, and stabbed repeatedly before her body was discovered in a trash can in a school parking lot southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 11.

    Now, three of the six people charged with criminal homicide in connection with the crime will be facing the death penalty and potentially even hate crime charges under a new federal law.

    Melvin Knight, 20, Ricky V. Smyrnes, 24, Angela Marinucci, 17, Amber Meidinger, 20, Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, and Robert Loren Masters, 36, are all facing charges in connection with Daugherty’s brutal death.

    Monday, Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck announced he will seek the death penalty against Knight, Smyrnes, and Meidinger.

    The sixth defendant, high school senior Angela Marinucci, 17, is charged as an adult but is ineligible under Pennsylvania law for the death penalty because she’s a minor.

    Defense attorneys for two of the defendants have stated their clients are also mentally handicapped, one having an I.Q. of only 67.

    Federal authorities plan on reviewing the case to determine whether it meets the criteria for a hate crime prosecution.

    President Barack Obama signed an expansion of the 1969 United States federal hate crime law in October 2009.

    The expansion was named for Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming teenager who died after being kidnapped and severely beaten in October 1998, and James Byrd Jr., an African-American man dragged to death in Texas the same year.

    Daugherty’s case could be the first time the law is applied since it was passed last year.

    The shocking details of Jennifer Daugherty’s murder surfaced in court documents released in February at a preliminary hearing for the defendants. According to police reports, Daugherty’s head was shaved, and she was bound with Christmas decorations and clothing. She was beaten with several items – according to the affidavit, a crutch, a vacuum cleaner hose, and a towel rack. She was also forced to consume urine, detergent, and a medicine cocktail. In her final hours, she was allegedly forced to write a suicide note, stabbed multiple times, and then left in a trash can in a middle school parking lot.

    Daugherty’s family described her as very trusting with the mental capacity of a 12-year-old.

    Daugherty’s sister spoke with the media after her death saying, “She was tortured. She was humiliated. And, she was alone when she died.”

    “The issue may have been a domestic issue and revenge,” Tribune-Review of Greensburg reporter Rich Cholodofsky told In Session.

    Daugherty may have been involved in a sexual relationship with defendant Ricky V. Smyrnes, which in turn resulted in jealousy among the female defendants ultimately leading to Daugherty’s gruesome torture and death.

    on CNN In Session June 8, 2010



  22. thinkgoat says:

    Thank you for the update. I wish the death penalty would be pursued for the other three as well. This case was disturbing on the surface and the more I dug, the worse it got.

    Looks like justice is starting…


  23. Mabel Castro says:

    Ricky Smyrnes went to Wesley Spectrum -MS. Menedez allowed Ricky to harm autistic children – She is a Drunk and should Never be allowed to run a school!


  24. nomess says:

    If they are all mentals…Strap them all on an electric bench with each a lunch box of their choice and tell them they are all going for a bus ride.(with a sign on the wall saying..
    sit here and die = 3,000 volts)(BON VOYAGE)
    If they are mentals…that means they will happily want to go for the bus ride…We’ll know who’s crazy or not.



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