Stanley Eckard Dug His Family Into Hell

Posted: June 24, 2010 by thinkgoat in Crime, Mug Shot, Murder
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By ThinkGoat

Spring Hill, Florida I have a younger brother by five years and I’m here to tell you there was no bigger pain in the ass than he. Whine, cry, tattle-tale and the little shit was always getting into my crap. And he never got into trouble for his antics because he was the baby. There were good things about having him around though. It allowed me to hone my “clever skills”. I constantly had to change-up my game as he became smarter and my will to not get caught became greater. I think those times were good for us both. Hopefully I helped shape who he hides deep within himself today, the non-neurotic cool guy. Or perhaps I helped contribute to the sniffling little brat he still is today – the one who sends me love letters saying, “you’re dead to me”. Either way, our sibling rivalry only went so far – hiding prized possessions on each other, etc. And I have to wonder if prized possessions were what the Eckards expected to find as their daughter said, “Mom, we have to dig up that hole. What’s in that hole?”

The details of this horror-filled tale started around 3am Saturday when the mother of Stanley Eckard (21) saw him digging in the backyard. It’s all okay, though. He was just burying some shit that belonged to an old girlfriend. Why not throw the shit away? (unless he was planning on reuniting with her in which he’d dig the shit back up, wash it off, and put her panties back on display) But again, why bury them? Why not put them in a bag in the back of the closet?

Monday, Stanley’s sister arrived at her parent’s house where her two brothers Stanley and Sean (19) resided. When the conversation turned to Sean, who’d not been seen since Friday evening, Jennifer (with I assume a little suspicion and a great deal of panic) encouraged her parents to investigate exactly what that pile of dirt was covering and exactly what it was Stanley had buried.

I cannot imagine the anguish and fear, the pure raw emotion as their father unearthed his decomposing child that was buried in that hole.

Sean Eckard

I’m including a link to the audio of the 911 call placed by Jennifer as her father continues to dig and recover his son, her youngest brother from the back yard. A call she places while her brother Stanley (and a buddy) are in that same home. It was tough for me to listen to – the operator completely pissed-me-the-fuck-off. You can clearly hear Stanley in the background yelling and freaking out. And you can clearly hear Jennifer’s panic as she describes what’s going on. She’s pleading for help. Oh hell yes. She tells the operator her brother Stanley murdered her younger brother, he’s in the house talking to their mother, her father is fucking laying over his dead son who’s been buried in the ground since Saturday early morning. Fuck yeah, I’d be begging for help and telling the operator to get the shit out of her ears and listen better…and get fucking help there immediately.

Detectives state Stanley started choking his brother during a fight and when Sean fell to the ground, he reached down, checked his pulse and then buried him. After all, that’s what they do with dead people. Only it’s not usually in one’s backyard. That’s why Stanley admitted he was going to move the body once his parents left. Bright one, that Stanley.

This quiet neighborhood filled with sculptured lawns and a place where two young brothers were often seen waving at neighbors is now adored with make-shift memorials honoring a quiet and kind Eckard boy, Sean. And now the Eckard family, who once were raising two sons are  left with the horrific memory of digging in the ground only to find one son and watching the other being handcuffed and taken away. Hopefully for life.


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  1. Karrie says:

    WOW?! My brother and I used to fight and occasionally I grab a knife and tell him to leave me alone or I’d cut of his balls… Obviously I never did that but this kid is obviously a few screws loose! Bury your own brother in the backyard???? Was the kid actually dead before burial or just unconscious?


  2. thinkgoat says:

    I imagine he was dead. I don’t think the autopsy report has been released – there was no mention of any indication that he was buried alive. I’d say Stanley choked the life out of him and then buried his body.

    They did say Sean’s body had really started to break down…you know, the Florida heat and 3 days dead. I can’t imagine that poor father…


  3. Karrie says:

    Oh my… Sean had been missing since Friday.. Was there a missing persons report?


  4. thinkgoat says:

    Nope. He was 19-years-old. The boys had been known to partake in drinking and parties…I’m sure his parents assumed he’d gone to a buddy’s house or something.

    But after Father’s Day came and went…with no word, I’m sure that’s when the family started wondering if something was wrong.


  5. Karrie says:

    Not saying that this is in any the parent’s fault because I cant imagine what they are going through and how horrific it is for them but regardless if my kid was a partier, I would make sure to speak with him at least every day or two… I hope the give that brother the chair.. To kill someone in your own family is just beyond sick.


  6. crtial_rn says:

    I’ve been pretty pissed off at my brother before andyes we got into our scuffles. I know he really made me mad and he “fell” onto a screwdriver that “accidently” got shoved thru his bottom lip and I remember him hitting me in the middle of the night with a wiffle ball bat but never did we try and actually KILL one another, DAMN IT! Oh Stanley and his buddy Danny are more than a few french fries short of a happy meal. Just bury the body in the backyard, maybe some flowers or something nice would have grown. Of course the smell of rotting flesh might have tipped off someone.

    As for the fricking 911 opertor, I hope like hell she stays in Florida as I sure as hell would not want to call for help and get that fucking bitch. I’m surprised the operator knew how to pick up the phone and speak. What a dumb ass!


  7. thinkgoat says:

    That operator really pissed me off. Had I been Jennifer, I would have crawled through the phone and spelled everything out with her own blood. Hell, if I could understand her through the recording, that operator should have been able to. Fuck.


  8. Miss Bella says:

    That’s crazy. I wonder if Stanley was known for violence there has to be more. I want to know why they were fighting.


  9. Lanie says:

    Did Jennifer say Stanley had a record? I think the 911 dispatch operator needs to be along on some police runs where a coroner needs to be called. Maybe if she dealt with the grief firsthand, the correct pronounciation and spelling of a name wouldn’t be as important as getting to the crime scene before Stanley hurt someone else or her father had a heart attack digging up his son.

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  10. denise says:

    listen sean and stanley they are my uncles and all these comments you guys are saying are really hurtful so dont say anything rude PLEASE you dont understand how hard it is to deal with this


  11. thinkgoat says:

    Denise, we haven’t amped up yet.

    This is a shame site – thus far, I’ve been fairly “nice” when it comes to your shit-for-an-uncle, Stanley. He allegedly strangled his brother to death, dug a nice hole in the backyard, threw him in it, then told his mother it was some shit from a girlfriend. Hopefully this piece of feces never sees natural daylight again and the memory of his dead brother haunts him just as the discovery of the body will haunt his father for the rest of his life.

    I realize the family is dealing with a great deal of grief – there’s no doubt about that whatsoever. If you cannot handle the comments people leave regarding your family, you should not search out the blogs carrying the story. That responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders. We’ll not curb nor censor ourselves because you may not want to hear the cold hard truth.

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I state we’re sorry for the pain your family is suffering. I cannot begin to imagine… but do not look for us to be “nice” when it comes to any perpetrator who shows what pure evil looks like. – ThinkGoat

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  12. denise says:

    you really do need to stop though stanley is not a piece of feces hes a smart person and a talented musician too you wouldnt even know that we dont call him stanely he is my uncle and i dont even put uncle before his name you dont know ANYTHING


  13. Yarddog says:

    Denise? DENISE! Come on now! Smart people don’t strangle their brothers and bury them in the back yard. Think about it…there has to be some deeper issues there.

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  14. thinkgoat says:

    Denise, I’m going to be as nice and tolerant as I possibly can here (which is a BIG stretch) – I don’t give a flying fuck what you call your Uncle Stanley. I don’t give a flying fuck if he’s a talented musician.

    He’s going to prison.

    Don’t tell me you’re the typical family member who comes on and proclaims he’d never do anything like that…that we simply don’t know him like you do…oh wait…you pretty much have.

    Do you have something against Sean? Was he not as cool as Stan the Man? Where’s the outrage that the air was choked out of him, that he was buried like I bury my turds while camping? (only I leave little dandelions on top of my mound – I like to see them wilt) Where’s the disgust that their father was totally fucking mortified to dig in that yard thinking he might be finding Sean’s cell phone, keys, jock-strap…something other than his rotting body?

    Yarddog, I think “deeper issues” must run in the family. At least with Niece Denise ( 😉 I so like the sound of that)

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  15. Lazlo says:

    Do the dandies turn black TG?


  16. denise says:

    i had NOTHING against sean,i had so many great memories with him i got along with him better than stanley (which feels really weird sayings cause i didnt know that was his real name til i was 10) we call him eli and i miss my seanie boy so much but i really dont wanna see eli go to prison losing one uncle and never seeing the other one again its hard

    i would come into eli’s room and watch him play gutair and play piano and no one taught him he tought himself


  17. Karrie says:

    I’m sorry but I find it just sickening that someone in that family can come here and DEFEND the KILLER. You and “Eli” must have been related for sure you both are a few screws loose. Regardless how talented of a musician he may be he is still an idiot. So Denise, before you start rambling on and on about how smart and wonderful your Uncle is, looks at the facts. All the facts point to MORON!


  18. denise says:

    i relize he did it and im not trying to defend him but he is still my uncle no matter what and my other uncle is in a better place now its just sad cause hes not here with me,im not a few screws loose i just see things in a different way


  19. Karrie says:

    Yeah, a very delusional way. I can honestly say that if my brother killed my other brother, I would love him but there is no way I would EVER stand by him. I would want him to pay for his actions.


  20. crtial_rn says:

    Denise what else did you and Stan the Man do up in that “musical” room of his? Did you by chance play his “flute”??? Because that is about how it sounds. Why don’t you pull your fucking airhead outta Stan’s ass and realize that it is not “normal” for one brother to strangle the other then bury the fucking body in a hole in the backyard. You would normally bury the hamster that you stepped on in the middle of the night or some fucking bird that won’t shut up, but not your flesh and blood.

    As Shakespeare would say, “The lady doth protest too much methinks.” Of course I am using the term LADY losely here.

    Denise, your wonderfully talented Uncle Stan is going to the pen, probably forever. Don’t worry, he will make friends there. Since he is good at bury things in a dark, dank, hole, why he will have a boyfriend REAL soon. Be sure to send him money for the commissary so he can buy some KY Gel. Second thought, don’t worry about it, I’m sure your Uncky loves it rough.I’m sure he is looking forward to doing the bend and grab position. He might need some gum or mouthwash and a new toothbrush to get the taste of balls out of his mouth as well as a few lingering pubic hairs.

    Fine, wonderful man my fucking ass. Are you an inbred of what?


  21. thinkgoat says:

    Denise, please tell me you’re over 16-years-old. I have a feeling you’re not and I really hate swearing like that around children.

    Your uncle Sean is not in a better place. He was 19. The better place for him would be at home right now, doing normal 19-year-old stuff. He deserved to have a chance to find a wife, have some children if he wanted. He deserved to grow up and find what his true interests were. He deserved to become an adult and grow old. His life was stripped away from him at 19 – allegedly murdered by his brother. Someone he knew better than anyone else on this earth. If he were suffering with an incurable disease, I might see it from your perspective.

    As I stated in the story, your family has lost two males. Eli will go to prison. That was HIS decision when he wrapped his hands around Sean’s neck. That was HIS decision when he decided to not call for help. That was HIS decision when he decided burying him was the best way to show his love for his baby brother.

    I was informed through an email that it’s not Stanley’s voice we hear yelling in the background of the 911 call. Denise, do you have any indication who’s voice that is? Could it be the “friend” Danny?


  22. Karrie says:

    TG.. I was thinkin the same thing about the age of Miss Denise.


  23. Rushville Native says:

    Denise, I hope you stay in school and learn how to spell and Stanley/Eli had better take banjo lessons, because I have a feeling he will be playing Dueling Banjos soon!


  24. Evil Twin Jess says:

    This has nothing to do with anything, but that pic of Stanley reminds me of Ryan Phillipe.


  25. denise says:

    i will tell you im under 16 and i will tell you it was not danny saying that but you dont understand my point of view and you never will eli will spend the rest of his life in prison and i relize that everyday he can think about what he did and he cant escape that and im happy and i really miss my seanie boy cause i had the BEST memories with him ones that i cant stop dreaming about but when it comes down to it i know he is where he belongs up in heaven chillin with god and i knew him so well that in my heart i know hes telling me to stop crying and let it go cause hes where he wants to be and if you think im more on eli’s side heres some memories of me and sean:

    sean convinced me a toliet monster lived in the toliet when i was 9

    and just so many that you wouldnt even understand if i told you but my favorite was when he saw me and picked me up and spun me around and i cant stop dreaming about that i LOVE sean with all my heart but please just stop telling me im defending eli he is my uncle too


  26. Danny Mello says:

    Alright, This needs to stop.

    For one, I’m the Danny you ignorant assholes are talking about.


    You’re all pathetic. You don’t even know the situation, yet you bitch about it like you were there.

    Here’s some news, I was there, and before you go saying something else thats fucking dumb, I had nothing to do with it.

    I’m taking a test thats 100% accurate, therefore, I will be proven innocent of all charges. If I was involved, I’d be out of state right now. But enough about me.

    You’re going to torture his niece even after she asked you nicely to stop being assholes?

    You’re right, this is a shame site, because all the people on here have none.

    You’re all fucking pathetic, making comments where no comment is needed. End of story.

    Were you there? No. None of you knew what went on between the 2 before what happened, and I’m the only one on here, besides his niece, who could say differently.

    Instead of being ignorant pathetic assholes, whose lives are so vapid and unfulfilling that you must insult a family member of the deceased, you should instead put your efforts into something more constructive.

    Seriously. And you guys don’t even get your facts right. So who are the morons?

    That’s right: YOU!

    You, the piece of shit motherfucker who could insult someone rather than comfort them when they need it. You, the ignorant jackass who has no idea what’s going through the heads of family, friends, and anyone actually INVOLVED in this situation. And You, the pathetic vermin who goes on this site and makes comments in the vain effort to sound intelligent, yet trying to hide the fact you’re a worthless idiot who has no idea how to handle a situation with REASON.

    The last thing that needs to be going on is shameless bastards bitching about this via some random internet message board. You have no guts, since I bet half of you wouldn’t have the balls to walk up to me and say what you said.

    And as an afterthought, if you did have said balls, I would beat the crap out of you for being insensitive about Sean’s death, much less his murder.

    Get a fucking life you worthless fucks.


  27. Karrie says:

    Gee, you really hurt our feelings! Oh wait!

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  28. RIP Sean Eckard says:

    Okay lets say for starters you knew the family or hell even knew anyone in the family, could you even for the slightest second imagine an inch of how they feel. His neice, all you know is she is over 10 but under 16 and you talk to her like that? are you kidding me?? THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT GIRL!! She is confused not only does she have to deal with the fact that her uncle someone she obviously loved very much is dead but more he was murdered, then on top of that she has to deal with the fact that her other uncle was the one who murdered him. Come on now, she is a child do you know how you would feel or hell even act if this happened in your family?? Do you?? Ok lets say for shits and giggles you say you do, you can say whatever you want but unless you have been in that situation YOU DONT KNOW! IDC if its happened to your best friend or someone you know it did not happen to you! You are so UTTERLY DISRESPECTFUL!

    Now, by all means i am not justifying what Eli did AT ALL, i also believe he should rot in prison for the rest of his life and be buried in a whole with no casket for what he did.

    But a great kid Sean Paul Eckard (RIP) is now dead he doesnt get a chance at life, but no one for a second has even thought about the grief his family is feeling or the hundreds of friends that dont know what to do with themselves, This is not the first time all of these kids have had to deal with the pain of losing a very dear friend. I am one of those people who have had to deal with the Deaths of every single one of these kids and one of them was my best friend. If your gonna post a forrum about it why cant you be there for everyone who is mourning the loss of Sean instead of getting everyone in an outrage about it? You obviously have no kids and if you do lord help you as a mother/father. How could you tell your child who is destroyed that a friend died that all you care about is going on a public forrum to talk shit about how that person died?

    You all have no compassion and no heart. Sean is Dead, Eli killed him, he will be in prison for life. We all know this, now why dont you all SHUT THE FUCK UP and move on with your lives. The family and friends of the Eckards need time to heal and mourn the loss of Sean without all of your bullshit and shit talking.


    Denise- im terribly sorry for your lose sweetie, I dont know how i would feel in this situation i couldnt even begin to imagine, I sincerely hope that you are okay and i know that if you ever needed anything or just someone to talk to you can turn to any of your family or Seans friends, I am sure that they would all love to hear about your most fondest memories of Sean.

    you will be greatly missed without a doubt, you were an amzing kid and alot of people loved you. NO ONE can ever take that away, you will be in our hearts always. Till i see you again ❤


  29. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Oh, I get to do this again? 🙂 I love it when friends and family of criminals play the “get your facts straight” card!

    Fact: Your friend Stanley put his hands around his little brothers neck and squeezed until he stopped breathing.

    Fact: Instead of freaking out and calling 911 like a normal person would do if it had been just an accident in the heat of the moment, he dug a big hole in the backyard and put his little brother in that hole. Then he lied about it when he was asked why there was a big fucking hole in the yard.

    Fact: Because of this worthless fuck’s actions, a father was forced to dig up his dead son’s decomposing body. The dead son who was murdered by his other son. Stanley not only murdered Sean, he murdered his father, because I am 1000% sure that father will never be the same.

    And here’s the best fact of all: YOU were there, if not for the murder, at least for the digging up. Hanging out with your buddy the murderer, just chillin’ while his dad digs up his brother he strangled and everyone screams and cries. Scaring the hell out of the one person who had the descency and brains to actually call 911. And WE’RE the pieces of shit, morons, worthless fucks! Yep, sounds logical to me! 😆

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  30. Karrie says:

    HAHA!! I’d say those are the FACTS.

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  31. thinkgoat says:

    Nicely done, ETJ!

    Danny, exactly where are you being implicated in this murder? I think I missed something…

    When YOU say you were there, do you mean during the 911 call three days later or for the actual killing/burying event? And if it were just during the 911 call – my question to you is: was that the first you knew of it? I imagine it probably was – you seem a little “too well spoken” to actually keep a secret like that for a waste of oxygen like Stanley. Then again…

    After I realized Niece Denise might be underage, the language toned down but hey, after seeing the “tone” of this site, she continued to come on. It’s not our responsibility to babysit family and friends of fuckwads that do unspeakable things. That’s called personal accountability. If the story or comments are hurting someone’s feelings, they shouldn’t come back. Simple as shit.

    No where have I (nor any readers) been inconsiderate to Sean, the dead dude. That’s why we picked up and ran with this story. It’d suck having the life choked out of you by your brother, then buried like a discarded piece (or mound) of human waste. That’s what happened though. Your buddy Stanley, your family member Stan the Man allegedly killed his brother, buried him so he’d start rotting in the ground (with the added bonus of hopefully being moved from a “family plot” to another unmarked final resting place – per Stan). We’ve ripped on those “facts”. We’ve ripped on the 911 operator who was a fucking idiot. And now, we’re ripping on Stanley’s friends and family who’re wanting “us” to understand.

    I understand better than all of you going through this shit. Why? Because for you this is a “one time deal”. I do stories like this all the time – I spend hours researching each one – the names change (and sometimes the MO) but that’s it. The motherfuckers are still motherfuckers and do things that land them in the news, land them featured on Crime Crawlers, and then…prison. It’s very simple, actually.

    I didn’t invite you into my house so don’t give me the sob story of having your feelings hurt, we shouldn’t be writing this story, we shouldn’t be discussing it…and truthfully, this shit would have died along with Sean had you not come back on and brought the comments up to date. So thank yourselves.

    One more thing Buddy Danny, I’ve dedicated my professional life responding to situations such as these. People in my profession spend hours trying to “undo” what your buddy pulled – well…only when the call is immediately placed. Not 3 days afterward. So tread lightly when you assume you know who we might be…

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  32. thinkgoat says:

    You’re right (I’m renaming you as Sean Fan because he’s not resting in peace – that I can assure you), I have no compassion or heart when it comes to people making excuses for murderers.

    If you have any reading comprehension, after it was suspected Niece Denise was underage, the swearing toward her stopped. We just assume anyone coming on here under a respectable age has some kind of parental oversight. You know, like normal parents do. So simmer the fuck down.

    As far as “shutting the fuck up and moving on…” it was you and your buddy Danny who came on and revived this thread! Nicely played, by the way. I love when that happens. Yeah, we’d just filed the story away and moved onto our next asshat until you come on and updated the comments section. But now you’ve given us more fodder and for that, well…kick back and enjoy the ride.


  33. truthbetold says:

    There is much more to this story than the press can release. You have the cause of death wrong. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. This boy has a past history only insiders know about. The making of a serial killer. If research could be compared with past serial offenders family lives, and the family life of Eli (Stanley), you would wonder why the parents never got this poor boy help. Could just be that’s where the true story lies.


  34. thinkgoat says:

    @ Truth – I don’t think there’s been an actual “cause of death” stated.

    As with the original new source (the link provided) – it stated Stanley allegedly choked his brother. That’s where all the information was gleaned. And of course there’s always more to the story – that’s why the authorities investigate these things!

    Tell me, Truth…what other “signs” has Stanley shown in the past that’d make you place him in a serial killer category?

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  35. Lazlo says:

    Alright Fucktard. This is a basic lesson in Parenting and the Internet. Who in the happy fuck has let a little girl go searching around looking for stories of their fucked up relations. The web is for big girls and boys, and providing unfettered access to a child is criminal in my eyes.

    A reasonable parent keeps their children away from adult content on the web, and monitors their activities. The internet is not like PBS – you don’t prop you child up in front of the screen and hope it will keep them occupied so you can go give your skank boyfriend a blowjob, rub one out to a picture of Obama, or run down to block to score some crack. Where is this fucking mothers head?

    I, personally, am sorry little Denise found her way to our site. I wish there was a way to assure those under age were restricted access. But, on the bright side, it has been a life lesson for her, hopefully bringing understanding that the world can be an ugly place, and it’s not all posies and peppermints when you step outside your door.

    As far as the family of these two young men; I have the deepest sympathy for their losses. Both of them. However, and this is important, I truly do not consider their feelings as they relate to this site. There is a choice you make when you decide to read an article like this. You can stop at any time. If you continue to read, then you take full responsibility for any negative feelings it generates in yourself. You have only yourself to blame.

    As TG said in the beginning of this thread – this is a shame site. It lets the world know who the Fuck-ups are, what they did, and makes as much fun of them as it can. NOT a place for family members to be hanging out. Apologists of any kind are treated harshly, much to the amusement of our general audience.

    I guess in summation my reply to you is to grow up, take off your rose colored glasses through which you view the world, and embrace reality. And for fuck’s sake – tell someone to get that kid off the net!


  36. denise says:

    just to let you know i was on the internet looking for the story for my mom because you know sean was my moms BROTHER and he was my UNCLE and if i would like to look up about my own UNCLE i can and it shouldnt be any of your buiness


  37. denise says:

    thank you danny…THANK YOU they all need to get a life they wouldnt even understand this at ALL and half of there facts arent even straight and they dont even know eli and they never knew sean so they all need to SHUT UP


  38. thinkgoat says:

    The “facts” came from the source listed at the bottom of the story, Denise. You need to stay off this site and get some help.

    And thanking Danny? For what? Being such a good buddy to the guy who murdered your uncle? Holy shit.

    You’re now banned from participating any longer Denise – I thought you’d get the hint you shouldn’t be here. If you attempt to comment, it’ll not show on the boards – but rather in our moderation queue.


  39. thinkgoat says:

    Sugar, it doesn’t matter how many names and emails you use, you’re still banned. Your comments are not going to show up for anyone but my administrators.

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  40. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Bahaha. Love it when they try that.


  41. thinkgoat says:

    Especially when they come back with, “your so smart” (incorrect spelling, naturally). I have two sitting in queue that say the same thing – har har har. Dumbshits.

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  42. RIP Sean Eckard says:

    “Yeah, we’d just filed the story away and moved onto our next asshat”

    Your mature 🙂


  43. thinkgoat says:

    And you cannot figure out the correct use of “your”. Go back to school, dumbfuck.


  44. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Your so mean. People are just trying to defend there family. 😉 LMAO

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  45. thinkgoat says:

    Had you typed it like this, it would have been perfect: yOuR sO mEan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pOEplE iS jus tRyiNg 2 deFEnD tHeRE fAmILy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!! 😆


  46. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I honestly don’t think I can bring myself to type like that. And I’m pretty sure it would take twice as long, which I don’t have the patience for. You will have to settle for my inferior imitation of a fucktard.


  47. thinkgoat says:

    No shit, that line took me at least 3 minutes to type. One has to be either really fucking drunk or pure genius to read and write like that. Or have a PhD in Ebonics.

    I noticed “Niece Denise” has made her way onto another board. She’s already received the same message we’ve put forth. Perhaps mommy will take some time to focus on her daughter and lecture her about visiting adult pages. Doubt it.


  48. Krammmer says:

    That dude aint gonna last 3 days in prison with a face like that. Hes gonna be a prize bitch fo-sho. Lets see if danny mello can tell us something about that shit. What kind of faggot name is danny mello anyways?


  49. Karrie says:

    Hey TG, Pink is a pro at typing like that. Why don’t you hit her up for some advice on how to do it!


  50. Kaitlyn says:

    all of you besides danny and denise of course, are ignorant low life idiots. bashing people because of the death of a family member/bestfriend? really?, is that what you like to do in your spare time. because if so, thats really messed up. YOU no for god damn well if someone REALLY close to you passsed away, you wouldnt want people on a stupid fucking blog site talking shit about it, now would you? thats just beyond fucked up, and for all of you to not even care one single bit, is ridiculous. and for you to say that sean isnt “resting in peace”, i can tell you that he is, you know why? because hes not here on earth where stupid immature idiots like you people are at. this blog site is just dumbb, and i know your gonna be like ohh, well why come on it? because im gonna stick up for whats right. i was very close with sean, and it kills me to see people just bashing each other. you all dont no anything, ooo yay you read whats online. half that shit isnt even fucking true. people that were close and that were actually around, know the truth. so just drop it.

    we love you sean, and miss you dearly. rip doll<3.

    and as for denise, bbygirl dont let people like this mess with your head, your an amazing girl, and sean is still with you, and he always will be.

    and danny, i just love you for saying something, even though i already figured you would have.


  51. Karrie says:

    Wow.. Before you call anyone ignorant, make sure you use spell check. We are all American citizens so there for we have the right to free speech. Get over it. As said before, if you don’t like it don’t fucking come here and keep restarting the conversation about it all.


  52. thinkgoat says:

    So, you all were there as well! Awesome. Psycho Stanley must have thrown one hell of a party. 😛

    Actually fuckheads, the only one who knows exactly what went down is Stanley and he’ll be changing his story around like most good Catholic girls change their cum-stained underwear. I’m sick to death of idiots defending Stanley coming onto a crime site claiming what a peach of a guy he was.

    And you fucking moron, Sean didn’t “pass away” he was murdered. People never rest in peace after they’ve had their life snuffed out. He was thrown in the ground and covered up like shit. In the Florida heat he had worms, maggots, beetles, ants, all kinds of buglife eating and boring into his rotting flesh. How the fuck do you think that’s considered resting in peace? Really think about shit before you come onto some site and attempt to ‘splain things to someone who’s seen more of that shit than you’ll ever come close to. Just because you happen to know Stan the asshat and his murdered brother Sean – that doesn’t give you some special secret decoder ring and immediate enlightenment.

    Go cry on someone’s shoulders who’ll actually give a shit about your drama. We’re here to make sure the rest of the world knows what a psychotic wasted fuck Stanley Eckard is for taking out his baby brother and letting him rot in the ground while lying to his parents. Keep defending him asswipes. Just be prepared when you do it here, for us to get really fucking nasty.


  53. Lazlo says:

    I am wondering if good old Stanley/Eli/whatthefuckever buried his bro with his ass facing up and close to gradeline? That way he just just go out, wipe some dirt away, and tap another piece before the critters wasted all that precious flesh.


  54. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Kaitlyn, if you go back and actually read, you will find that the only person we bashed on here was Stanley. You know, the MURDERER! (Oh, and the 911 operator, because let’s face it, she was a moron) And yes, bashing *criminals* IS what we like to do in our spare time, obviously, because we are in a crime site.

    And actually, if someone really close to me was murdered, yes I would want people talking about it. As much and as loudly as possible, until the person responsible was rotting in hell, or worse. I do not personally have that experience, but there are people who actually come to this site who do. There is a family whose loved one was killed, and the piece of shit responsible has not been brought to justice. They are very active on this site in the discussion of their case, and I have not once seen any of them say we shouldn’t be talking about it on here.

    How can you be so sure Sean is resting in peace? I know I damn sure wouldn’t be, if my brother murdered me and buried me in the back yard, and made my father dig up my rotting body. I’d be pissed, and I’d find out for sure if haunting can really be done.

    Also, most of the facts we have been discussing are actually mentioned by Jennifer on the 911 call. Was she lying? Because if not, Stanley killed Sean, and buried him in the backyard, and their father had to dig him up. Those are the things we are bashing Stanley for, and we will not drop it.

    And Danny has no room or right to say anything, that has already been pointed out. WTF was he doing there, anyway? I’m pretty sure if I was hanging out at my friend’s house, and it became apparent that my friend killed someone and buried them in the yard, I would get out of there in a hurry.

    Several of you Stanley fans have said there are things in the news article that aren’t true, but none of you have given specifics. What exactly did Channel 10 write that was not true? I would think you all would be wanting to set the record straight, rather than just calling us names.


  55. TJ says:

    Wow. All of you guys are idiots who didn’t even know Sean, nor have any idea of what went on.
    On a personal level, I did know Sean, and seen him on occasions. Hell, we even had a Biology class together our Sophmore year. But there is no reason to make pointless arguments on here about other people.

    To Danny: I kind of figured you had this much involement when I talked to you.

    To Denise: Kaitlyn is right. Do not let people like this get to your head. They have no better life than to go around sites like this and ridicule people about what they say.

    And for those of you who didn’t know Sean; grow the fuck up and quit being immature bastards.


  56. thinkgoat says:

    Does Florida have some funky shit in their water that makes your reading comprehension go out the fucking window? Jesusfuckingchrist. We’re bashing Stanley. The murderer. All we’ve said about Sean is he was murdered and rotting in the ground due to Stan’s actions.

    And TJ, wow! You even had a Biology class with Sean? How fucking cool is THAT? You’re the only one I’m going to take seriously from now on, bro. I mean, if you can’t get to really know someone in your Sophomore (sorry, I couldn’t misspell it like you) year of Biology, there’s absolutely no chance. Absolutely impressive, TJ. Come back anytime and woo us with your intellect and insight.

    Liked by 1 person

  57. Evil Twin Jess says:

    TJ, this has very little to do with knowing Sean, or what kind of person he was. No one is bashing Sean or saying anything negative about him. We are bashing Stanley, who killed your friend Sean.

    My head is starting to spin from the repetition.
    Idiots: Don’t talk bad about Sean, he’s dead.
    Us: We’re not, we’re talking badly about Stanley, who KILLED Sean!

    Liked by 1 person

  58. Lazlo says:

    Who the fuck is ripping on Sean, Zero? It’s his cunt-faced brother who is the subject of this article. Your whole circle of friends has the reading comprehension of mouth-breathing free-droolers. And what has knowing Sean got to do with anything? He is just another piece of worm meat made dead by the horrific actions of a murderer. I don’t need to know anything about him to be disgusted by the behavior of his brother. And his brothers actions are the focus here. Do you get it?

    How’s this

    Sean not bad – Sean dead
    Stanley bad – Killed Sean
    We say Stanley is Shit
    We not say Sean is Shit.

    Hope that helps ya fuckin’ retard.

    Liked by 1 person

  59. Evil Twin Jess says:

    “Sean not bad – Sean dead
    Stanley bad – Killed Sean
    We say Stanley is Shit
    We not say Sean is Shit.

    Hope that helps ya fuckin’ retard”

    Oh my damn, Lazlo. I typed nearly the exact same thing in my post above and then deleted it.

    So just so we’re all clear:

    You all do know what the equals sign means, right?


  60. RIP Sean Eckard says:

    So you can spell!! Yippee!!! Congratulations you are by far inferior then all of the human race 🙂 You said yourself,

    “We are all American citizens so there for we have the right to free speech.”

    Which the last time i checked WE did not just mean you!

    Now on another note, i have yet to see here where anyone here has defended Stanley, with the exception of his neice, who is by far utterly confused.

    Do i need to quote those exerpts so you oh so intelligent commenters have to see?


  61. Evil Twin Jess says:

    So, if you are not defending Stanley, and you know Denise is confused, and it has already been established we have said nothing negative about Sean, what exactly is your problem?


  62. Karrie says:

    “We are all American citizens so there for we have the right to free speech.”

    Which the last time i checked WE did not just mean you!
    No shit?! You all are telling us to stop talking about it and that is why I referred to the right to free speech. We never asked you people to stop talking about it, you are just ‘smart’ enough to keep adding fuel to the fire! Keep on because I know TG will eat you alive and it’s quite comical!


  63. thinkgoat says:

    Ugh. I’ll type this very slowly so you’ll have a chance of understanding, k? Good. Let’s give it a try.

    When your little illiterate posse comes on and says, “you don’t even know Sean” – that’s insinuating we’re dissing the dead guy. (that’s loosely quoting the barely translatable posts, mind you…)

    So do yourself a favor, take your little whine-fest somewhere else because you’re simply not going to get anywhere with this crowd. Go surround yourselves with people of like-mind, those who believe this 19-year-old is resting in peace and in a better place while the rest of us keep our feet in reality.

    And congrats on learning the spell-check function. But I think you probably meant “superior” not “inferior”. Try a dictionary as well when you’re attempting large words.


  64. Karrie says:



  65. Lazlo says:

    Give him some slack TG – he heard it on WWE-RAW wrestling and was quite impressed. They probably used it incorrectly as well 😛

    He’s a goddamned jenius, don’t cha know? (or is it no?) (I’m so confused 😉 )


  66. RIP Sean Eckard says:

    Nope definitly mean inferior 🙂

    follow your own advice 😉

    Inferior- acting or performing in a way that is comparatively poor or mediocre: an inferior observer of human nature.


  67. Lanie says:

    hey Laz I think it’s they NO more than we know.


  68. thinkgoat says:

    Nice attempt at recovery but I happen to be able to read and follow the context in which a word is used. I’ve had years of tardspeak – to – English translation. And I love that you actually looked up the word! 😉


  69. thinkgoat says:


    For those having a difficult time with words….


  70. peeperann says:

    OMG! I really have been missing the fun! I’m glad you banned Denise, a child shouldn’t be here. Good job.

    But Danny, and the rest of you twatwaffles, are you freaking kidding me???? Seriously???

    You’ve been told over and over that this is a SHAME SITE! It’s what we do. What part of that don’t you seem to understand?

    No one has bashed the victim or his parents or loved ones. We’re bashing the freaking fuckwad who MURDERED HIS BROTHER!! We feel for the parents, I have children myself. But they nor Denise, nor any innocent loved one should come here.

    We out the perps, shame them, laugh at them, try to fight for tougher laws, ect. We’re not here to coddle anyone, nor to make them feel better. That’s others job, other family members and loved ones to support the family. Like they’d care if we tried to comfort them, we’re strangers.

    Talk about us getting a life? Where is Denise’s mother or father when she’s on the internet coming to sites like this? Danny, why are YOU on here? To try to make your defense sound good in case you had prior knowledge? You sound a bit worried to me.

    Take care of your own life and we’ll take care of the shaming…..


  71. peeperann says:

    TG, you just made me *snortgiggle* soda out of my nose with your comic!!

    These poor morons, I cannot believe they just don’t get it. While ya’ll know I firmly believe in God and heaven, it brings to mind if Sean was saved or not if he’s in a better place. But, I digress…..

    I just finished reading all the comments, and I cannot wrap my head around the fact they think we are bashing Sean. When in fact if they actually slowed down, read the story and comments, they would see we’re just bashing the murderer.

    Well, and now them for being incredibly stupid…..


  72. thinkgoat says:

    I think “they” understood Lazlo’s post and my picture. Or maybe “they’re” confused even more. I see them lurking but no clever retorts today.


  73. peeperann says:

    Probably confused. They are most likely perusing that dictionary they were told to use….. 🙂


  74. Danny Mello says:

    It’s fucking pathetic how low you guys sink to feel better about yourselves.

    I swear it must be like some kinda fucking loser convention on this site.

    “Hey, I have an idea. Let’s make a website where dipshits and asshats like ourselves can make fun of shit that hurts others tremendously, thus showing we have no morals, nor conscience.”

    You guys really think you’re justified? I’ll tell you one thing, when the bullets start to fly, I’m singling out you pathetic motherfuckers. You guys are so undeserving of life, that I wish we could trade you for Sean. At least he did something, at least he helped people, as compared to you lowlife bastards pretending you’re cool.

    NEWSFLASH: Being insensitive about someone’s murder isn’t cool. Much less going on a collective website of fucking childish know-it-alls. Who designed this shit? A 3rd grader? Having a temper tantrum there buddy?

    I could write better HTML with my dick stuck to my forehead, and Hitler shoving a pineapple in my ass.

    And really, you can’t argue with the guy that’s part of the investigation. I actually know the details of what Stan did, told to me by detectives and family members alike. What you heard on the news isn’t true. You guys probably believed the whole shit about Sean being dismembered, which makes you even more of a jackass.

    “i know what I’m talking about because I can sit in front of a T.V. and listen to other jackasses pretend like they know what they’re talking about.”

    I love how wonderfully pitiful your existence must be to go on here.

    Suck a dick, since you can’t seem to shut your fucking mouth, maybe that’ll please you for a bit.


  75. Danny Mello says:

    Oh, and as an afterthought. I took my polygraph test. PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS.

    Keep that in mind the next time you run your mouth about me being involved.

    By the by, I’d gladly stick my foot in your mouth. All of you. Come find me, and I’ll be honored to curbstomp your life.


  76. Karrie says:

    Pretty sure we didn’t murder anyone you dumbfuck. We HAVE morals. We like to call out stupid people (Stan) and trash them like the pieces of shit(Stan) they are. You need a fucking reality check before you try to come here and act like you know ANY of us. And if it hurts you so ‘tremendously’ then do not fucking come here. I would say that is pretty simple, ay? –You mention something about bullets flying.. This mean you are going on a shooting spree?? No wonder you and Stan were such good friends. You are both, obviously, lunatics! So pick your dick up off the ground and turn the fuck around.


  77. thinkgoat says:

    Wow faggot, you STILL can’t read. We are only insensitive about the fucking murderer…you know, your butt-buddy Stanley. (or Eli – whatever you call him)

    Do yourself a favor… READ the STORY. Or have someone read it to you. That might give you some indication of what is going on here. I’ll give you a hint, the entire story is extremely sympathetic to the family of Sean, the dead guy. The story is extremely sympathetic to the fact this mother and father lost two sons – one via death, one via the most selfish behavior anyone and exhibit. And no where do we misrepresent any facts as stated in the mainstream media – you know, the article sourced. I hadn’t heard that Sean was dismembered fuckwad – but I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m also wondering if when processed, Stanley still had your cum stains around his asshole. 😉

    LMAO. And because your reading comprehension is that of a 3-year-old you want to kill ME? Oh dear. I’m so frightened of your pathetic threats. You know, had I sought you out, sent you hate mail, and done the same with the other pathetic friends of Stan/Eli, I’d say you have a bit of a point (even though you still haven’t read the story) but you came into our living uninvited and looking for a fight. One for which you’re ill-prepared.

    So do yourself a favor. You obviously have some penned up angst…go find yourself a new lover. This time make sure you find one who doesn’t have a taste for murder. You know, to match yours. I hear that kind of fierce competition is bad for a relationship. And next time you’re feeling all full of testosterone, make sure you don’t post your death threats on a public board fuckhead. You just don’t know who’s reading and monitoring this shit.


  78. Lazlo says:

    Hi Danny! See you came back. I love it when our fans correspond with us – makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Now Karrie said that we have morals. She was speaking for herself. I am the most amoral, unconscionably self-centered prick you will ever have the extreme honor to exchange sweet nothings with. Your heated monologue made my dick hard, and I can see you are passionate about pineapples and Hitler. Got any good pics?

    The only problem with the diatribe, as posted, is that it has no foundation. Most of it is coming out of left field, albeit in a mucho machismo uber-butch kind of way, and leaves most of the thinking readers of this site scratching their heads. (I am scratching a bit lower). Your ideas are scattered and undeveloped, and your observations are not sourced. This leads me to believe that your are under legal age, or just have the compositional skills of a 7th grader. I am assuming the latter (which means the second thing I said).

    So let me offer some advice: Night school!

    You can learn to express yourself to a minimum standard, and maybe even pick up that pesky GED thats been eluding you. It’s also a bitchin’ place to pick up those of your sexual orientation. Hell – they may even have a gimp suit you can wear before you go for the pineapple grand finale.

    I would help you, but 1) I am not into that anal/foreign object thing, and 2) I am too busy with my fellow moral reprobates poking fun at those who claim that this site is for losers, then keep coming back.

    Oh, and if you are under age – don’t send any pics. Sext them to your hipster buddies instead.


  79. peeperann says:

    ” fellow moral reprobates” “)

    Hey that’s us you’re talking about there Laz! But it’s true so I won’t argue!

    Wow, pineapples, Hitler and death threats all in one post! How awesome was that?

    He can come at me if he wants. You all know i’ve dealt with worse than Danny could ever hope to be. So it could be fun! Maybe he’ll end with prison stripes and pink panties too!

    I still can’t believe he’s on here defending a murderer!! And thinking we’re bashing the family. (shakes head) The stupidity of people never fails to amaze me.


  80. thinkgoat says:

    Lazlo, that post was hilarious. I do worry that Danny will not be able to get that much out of it…with his reading skills, he’ll think Hitler got his GED in 7th grade then promptly tell you to get your “facts straight”.


  81. Evil Twin Jess says:

    I have formed the theory that there exists somewhere on the internet a School for Enemies of Crime Crawlers. Where they teach lessons such as:

    >Never read the published story in it’s entirety. Read the headline, and then skip straight to the comment section. This also goes for the source.

    >Get angry and call the staff and frequent posters on the site names. Acceptable insults include morons, idiots, immature, heartless, ingorant, immoral (or “no morals” used as a one word adjective), and pathetic.

    >The above rule must be followed regardless of whether anything negative was actually said about your loved one.

    >There is no time for spell check and grammar. This is war, these people must be stopped!

    >Freedom of speech is a good argument to use when you are hit with a counter attack. Remember, however, that this only applies to you, not the Crime Crawlers staff or sympathizers.

    >A very important part of your argument is to point out that they “don’t know the true story” or need to “get their facts straight”. This applies universally without exception. When using this argument, never, ever, under any circumstances actually give them the true story or set their facts straight.

    >Pre-requisites for this school are a 1st grade reading level and a blind opposition to anything and everything written on Crime Crawlers website.

    I am pretty sure our friend Danny is an alumnus as well as a few of the other recent visitors.


  82. Lazlo says:

    Too funny, Jess. LMFAO


  83. peeperann says:

    Whoa, Jess, I think I know who they are!! LMAO!!


  84. Set says:

    I don’t know what you guys really expect when you write a blog like this. No matter which way you look at it, people who knew the boys and the family are upset all around and are going to say things out of anger and hurt..and really thinkgoat the stick figure picture?Really?Have you no shame?That was extremely distasteful and vile.You want to write about criminals and their crimes “report the news” fine,but that is disrespectful towards the victim and childish.I mean geezes…It’s bad enough what everyone is going through,having the news hound them,seeing it in the paper and the rumors of it being all over the internet,the guilt they already feel. It was unnecessary.

    I have two boys and I try to think I would hate my son if he ever did that and that those who were close to him would too, but at on the other hand I can see how the family and friends would be conflicted at first.I can’t imagine hating my son or being put in that situation.No one could ever imagine their son would do that, their brother would do that, their friend would do that, and all the fond memories and love you had for that person don’t just magically vanish.It’s a total bombshell and mindfuck.If my son ever did that I would probably be blamming myself.Which makes the whole thing that much harder. A complete stranger, you could point all the blame and focus your anger on,tell your mind off it was just some deranged killer and there was nothing you could have done, but someone that close to you….I don’t even know if people could comprehend it, at least not for awhile.Could you even process something like that if it happened to you?I doubt it.

    It’s obvious Stan has deep mental issues,I for one think he maybe a sociopath and if that’s the case I understand how no one saw something like that coming.Most people don’t in cases like this but you have to remember everyone close to him are blaming themselves,thinking they should have known,could have prevented it.Of course they couldn’t, no one could have unless they were psychic and knew what he was thinking.But when people on the news and online are putting out half ass articles with the wrong information or twisted facts,yeah I can see how it can set people off.People are angry and upset and don’t know where to direct it just yet, you guys and your wreckless comments don’t help.

    And come on lay off Danny.Danny and everyone alike is full of guilt,anger,hurt,you taunting them back just shows this site is a joke and for your own sick amusement.How do you expect people not to lash out?You call it a shame site but your articles are distasteful all around and poorly written.It’s not your job to coddle the family that’s it’s the loves ones jobs?Well you make it a hell of a lot harder for them when they find out people are posting stick figure reenactments and making a mockery out of their misery.And I’m sorry you can’t say well then don’t look at the site, because when you post something online word gets around fast and eventually even if you don’t want to, you hear about it.

    Everyone in the family, everyone there that weekend not knowing he was in the backyard the whole time,you have no idea how horrible that must feel.If you want to report crimes,let the people know what these criminals have done be my guest but at least be professional and have some decency about it,keep in mind whose ears it might reach, and be respectful about it.But right now this site just comes off as trash, and a bunch of immature authors waiting for the chance for people close to situation to say their piece so they can rip them apart,poke fun, and laugh like it’s all one big joke and then try to justify it later with lame excuses. Whatever makes you sleep at night guys.
    God forbid something like this happened you one of you, you wouldn’t need this BS in the back of your mind on top of everything else.

    Whatever I said my piece I’m sure you’ll continue to do what you do, I just hope you are a little more respectful about it in the future and to the people close to the victimes.You didn’t trash Sean in your article but I think that picture is an insult and if you have any respect you’ll take it down.I don’t care what “point” you were trying to make with it with the equals’s BS and awful.

    Sean was a loving, kind young boy.He was friendly to all,always smiling,always willing to help.He was the kind of kid who would give you the shirt of his back.He didn’t deserve this, but I pray that wherever he is, he is at peace.I hope my boys grow up to have hearts as big as his was and that his family finds the strength to get through this.They lost both their boys that weekend and I hope they receive all the love and support they deserve.R.I.P. Sean you were a good kid.


  85. Lazlo says:

    Set, my heart bleeds. None of you get it do you? The feelings of the families are immaterial here. We are not sending E-mails to them, nor are posting flash ads on their home pages. To find us, you have to seek us out. So you hear a rumor about a shame site out there that has covered the murder. You hear it is ugly and disrespectful. Why in the holy fuck do you go to read it, unless it is to wallow in the drama and misery? And after the you realize the tone of any response you get, why the fuck do you return and ask for more?

    I get that some are lashing out. Wonderful! How freaking therapeutic! The thing is, we ain’t no fucking psychiatrists here. Most of us have had years of experience with flame wars, and I assure you, our depths are much lower than yours. Do yourself a favor, and share this advice with your friends: get off of the fucking internet while you are grieving. Or if you must pay homage to the CRT, go to nice memorial sites, or Google some Lolz cats. Continued patronage to our site merely raises our hit count, and sends the message that you enjoy playing with us.

    And believe me, we like to play.

    PS. A space after punctuation makes your post much easier to read. Try it! You may like the new look. 😉


  86. thinkgoat says:

    First of all Rosemary, (it’s alright I call you that, isn’t it?) didn’t they teach you how to use spaces after your punctuation when you were in school? Thank God you know what a paragraph is, otherwise it’d truly be an unreadable wall of words. Jesus.

    You come onto this site and cast dispersions onto others and then turn around and say you’d hate your own son if he did something like Stan? Holy shit girl, you’ve got some issues you might want to work out before you take out that aggression on your least favorite.

    And why come on here? If you “heard” what we were about, why come on? You have no self-control? Or you just wanted to come make an ass out of yourself by telling us a partial history of yourself. So, you’ve got two sons…blah blah blah. By your picture, I’m really surprised you didn’t get stuck with just one. However, I know some guys do like that whorespace picture look. 😉

    Leave Danny alone? Why? He came here, Rosemary. He laid out a pretty definite death threat. Just what kind of fucking psychopaths do you hang out with? Expose your “sons” to? But then again, I’m scared shitless – those Walmart grocery sales associates are some fucking badasses. Of course, he did hang with a cold-blooded murderer. And by the sound of it, you did to. Again, just who is guarding your boys? Doesn’t sound like you make great decisions, chick. I may be a mouthy Goat, but I sure the fuck lead a fairly normal life with people who like to stay on the right side of the law.

    Get your shit together, be a mother instead of a lame flamer. Don’t go looking for something you’re ill-equipped to handle. Practice hitting the spacebar after a comma (,) and a period (.). It really assists the readers who attempt to navigate their way through your self-righteous bullshit.


  87. shanna overcast says:

    first of all,,,,what is this? a pissing contest? youre all too busy bashing on each other to remember what this was about in the first place. my cusin is gone…i believe to a better place & only God & elias (“stan” for all of you who DONT know him) know what happen. was this in malice? was it an accident? only they know. in our nature we ask these questions, & in our nature we answer them ourselves & pass judgment automaticly. we are all wrong for that. i only pray that the truth will be revealed when & to it is meant to be revealed. be with our Lord, Sean.


  88. Lazlo says:

    Why is it that simple composition skills are lacking in the majority of these protagonists posts? Ye Gods! Are these simple children the norm for Florida? If so, educational reform can’t come too soon. May Shanna’s god save us when we are elderly, and these minimally functioning yahoos are in charge.


  89. Evil Twin Jess says:

    Shanna, I have not once wondered if this was an accident, for one simple reason. IF Stanley (that is his legal name, by the way, regardless of what you all call him) somehow accidently strangled his brother, did he also, then, accidently dig a big hole in the ground? Did Sean trip and fall into that hole? (No wait he was dead.) Was Stanley carrying Sean lovingly to his car to drive him to the hospital, and he accidently dropped him in said hole? Did he accidently throw shovel full after shovel full of dirt on top of his brother? And then did he accidently forget to tell his family where Sean was when they wondered?


  90. Kuriko89 says:

    To answer your question Evil Twin Jess, a resounding, aforementioned, point blank and definite NO.


  91. roshan says:

    I almost killed my younger brother by throwing a heavy cricket bat towards him. around 1.5 years ago when I was 19 and my brother was 17 he defeated me in a cricket match and I snapped and I threw the heavy cricket bat towards forcefully towards him. Luckily the bat missed him.
    At that time I didn’t realise what could’ve happened and I didn’t even apologize. But around a month ago I recalled what I had done and searched the internet over what could’ve happened and am filled with guilt since. I tried to apologize to my brother and he changed the topic. Later he shunned me from speaking about the incident.
    My parents are already very stressed by their own problems and my father has high blood pressure and so I couldn’t confess to them, though I wanted to do it.
    I fell that I am very sick and disgusting.
    What should I do now???


  92. thinkgoat says:

    There are two of us on staff here that are ordained. If you’re looking for a confession, you’re cool…unless you feel sick and disgusting because you missed. If that’s the case, join the club. I’ve felt that way about a few people myself and we’ll see you in hell. 😈


  93. roshan says:

    I am loooking to confess.
    How do you think I should be punished considering stanley’s case and what I have mentioned above.
    Also should I confess this to my parents?


  94. thinkgoat says:

    Confess to your parents only if you still want to kill your brother. And the police. They’ll know what to do with you from there. If you’re still hanging onto the incident after a year and a half, you might want to seek out someone who’ll help you unwind a bit.


  95. deadmyron says:

    Roshan my man. I am the other ordained minister on the staff. I’m a bit confused. From what I’ve read, you threw the bat in anger, not knowing what you were doing. That doesn’t sound like someone trying to kill their brother to me.

    You certainly do not lack compassion for others. I don’t think you’re as bad of a chap as you believe yourself to be.

    There’s a reason for everything…including that you missed and realized you could have killed your brother. BUT! You didn’t. Maybe you’re still carrying the guilt to remind yourself to control your temper.

    Thinkgoat was spot on about seeking someone to talk to about these issues.


  96. Nosey says:

    thinkgoat? Learn the difference between to and too. Then report back! Or use spell check you fucking filthy fat fuck!


  97. thinkgoat says:

    Suzanne, why all the hostility? Spell check doesn’t catch too and to because they’re spelled correctly. Maybe you need to understand the functions of such a utility before you come out swinging like that.

    PS – Your profile says you live in “Illiniis”. I believe you’re too fucking stupid to understand. Better?


  98. thinkgoat says:

    Nosey/Susanne, it didn’t take you long to get banned again, did it? Tend to the two children you’ve got left and stay off the internet.


  99. Karrie says:

    I love how she called you fat 🙂


  100. deadmyron says:

    I had this visual of her running off to her room and throwing herself face-first on her super-mongo cheerleader bed, and crying into her pillow.

    ‘Oh, TG. PLEASE let me back on the boards. I’ll be a good skank, I promise!’ PFFT!


  101. thinkgoat says:

    Well many months ago I had to stomp a warning about staying on topic due to some ugly turn of events in the Susan Bonser thread. I stated the next violator would get deleted and banned. The very NEXT comment was completely irrelevant to the murder case – and it was “Nosey”. A couple of months after that, she pleaded and begged me to reinstate her posting privileges. “I promise to behave” is what she wrote. The very next post she made got her fucking banned again. Had she just gone to “off topic” and called me fat, I would have loved her forever.

    I checked her out though – she left a nice trail of breadcrumbs for me. She’s a horrible and nasty female type who does very mean things. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to feature her here one of these fine days.


  102. deadmyron says:

    I read that bullshit, TG! What kind of mentality does it take to demean yourself, beg not to be banned, just so you can get one more shot in?


  103. Ross Harvey says:

    this was just sick, the woman who answered, I couldn’t believe her incompetence, how the sister didn’t flip I don’t know, this was awful to read, and even more awful to hear as she was treated so badly by the sherrifs department, thoughts go to the family


  104. homosassa says:

    Omg, I fucking love this site. This is my new favorite. You all are so damn funny. I Love it!


  105. Fed Up says:

    Really.. Let us all defend a KILLER.. You are retarded.. First you say you do not know the family.. Funny thing is when his sister came and said hey why is the yard like that.. Mom: Oh Stan just dug a hole to bury his ex’s things.. Sister: Uhh no we need to unearth that…= His own sister did not think it to be normal.. The parents had a missing child + a newly dug hole in the yard = I would be curious.. But I think it was more like denial.. They sister on recording did not say I THINK my brother killed my brother.. She stated firmly my brother killed my brother.. As her father was unearthing his dead son, The mother is talking to the other , And the sister is tho one saying HOLY HELL WE NEED HELP..

    The niece is looking for information.. She was likely not told everything.. What parent would tell a 10 year old the whole story.. Thus sending her looking for any information she could find..( kids are curious and want the truth good or bad)

    I find it odd that a parent would just let their kid dig up the yard and not care.. So it leads me to beleive they knew there was something wrong with this child..

    I just can not wrap my head around this though.. I keep saying to myself.. My child is missing, A new hole in the yard, I would assume the child left there is acting strange, And I am not asking any questions.. It took their sister to do it.. Did they call her over?? She did not act to surprised when she stated he did it!! Really why would the mother be asking the other anything.. I would be out there holding my son bawling my eyes out.. Would I be with my child who killed my other child.. NO I would be terrified of him.. None of this is being told in full truth.. The media is leaving some big blanks in this story.. It will be interesting to see the end result..


  106. Space Pope says:

    A book I read so long ago that I can no longer recall what the fuck it even was presented a theory used to illustrate the distribution of atomic fallout around the world, which I will relate here.

    The theory is called “Caesar’s Last Breath” and basically it says that in the time since Caesar’s murder, his last exhalation has diffused into the totality of our planets atmosphere so thoroughly that with every breath we take, there is a statistical probability that we are inhaling at least one molecule of the dead Emperor’s last exhalation. To me, it does a dandy job of illustrating the potential legacy left behind by all the above ground testing done in the early days of atomic research, not to mention the various accidents that have taken place over the years.

    But I so wish I had never read of it. One evening as I sat in quiet reflection sifting through the vast quantities of trivial and useless knowledge captured within my cranium, IT hit me.

    Yes, IT, the thing which has haunted my every waking moment, and more, my every breath, since that moment.

    I have to share the atmosphere I breathe from with dumbfucks, and God how that pisses Space Pope clean the fuck off. The notion that I have to suck my precious life-giving cobalt laced air from the same fucking atmosphere as the hopelessly ignorant is disgustipating. Which brings me to Danny Mello.

    Danny-boy, if you think polygraph is 100 % accurate, then in the interest of word economics suffice to just say..wrong. Passing a lie detector is about as impressive as going in the big-boy potty. Here’s your cookie.

    You’ve not made any bigger splash here than a host of others that share your trait of missing out on large chunks of much-needed genetic coding material. Stop exhaling into my atmosphere and it will please Space Pope.

    I sincerely hope that your path in life since your last visit has led you to the catching side of a glory-hole in a truck stop somewhere on the African continent.

    That is all.


  107. thinkgoat says:

    “Which brings me to Danny Mello.” I about spit my drink out! Danny was my buddy for a time there, the death threats and the stupidity of leaving his facebook page open where I could sit back and laugh at his idiocy. Ah, I wonder how that particular breed of fucktard is doing…

    Danny will not understand one fucking word of it! I don’t even think the crude stick figure drawing got through to him. He’s more of a “clicks” and “grunts” kind of person. All was not wasted, Space Pope. I loved every word of this post and it’s gone down as one of my favorite on here! (and I’m glad it’s on this thread – while the story was tragic, the comment section was hysterical – also one of my favorites)


  108. Space Pope says:

    Yeah, that was way more about me revisiting my class clown days than a serious run at being an educator. I almost wish I had saved it, but my mood was right so there it is. If I made you smile then that also pleases Space Pope.


  109. HoboCannibaL says:

    Danny Mello = 3451 Charmwood Ave Spring Hill, FL

    You have got to love internet tough guys, although, you really have got to love google just a little bit more ❤


  110. HoboCannibaL says:

    A little more facts on Mr. Daniel Scott Mello:

    How was he there for all this….simple really….he lived in the house as Stanley Elias “Eli” Eckard and shared a room with him.

    Stanley Elias “Eli” Eckard on the other hand cannot lift more than 75 lbs, much less 135-145 lbs of dead weight. How did he get his little brother out of the window, drug out to the back yard in such a timely manner that it wouldn’t have been noticed. An educational guess would say that he had help. Why not the roommate? Passing a lie detector means only that the right questions were not asked. Lucky little devil you. 😉 Never have they been able to be 100% accurate either, hence why they are not admissable in a court of law. c”,)

    Known facts of Stanley Elias “Eli” Eckard was that the spark for the act of violence was jealousy over a girl, Sean’s (dead guy) girlfriend. Source:
    “Later that day, Nicholson came to the Eckard home to pick up a bathing suit she’d left there. While sitting in Nicholson’s car, Stanley told her that he loved her and that they could get back together now that Sean was gone. They kissed for about 10 minutes, and Nicholson left.” So can we say “love triangle?”

    After the murder, who does Mr. Mello go to live with? Well of course Mrs. Nicholson. The deeper one digs, the more FUCKED UP this story gets….especially with Mr. Mello

    So lets summarize this situation. Sean (dead guy) dates/fucks NIcholson (whore), Nicholson (whore) in turn dates/fucks Stanley (bad guy), Stanley (bad guy) kills Sean (dead guy) and both are removed from society, one to the grave (Sean, dead guy) and one to the prison systems (Stanley, bad guy). Mello (douche bag) seizes the opportune moment to move in on the lonely Ms. Nicholson (whore), this sounds like a little more than a “love triangle” but more like a “love square.” Odds are, they were all tagging the same tail roughly around the same period of time, if not behind one another’s backs. Such a good friend of Sean (dead guy) and Stanley (bad guy).

    What blows my mind, is how does our judicial system ignore the fact that some abnormal shit was going on and did not investigate further. How do roommates and parents not get disturbed in their “slumber” when a deadly “fight” was taking place (since their rooms are all right next to each other). If the Sister would not have insisted on the investigation of a freshly dug, stinky hole in the back yard, would the roommate (Mello a.k.a. douche bag) and parents have reported it? You don’t need a crystal ball to see that they ALL probably knew about it.

    Mr. Mello, where are your self-riteous proclaims at now? Still sticking it to Mrs. Nicholson?


  111. thinkgoat says:

    Hobo, I think I love you. Not only was that post extremely interesting but hilarious.

    I watched Douche Bag’s facebook for a couple of days because he wasn’t smart enough to make it private. He provided me with an hour of jolly laughs as he pleaded for party buddies and showed his hand at being a drama whore. God, I miss that idiot!

    Thanks for dropping by and shedding a little more light.


  112. HoboCannibaL says:

    *muah* *bows*


  113. thinkgoat says:

    There are a few subscriptions to the comment thread of this story, hopefully Douche bag is one and he’ll come on and ‘splain it all to us.


  114. HoboCannibaL says:

    If we could be that lucky 😉


  115. Danny Mello says:

    It’s funny how you guys are still going on about this. By the way, I’ve gone off and enlisted in the military by now, and done so much more. College, all kinds of stuff. Good job creeping on my Facebook and finding my address, and yet still no visit from you self-righteous pricks who think their wanna-be Humphrey Bogart antics actually matter. A year later you can’t put this down, which leads me to believe you have a hard-on for me(for whatever reason.) I wouldn’t even be on here if one of you didn’t bother to message me randomly, and out of curiosity I decided to come back and see what you had to say. It’s too bad that after all the crap you said about being mature, upstanding adults, you STILL can’t seem to just step away from this, a YEAR after the fact. Keep having fun circle jerking and getting off to your alleged “investigative” character traits. I’m gonna go off and be a combat medic in the Army, and save some lives while you sit here with your delusional fantasies of crime trolling. 🙂


  116. thinkgoat says:

    Speak of the devil and the douche bag makes an appearance.

    It’s funny how you guys are still going on about this.

    About what? A murder? Yeah, I know. That shit deserves to be taken so lightly.

    By the way, I’ve gone off and enlisted in the military by now, and done so much more.

    And gave up Walmart? Seriously? I guess since the military allow queers, every faggot on the face of the planet thinks they’d make a great soldier. Fucking “Will and Grace”, that show gave you all an unrealistic sense of what can be achieved.

    College, all kinds of stuff.

    A real college? Did you graduate or flunk out? Or just give up? How many hours did you earn? GPA?

    Good job creeping on my Facebook and finding my address, and yet still no visit from you self-righteous pricks who think their wanna-be Humphrey Bogart antics actually matter.

    “Creeping” is such a hip term, Douche. Did you pick that up from a 14-year-old boy you fancy? And what “antics” are you referencing? Exposing a fucked-up murder? I know, Sean’s death doesn’t matter. You got him out of the way so you could test your homosexuality by allegedly banging some chick that’s been passed around?

    A year later you can’t put this down, which leads me to believe you have a hard-on for me(for whatever reason.)

    A year later, a kid is still dead. Murdered…now a slumped pile of goo instead of a breathing, breeding member of society. Why should any one “put this down”? And a hard-on for you? LOL You’re slightly full of yourself, aren’t you? You came here making an ass of yourself, not the other way around.

    I wouldn’t even be on here if one of you didn’t bother to message me randomly, and out of curiosity I decided to come back and see what you had to say. It’s too bad that after all the crap you said about being mature, upstanding adults, you STILL can’t seem to just step away from this, a YEAR after the fact.

    You got a message from me? You got a message from someone who’s posted here? Who? And again, I’m astounded that you’re so flippant about a friend of yours who was murdered. Another fine quality you possess. I’m sure your fellow soldiers (you know, if you make it though basic without getting kicked out or quitting) would feel comforted knowing how you view someone’s life getting snuffed out. Just being able to shrug that shit off really isn’t a redeeming quality, Douche.

    Keep having fun circle jerking and getting off to your alleged “investigative” character traits.

    You didn’t address any of the allegations made against you which kind of makes me believe Hobo even more. How does it feel to get away with murdering someone? Does it make your dick hard?

    I’m gonna go off and be a combat medic in the Army, and save some lives while you sit here with your delusional fantasies of crime trolling.

    You do know being a medic takes a ton of hard work and some intelligence, right? Good luck with that fantasy, Douche. You can probably convince yourself you’re in the combat zone while you’re stocking tampons on the shelf at Walmart while secretly wishing a box would break open so you can shove a couple more up your ass.


  117. HoboCannibaL says:

    Thats why I like you TG, straight and to the point without pulling any punches. I just love how his “forget about him already” attitude is about my post. I have to ask Mr. Mello (douche), have you always been this “mellow” and nonchalant about one of your alleged “best friends” getting murdered? You know, Sean (dead guy). Was it difficult for you to help your other “best friend” Stanley (bad guy) hoist his brother’s lifeless body out of the window? Seems kind of a loud way of getting the job done i’d say, maybe its that you were on the other side of the window trying to bring him down as slowly as possible so his limp body wouldn’t make much noise once it smacked the ground. You know, waking up his parents and all.

    Here is another valid truth, from his confession, Stanley (bad guy) had claimed he was to move the body to a different location while his parents were out of town. I’m curious as to how this would be accomplished really, its known that Stanley didn’t have a car or any form of transportation. It doesn’t seem likely for someone to carelessly try to cover up a crime (MURDER) by dragging a corpse down public residential streets in the middle of the night, plus for a good location. (use google maps to look up the crime scene location) It’s quite a long hoist to get to a good enough much less ideal spot to conceal the body by foot and dragging dead weight.

    Mr. Mello, you are lucky that the investigators on this case were morons to overlook these insights. They got a confession from him and didn’t want to waste any more of their time on the case. Their job, in my opinion, was severely sub-standard. If Crime Crawlers was on this, my dear, such a sorry pitiful excuse for a man would have been trying to explain these circumstances to a jury, a judge, and an executioner.

    YOU ARE A MURDERER, YOU ARE A COWARD. I can see a lot of “i’m gonna do this and that yadda yadda blah blah you guys are pathetic” statements, but a year after the fact, you have nothing to say “i’ve done such and such, or i’m currently doing this. If you want to act proud about your alleged “accomplishments” why don’t you try accomplishing shit first, moron (Mr. Mello a.k.a. Douche). You douche (Mr. Mello) are a CUNT. Why a “cunt” you ask? Because you Can’t Understand Normal Thought.

    Enjoy your freedom and guilty conscience. Next time, I doubt you will be this lucky. The odds just are not in your favor douche. I would rather be “immature” or “pathetic” by your standards than to EVER be responsible in assisting in the murder of a BEST FRIEND.


  118. HoboCannibaL says:

    Also, what kind of friend at all were you? I did some more unconventional digging and this is what i came up with. All exerpts are taken from June 21st 2011, one year exactly after the “best friend’s” corpse was discovered and the truth was revealed about his demise.

    Daniel Mello
    Hey Fox News, I really don’t give a fuck about Casey Anthony anymore, or her family’s “emotional” testimony. She did it, end of story. The jury knew that the moment they walked in the fuckin’ courtroom. CONVICT THE BITCH ALREADY.
    June 30 at 11:08am · Like ·

    Daniel Mello As a side note, I didn’t give a fuck in the first place, but since the news is on at my house every day, I hear that shit. For 2 weeks all I’ve heard is this shit. GIVE ME NEWS, not shit for my ears.
    June 30 at 11:10am · Like · 1 person
    Daniel Mello
    Let’s make today awesome? 😀
    June 21 at 1:11pm · Like ·

    (News isn’t always for your ears Mr. Mello, it’s about current events hence the word NEWS you jackass. You don’t help your case either, your lack of compassion about the murder of a child is astounding. But hey, what can you expect from someone who took part in the demise of his “best friend”)

    Daniel Mello
    I love when people don’t know what they’re getting into. I ♥ irony.
    June 21 at 1:28pm · Like ·

    (yes Mr. Mello, irony is a cruel bitch….is it not?)

    Daniel Mello
    Music, video games, food, soccer, guitar, nerdiness, long conversations, science fiction, and burr. These are a few of my favorite things. Turn that into a song Julie Andrews. 😀
    June 21 at 2:59pm · Like ·

    (still no sign of mourning for his MURDERED “best friend”)

    Daniel Mello
    June 21 at 4:05pm · Like ·

    (Not even a RIP, i’m beginning to doubt how well of friends you and the deceased were, given that one year after the fact on the grimm anniversary, that you cannot even pay your respects for such a “close” “friend”)

    Daniel Mello
    I think I finally hit that “seriously don’t give a fuck” moment in my life. HOORAY FOR INDIFFERENCE!
    June 21 at 5:13pm · Like ·

    (Whats wrong, your friends saying how they miss Sean (dead guy) huh? I bet that makes you angry….maybe even angry enough to kill? I detect resentment.)

    Daniel Mello
    Everyone fuck off. Kay?
    June 21 at 7:19pm · Like ·

    (Nice way to commemorate such a dear friend/roommate huh? Do you even have any sympathy, guilt, sorrow….any kind of emotion at all about Sean (dead guy).)

    And no I did not hack your FB, or anyones for that matter. You would be amazed at what you can find if you look hard enough for it. Trust this though douche (Mr. Mello) this was about 5 minutes of my time to find this, i was hardly looking sport. *muah*

    Yours Truly,


  119. thinkgoat says:

    I don’t think DannyDoucheDick wants to play with us, Hobo. It’s too bad, really. I had tons of fun and exciting questions for him.


  120. HoboCannibaL says:

    yeah, maybe he just has too much sand in his vaguyna, lawlz….what a pity 😛


  121. IK says:

    Mr. Mello has not enlisted in shit. Nor has the little fucker gone to college. Oh Danny boy Oh Danny boy, feel big and mighty? Woke up that morning listening to the screams of a father who found his son dead in the ground? Does that haunt you like it must his family? How are you and that family? Do you speak to them? Do they speak to you? hmmm…i beat you probably do not. I smell your hiding something from a mile away. One year has passed and did you do anything in his name now that it is one year from his brutal murder? Did you? Probably not.

    Poor son poor boy You are drenched with in fear! why must you come on this platform? What if his family read this and saw you were on here?


  122. HaHaHaHa says:

    Thinkgoat…………….Is actually Danny. Oh Danny, didn’t see that one coming. You remind me of elias….It gives me chills.


  123. HaHaHaHa says:

    Sorry i meant to type: Thinking* not thinkgoat. I have been reading thinkgoats thread and it gave me some laughs.
    as i was saying:

    Thinking………Actually Danny boy did not see it coming but you remind me of your buddy stanley… gives me chills


  124. ugh says:

    Danny you have never taken a liar detector test.


  125. jenn says:

    Yeh imagine that… may you rot and burn in hell..


  126. Jennifer says:

    Danny may the memories and events that took place that week Torment you. Ive sat in the background for 15 months and said Nothing, but now here I am! I cannot believe and I refuse to believe you knew nothing about my brother, you lived at my moms house! its all a crock of shit and why would you lie to my face last year and lie even NOW that you have taken a lie detector test? You HAVE NEVER EVER TAKEN A LIE DETECTOR TEST!! What are you afraid of? Why on the poster board in Sean’s memory the ONLY thing you wrote is”I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU MAN”? What the hell are you talking about….he is dead…too late don’t ya think? why did you start to walk away from the house as the police finally arrived?! I had to yell to the police to snatch your pathetic ass up. Screw you Danny…you weren’t my brothers friend and I’m not stupid as you already seen. I pray that ALL persons that were involved will be punished and if not by the judicial system,then within themselves be haunted and tormented for eternity. My family has suffered and continue to suffer.and has destroyed our once loving fun close family.


  127. Jennifer says:

    Everyone fuck off. Kay?
    June 21 at 7:19pm · Like ·

    (Nice way to commemorate such a dear friend/roommate huh? Do you even have any sympathy, guilt, sorrow….any kind of emotion at all about Sean (dead guy).)


  128. Jennifer says:



  129. HoboCannibaL says:

    DAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! I believe you got called out Mr. Mello el oH! el…..He’s too much of a pussy to fight, as MAAAAAAAANY people will say, he will go online and be an internet tough guy though. I guess thats what it means to be a “man” nowadays. example: talk a lot of sh1t and cower down like a little bitch when your bluff gets called. Everyone knows you can’t get punched through facebook….hmmm….there ya go facebook, possibly a new app? facepalm app? 😛

    On a side note…Jennifer….would you like to go out on a date? you had me at “Yeh imagine that… may you rot and burn in hell..” *thump thump* {=^.^=}


  130. thinkgoat says:

    Am I chopped liver, Hobo? Fuck my life.

    I’m sure Douchebag’s been reading all these posts. He’s way too insecure to ignore what’s being said about him.

    Group wave to DouchieDan group wave


  131. HoboCannibaL says:

    nah, by your posts i would say more of a filet mignon 😛


  132. luves says:

    Danny did get called out! What a pathetic Fuck he is. Danny rot in hell you shady bastard! Jennifer, the obvious family member even sees through you pathetic lies. Of course Danny is not going to respond because he is to much of a wittle baby boy. How old is he 19? oh oh ohhhhhhh Dan the man…Dan the man…Dan the man is not so much a man.


  133. Denise Johnson says:

    This probably won’t show up but you’re all getting on my nerves your spamming my email with this crap . This was over a year ago and I’m tired of the emails .


  134. HoboCannibaL says:

    boo hoo….like we care if we’re getting on your nerves…you are getting these emails because YOU subscribed to the thread. It is not our fault that you lack the competence to click the “unsuscribe” button. YOU would obviously rather use more of your time and efforts to come here and complain about it, than to use the more effective and rational way to solve your problem. Just so you can comprehend this phenomenon, i’ll explain it in a way that you can understand. UNSUBSCRIBE YOU FUCKING MORON!


    p.s. Have a nice day c”,) <—-i know you'll look at this for about an hour before you realize what it is…lawlz…. {=^.^=}


  135. Denise Johnson says:

    You act like I really care what you say to me? Man if my aunt hadn’t have commented on this I would be saying some not age appropriate words. I’m oblivious to you .

    Have a wonderful day .(:


  136. HoboCannibaL says:

    Yet you are still here bitching. What part of what i said did you not understand? You should care about what i said to you, as per it was the solution to your problem. YOU are apparently too ignorant to realize this. We get on your nerves….yet you feel the need to come here and make threats that if your “aunt” had not posted here, that you would make verbal threats to me. el oH! el. I take you as a joke, nothing more. Why as a joke, because it is absolutely hilarious that someone would come here bitching about recieving something that they asked to recieve.

    Now Denise, think about this scenario for a second….If i subscribed to bmg music and then got annoyed that they were sending me flyers in the mail, would it make sense for me to call them up and ask them to close down their business because i feel like i am the only person in this world who’s opinion actually matters? No Denise, it would not make any sense at all….what would make sense is to call them up and close my account with them.

    Is any of this sinking in for you at all? or am i just kicking a dead horse?

    btw…which one is your aunt? is she single? please tell me that she wasn’t one of the posters that could not comprehend what the article was actually about…..i would hope at least someone in your family would have an iq above 65.




  137. Denise Johnson says:

    I find it weird that your asking me this but my aunt is “Jennifer.” I have yet to get a full education since I am still in school so my IQ is not yet reached its full potential. Sorry to bother you.


  138. HoboCannibaL says:

    oh….minor skeeter eye sea….then let me apologize for my words….you can still use my posts though, just remove the f-words out of them….everything else still applies. Also, i thought this was very stupid before, but now that i understand that you are a minor…it is NEVER a good idea to tie a page like this (meaning one that you do not actually know the people running it, or the people posting on it) to your facebook. I hope that you do not make this mistake in the future, seeming that there are a lot of sicko’s out there….example: Stanley/Elias/Eli a.k.a. Stan the man…..who could use that information in a negative way.

    Go into your email, click on the message that is crime crawlers notifying you of a new post, and then click “unsubscribe”. Your problem will be solved, and i don’t have to deal with a notification informing me that you are coming here to say something irritating 😉

    btw, you never did tell me if Jennifer (your presumed aunt) was single 0_o



  139. Denise Johnson says:

    May I ask why you keep saying “presumed” or always use quotations about my aunt? Also no need to be nice now. I’m actually kind of glad I’ve been notified of these new comments . I’ve been meaning to tell these people that I have matured . When this first happened I was commenting useless crap that I now relize I didn’t mean. I was 2 ages younger then . Also before you something about me not being able to count years or something of that matter ; this happened before my birthday so I was 2 ages younger .


  140. HoboCannibaL says:

    yet it was a little over a year ago… so that makes it two years? because you were close to your birthday, and then you had another birthday? your logic is irrational….is this what schools have been teaching you? such a pity. To clarify, June 21st 2011 was the one year anniversary of the discovered corpse….June 21st 2010 was the day the corpse was actually discovered….are you telling me that you are a time traveler? are you already past the date June 21st 2012? explain this paradox…how can you communicate with the past so easily with such a lack of education? i am truly amazed. maybe its just that you suck at counting…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8..9…etc… XD

    Lets get to the quotations and words such as presumed….google es tu amiga….google what alleged means. if it is here-say or allegedly known…then it is not definite, seeming your age (even though you are a minor) this IS stuff you “should” know 😉

    Lastly, who is being nice? i stated that the posts still applied…just remove the “F” words out of it (because your age is inappropriate for this site). That’s a form of censorship, but the points made are still valid truths.

    We were “intentionally” “spamming” you before and it got on your nerves…now you say you say you’re “glad” to receive them and you want to show people how you have “matured” ….way to go sport, you really showed them didn’t ya? good game 0_o

    lets get to my last point….i still don’t have a clue why your “aunt” has not called your parents to inform them that THEIR daughter is parading around on adult sites. This is obviously no place for children. they really need to tighten up your i-net leash.

    would you like to add anything else to prove your “maturity” ?



  141. Denise Johnson says:

    Okay well first off all I’m not a child so after I write this I’m done here. I prefer not to be harassed by people over the internet therefore that is why I keep commenting. All I have left here is to make you feel like a moron when I explain the age. I never said it was 2 years , you might want to go back and comphrend what you read and not skim read. I clearly said I am 2 ages older. This happened about 2 months before my birthday so I had turned an age older . Then a year and some months went by again and I turned another age older. Got it? Kbye now .


  142. Denise Johnson says:

    Also I’d like to add if you read my comments from over a year ago , you can see the maturity level difference , and just because you’re grammar is quite proper and you’re vocabulary level is outstanding doesn’t make you as great as your ego believes. Actions speak louder than words.


  143. thinkgoat says:

    DENISE! How the bloody fuck are you? Still haven’t gotten any more educated, have you?

    You want to make us see how you’ve matured? Like, for realz? You’ve got to be talking about getting your period because the proof is neither in your posting abilities nor your reading comprehension. And if you are speaking of maturing (bodily) please don’t post pictures of your bloody tampons feminine products as proof. I think I speak for all, we’re simply not interested.

    I think I told you a year ago this wasn’t the place for you. Two Hobbit years doesn’t make you adult enough to come here and make an ass of yourself. Believe me, we get enough over 18, who more than make up for your absence.

    Hobo – you’re my most favorite. What do you think about using your smartassedness to write up a story for CC? Email me.


  144. thinkgoat says:

    One more thing, Denise, don’t fucking put your personal info on a damn web page. Has no one taught you internet safety? JESUS.


  145. HoboCannibaL says:

    Ok knucklehead (Denise) look here… posted EXACTLY this about your age…” I was 2 ages younger then”….this means you are 24 months older now….are you with me…just because you didn’t say “it has been two years” since you posted…you said “i am two ages older”…..when you are saying you are two years older….that means you have aged 2 years…which equals 24 months….your math is far less superior than that of a mongolian retard.

    You do not want to be harassed? you do realize that you are the harassing party right? YOU are coming here on your own free will and making statements that are begging for lash outs….your vocabulary and word usage is terrible…here is the definition so you can attempt to understand how you would use this world.

    ha·rass   [huh-ras, har-uhs] verb disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester;

    “kbye now.” looks like we have entered the age of the bitch…..always twists my panties on a knot (good thing i ain’t got no panties on 0_o) when a girl says that….makes ya wish they had kept the rule of thumb.

    last words of advise to Miss Moron…i mean Denise….Go to school every day, graduated, go to college…and most important….DON’T KILL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS….it is obvious to see the lack of parenting skills within your family tree….hell i don’t even think your family tree has any branches…just a trunk that goes straight up 😛



  146. HoboCannibaL says:

    damn too many typo’s at 5 am…maybe i should have had my coffee before dealing with Ms. Moron lawlz


  147. Jennifer says:

    **Denise** Please get off here and stop leaving comments, UNLINK this from any of your websites; facebook, ect..Dont even comment back to this post! STAY OFF OF HERE..(((BTW***She’s ony 13***)))


  148. HoboCannibaL says:

    oh gotcha…someone should tell her parents to monitor her internet explorations….sites like this are NOT meant for children. there is a lot of software that helps to assist these kinds of dilemmas….i can only advise that they use such software and use discretion as to where their child can explore….i wish parents were a little more keen as to what their children are doing on the net.


  149. thinkgoat says:

    We’ve featured 13-year-olds who’ve committed first-degree murder, who’ve robbed, who’ve slaughtered animals. The age doesn’t keep me from giving her shit when told point blank to not come back.

    If you’re friends of that family, you’ll suggest some attention is spread her way before she becomes a statistic. That’s all she’s doing is seeking attention and she’s coming to the wrong place. I don’t babysit myself, let alone any one else.


  150. HoboCannibaL says:

    agreed…what is disturbing to me is that she is not only coming here looking for attention…but came looking for negative attention. sounds like she needs some counseling.


  151. thinkgoat says:

    Imagine that. Unfortunately, Denise’s situation is not unique. She’s yet another child of parents (or singular) who’s attention is elsewhere than where it should be. You only get one chance to raise your child and to educate him/her. Parents drop the ball then act all shocked and surprised when their children kill each other and bury them in the backyard.


  152. HoboCannibaL says:

    at least he didn’t eat him….but really….do you think that they would have put that in the profile whether or not he had chunks of flesh missing and bite marks? Cannibalism in a community…. i think they would keep something like that hush hush…..he probably had lots of practice though, with him and denise so tight knit. XD


  153. thinkgoat says:

    I haven’t come across a good cannibal story in long time. The Russians must be getting fed regularly. Too bad, really.


  154. diablow says:

    what here is this


  155. Misanthropolis says:

    Hello Danny, it’s Ben (From middle school). Been looking for you for a while. Lots of disconnected numbers and bad addresses. You are truly hard to find. Anyways, if you ever read this I just want you to remember that what these people say really doesn’t matter. After reading the entire post I can see all they wanted was to get a rise out of you. It may have started as a search for truth and justice, but it quickly became just a big “Troll”-fest.
    “How we survive is what makes us who we are.” – Rise Against

    Your Friend,



  156. thinkgoat says:

    I’m not sure, as a parent, I could attempt to throw my dead child under the bus to attempt to save the other child. Thank God I have never had to be in those shoes.

    I don’t know it that’s soulless or being desperate but I’m glad the judicial system didn’t take that into consideration.

    Thanks for the update, deannamaria.



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