By Scorpiogirl

Washington County, Oregon Sara’s two month old baby girl was admitted to the hospital after she reported a high fever, and then it got weird…..

After the baby and mommy where fast asleep a nurse popped in to check her IV…

Well Sara called up daddy and let him know what was going on and felt totally dissed when he didn’t show up to check on the baby, and damn it she wanted some attention! So she did the only thing she could think of to gain daddy’s attention, she dropped a morphine tab in babies bottle and waited for the nurses to notice or for the baby to die, or whatever.

(I personally would have tried a sexy nighty and some candles?)

Fortunately a nurse came by to see Mom and Baby napping and decided to check the babies vitals. The nurse was understandably alarmed when she realized baby was barely breathing and began emergency procedures which likely saved the little ones life. A few days later when test results came back the hospital was alarmed to see opiats in the babies blood, when questioning the mother, she claimed it must have been in her breast milk as she was taking morphine at the time.

The hospital didn’t quite buy this and asked for a sample of her breast milk, which she gave, and it too had opiats in it but not the amount that would be there if the mother had injested it, more like the amount that would be there if she dissolved a tablet into the milk. The hospital called child services and they took immediate custody of the baby and began to investigate Mommy.

Guess what, this is not her first rodeo folks. She did the same thing in Los Angeles County in 2005. She was convicted of willful cruelty to a child for the California case, which involved her then 10-month-old son. In a very similar situation, Ms. Dillard used morphine to create a medical emergency. The child was flown to UCLA Medical Center and survived.

He was taken from Ms. Dillard and custody was eventually given to the father, who is not the same father of the infant girl in the Washington County Case.

The father is Dr. Wallace Lai, 43, a cardiologist.  (how does a cardiologist make a baby with a woman who has no heart?)

Her infant daughter has recovered from the overdose and is in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Ms. Dillard was sentenced to four to six months in jail and when she was released she transferred her probation to Oregon. Up until the time of her arrest, Ms. Dillard worked as a medical assistant for Oregon Pediatrics.  (how do you get a job in pediatrics while on probation for willful cruelty to a child?)

She plead guilty in court today and admits to doing it to get the fathers attention.  She was sentenced to seven years of which she will likely do half.

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  2. thinkgoat says:

    Great write-up chick!

    She should have tried a facial, some lingerie, clubbing him over the head and seducing him that way instead of damn near killing her baby. Jesus Christ. And working in Pediatrics? Holy shit – AFTER being convicted of cruelty to a child? Don’t these people do background checks?


  3. peeperann says:

    ” (how do you get a job in pediatrics while on probation for willful cruelty to a child?)”

    Best question ever. For Christs sake, she was willing to kill two children (her own)!! Just to get some attention! And she only got 4-6 months???? It should have at least been life!

    Wonderful write up!


  4. Munchausux says:

    Luckily, her sentence was a Measure 11 so she’ll serve every single minute of her 7 years, 6 months.


  5. thinkgoat says:

    Excellent news. Too bad her sentence isn’t longer…


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