Text Harassment Against John Noel. May Others Follow

Posted: December 31, 2009 by thinkgoat in Harassment
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By Thinkgoat

Brocton, New York Chautauqua County will hopefully be lauded as paving the way for victims. As it was, the only course of action for a victim to quit receiving harassing phone calls and text messages has been to incur financial burdens and a hell of a lot of hassle by changing their phone number. With cyber bullying, it’s easy to block the user who’s so pathetic and attempts to fill their useless life by harassing others. But now that law enforcement is stepping up the game, these scum are being busted.

I’ve been following (closely) a case where a 55-year-old convicted felon in Arizona has tried internet stalking, digging up personal information, tweeting it on Twitter, contacting the children of his targets (and admitting doing so), creating numerous Facebook accounts, email accounts, etc. in a desperate attempt to gain attention. Negative internet attention is better than no attention when it comes to this ass. I imagine it’s difficult not being able to leave his elderly mother’s house for fear of having to face violation of his dangerous drug charges.

Even though extreme measures were taken, this particular case evolved from harassment via the internet to phone calls and text messages. Not one nor two but one after the other after the other in the early morning hours when mommy is fast asleep and he runs no risk of being caught and her yanking away his phone and internet privileges I suppose. I like this case not only because law enforcement officials have him on the radar again, but because of the mental imagery it conjures. A 55-yr-old, sitting with a tiny phone with tiny buttons, drooling out of his mouth as he punch, punch, punches his unread messages into the device. Or better yet, foaming all over his keyboard searching for an internet site that will attempt to disguise the number and do half the work for him. Stupid is as stupid does. Court orders are awesome and idiots often forget about technology.

All it takes is having enough, as this Brocton woman did. John V. Noel III, (37) was charged with second-degree harassment. About time, I’d say. And with that I hope a “no contact” order. You know, you have to spell things out for desperate fools like this. It’ll be a good thing for Noel if he doesn’t have a laundry list of convictions on his record. Somehow I think his punishment would be worse if he had a few assault charges, was proven to be uncooperative with enforcement officials, not a drug runner, and hadn’t been in front of the same judges time in and time out over the course of many years. Judges do get sick of seeing the same faces appear before them. Especially the older the perp gets.

My advice for these assholes? Get a job, a girlfriend, (or small pet), and a life. This shit is traceable – phone records are kept and IP addresses logged and traced. Even if you are an idiot, others may not be. Some just take a seat and wait for the hanging to begin…


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  1. peeperann says:

    I love you!! That is the funniest article i’ve reasd in forever!!

    As a victim of this crime myself, I can tell you, part of it is funny as hell, as I do see him hiding from mommy, drooling down his white mustache, punching those numbers over and over.

    And another thing I find funny, he tries to set his calls to ‘private’ it may show private when someones phone rings, but it’s soooo easy for LE to request a copy of your phone records (both home and cell) and poof!! It shows the phone numbers!! At least I was told they showed on mine, and viola! It was a phone number i’m all to familiar with.

    The other side of the coin, it begins to get a bit worrisome when he contacts your children! Puts up your work information (by the way, my company is PISSED OFF and is going to start a suit of their own. They have total faith in me) Puts your childrens names and address’s all over twitter, FaceBook, Myspace, and a disgusting site I will not name. Plus he created a ‘Adult Friend Finder’ account with a pic of me he found and my email address!! Soooo freaking sad, pathetic and not to mention obsessive and psychotic!!

    And like ThinkGoat said, he’s not a child, (maybe in his mind) He’s a 55 almost 56 year old convicted drug runner, parole violator, convicted of assault, and a laundry list of other things. Oh and freaking butt ugly to boot!

    But, as ThinkGoat said, LE is finally wising up and busting these sick pervs. The two Deputy’s I have working on this (down south, I live in the midwest, yes! this sick twisted perv stalks me and my family from 5 states away)! Actually picked him within an hour of me calling!! Granted it was on a parole violation he got on Dec. 22nd, 2009 (after he lied and told everyone he knows that it was all over and he was a free man, what a douche) But they know him, they want him badly, so Deptuy **** called me 51 minutes later and told me they had him in custody! Granted, he also told me his bail on that parole violation was set very low, so within a couple of hours, he had bailed out.

    But now that i’ve mailed out everything they want in hard copy, submitted everything they sent me online to fill out, he’s going to be spending some time in a Federal prison if convicted of stalking me! He should be served with his ‘no contact order by Jan. 4th, so that will be great. I’m really tired of him calling my phone and laughing that hard, deep, guttural laugh in my ear.

    But by being patient, persistent and listening to two very smart women who’ve had my back, the ball is finally rolling!!

    I applaud Chautauqua County, and am happy to see many other parts of the country starting to take this seriously.


  2. peeperann says:

    Oh and as a side note, this all started on a website i’ll call the ‘Dramallama’ (not it’s real name) Used to be a site just like ours, well respected and entertaining. But now it’s a pathetic and sad as the douche that is stalking me. Only about 1 out of 10 stories are actually crime related on his site, most are just bullshit threads with people saying hi, bashing other members, ect, you get the drift.

    I never gave out my email address to anyone. Only the site owner and his Administrators could see that information. So either the owner or his staff gave this stalker my info and I hold him just as responsible as I do the stalker himself. So I am also going to ask LE to look into that and see if said owner has any culpability in this.

    I know I know, people say you’re not safe on the web, and believe me it’s true, but site owners and Admins have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their members information.

    I actually copied a post by the owner of that site stating he was going into peoples accounts and changing their settings from showing as invisible to visible just for the drama that followed. He also changed other setting in their private pages and i’ve also copied pages where he has encouraged said stalker to keep it up.

    Said site owner knows of and has been well aware he has a convicted felon on site, has been told numerous times about this perv stalking people and continues to treat him as if he’s the golden boy. Well, if i’m told I can press charges or sue or whatever believe me, i’m going to.

    Another well known site had a huge explosion last year when one of it’s moderators was outted as a pedophile. Hopefully this explosion will be even bigger.


  3. Lazlo says:

    It is fantastic that there is action happening on that Peep. Fun is fun, and spirited exchanges are welcome in my book, on a page where that is accepted. But when someone follows you off-site and continues the harassment, it crosses the line. Especially when they involve your family.

    The internet has spawned a new breed of coward – those who think that they are anonymous and untouchable. It has taken some time, but the authorities are starting to give these crimes the attention they deserve. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am a huge advocate for Freedom with Responsibility. Go ahead and stalk your prey, you unstable, insecure fucks! Just be prepared to pay the price when the man comes to the door.


  4. ravenblackehart says:

    Fantastic writing job on this story, Thinkgoat. Sometimes when people try to do something to hurt or bother others, it backfires and they reveal more about themselves than they intended to!


  5. Lazlo says:

    RaVen, you are so right. And in this day and age there is no such thing as anonymity. Your digital fingerprints are on everything you do, from engaging an IP disguiser to bogus names and e-mails – it is all traceable.


  6. peeperann says:

    Ah Laz, you are so right. I too am an advocate for spirited discussions, even arguments, but they should stay where they belong. And really, it wasn’t even discussion or an argument, it started out as just plain flame bashing for no reason, and he escalated into full blown stalking. And if you drag my children and grandchildren into it, watch out, I am a momma grizzly bear!! And threatening said children and grandchildren??? That is psychotic. Plain and simple.

    I tried over and over to just ignore it. I even warned I was going to LE. Did it stop him? No. It made it worse as he thought we couldn’t find him. I told him in this day and age, “private does not mean private”. Apparently he’s either too stupid or a sociopath who thinks he’s untouchable. But as he’s learning now (even though he’s lying to all his friends) it’s now coming to a head.

    You’d think a convicted felon would want to lay low, but again, any attention is better than none. Even if it comes from law enforcement.

    I had plenty of discussions and disagreements on said other site, but most people understood it was just a difference of opinion and never took it any further. I respected their views and they respected mine, even though we dis-agreed.

    And yes, I too am thrilled that LE is now taking these cases seriously. You never know when it could escalate to them actually showing up at your home…


  7. twisted terrors says:

    It’s about time assholes such as these finally gets their just rewards! I applaud everyone who worked together to make this happen. Great writeup Thinkgoat!


  8. peeperann says:

    Hey Twisted!! Happy New year!! We’ve missed you a lot!! And thanks, if it weren’t for ThinkGoat, Raven and even Lazlo, I probably wouldn’t have made it as far as I have in this. They are all very wise, have given me much support, advice and helped me find the necessary information I needed to actually find him!


  9. thinkgoat says:

    It’s past time for laws to catch up with the growing problems on the internet. And while in agreement with all sentiments about heated debates on the internet are fine, when it’s taken to the level of repeated unwanted texts and phone calls, children involved, etc. there is a huge problem with the individual doling out the abuse.

    Seriously, it’s kind of hilarious when thinking about all the time and energy expended while carrying this all out! All I can picture is some poor old bald dude frothing at the mouth, shaking his head like some rabid dog, shit dripping from his cell and computer screen while using those fat fingers to push a bunch of buttons. (While in a pink nightgown and fuzzy slippers)


  10. And we won’t even get into the bi-polar bitches on the drama demon who offer to hire a sleazy con man (who would take the money and run before he would actually do the job) to preform hit jobs on other members of the forum.


  11. peeperann says:

    Ahahahahahha!! Sorry, the imagery just made me laugh out loud!! And really, it is seriously crazy, this person does not know me, has no idea that I will do anything, sacrifice anything for my family and friends. That I love passionately, have the most awesome (if a bit off kilter) sense of humor, that I believe i’m generous and kind, (at least I really try to be) have a great faith in God and Jesus Christ, and that I try each day to better myself.

    No he and some of his so called friends decided they were bored (actually I think they just have nothing inside themselves but a huge gaping black hole) and decided they needed a target to make themselves believe they are better than they really are. The women he’s snowed into just loving him must get no attention from their husbands (I know that for a fact about a few of them) and just want any man to give them attention. They need to be validated, even if it’s from a convicted felon who’s been known to have been very violent with others.

    The more I ignored him, the more he upped his stalking. I can’t help but wonder how easy it is get that drool out of that ugly white mustache is?


  12. twisted terrors says:

    Hi Peepers.Hopefully I can be back regularly in another week or two,been caught up in a lot of drama! Happy New Year,everyone! I really miss you guys something awful! Keep up the great work! I am so proud of all of you!


  13. Why is it that the women who take the most offense/greatest interest to/in me are the ones that I could not possibly be LESS interested in? I’m going to pay a spider to bite all of them on the asses. That’ll learn ’em.


  14. peeperann says:

    LOL Deathstalker, didn’t that already happen with the spider? Not that you paid the spider, but apparently that particular spider did not have good taste!

    And seriously, the monkey with the butt in the pic? It just throws me into fits of giggles every time I look at it!


  15. peeperann says:

    If the monkey in the pick was bald and had a white mustache around it’s butthole, it would be a perfect image of said physco!!


  16. peeperann says:

    Twisted!! I’m so happy you’ll be back soon. We too have missed you something awful!! I’m so sorry about whatever drama is going on, that sucks. But I know you can handle anything!!

    On a side note, I may be joking about the looks of said physco, but it’s really not funny at all. It just helps relieve my stress and anger. This type of thing is all to real for many many women in this world. Obsessive men who can’t get a real woman, prey upon these women trying make their lives a living hell.

    But guess what? This is the 21st century, women are not weak, scared little things that will take what is dished out to them. We will fight back and brings these pervs down!!


  17. Just wanted to make sure that some of our readers out there realize there is a distinction between a perv that is actively stalking/harassing someone and a perv on a message board that you may or may not like who has no interest in you at all. The former needs to be stopped, the latter is something to shrug off, not dedicate time and money to.


  18. LonelyOne85 says:

    Wow. I was a lurker on that site for about, a week and decided to check this one out. There is a ton of drama.

    And deathstalker, what happens if the latter turns into the former? What are you supposed to do then? Especially when not expecting it. Just curious.


  19. Use the ignore feature.


  20. Quite simple really. Just leave well enough alone. Don’t go out of your way to antagonize the situation. Don’t try to put hits out on people or anything crazy like that.


  21. I’ve KILLED people.


  22. Peeperann says:

    Hmmm, I had a couple of interesting phone calls yesterday. The two people told me now that said douche stalker is now saying that a year ago, when me and the gecko from the Schemin Demon took up a collection for the lying Bitch Owd Scrat, who lied and said her 3 year old son Seth had Leukemia and they had no money for food or Christmas presents, that I kept most of the gift cards that were sent to me for her.

    I and the crazy gecko were meticulous with our google docs as she was sent money thru her pay pal and I got the gift cards, boxes of toys and clothes for Seth and a bit of cash and one money order.

    Every day, as soon as the mail would get here, I would run out and get it, open the cards (most of which had a second card inside of it, which I didn’t open) and I would update the google docs with the person who sent it, the amount, and whether it was a gift card, cash, stuff whatever.

    At least Douche is getting a bit smarter about his flat out lies, he’s doing them thru private messages on the pathetic site he sits on trying to get women as he can’t get a real one. But what he doesn’t understand, is that now that people have realized how many times he’s lied about not being arrested, (we’ve proven here that he has, he even lied about me having him arrested on 12-22-09 until we posted the link here, then he admitted it as he had no choice).

    But people over there are starting to ask questions. Starting to realize that he is deranged, obsessed and downright pathetic. They are calling me now, apologizing, and sending the private messages to my email. Just so I can add the stuff to my case against him.

    Really Douche? Stealing money from a charity case? At least what we thought was a charity case? The crazy gecko may get a bit pissed at you too as the idea for doing this was her idea, not mine. I have plenty of my own money, I don’t need to steal from people. I would not be able to live with myself if I did something like that. God would know and the guilt would eat me alive. It does that to people who actually have a conscience. Not that you would know anything about that, would you.

    Just remember, people are catching on to you now. The people you think you can trust, you can’t. I have the screen shots of the pm’s. I cannot believe you lost what was left of your mind over someone you don’t even know.

    They asked me yesterday if I was scared of you. I told them “Fuck NO”!! I’m pissed as hell and you are going to pay. I will never be a victim again. You fucked with the wrong bitch this time!! 😈


  23. Peeperann says:

    Oh and may I add, a few people sent me money to help with shipping costs, but I put all that money into the boxes and sent it to Owd. I paid all the shipping out of my own pocket. Although I much appreciated the gesture, I thought the money would be better used for Seth.

    I really hate liars. He is the biggest one i’ve seen in my life!!


  24. absinthe says:

    lesson: don’t fuck with thinkgoat.


  25. TG brings the heat!


  26. Peeperann says:

    And now ladies and gentleman!! The newest twist in this demented douches antics…….

    He signed me up on Rapeboard.com saying I love having sex with my three great danes. Really douche? Really? You know even if you use an IP hider, you can’t hide it from the law.

    Actually, I am the mother of six children, as he states on there, I also have six grandchildren. I have one very old, very huge cat named Jack. I have NO DOGS. I like dogs ya know, just not in that way.

    He actually put my real name up there, and posted my screen name, which I use here and other places on the net. I’ve already copied the links (which were given to me by an oh so helpful friend who has come to realize just how sick and twisted this pervert is), and sent them onto the police by email and hard copy thru snail mail.

    Douche, you do realize that stalking is a Federal Offense, right? And stalking over state lines and thru the internet? Another Federal Offense. You may think you’re untouchable, but you fucked with the wrong bitch this time.

    I was really mad this morning, boiling rage. For about 2 minutes. Then it dawned on me, you just fucked yourself by doing this. This time, i’ve really and truly got you!! So, i’ve just been smiling all day.

    Oh and Morbid, I know you’re going to read this too. So if you’ve given Douche any privileges on that automated fake site of yours, just thought you should know, there is a link on there that takes a person straight to the disgusting rape board.

    But, then again, maybe you put that link up yourself. Hmmm, guess we’ll have to find out. The police already told me they checked the link, and it did go to the rape board, so you are just as culpable as douche is. And I will press charges against you too.

    Think I don’t know your address? Think again buddy!! It was so easy to find!!

    Really people, I have read stories about people having sex with animals, (which is rape as the animal cannot consent) but I find it disgusting, deplorable, and don’t want to even envision it. But what I find even more disgusting?

    That a so called man, an almost 56 year old man, could put a womans name on a rape site, not to mention putting down she likes bestiality. Any woman who has been brutalized by the horror of rape or hurt in anyway by a so called man, should stand up and shout for stronger laws.

    Keep laughing Douche, the end is coming and I will be victorious.


  27. Wait, you mean he actually linked to rapeboard.com from dreamindemon.com?


  28. ravenblackehart says:

    deathstalker, he apparently linked it from the site he made up with the name similar to this one. Peeper, did he link it from DD too?


  29. LOL! They better NOT let Lizard find out!!!! She hates that shit bad enough with a guy gets a bitch to join a rape board voluntarily….she’s going to flip her shit if she finds out dmax made all this shit up. And that Morbid helped….

    …well, I mean if she had a lil something we like to refer to as “integrity”. WHICH I DON’T THINK SHE HAS. But it will be interesting to see how it all plays out….




  31. absinthe says:

    thinkgoat is burning me with her heat.

    and i’m a little scandalized to learn that “rape boards” exist.


  32. dreamin demon? MORE LIKE SCHEMIN DEMON!


  33. absinthe you are scandalicious.


  34. ravenblackehart says:


  35. Peeperann says:

    absinthe Says:
    January 11, 2010 at 9:51 pm
    thinkgoat is burning me with her heat.

    and i’m a little scandalized to learn that “rape boards” exist.”

    Me too. Disgusting, isn’t it?


  36. allisin says:

    He’s back in jail for the same thing!



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