By LadyJustice

Central Falls, Rhode Island-Investigators are saying that three armed men broke down a door while a pregnant woman slept next to her son early in the morning on June 28th. The men then robbed the apartment and one of them raped the pregnant woman. But that was only part of the nightmare.

Since there is a minor child involved and not all of the sick bastards are caught police are not releasing the name of the victim in the case just yet. However, police Capt. James Mendonca said that the woman is in her 20’s and that she was forced at gunpoint into a bathroom during the robbery and raped. The woman is seven months pregnant.

She told a local news-station that her 9-year-old son saw “everything.” (What kind of sick freak does that to a pregnant woman, not alone her son? What were the other bastard robbers doing while he raped her?)

Mendonca said that the men took a game system and a television from the apartment but then added that the woman would not say if any drugs or guns were stolen as well. (I might not want to tell either since people tend to take you less seriously if they think you “deserved it.” Which no one deserves anything like this!) He also stated that none of the stolen items had been found but did not comment when asked about a possible motive.

“One suspect, Joiseth Osorio, 22, of Central Falls was arrested, charged, and later released. (Yes, I said released!) This sick fuck was charged with first-degree sexual assault, felony assault with a dangerous weapon, using a dangerous weapon during commission of a violent crime, breaking and entering, and possession of a firearm without a license,” Central Falls Police Chief Joseph  Moran said. (Notice how close the spelling of his last name is to moron? How could you release someone that took part in a violent home invasion robbery that ended with the rape of a pregnant woman in front of her son? What about a child abuse charge? Can we say danger to society here!?!)

The woman reported the rape at 3:10 am on Sunday, June 28th. She suffered minor bruises and abrasions (and some serious mental trauma) but was taken to the hospital where a rape kit was taken.  There was no report on the baby’s condition so one would assume that it is ok. I’m hoping that more arrests are coming!

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  1. Juggalomama says:

    What The Fuck!?


  2. Space Pope says:

    For fucks sake what do you have to do to be held there ?


  3. ladyjustice84 says:

    Maybe when he rapes someone important they’ll care. The victim said that she refused to answer more questions after the cops became accusatory and acted like it was her fault. It’s disgusting that there’s cops still out there that would do that to a pregnant rape victim!


  4. […] A Pregnant Woman is Raped in a Home Invasion While Her Son is Forced to Watch ( […]


  5. ladyjustice84 says:

    Thought that I’d post this link. It states that the victim recanted her statement about the man arrested and that there was “an identification issue.”



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