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by deathstalker2

Green Bay, WI — A coordinated effort to net child predators on-line was conduced this past weekend involving nineteen local, federal, and state law enforcement agenices in Northeast Wisconsin.  The net brought in a haul of twenty-four predators, which isn’t a bad catch.  Capt. Jeff Sandborn of the Brown County Sherrif’s office stated that this number being so high from their last operation is concerning to authorities.  In 2012, their last operation like this only brought in five people.  “That was substantial.  We thought we cut the head off the snake right there”, Sandborn said, unaware of how much he’s revealing about himself in that statement. The article notes that 84 arrests of this sort have gone down since the year “20-12”, which makes me think the author juxtaposed a year and a football score together, and the error managed to make it past the editing process. (more…)


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by deathstalker 2

Waukesha, WI  Well, on South Park, kicking the baby is a funny joke.  In real life, not so much.  That’s why this story is particularly sickening.  Nicole Wagester was watching her boyfriends daughter on Monday morning after getting off of her third shift job.  The 2 year old child was having trouble being potty trained, frustrating Nicole, who was already under stress after getting off of work.  Ms. Wagester expressed her anger in a healthy way, just as anyone would, by kicking the baby so hard she slid across the bathroom floor. (more…)

By Lazlo

Sheboygan, Wisconsin Here is a little gem of a story that caught the eye of the staff here at Crime Crawlers. TG thought it would be the perfect piece for me to get back into the groove. The opening line of the source story in the Sheboygan Press immediately grabbed my attention and imagination by stating the charge Mrs. Lueders is being held on: felony mayhem. Oh yeah – mayhem. And not just your garden variety mayhem, but the felony kind. No more enticement is necessary, I’m hooked. So just what kind of bat-shit crazy behavior does a lady need to engage in to earn such a bad-assed charge as that? Seems it all started in the toilet…


By ThinkGoat

Lancaster, Wisconsin Originally I glanced at this article, bookmarked the page, and decided to let it ferment in my brain a couple of days to see where I’d go with it. I mean, it’s not everyday one gets a story like this dropped in their lap. Upon first appearance, it seemed to have everything that makes me excited about covering a story…fuck-up looking perpetrators, extreme stupidity, and one of the few bizarre-type crimes that’ll really make one stop and say, “what in the hell?”, “Jesus Christ”, “LMFAO”, or a beautiful mix of the three. This story can also be viewed as a tale of brotherly love and loyal friendship. But after digging a little further and discussing this case with another staff member, this bizarre crime quickly became overshadowed by a big example of how the laws can change in the blink of an eye and one can be held accountable for charges that were dropped years earlier. I really hate when a fantastic case of attempted necrophilia is spoiled by legal shit. Especially a case as beautiful as this. (more…)

By ThinkGoat

Stevens Point, Wisconsin I don’t quite know where the hell I was when this story crossed the wire. Maybe it was when the pack of wild pygmies tore through my house kidnapping me. Don’t worry – that’s old news and it turned out for the best. I learned a lot from that hiatus. But it did remove me from any form of modern communication unless you count carrier pigeons and they seldom brought me any news regarding fuck-ups doing fucked-up things. This would explain why I totally missed Dillion Makuski the first time around. It’s okay Dillion, we’re still going to talk about the shitty thing you did in September. (more…)