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By ThinkGoat
Tuscon, Arizona I’ve always wondered about the stigma attached to the those who’ve gotten busted for drugs…wondered how they’re viewed by their buddies. Is pitty taken upon these idiots: “Oh dude, you got busted? Dude, that sucks.” Or is it more of, “Dude, did you talk?” Are they shunned for their remaining free time – now an outcast to the outcasts? It may work both ways for a lot of these asses who decide to run drugs but for this poor bastard, I can pretty well guarantee his bust will be viewed as one well deserved. For those of us opposed to running drugs, we’ll chalk it up to another one of society’s finest off the street. To any stoner on the planet, they’ll view this guy as someone who not only got busted but who tried to smuggle almost a quarter of a million dollars worth of the shit – in shit. (more…)