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By ThinkGoat

Tenino, Washington Imagine being a policeman on patrol in a town of less than 1500. Not much goes on. Evenings are probably spent riding around busting people for stopping in the middle of the street to visit, running stop signs, and giving directions out of town for those who’ve stumbled in wishing to get out. Imagine being on patrol and getting flagged down and told something that was so unbelievable, you don’t know whether to laugh at the guy or get him committed into some mental institution. Especially if that guy were telling you something similar to, ‘I was on this trail and some kid stopped me and asked if I’d help him get rid of a dead body that was in his truck…” and as you’re listening, the guy looks up at a passing vehicle and exclaims something like: “THAT’S HIM”! (more…)


By Lazlo

St. Petersburg, Florida There is nothing in this world sorrier than a grown man crying about the consequences of his own dumbassery. I know we live in the era of “sensitivity” and all that happy horseshit,  but come on. If you are fucking up, be a man and take your beating. In Michael Dupree’s case, I mean that literally.


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Derek Kidd

By Thinkgoat

Middletown, Kentucky It’s common that I research a certain area in which a particular crime occurs, especially when it takes place in an area prone to ridicule. In doing this, it gives me a glimpse into the make-up of the area, the people, and the educational background. Really – I just want to see how “on track” the stereo-types are and most generally, they fit like a glove with the crime committed. One really gets the sense that perhaps the perp’s only real problem is that some smartass new cop rolled into town and busted them from something they’d been doing for a long time with no interference…the real hillbilly areas of this country. This story had me a bit perplexed. I researched the educational background of Middletown and was surprised to see, according to the 2000 Census, 33.5% attended some college or trade school. Either my newest feature didn’t fall into that percentage, he lied, or he thought the interviewer was talking about Carol’s Kiddie College where he spent the first 7 years of his life trying to graduate. (more…)