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By Thinkgoat

Charleston, South Carolina  This story has no hidden meaning. As a matter of fact, it’s case in point why most of you are lying when you tell your sibling or your best friend you’d do anything in the world for them. I don’t know if it was because of the approaching holidays, because of loyalty, or because Wayne thought the sun rose and set in his brother’s ass, Deangelo pretty much called him to the carpet and Wayne was forced to eat his own words. (more…)


By ThinkGoat

Seneca, South Carolina Police got lucky in a way when they responded to a 911 report of a burglary occurring at a private residence. Lucky because they didn’t have to look far for the “alleged” perpetrator. When they arrived, they found 31-year-old Noah Smith lying nekkid on the floor of the doorway, sunny side up. Their luck quickly ran dry when they thought this would be an easy apprehension. They learned a valuable lesson:  people who would break into a place buttass naked are probably not right in the head and one should proceed with caution. Me? I’ve covered enough of these stories to know “peeled” antics most often include drug use of some form. Which again, one should proceed with caution. Be prepared. And for God’s sake, carry elephant tranquilizer, tasers don’t affect these wild creatures. (more…)

By Lazlo

Charleston, South Carolina There seems to be a mood in our society lately for bashing cops. Hell, I have even participated in it when they have obviously gone out of their way to whip up on some poor bastard who irritated them, but was in no way a threat. And they are ready made targets. Their training emphasizes asserting authority and control on situations, and they come to expect instant submission. Most drunks and ne’er do wells have known this for forever, and to avoid a predictable Saturday night ass-stomping, comply with the nice officers with “yes sirs” and “no sirs” all around.

But what happens when this irresistible force is met with an immovable object that is used to getting its way – who feels that laws and rules are for lesser men? Ted Zellman is just such an individual, and as you will see, its Cops – 1, Asshole – 0. Or in other terms “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do Not Collect $200.”


By Lazlo

Lake Wylie, South Carolina Social Networking was a different concept when I was a young man. It consisted of cruising around in cars between two or three different parking lots, and hanging out with the groups assembled there. From McDonald’s, to the Square, to the park, and back again in a big circle. The goal was to find out what was happening tonight, and hear all the gossip about what happened last night. Kid’s stuff. We didn’t realize how good we had it. We could chat about events, come and go, and never leave a lasting trail.

My, how things have changed. My dumbass perpetrator of the day is a young man who uses the current digital equivalent of cruising – Facebook. And although my wild-oats exploits may not have been available to as vast an audience as I might have wished, they weren’t available for the cops either.


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Angel Miguel Perez

By Twisted Terrors

Charleston, SC– If you are a mother or about to be a mother, I really hope you read this article. If you are a mother then you know how tempting it is to think “I’m just going to run in and do this, it will only take a second” and leave your baby resting in his carseat. It makes things so much more convenient for us and the baby won’t be interrupted from his blissful slumber. But while we are thinking these thoughts, somehow we fail to think about in those seconds the many things that can go wrong. (more…)