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By ThinkGoat

Citrus County, Florida  This is a short and sweet story coming out of Florida. I could have just gotten away with posting his mugshot that features his uncanny resemblance to Uncle Fester while sporting a tee-shirt that screams, “No shit”, but his alleged crime completes a trifecta. (more…)


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By Thinkgoat

Ashland, Illinois Although the trial of Shirley Skinner has been postponed a while, accusations are amping up to a fevered pitch. I’ve never been a fan of using one crime as a platform for political advancement or deterrent, but the residents of Cass County better start asking some tough questions and demanding some form of accountability from those who are sworn to protect and serve. While nothing can bring Steven Watkins back to his family, perhaps justice for him will encompass vast changes in department procedure and oversight. Or perhaps the residents of that small county can continue supporting yahoos who appear to not know their ass from a hole in the ground. (more…)