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By Lazlo

I am going to break away from the usual grit, gore, and amusing idiots that you have grown to love and cherish on this site. My offering today concerns a little sideline of real crime that has recently made the news – “Murderabilia”. It’s an international (if you consider Canada, like, a nation) phenomena that is driving some folks bat-shit crazy.

Murderablia is the category of objects that are deemed “collectible” by real crime enthusiasts and other sick fucks like me that appreciate a little insanity in their daily lives. Things like letters, paintings and even toenail clippings from criminals who have achieved infamous notoriety qualify for inclusion. The mainstream media have taken up the klaxon call to have this burgeoning industry in dark merchandise suppressed. They use arguments based on criminals profiting from their crimes, and the pain inflicted on the victims families as planks in their case. I am here to cry BULLSHIT! (more…)