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By: Deadmyron

Greenwood, In. You know those real cool sites that you can go to with the trick pictures?  You may see one thing, but it’s something else entirely?  Know what I’m talking about?  The twenty-three year old woman (yeah 23) pictured above is actually a piece of shit.  She gave up all rights to be a human when she slammed her 10 month-old daughter to the pavement, head first, in an apartment parking lot in Greenwood, In. last Thursday.  Now you can see the piece of shit can’t you?  Isn’t that amazing? (more…)

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By ThinkGoat

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I don’t know who hasn’t chuckled at the old-time shows and cartoons where the wife takes a frying pan to her husband’s head. I am not sure that the younger generation has been exposed to the hilarity because, for some damn reason, that act alone became frowned upon as it was deemed abuse. Pffft. There’s nothing that says, “I’m sick of your shit” than a skillet-melon meeting. And as I type this out, my smile is quickly wiped off my face as the subject comes back into focus. When I was younger, the image ended with the recipient reaching up to their head rubbing it with a sorry look on their face. Not once did it end with a broken skillet resulted by smashing someone’s head completely in. Damn teenagers these days have no sense of proportion. (more…)