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By LadyJustice

In the weirdest turn of events I’ve ever seen the man last seen with Jackie Douthart, Benjamin Biggs, is now dead. All because he chose to steal an SUV, lead police on a high-speed chase, and shoot 2 police officers and then himself. You heard it here first people! I was one of the only ones to publish something BEFORE this dude went psycho car thief that told people that he was the last one seen with Jackie Douthart. See the first article here. So when a link was posted by a reader of the article (thank you by-the-way) I had to see where it led. (more…)

By LadyJustice

In Mount Pleasant, Iowa 11 years ago a 22-year old woman by the name of Elizabeth Nicole Forshee-Syperda vanished into thin air and has never been found. Her roommate saw her when the roomie was leaving to go to work at 10:30 pm. When the roommate returned at 4:30 am she was gone. Elizabeth’s personal belongings were in her home, her door was locked from the outside, and her last check from her employer was never picked up. Flash forward to May 22, 2011. Jackie Douthart, 24, leaves her sister’s house in Mount Pleasant and hasn’t been seen since. (more…)

By ThinkGoat

Iowa City, Iowa This story immediately made me think about the lost art of “pick-up” lines. Now they’re all lame because they’re so unoriginal and stale. Then I thought back on a friend of mine who was king of opportunity and extremely quick on his feet. As we were standing out back of a local establishment, this made-up young girl in a tight short skirt and high heels started approaching the back door. My witty friend quickly met her at the door, jimmied his way between the girl and the doorway, looked her up one side and down the other, got a huge smile on his face and said, “how much?” She left. I laughed. Like I said, it’s a long forgotten art form. Now horny and lonely people have taken to non-verbal communications, which is an art in and of itself. We now have “come ons” in bathrooms that need no words – like in the case of the US Senator Larry Craig, who slid his foot under the adjoining bathroom stall playing footsie with the unsuspecting dude next door. Who knew that was nonverbal for, “hey, wanna get it on”? In my time, it meant, “hey, pass over some toilet paper”. Knowing that action could be taken a couple of different ways, our newest perp decided to take all the guess-work out of his intentions as he went looking for love in the mall’s restroom. (more…)