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By ThinkGoat

China Drunken shenanigans, there’s nothing funnier or if you’re the unfortunate one who’s passed out around a bunch of drunken buddies, nothing more embarrassing. I will admit, at my age I no longer giggle my ass off at YouTube videos that show our future leaders of this fine country taking permanent magic markers and drawling all over their passed-out buddy’s face. I have seen a few clever ones though – a group of guys loading their pal upon a blow-up raft and setting sail toward a fountain in the middle of a condo community pond. Even with the risk of that poor kid sucking in a mouthful of water. (his buddies were at the ready). But Americans lack the truly clever pranks like those played out in China. Those fuckers don’t waste time doing silly stuff. Nope. They resort to sending live shit up the ass of their friends. (more…)