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By ThinkGoat

Citrus County, Florida  This is a short and sweet story coming out of Florida. I could have just gotten away with posting his mugshot that features his uncanny resemblance to Uncle Fester while sporting a tee-shirt that screams, “No shit”, but his alleged crime completes a trifecta. (more…)


By LadyJustice

How dumb can one ex-deputy be? Dumb enough that Allan James Waters showed up drunk to his DUI sentencing! (Like they weren’t going to notice!)

The former Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy was caught driving under the influence of a lot of prescription pills on March 1, 2010. He crashed into another vehicle after he failed to stop at a red light. Deputies who knew Waters responded to the accident and then 30 minutes later released him to drive off! (Can we say cover up?) Seven minutes after his first crash he proceeded to have 911 called on him multiple times for driving recklessly, failing to accelerate at a green light, partially stopping in an intersection at a red light, and almost crashing into another motorist. (Nice to know that if the deputies fail to do their jobs the citizens will!) (more…)