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This picture was taken Tuesday WHILE THE BODY WAS STILL IN THE POOL and people continued to play without noticing!

By LadyJustice

Fall River, Massachusetts If you’re planning on going swimming this 4th of July you might want to be careful what you’re bumping into. 2 days after a mother of 5 in Massachusetts drown she was finally pulled out of the pool. The whole time the pool was not only open to the public, but multiple health inspectors checking the safety of the pool failed to find the body as well as the lifeguards on duty! (Can we say epic fail?) (more…)


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By Thinkgoat

Pampano Beach, Florida There’s not a lot of preface to this fucker’s story other than some people are just plain evil. Deangelo, a 29-year-old spoiled rotten brat, got in a little spat with his momma. That’s right – damn near 30-years-old and fighting with the very woman who raised him. Being the grateful son he is, instead of acting his age and merely walking away from the argument like the majority of adults would do, he decided to plot revenge. But it’s exactly what he did that has the authorities breathing down his neck and the rest of us disgusted… (more…)