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By Thinkgoat

North Palm Beach, Florida Selling a product these days takes a great deal of ingenuity. You’ve got 40 cleaning supplies that all do the same thing – how do you get the consumer to walk into the store and pick yours off the shelf? Advertisers use jingles, packaging, and sometimes attach a celebrity to their product – they have no mercy. And if they can’t appeal to the consumer through clever and humorous ads, they prey on one’s emotional side. Take animal adoptions for example. Showing orphaned animals from the shelter is one thing, using Sarah McLachlan for the animal rescue campaign, playing the sad songs, showing the abused faces of those pets really pushes the envelope. If I weren’t a cold-hearted bitch, (and had limited space), I’d own them all. But due to the environment in which the dogs in this story were taken, I imagine it’s going to be a publicity nightmare trying to overcome the background and get these animals adopted into a good home…especially after they ate on their dead master for a week or so… (more…)