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Dumb Fuck

Dumb Fuck

Lauderdale Lakes, Broward County, FL

It fucking amazes me how many ways people can find to be stupid, ya know?  Just when you think mankind has reached its pinnacle of stupidity, someone else comes along and raises the bar.  I’m starting to wonder if perhaps it’s some kind of esoteric competition that most of us aren’t privy to.  Somewhere there is probably a Bohemian Grove for losers like this idiot pictured above.  Admittedly, if I were simply perusing pictures and came across this shit hook, I probably wouldn’t give her a second thought.  I mean, she looks perfectly average to me.

Breona Synclair Watkins is a 19-year-old mother from Lauderdale Lakes, FL.  On or around September 23rd, Old Bre here was cruising Broward County in a 2005 Dodge Stratus accompanied by a 14-year-old minor and on the minor’s lap sat the 5-month-old infant of Watkins.  And they were driving around about 1 a.m., doing whatever stupid people do in Broward County.  They were probably having a good, old time…shooting the shit and…well…



By ThinkGoat

Columbus, Ohio What in the world was she doing there? Did she have a key or pick the lock? Was the door even locked? What right does a relative have to just walk on in an apartment occupied by someone else and just take charge? If I were Fairrin Moss, I’d be highly ticked off at my sister. Not only did she invade Fairrin’s home, she found that pesky little 3-year-old locked safely away in the closet. (more…)

By Athena

Gustine, CA A 26-year-old woman has been arrested with suspicion of aggravated assault and is facing child endangerment charges. Maria Galicia took her 11-month-old daughter to Memorial Hospital located in Los Banos claiming she had been pulling on her ear, which usually indicates an ear infection. Not too big of a deal, right? What she hadn’t planned on was going to jail that day, and that’s what happened. (more…)