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By: Deadmyron

Only two things are pissing me off right now. One is I don’t know how to wrap my words around the pictures in my articles, like Lazlo does. The other is our country’s excuse for a death penalty. Our death penalty, the way it exists now, is like having a penis:  Neither of them is worth a shit if you don’t use them. In 2009 there were 52 executions in this country. That’s about one a week. I’d be willing to bet my monthly allotment of food stamps that more people than that are sentenced to death each year, so obviously there is going to be a bottle-neck. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something has gotta give. Somewhere. Some time. It is said that it is cheaper to keep a prisoner doing a life sentence than it is to put one to death. Our government’s life blood is money, pure and simple. They aren’t considering the whole picture…the bottle-neck. How much will it cost when they have to start building new prisons and hiring new guards and all the other good prison-type bullshit? It’s time to start using that penis, America! I have the answers and everyone will benefit from my brilliant solution and you will praise me! (more…)