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Jose Alfero

By Thinkgoat

Fort Lauderdale, Florida I envy the crime authors who are granted access to criminals for interviews. I don’t know, perhaps if I actually tried to, I could figure a way to get some of my questions answered. But as twisted as I am, I’m not quite sure how I’d feel about some most all these asses knowing who I am. I’d be willing to weigh the pros and cons if I were guaranteed answers though. I am selective. Why these fuckers find small children attractive enough to rape them isn’t my bag. That shit makes me so sick – I don’t want any answers. Hell, I can’t even begin the attempt of wrapping my mind around that. I am fascinated with the bizarre and the insanely stupid crimes/criminals…like our new subject Jose Alfaro. When is a freezer ever a good idea for disposing of a dead body? (more…)