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By ThinkGoat

Roodhouse, Illinois During his 2010 campaign for Greene County Sheriff, Rob McMillion stated one of his priorities if elected would be to “aggressively [investigate] criminal activity”. That’s why, when he received complaints of horses starving to death with carnage on the ground that Wednesday evening, it was dark, he waited until after the corpses of nine to eleven horses had been buried prior to making his “surprise” visit. With budgetary cutbacks, I guess flashlights were the first to be cut from the department. Besides that, we’re simply talking about animals. Horses aren’t bound to complain. Or are they? You tell me.


By ThinkGoat

Miami, Florida It’s not often a regular old insurance executive from Florida gets to hook-up with Supermodel Christie Brinkley and it’s not unusual for this sort of news to hit the wires. I mean, she’s been through 4 marriages and 4 divorces, she’s still in great shape – inquiring minds with a finger on the pulse of entertainment news jump on these stories. Especially when there are little tid-bits of very personal details revealed such as:  “She doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much when we have sex.” “Maybe it is because I haven’t been as energetic lately, and that’s why she’s not enjoying it.” Poor guy. But why tell this shit to the veterinary worker? (more…)

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Pampano Beach, Florida There’s not a lot of preface to this fucker’s story other than some people are just plain evil. Deangelo, a 29-year-old spoiled rotten brat, got in a little spat with his momma. That’s right – damn near 30-years-old and fighting with the very woman who raised him. Being the grateful son he is, instead of acting his age and merely walking away from the argument like the majority of adults would do, he decided to plot revenge. But it’s exactly what he did that has the authorities breathing down his neck and the rest of us disgusted… (more…)