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By ThinkGoat

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.  It’s got to take a real shitbag to bring me out of retirement. This story has three. (more…)


By LadyJustice

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-This is precisely why you should be careful about the food a random stranger hands you! When I was a little girl and went trick-or-treating I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until my parents had examined it. Even as a child I knew that people did bad things to food just to see others eat it. So why are we so trusting now as adults as to take free samples from people at a grocery store? That’s probably the question many people are pondering after eating Anthony Garcia’s special sperm yogurt at a Sunflower Market. (more…)

By Trinity

Albuquerque, New Mexico In today’s world there are a lot of really stupid people. If you go to your local discount store to buy a hairdryer, it has a note attached on the cord that warns of death if used while using in water. Now, that seems pretty straightforward to me. There are actually a lot of different products that have such warnings; coffee pots, can openers, curling irons, table saws, except one. No where could I find in my car manual that it would be harmful if I left my child in a car that wasn’t running and went to my appointment. So, does the car company have any liability? Ehh, not sure. Oh what a pleasure it would be to take the car manual and smack Stephanie Pinon straight across the head. What the fuck where you thinking? DUH!! (more…)