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By ThinkGoat

Corpus Christi, Florida In March of this year, Kevin Davis decided he’d run away from home, so he jumped on his bicycle and peddled his happy ass out of town. Riding along the railroad tracks, he decided to ditch his bike and his backpack behind some brush, walk up to the first house he saw, knocked upon the door and asked the poor residents to call the police because he’d just killed somebody. The most I ever get at my front door are Jehovah’s Witnesses and the pissed off neighbors.




S&Man (pronounced Sandman) is a psuedo-documentary following the exploits of writer-director J.T. Petty as he delves into the underground horror scene. Petty starts off the film narrating the story of a local urban legend of a video voyuer in his hometown who was unable to be prosecuted due the victims not wanting to press charges because the videos of them would have to be screened in court. Petty describes his admiration for the voyuer being able to get away with this and wanted to make a documentary about him. This admission, while most likely untrue, sets the tone for the film. Not only that, it indicates the viewer as an accessory for watching this. However, Petty put the cart before the horse and got the funding before his intended subject. The peeper turned down Petty’s attempts to film him, so Petty decides to switch gears and focus on another dark territory: fake snuff movies. (more…)

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By Thinkgoat

New Bedford, Massachusetts It’s a hard choice for some children, putting their parents into a nursing home. At least it should be a hard decision. Those places are just plain evil. I don’t know if the “homes” were invented to exact revenge from children who had horrible childhoods or what the deal is. There’s nothing that remotely resembles a “home” there. No old person’s home I’ve walked into has smelled like a nursing home. Sure, some smell like piss but most elderly people don’t mix in that unmistakable chemical smell. All the furniture is covered with some wipe down plastic upholstery, the food sucks, and the majority of the residents are pissed as hell their children turned on them. As if all that weren’t enough, there’s generally a contingent of staff who don’t really care if the old people are squishing crap between their butt cheeks and especially don’t give a damn about the petty spats that occur between roommates. Seriously, what staff member is going to listen to someone like 98-year-old Laura Lundquist who bitches that the old lady in her room gets too many visitors and complains about a table at the foot of the bed? Loony Laura is just a crotchety old hag anyway – one who’s now facing a shitload of legal troubles. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this murder… (more…)