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S&Man (pronounced Sandman) is a psuedo-documentary following the exploits of writer-director J.T. Petty as he delves into the underground horror scene. Petty starts off the film narrating the story of a local urban legend of a video voyuer in his hometown who was unable to be prosecuted due the victims not wanting to press charges because the videos of them would have to be screened in court. Petty describes his admiration for the voyuer being able to get away with this and wanted to make a documentary about him. This admission, while most likely untrue, sets the tone for the film. Not only that, it indicates the viewer as an accessory for watching this. However, Petty put the cart before the horse and got the funding before his intended subject. The peeper turned down Petty’s attempts to film him, so Petty decides to switch gears and focus on another dark territory: fake snuff movies. (more…)



By DeathStalker

Wes Craven’s landmark rape-revenge horror film that launched his career as well the “torture porn” genre of horror that has risen up over the past decade, “Last House” first assaulted its audience in 1972. Heralded in by one of the most infamous (and duplicated) ad campaigns ever that encouraged it’s audience that if the film got too intense for them to repeat the mantra “It’s only a movie…only a movie…..only a movie”, the film was one of the few movies for its time whose ads was more than just a shock tactic. (more…)

By ThinkGoat

Lakeland, Florida She snapped. That’s what that authorities are saying about published poet, 43-year-old Sabrina Stevens. This begs the question: is there something about being mental that is conducive to writing poetry or is it the polar opposite, poetry sends one over the cliff? Throughout history, there sure seems to be an awful lot of writers in this genre that were crazier than a shit-house rat, but their writings were spectacular. My favorite book, “The Prince of Tides” by Pat Conroy, features a poet who was not only accomplished at moving people with her words, she was achieving mastery of slicing herself. She used her “visions” of angels hanging from meat hooks and spun them into some interesting work. But see, the difference between most poets and Sabrina Stevens: she put her crazy right on out there for her neighbors to see. (more…)