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By ThinkGoat

Paris, Illinois

Even a speck of common sense tells us that the shortest way to get from one point to another always takes the path of a straight line. Following a meandering road that zigs left and zags right is surely less efficient than taking a direct route. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

Often, upon tackling a story, I’ll familiarize myself with the geographical location of the crime scene and get a flavor of the demographics that comprise the area of interest. It generally serves no purpose other than pacifying certain curiosities within myself and if, for some reason they prove to be interesting enough, I’ll include a portion of my findings as a prelude to the tale.

I found nothing particularly noteworthy in Paris, Illinois; the demographics seemed to reflect a quintessential little town in the Midwest with a population a little over 8,500. That was before I stumbled upon the description of Vance Park, “a hushed quiet place that’s perfect for meditation”. Vance Park is a sunken garden that hosts a serpentine wall and at the far end of this little oasis, a lion’s head fountain. I have to wonder if this tiny community realizes the stark symbolism between Vance Park’s settings and the real life events that culminated in murder, the rigidly straight wall of justice made serpentine by the pre-existing factors that led a once quiet and reserved young man;s actions to emulate a lion’s roar.

Let’s meet the accused, 16-year-old Terry Payton. (more…)


By:  Deadmyron

Overland Park, KS: I first heard of Dylan Theno on April 21st of this year. I was channel surfing and landed on E! Investigates. My initial thought was: Here we go again! Another bullied kid commits another atrocious act. I was sick of kids committing violent acts or suicide, because they felt they had no recourse. I wondered again, how many people have to die before school bullying is taken seriously? It appears there has been an apathy pandemic in our educational system. There’s really no excuse…it usually boils down to some indifferent asshole interested only in their paycheck, or afraid to act for what ever reason. Dylan Theno’s story, though, was a breath of fresh air. In fact, I contacted him and told him how much I admired how he handled his situation. I think that Dylan found the answer. He took the time to answer me and graciously thanked me. I hope by the end of this article, some will realize that Dylan is to be admired. (more…)

By: Deadmyron

Only two things are pissing me off right now. One is I don’t know how to wrap my words around the pictures in my articles, like Lazlo does. The other is our country’s excuse for a death penalty. Our death penalty, the way it exists now, is like having a penis:  Neither of them is worth a shit if you don’t use them. In 2009 there were 52 executions in this country. That’s about one a week. I’d be willing to bet my monthly allotment of food stamps that more people than that are sentenced to death each year, so obviously there is going to be a bottle-neck. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something has gotta give. Somewhere. Some time. It is said that it is cheaper to keep a prisoner doing a life sentence than it is to put one to death. Our government’s life blood is money, pure and simple. They aren’t considering the whole picture…the bottle-neck. How much will it cost when they have to start building new prisons and hiring new guards and all the other good prison-type bullshit? It’s time to start using that penis, America! I have the answers and everyone will benefit from my brilliant solution and you will praise me! (more…)

By Lazlo

I am going to break away from the usual grit, gore, and amusing idiots that you have grown to love and cherish on this site. My offering today concerns a little sideline of real crime that has recently made the news – “Murderabilia”. It’s an international (if you consider Canada, like, a nation) phenomena that is driving some folks bat-shit crazy.

Murderablia is the category of objects that are deemed “collectible” by real crime enthusiasts and other sick fucks like me that appreciate a little insanity in their daily lives. Things like letters, paintings and even toenail clippings from criminals who have achieved infamous notoriety qualify for inclusion. The mainstream media have taken up the klaxon call to have this burgeoning industry in dark merchandise suppressed. They use arguments based on criminals profiting from their crimes, and the pain inflicted on the victims families as planks in their case. I am here to cry BULLSHIT! (more…)