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1020-onslow-child-abuse-suspects-jpgby deathstalker

Onslow County, NC — There is a scene in the movie 28 Days (the prequel to 28 Days Later), where Sandra Bullocks character, whose in rehab for alcoholism, is advised to buy a plant and if it’s still alive thee weeks later, she’s ready to start up a relationship.  Well, someone should have passed that info along to foster parents Johnathan Earle Savage (29) and Brandi Michelle Savage (also 29).  I’m not sure how in the world they even got past the screening process for foster parents, given the nature of the crimes they are charged with. (more…)



by deathstalker 2

New Bern, NC  These kind of cases really get to me.  In 2012, Amanda Reed (formerly Amanda Stumpp) was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the drowning death of a child under her care.  While babysitting 19 month old Sadie Gates, Amanda thought it’d be a great idea to take pills and smoke pot.  Sadie managed to get out of the house while Amanda was high, and ended up drowning in a ditch.  That’s a horrible way to die, and Amanda should have been thrown in prison. (more…)