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By DeathStalker

The latest in the series of SNL skits turned into full length features, “MacGruber” bravely steals defeat from the jaws of victory at most every point during it’s run time. One blurb says it’s the best SNL movie since “Wayne’s World”, (a statement I agree with) which is comparable to smelling pieces of shit and saying “this one doesn’t smell as bad as the other four or five”. (more…)


By ThinkGoat

Byron, Georgia I don’t know why employees would question the veracity of this woman. Just look at her. Her soft features…her nice clothes…her sculpted hair. She just screams good breeding and high maintenance. I find it shocking that, when she walked into America’s Cash Express wanting to cash the check for $105,300, they were suspicious. I mean, really, when you’re used to that kind of money being pocket change, who’d inconvenience themselves by actually going to the bank to cash it. Hell, head down to the corner where you can get your cash, your stash, and a 40 for the road. (more…)