By ThinkGoat

Sheridan Park, Illinois I’d like to think I’m a “second-chance kind of person” but there are conditions. If you fail to bend at the hip to pick something up off the floor that doesn’t belong there, ten-to-one, you’re going to hear about it in the form of bitching, maybe even an illustrated step-by-step on how the feat is to be performed. I’m not likely to cut all ties because of the offense. (This is clearly demonstrated, I might add, by still being hitched after 20 years)

Apparently I live in a world where reason and good judgement and common sense aren’t prevalent. In my world, trying to fucking kill me is a non-sequitur. If you lay a hand on me, even threaten to, you can bet your sweet ass your hair is going to land on a voodoo doll I keep in the hutch and I’m going to practice every barbaric contortion on that motherfucker I can imagine. No second chances. But maybe it’s because I’m not capable of the certain special kind of love mixed with poor fucking judgement.
Most mainstream media will not release the names of domestic violence victims. In this post, I’m forced to use made-up names like “Second-Chance Charlotte”, “That’s Still My Man Makeisha”, or “What The Fuck Were You Thinking Thelma”.

Three years ago, John Singleton, 31, was arrested, convicted, and sent away for attempting to kill his girlfriend, “That’s Still My Man Makeisha”. On June 7, Singleton was released from prison, strapped with an electronic monitoring device, and was to report to a halfway house.

But love was powerful thing for Second-Chance Charlotte and despite the strict rules in the housing complex she and her 12-year-old daughter shared, Singleton moved in with them.

According to reports, the tenants of the housing complex could only have a visitor for a week and no one on patrol was allowed to stay on the premises.

By last Sunday evening, in what I can imagine as attempting to establish the pecking order, Singleton picked a fight over the purchase of cigarettes. Then the housing issue came up. Then the fight was on.

Mother and daughter left to allegedly get cigarettes for a neighbor and not Singleton. Upon arriving back home, What The Fuck Were You Thinking Thelma sent her daughter into the complex to deliver the package to the neighbor while she stayed safely in the car, on the phone, telling the worthless piece of shit to get out of her place.

Singleton allegedly came out of the apartment, grabbed Alexis by the hair, beat her with a hammer, and drug her inside. WTFWYT Thelma called 911 and as she was describing the scene, Singleton was leaving voicemail messages on her phone which clearly revealed Alexis screaming, “Please Daddy, don’t”, as he was stabbing her repeatedly.

Singleton bolted from the apartment and little Alexis, with 11 stab wounds over her body, crawled out of the apartment, writhing in pain and unable to catch her breath.

After fleeing the building, Singleton sent texts to Alexis’ mother: “See wat u made me do, I really hope DCFS take her from u if only she survive wat I done to her.”

DCFS didn’t take her. The good Lord, did.

Police later found Singleton hiding in a portable toilet, exactly where a shitstain belongs. Well, only he was breathing.

In addition to the murder charges, Singleton faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery to a police officer.

Now I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this concept for most of my life: Why do women continue to give these violent motherfuckers the time of day, especially when they have children? Are there really a shortage of good guys? I just don’t get it.



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  1. The women who hook up with these shitstains are often children of homes of domestic abuse. They think they can change the ending of what happen in their family as a child. They also are picked up by an abusers radar as someone that will put up with abuse. Add to that constant manipulation,brainwashing and good ole ” I love only you,babes” and you have the perfect victim. It maddening and it’s no reason to not lock these men up for good.There needs to be a mandatory ” treatment” for these childhood victim survivors of domestic abuse. We need to make the victims accountable as well as charged w/ some of the consequences that occur.



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