Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run: Serial Killer Saturday

Posted: June 3, 2017 by ladyjustice84 in Abuse of a Corpse, Cold Case, Crime, Death, Decapitation, Just Messed Up, Serial Killer


By LadyJustice

Not too many things actually scare me. However, being dismembered while still living does it. This is just some of what 12 (or possibly more) victims of the Cleveland Torso Murderer aka Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run experienced. These people were all killed between 1935 and 1938 in Cleveland but the lead detective, Peter Merylo, believed there may have been over 13 victims in Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh.

In these murders all of the victims were dismembered and decapitated and most of the male victims had it even worse, yes, they were castrated as well. Sometimes the good butcher also cut the victim’s torso in half. Only 2 of the “official” 12 victims were ever identified, even though the police at the time made death masks that were shown at the Great Lakes Exposition. Victims 1 & 2 were found about 30 feet apart on September 23, 1935 and one was determined through fingerprints to be Edward Andrassy, a 28 year old rumored homosexual. The other was never identified (because why would anyone look for their missing loved one in this day and age) and he was about 40 years old. Both were decapitated and emasculated (there penises were severed and apparently that’s a nice way of putting it). The unidentified male was also covered in a chemical that made his skin red and leathery like a rumored victim of the butcher, nicknamed the Lady of the Lake, although she has never been conclusively tied to the Cleveland Torso Murders. Both victims were also nude because it’s hard to dress a dead, chopped up body.

Flo Polillo was the third victim found in January of 1936, cut in half, wrapped neatly in newspaper, and placed in 2 half bushel baskets, as you do. The rest of her, all but her head, was found 10 days later. She was a prostitute and resided by the Roaring Third, a place that Edward was also known to frequent. Also like Edward, Flo died from decapitation. The next victim is still unidentified, found in June of 1936, and he too died of decapitation. (Are you sensing a theme?) This gent was labeled the “Tattooed Man” and he’s the one who’s death mask was on display everywhere along with diagrams of his ink.  In July of 1936 another headless corpse was found, his head was nearby, by a teenage girl walking in the woods. (Don’t worry, I’m sure her psychoanalysis helped advance the field of therapy.) The guy was never identified either but was around 40 and had obviously been killed a long time before and where he was because of the amount of blood present.

The next victim had his 20 year old torso cut in half and a person tripped over the top part by the train station. A short search by police found the bottom part and his legs in an open sewer nearby and 600 onlookers saw his body drug out. He died from decapitation as well. The police noted that his head was severed in one bold stroke from a killer that knew human anatomy (well gee, at this point I think he should fucking know human anatomy!) At this point Eliot Ness got further involved in the case since nothing was happening in stopping the body count.

In February 1937 the upper half a another woman’s torso washed up on shore east of Brahtenahl but the other half took 3 months to follow it. The cause of death was different though, she was decapitated but only after she was dead. The rest of her was never found and the mid 20 year old was never identified. In June of 1937 another victim was found but she was only skeletal remains and dental work allowed for the unofficial identification of one Rose Wallace, although many sources still say this body was not identified. She was the only black victim and was a petite 40 year old. She had been decapitated and was missing a rib. The next victim was in his 30’s and never identified and he floated up in pieces in July of 1937. Over a few days everything but his head was found by police and they noted that he had been gutted like a fish (water, fish, I crack myself up) and his heart had been ripped out. The butcher took things up a notch.

In April of 1938 the next piece by piece floater came bobbing up. First a piece of a lower leg and then 2 burlap bags with the 2 pieces of torso and most of the rest of her legs. Police detected drugs and thought that maybe the Mad Butcher was drugging his victims to decapitate them but they couldn’t be sure because they never found the rest of her or identified her to rule out voluntary drug use.

The last two victims, never identified, were found in the local dump by some scrappers. The first was the torso of a woman wrapped in a blazer and then in an old quilt (was he out of baskets?). Her arms and legs were found in a freshly made box, wrapped in butchers paper held tightly by rubber bands. She appeared to have been refrigerated. While looking for more of her police find another male body, his head in a near by can, all in the view of the building in which one Mr. Eliot Ness worked. (Taunting isn’t it.)

There were several suspects, one of which confessed in some rambling incoherent way, but nothing that stuck. No one was ever convicted.

LadyJustice says:

If there is a worse way to die that being alive and decapitated, I don’t wanna know what it is. Also, stay tune for next week. This one is a serial killer of a different sort that might push a few hot buttons!

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