B1 Butcher: Serial Killer Saturday

Posted: May 27, 2017 by ladyjustice84 in Crime, Serial Killer



By LadyJustice

The B1 Butcher is such a creative and descriptive name and to know that he or she was never caught will send shivers up your spine once you know how that moniker came to fit so well. Between 2005 and 2007 in Nambia a butcher stalked his pray by the National B1 road and killed at least 5 women, hacking them apart with precision. I say at least because, as you can see from the picture, that is a huge stretch of road and, since they were in parts, it is almost impossible to say they found a piece of each of the victims.

On June 13th a woman disappeared from Independence Avenue in Windhoek, Namibia. She was 36 and 3 days later a mutilated female torso was found by B1 National Road in a garbage bin. They had found Sanna Helena Garoës. Her torso had been “expertly severed” from the rest of her and the butcher moniker was born. There had been other victims in 2005, Juanita Mabula (21 years) and Melanie Janse (22 years), but no one wanted to believe there was a serial killer on the loose, especially after a two year hiatus. (I am all for being cautious and not calling someone a serial killer before you should, but can we all just agree that this is how ALL serial killer stories start? Jeez.)

July 2007 body parts were found wrapped in garbage bags (like ya do) and discarded along the B1. They belonged to two different women. Another head and arm were found in August 2007 and they belonged to the same victim. Some of her other pieces were discovered in September 2007 and she has never been identified. Now these women all had another aspect in common that also furthers the butcher name, they all showed signs of being frozen or refrigerated and not all their parts were found. This begs the question of were the rest went…

He strangled some of his victims and others he hit in the head to kill them, but the butchering was the same in all cases which makes you think that killing was not the biggest motivator for him. It is taking them apart that makes him tick. Two of the three known victims identified were prostitutes and two, Janse and Garoes, knew each other pretty well. All of the women found were colored Nambian women and the ones identified were fluent in Afrikaans, Damara, or both. The last person that could be a victim of the B1 killer was found in 2010, well their head and arm was. However, it is unlikely that this was his victim because the pieces were not near a road and were not frozen but were sat on fire instead. Two different men were suspected and cleared for the murders, mainly because there was not enough evidence to convict them.

LadyJustice Says: (This is a new part that is my take on the case)

First, mental note to self, watch the news and if it sounds like a serial killer, stay the hell away from there. Second, the B1 Butcher was probably cannibalizing his victims. I don’t say that lightly but, let’s face facts, they were frozen and refrigerated. There’s very few purposes for that. Last but not least, prostitutes have it rough. Dudes that can’t get any anywhere else, not loads of money, and the best target for serial killers. Ladies of the night, you are in my prayers!

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