Serial Killer Saturday!

Posted: May 20, 2017 by ladyjustice84 in Crime, Serial Killer
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By LadyJustice

So, since thinkgoat has returned (all hail our resident badass!) I thought I would dust off the writing chops with something I highly enjoy! I ran this little idea by our badass and we thought it would be great to do a special Serial Killer Saturday each week. But these killers are either going to still be operating or, like tonight’s hot number, not well publicized! I hope you enjoy!

What’s in a name? Well if your moniker is Charlie Chop Off probably more than a mouthful. This dude (we assume it is a dude since, you know, not caught and all) not only killed 5 black children, all male, but also left a 6th victim for dead and mutilated all their, yup you guessed it, “charlies.” His crimes started March 9, 1972 when 8-year-old Douglas Owens’ body was found on a rooftop stabbed 38 times with his penis mutilated. He had gone missing while running errands on a rainy day and there were some signs of a possible sexual assault. Next there was the unidentified survivor who was approached on a rainy day while running errands. Prepare yourself for my next sentence and remember, this child LIVED. He was sexually assaulted, stabbed, gutted, and his penis entirely removed. Charlie Chop Off took his boyhood with him. I can see why the press never gave his name. Now, this part gets worse. The victim wasn’t of much help because of all that trauma (go figure) but the police did find his penis shortly afterwards, in a park, with other children playing with it…

Then came Wendell, age 9, who was murdered on his own apartment’s roof on October 23, 1972. He was stabbed 17 times and his penis had been completely severed. The perp also took off with his penis and there were signs of sexual assault. I see a pattern. Next was Luis Ortiz who was murdered in an apartment’s basement on March 7, 1973. He had been stabbed 38 times and his penis was mutilated (this dude had a thing with the number 38 because this is the second time he hit that number in stab wounds…maybe coincidence but that’s quite a coincidence)! However, Charlie broke several of his rules with this child. First, this kiddo was Puerto Rican, not black, but was dark-skinned and he killed him in a basement, not a rooftop. However, again the victim’s penis was taken by the assailant. Multiple people saw this boy’s killer, or so they said, which lead to the only composite that was given of Charlie.

The last victim attributed to Charlie Chop Off is Steven Cropper. He was 8 and discovered on the 6th floor of an apartment complex. He was posed in a sexually suggestive manner and his shoes were place by his side however, his killer had slashed his arm with a razor blade and did not repeatedly stab him or mutilate his body. The police reasoned that it had to be the same killer because of the shoes being taken off and laid by him, which Douglas Owens’ and the unnamed survivor also had done, as well as the police thinking it “unlikely” that two killers with the same MO were operating in the same area.

In May 1974, a young Puerto Rican boy escaped a would-be abductor and the neighbors, being fed up with the bullshit in their neighborhood involving young boys, restrained Erno Soto. Because of the failed abduction and him being a frequent stayer in the mental health institutions around there. It also did not help that him and his Puerto Rican wife split up and then got back together just in time for her to give birth to a, you guessed it again, black little boy. When the boy turned 8 Soto’s mental health began to go straight down the shitter. A witness came forward saying they saw him with Steven Cropper the day the child was killed and his psych ward was near some of the murder sites and relatives lived by the others. Now, you must be thinking, “Hey LJ, what the actual fuck? You said these people were either still out there or never caught?” I’m glad you’re paying attention!

Soto got out of this. Even after confessing to stalking black boys and to Steven Cropper’s murder. He was tried for Steven’s murder but found not guilty because he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and deemed unable to stand trial. Then he was committed and the murders did stop. However, Steven’s murder was vastly different than the others and it begs the question, do we believe an insane man’s confession or did the real killer get to stepping to a new address when he saw an easy escape?

  1. 16yrvictim says:

    Glad to see ya all kicking it up again. Keep it up.


  2. thinkgoat says:

    God, I hope you’re doing well – I’ve thought about you so often.

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  3. 16yrvictim says:

    I’m still here – just lurking in the shadows – Best place for me lol. Was good to see you post again.



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